18 Of The Best Physical Qualities In A Woman Ranked By Men

Women often get pretty self-conscious about their bodies, and a huge part of that is because they're worried about what guys think. But do girls really know what guys are thinking? Often, women think that some of their physical features are ugly or unattractive. But guys might actually be thinking the exact opposite! Some guys actually love part of a woman's body that she might be embarrassed about. For example, girls are sometimes shy about their tan lines, but some guys are really turned on by them... You never really know what guys are thinking.

But maybe there is a way to see what guys want from women in terms of physical traits. On Reddit, guys often talk about their ideal women, and the traits they list might surprise you. Here's a list of the most attractive parts of a woman, according to real guys on Reddit. These guys have basically poured their hearts out about what they think is attractive, and it's definitely worth a look. Yes, some guys have listed the predictable things like breasts and butt, but other guys have listed things that are much more intimate and meaningful, like eyes, lips, the neck, and even feet! This might just give you a much better understanding of what men are actually looking for...

18 "Between the shoulder blades is very nice."

There are plenty of other guys that admit attraction to parts of a woman's body that might surprise you. Guys sometimes appreciate details that other guys might miss. A surprisingly large amount of guys admitted that they thought the most attractive part of a woman's body was actually the back. But that's not all. Guys actually got specific within this region, with some saying the lower back, the shoulders, or the small of the back. But this guy admitted he was attracted to that small area between the shoulder blades:

"I have to go with her back. Mostly the small of the back, but between the shoulder blades is very nice, too. A girl with an open backed dress is more distracting, to me, than a girl with half of her chest sticking out."

17 "Legs; in particular the thighs"


The legs are a part of the female body that guys have been attracted to since the dawn of time. This is a slightly more predictable and "classic" area that men are attracted to, with a huge amount of guys admitting on Reddit that the legs are what turns them on the most. Ladies are often very aware of this fact, and when they really want to get guys' attention, or just feel great about their own bodies, they often wear clothing that highlights and extenuates their long legs. As one Reddit user admitted, the legs are what really gets him excited:

"Legs; in particular the thighs. Coincidentaly that is also my favorite part on a chicken. I don't think I would enjoy kissing or holding hands with a chicken though."

16 "I always end up kissing her neck"

Another area that men become interested in is the neck. This area is something that is innocent yet extremely attractive, with men lusting over women's throats in the same way a hungry predator would feel an impulse to lunge at an innocent lamb's neck. Men's attraction to the neck is very predatory in nature, but can also be very intimate and passionate. As one Reddit user admitted, the neck is the area he gives the most attention during foreplay:

"I always end up kissing her neck. It's like a s*x mini-game. Every girl I've been with has a spot on their neck that they love getting kissed on. You know you've found it when she starts gripping you a little bit harder."

15 "Between the hips and the armpits"

Another classic "ideal" female form for men is the hourglass shape. This has been attractive pretty much since the dawn of time, and women who are blessed with this figure often have no trouble attracted men of all types. The hourglass form is basically when girls have wide hips, a tiny waist, and large breasts, which forms the silhouette of an hourglass when looking at the woman's body head-on. Evolutionarily speaking, this shape indicates fertility and the ability to bear children, which naturally attracts males. And as this Reddit user admits, this is his favorite thing:

"On a woman with (even a slight) hourglass shape, it's her sides. Between the hips and the armpits. Don't know why but for me that has always been s*xy af."

14 "A girl with tan lines"

Tan lines are something with people generally have mixed ideas about. Many women are actually pretty embarrassed about their tan lines and will go to great lengths to hide them or get an even tan. But others are actually pretty turned on by tan lines, namely guys. These men are really turned on by the contrast of lighter and darker skin on a woman's body, and this Reddit user is one of them:

"On a girl with tan lines, the whiteness of her boobs, not including the nipple. There's just something about how smooth and white the skin looks in contrast to the darker skin everywhere else, and the allure of knowing that this part of her body will almost never see the sunlight for all her life. There's such a sense of privacy and exclusivity to it."

