18 Pics Of Behati Prinsloo Pregnant (That Adam Levine Is Obsessed With)

Between a Victoria's Secret angel and one of People's Sexiest Men Alive, Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine are definitely one of the hottest celebrity couples out there. And watching them share their love on the 'Gram is super cute.

Behati and Adam share two beautiful little girls, and even as her body changed, it was obvious that Adam stayed smitten. The model mama, of course, looked gorgeous every step of the way, and even at the nine-month mark, Adam was obsessed. Behati's curves wouldn't quit, as evidenced by these baby bump photos. Whether they were her own images or something snapped by the paparazzi, we've compiled some of the hottest pictures out there.

Here are 18 pics of Behati Prinsloo pregnant (that Adam Levine is obsessed with).

18 Beautiful Mama-To-Be


Everyone loves a pregnancy announcement, and when it comes from a celebrity couple it's even more exciting. Behati, of course, puts the sex appeal in the big news. She shared this bikini pic of her growing bump when she announced that baby No. 2 was on the way. And we bet Adam was hoping that there were a lot of beach trips over the next nine months.

17 Still Looking Hot Despite The Exhaustion


The life of a pregnant woman can be tough, but even when it's tough, Behati looks super sexy. Taking a breather after breakfast, it appears that the model has the same back trouble that a lot of women experience with a baby bump. Yet between the boots and the sunglasses, she still holds onto her cool, and those curves heighten the sex appeal.

16 Casual Bump Peeking Out


The paparazzi took this picture of Behati at the farmer's market. Her sweats can't contain her baby bump, but we're certain that Adam was still obsessed with this shot. A little peek of the belly is simply sexy with her sleek pony and no non-sense stride. Behati makes casual wear look good.

15 Cute Mama In Bed


The one thing that a man always wants is a sexy woman in his bed. Adam shared this picture of his beautiful wife cozied up in bed on his IG, and even with bed head and comfy socks, Behati still looks hot. Her pregnancy glow and sweet curves are everything, and we know that Adam agrees.

14 Sexy Skeleton Mom


Dressing up can be fun — and kind of kinky. Lots of women enjoy having sexy costumes for Halloween, but Behati took it to a whole new level when she dressed as a skeleton mom-to-be when she was expecting baby No. 2. Instead of creepy, she looks hot, and we're sure that Adam is weirdly obsessed.

13 Mama Fashion


Behati has always been at the height of fashion. But even when she's surrounded by beautiful things at Gucci, we know that Adam can't keep his eyes off of his hot wife. Her curvalicious dress, hat and shades are on point. Most of all, though, Behati's sexy confidence is shining through — or is that the pregnancy glow?

12 Mama's Night Out


Behati didn't don her angel wings when she was pregnant, but she still got her glam on a few times. She joked that she got out of her maternity jeans for a big night out. Well, meow! What a hot mama in a cheetah print dress. She's striking a super sexy pose to prove that she's still got it.

11 Star-Studded Baby Bump


Decorating a baby bump can be really fun, and in Behati's case it can be super sexy. In this shot shared on Instagram, the model has shiny stars all over her belly and simple yet sultry white shorts and top. We're sure that Adam went crazy over the fresh-faced, natural look. This was just a few months before Behati became a mom of two, and she is glowing and sparkling.

10 Black And White And Beautiful


Most women spend their ninth month of pregnancy looking like a hot mess, but Behati was just plain hot. Even with a baby bump, her curves were in all the right places, and she could still strike the perfect pose. This black and white picture is a beautiful representation of a hot mama.

9 Barely There Bump


Adam first shared the news he was going to become a dad by sharing a sexy shot of Behati's barely there baby bump. We might not have even noticed if he hadn't captioned the shot "My two favorite Laker fans." It's obvious that Adam is obsessed with Behati at all stages of life.

8 Hot To Trot


Some moms slum it to the doctor's office, especially in the third trimester. But not Behati. The paparazzi caught her looking stunning in a black bump-hugging dress and overshirt not long before the birth of her first little girl. She was one sexy mama for the entire nine months of the pregnancy.

7 When The Clothes Come Off


Maternity jeans aren't usually so sexy, but on Behati, that stretchy band is hot. We can only imagine what went through Adam's mind when he saw this shot, but we bet that he couldn't wait to get the rest of the clothes off of the gorgeous mother of his kids.

6 Beautiful View—In More Ways Than One


Behati might be mesmerized by the sunset in this picture, but we bet Adam is obsessed with the sexy mother of his children. This picture was taken before the birth of their first daughter Dusty, and those shoulders and curves were just intoxicating. The view is gorgeous, but Behati's even more beautiful.

5 Modeling Her Barely There Bump


Absolutely no one would be surprised to find that Behati looks pretty amazing when she gets her glam on. She definitely looks like a model in this short silk dress, baby bump and all. In fact, we're certain Adam is obsessed between the sexy ponytail and the hot mom-to-be bod.

4 Sweet Bump Selfie


There's something about that smirk. It got her on the cover of magazines, and even in this pregnant bathroom selfie, it adds a sex appeal that we're certain makes Adam squirm. Behati looks comfy and cool in her flowing maxi dress and simple half-up do. But even behind the shades, we can see her sexy smize.

3 Sexy Mama On A Music Video Set


Behati is the wife of a rock star, and in between her own modeling gigs, she loves to spend time supporting Adam's band Maroon Five. This fun picture is from the set of one of the band's videos, and we bet Adam is obsessed with seeing his sexy wife playing around with his bandmates and friends.

2 Adam's Favorite People


A belly doesn't always bring out the sex appeal, but Adam joked about these two hottie pregnant people on his IG. There is nothing like seeing your woman joking around with your best friend to add to your attraction. And of course, Behati looks beautiful as always in her sleek black maternity wear.

1 Matching Bumps


The family that gains together stays together — or something like that. The Sexiest Man Alive matched his partner in this cute bathroom selfie, and we can tell that the only thing on his mind was how sexy it is to become parents together. Their two little girls have just made their relationship stronger — and sexier.

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