18 Men Who Got Roasted By Reddit

Posting pretty much anything on the Internet means you're opening yourself up to a barrage of insults from anonymous trolls. It's not something most people like to deal with... unless you subscribe to the RoastMe subreddit.

There, people post pictures of themselves along with tidbits of personal information, and invite the Internet to take their best shot. And the Internet sure does take the bait. We wouldn't want people saying some of these things about us! Whether it's an attention grab, a promotional stunt, or a cry for help, it still takes a lot of courage to put a target on your forehead and stand in the middle of Reddit. Like, it's basically the Internet equivalent of voluntarily putting your head into the stocks in some ancient Puritan village. Digital rotten produce will be thrown at your most vulnerable parts.

We went through some of the most popular RoastMe pictures posted by men and found that while some weirdos come to the subreddit trying to get attention and publicity, they rarely ever manage to increase their online presence by getting roasted. Do you think these men still deserve Internet oblivion, or should their bravery be rewarded with increased views on Youtube?

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18 From Vine To Youtube To Cringe

Logan Paul got his start as a Youtuber with a cute video about seeing colors for the first time. He and his brother, who is also colorblind, tested out special glasses that allowed them to see in color and recorded their extremely emotional reactions. The video was a hit that boosted his already sizeable following from his Vine videos. Catering to a younger fan base, he often posts videos designed to shock and troll the public, but he's recently been taking things too far for Youtube to handle. His inclusion of a corpse in one of his videos triggered massive backlash and resulted in Youtube yanking him from their ad program. This only served to increase his popularity. It's no wonder that he took to Reddit's RoastMe subreddit to further advertise his channel - trying to bring him down a notch only seems to earn him more money and publicity.

17 The Truck-Driving Nintendo Fanboy

Reddit decided that this man crossed the line from weird into downright creepy. He clearly intended the roast to focus on his being a Nintendo fanboy, but redditors seized on his being a truck driver to imply some pretty terrifying things about his life. Maybe the barely visible Michael Jackson poster in the upper left triggered their imaginations. We don't think he was expecting to get accused of anything more than being a nerd when he requested this roast. Other than the terrible facial hair and weird space glove, he looks like any other unemployed guy living in his mom's basement. Or do they all get together and coordinate their grooming and accessories? Maybe there's a subterranean world of people who look exactly like him. It's unclear why he's wearing sunglasses, though, as it looks like he's never been outside.

16 Popular Youtuber Gets Burned For Formulaic Videos

Ethan and Hila Klein are a married couple who host the popular h3h3 Productions channel on Youtube. Because of the pretty obvious disparity in their looks, their viewers often assume that Hila is Ethan's sister or caretaker rather than his wife. Can she see his heart of gold beneath all those chins, or is she in it for the US visa? Their post is the Top Of All Time in the subreddit, and despite some below-the-belt roasts targeting their ethnicity and religion, most of the comments were valid critiques of their show. Of course, they had to make a video about it. Ethan's heart broke not when they made fun of his wife's looks, but when one redditor said he turned on Adblock for his videos. The ultimate insult!

15 He Set Himself Up For That One

Some people just can't resist a terrible pun. And this good Samaritan gave them the perfect setup. He seems like a perfectly average, well, Joe, but he's brought so much joy to the subscribers of the RoastMe subreddit with his costume that we think he's transcended mediocrity. Unfortunately, it looks like the first one to make the obvious joke misspelled it as "below beverage joe" before hastily correcting it, leading to scores of confused comments and one brave soul who not only explained what the joke should have been, but broke each part of the pun down into its separate components. We were stunned that someone would anonymously provide their services in explaining a joke online. When the Dark Roast Guy posted on RoastMe, another hero was born: the Joke Explainer.

14 What Is With Youtubers And This Subreddit?

You are looking at the man who has one of the highest numbers of terminated Youtube accounts in recorded history. Do you feel honored? Yeah, neither do we. He's posted a ton of racist, misogynistic and downright offensive videos, even making fun of someone who was dying of cancer. We get that controversy generates views, but come on, man. Maybe you should aim for some degree of classiness. Posting on RoastMe is guaranteed to up his hate views. Is it going to teach him any sort of integrity? We assume it hasn't, though given how many of his viewers are young children, we wish it did. It's time to reconsider your subject matter when your primary audience is kids who've managed to hack their way past the parental controls on the family computer.

13 Calls Himself "The Bamboozler"

Just looking at this guy gives us the creeps. And what did he mean by calling himself "the bamboozler"? Who even uses that word? It would make sense if there was some sort of visual trick in his photo, but other than the RoastMe post-it note he looks completely normal. Which is weird, because this is one of the top roasts of all time. Maybe the sheer ordinariness of it is part of its staying power. When someone looks this bland, you can project anything you want onto him. Kind of like a stock photo. One of the roasts says he looks like a stock photo guy, and that brings up an interesting point - is this just a Getty image titled "Office Manager" with the post-it photoshopped in? We may never know.