13 "I love laying on my GF's abdomen"

The abdomen is another part of a woman's body that is often overlooked by men, but there are those who have a taste for this area. The abdomen is actually a lot more than just the stomach, and it encompasses a much larger area. Typically, when we talk about the stomach, we're usually just talking about the abdominal muscles or the abs. But the abdomen is the entire area from the diaphragm all the way down to the pelvis. This large area can be incredibly attractive to men, and this Reddit user is one guy who can't get enough abdomen:

"The abdomen. It can be soft and warm to lay on or grab, or it can be firm and supportive. I love laying on my GF's abdomen when we nap after practice."

12 "Her feet. I don't know what it is about it"


The feet are a hotly debated item in terms of female attraction. For many men, this is somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Attraction to a woman's feet is seen as wrong and unhealthy, which men being shamed for their attraction to feet. But many guys still love the way a woman's feet look, especially when they're in a pair of seductive heels or sandals. Women are often very self-conscious about their feet, and some feel that they're too big or not "ladylike" enough. But one Redditor is not shy about his attraction to feet, and openly declares that this is the most attractive part of a woman, in his opinion:

"Her feet. I don't know what it is about it. Kissing and rubbing them feels so passionate. I don't [have a fetish] or anything, I just love them."

11 "Eyes. There's just something about them that I can't get over"

Here's one part of a woman's body that almost every man on Earth can agree to feeling some level of attraction to. The eyes are seen by many as the most beautiful part of both female and male bodies, and they have the power to enchant, hypnotize, and seduce. The prettiest eyes in the world can make time stand still, and that's why so many men confess to feeling "lost" in certain women's eyes. Some of the most stunning eyes in the world are colored, but darker eyes can also be attractive. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and so men often confess to feeling a deep level of emotional connection to women through the eyes. As one Redditor admits:

"Eyes. There's just something about them that I can't get over."

10 "Dimples of Venus are pretty cool"

Many of you might not be aware of what "Dimples of Venus" actually are. These are the two dimples that appear right above a woman's butt. You might have never seen them before, because not every woman has them. They're actually quite rare. But they are almost universally seen as a sign of beauty among men, hence their name. Venus is, of course, the Roman goddess of love and is considered to be the most beautiful god in their culture. And as one Reddit user admits, there is no feature on a woman's body that attracts him more:

"Apart from the usual areas, Dimples of Venus are pretty cool. Those little dimples in the small of the back, just above her [butt]. A nice spot to rest my hand when I hold her and my thumb and finger fit perfectly."

9 "Hair is also really attractive"


Hair is something that many women put a lot of time and effort into, and the results can be quite stunning. But sometimes, these women are incredibly disappointed when they go through all this trouble only to find their boyfriend is painfully unaware that any change has been made. But there are guys out there who see a woman's hair as one of the most attractive features on a female. Some of them even like to smell a woman's hair, of feel it brush their skin when a girl tosses their hair around playfully. This Reddit user is one of those guys:

"Hair is also really attractive, just clicked with me that that's what I find super attractive when girls put their hair up in a ponytail/bun - looks really attractive and reveals the back of the neck."

8 "I maintain that you can tell how attractive a girl is just by looking at her hands"


Another part of a woman's body that men sometimes find attractive are the hands. People often overlook the hands or even see it as an unattractive trait. Girls who have hands that are too big or too "manly" are often incredibly self-conscious about their hands. But there are hands out there that are undeniably attractive. Just look at catalogs for jewelry or women's watches. These hand models usually have the most elegant, feminine hands, and they can be stunningly beautiful. Hands are the way in which we caress and touch each other, so attraction to this body part makes sense. As one Reddit user admits:

"Hands. I maintain that you can tell how attractive a girl is just by looking at her hands."

7 "That warm smile"

We've already talked about the overall face, and the eyes, but we've neglected to mention one part of a woman's body that drives guys crazy. This feature has the power to makes men's hearts melt completely, and fall in love. We're talking of course, about a woman's smile. The smile is what really forms an emotional connection for men. It lets them know that women are comfortable being around them, and it's a great sign for them that can really raise their hopes. One Redditor admitted:

"Infectious smiles. Goddamn, nothing makes my heart flutter than when I can make a girl go red in the face with laughter and she just has that warm smile, like a sweet poison that makes you all warm and then you end up falling in love and get your stupid Big Mac-clogged heartbroken."

6 "I have a fixation on their noses"

Another part of the face that is often overlooked is the nose. But some guys actually admit that this is the number one thing that they look for in women, and a nice nose really turns them on. This might seem a little weird, but certain people just get obsessed with different things. Everyone's minds work in different ways. There's no doubt that many women feel self-conscious about their noses, and it's one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries around the world. But those who are born with a perfect nose feel blessed, and this can attract a lot of attention from guys. One Reddit user admitted that he has a "fixation" with noses:

"I'll always look at the nose first. I don't know why but I have a fixation on their noses."

5 "If you have nice teeth, you go up 3 points"

Teeth are another part of a woman's body that can really get guys interested. Women all over the world take very good care of their teeth these days, as even slightly crooked or yellowing teeth can be a major turn off to many. Nowadays, most kids get braces to ensure that their teeth are almost perfect by adulthood. And both men and females can agree that there are very few things more attractive than a perfect set of pearly white teeth. It just makes their smile that much more enchanting, and it gives off the impression of perfection, even if other parts of their body aren't quite as attractive. As one Reddit user admits, the most attractive part of a woman for him is:

"Teeth, if you have nice teeth, you go up 3 points."

4 "A nice flat stomach"


We've already talked about the abdomen, but now let's focus on the attractiveness of the stomach alone. Many women work long and hard to get great abs, and The results are enough to get guys staring. A flat, hard stomach and a set of rock-hard abs is an attractive trait in both men and women, but it looks especially hot on a woman. It shows that they really take care of their body and that they're at peak health. A flat stomach can be beautiful in the way that complements other parts of the body as well. For instance, that flat surface can curve deliciously down into the navel, or up into the rib cage. One Reddit user explained simply:

"I'm a sucker for a nice flat stomach."

3 "How women's calves look when they're wearing heels"

We've already talked about legs generally, but now let's focus in on one part of a woman's legs that tend to really drive guys crazy: the calves. Calves have been considered an attractive trait in women for many, many decades, and they'll probably never lose their appeal. This muscle has a uniquely delicious appearance to it, especially when flexed while wearing a set of seductive heels. This makes it looks like the calves and legs, in general, are bursting outward, and it definitely gets guys staring. As one Redditor explained, the calves are the hottest part of a woman's body, in his opinion:

"Legs, especially calves. shape and definition, you know how women's calves look when they're wearing heels? I love that, I like it more when she's wearing flats or is barefoot and still has that shapeliness."

2 "Full lips are really hot."

Another part of the face that really gets guys interested are the lips. This might just be the most seductive part of the entire face, and it should come as no surprise. The lips are, after all, the part of the body that we kiss the most, and seeing a woman with beautiful, full lips can cause guys to fantasize about what it would be like to kiss them. Many women these days actually get lip injections to artificially attain fuller lips, and this is all because they know guys find them attractive. It's no accident that some of the world's most attractive models have full, hot lips. As one Reddit user admits:

"Full lips are really hot."

1 "I love a good face"

While you might think that most guys value only the more seductive parts of a woman's body, you might be surprised at the number of men who value more intimate and meaningful traits on a woman's body. A surprising number of men, not just this Redditor, admitted that the most attractive part of a woman's body for them was the face:

"The face. I love a good face. It's the most important part in my opinion."

This makes total sense if you think about it. If a guy pursues a woman because of their butt or their breasts, while having no attraction to their face, that relationship isn't going to last very long. The face is the window to the soul, and there must be a connection for a true romance.


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