12 He Says He's The Good-Looking Kind Of Redditor

This guy called himself good-looking in his RoastMe, and he isn't exactly lying. He's definitely above-average in the looks department, until you realize how rude his t-shirt is and how his room is perfectly set up for extreme creeper activities. See the camera tripod on the top bunk? We can't think of a single legal use for that thing. Plus, we had to block out his shirt because the fly is sporting some anatomy that would be more appropriate on a health class diagram or one of those edgy modern art exhibits. Commenters in the RoastMe thread about him speculate that he was trying to create publicity for his line of t-shirts with his post, but we can't think of anyone who would wear something like that in public. Maybe as a gag gift?

11 Is He Actually An "Incel" Or Is His Friend Just Trashing Him?

This picture ended up on RoastMe when, apparently, its subject lost 1-12 in fantasy football. To add insult to injury, the poster claimed that the roastee was also an incel. What's that? Apparently it's short for "involuntarily celibate", meaning someone who wants a love life but, for whatever reason, can't seem to have one. Is he actual an incel or is his friend just trying to make him look even worse? Either way, the roasters in the thread certainly insulted both his redneck aesthetic and supposed lack of success with women. According to Reddit, the license plate map and denim-upholstered couch were the primary reasons this man could not get a date, and his ambiguous ethnicity was the reason Trump won the election. We wish that dating and politics were that simple.

10 His Mom Still Buys His Clothes At 23

Most roasters felt uncomfortable making fun of the young man in this photo, who volunteered the information that he was twenty-one years old and his mother still bought his clothes for him. We don't feel great about making fun of him, either - as the redditors pointed out, it would be too easy, and he probably knew this before he posted. Most of the men who posted on RoastMe did so to work up publicity for their Youtube channel, were forced into it they lost a bet, or just wanted a quick laugh. This guy seems to be looking for people to validate his poor self-image. Is making fun of him like you would any other RoastMe poster the right thing to do? If the pinned post listing psychiatric services at the top of the subreddit is any indication, this guy isn't alone in his cry for help.

9 90s Comedian Or Shower Product?

Once we saw this roast, we could not un-see it. That hairstyle looks exactly like a loofah sponge that's been collecting mold in the corner of a college dormitory shower. We're not big fans of short hair on men or women, but in this case, maybe a shaved head is a better look for this guy. Then again, if he chooses to keep this growth, it could spur him to greatness. Weird Al Yankovic's career happened because he had to sing something that would distract the public from his loofah hair. The RoastMe guy who looks like a face swap of Napoleon Dynamite and a moldy sponge could start a Youtube channel where he does impressions. Becoming a Youtuber does seem to be the primary employment opportunity for successful roastees.

8 Reddit Does Not Like This Guy's Makeup

There are some people who can pull off the goth look. This roastee is not one of them. It doesn't help that instead of going with some light black eyeliner and gray-and-purple smokey eye, he appears to have just painted black circles onto his face. Were the upper smudges an attempt at creating the winged eye shadow look? What on earth is that line on his chin? Please tell us that wasn't his attempt at contouring. We're not ready to confront a chin indent sculpted with mascara. And don't smear greasepaint on your innocent brow line at random; that's not even a good look for Halloween. One can only hope that he ended up in this subreddit when he was on his way to the makeup rehab reddit. Someone hook this boy up with proper lip liner and a makeup tutorial!

7 Cast Into Oblivion Before They Even Got Started

This guy has actually posted twice on RoastMe - was the first time not enough? Apparently not. Both times, most of the redditors had no idea who he was, and even the mods weren't sure why he had the "celebrity" tag - they just approved him because most people don't know to request one of the label. Hey, maybe we could be RoastMe celebrities! Like many of the other unknown YouTubers who ended up on RoastMe, it turned out he was here to boost his viewership. We did some digging and found out that he has one of those "Let's Play" YouTube channels where he builds elaborate MineCraft structures. Does... does that count as celebrity these days? Forget the Kardashian clan, we're going to look for celeb gossip on the MineCraft circuit.

6 Reddit Roasts Itself

Reddit doesn't have the best reputation on the Web. The redditor stereotype is a guy with a neckbeard who lives in his mom's basement. While we all know that's not true - anyone seen the Makeup Addiction subreddit? - it still makes for good roast fodder. These two guys made themselves an easy target by sharing that their wives had just cheated on them, but the RoastMe redditors decided to break the fourth wall and do a roast on Reddit itself. They took the exaggerated caricature of the redditor as friendless, loveless loser and ran with it, saying that the men who got cheated on by their wives were the lucky ones because they managed to get a woman's attention in the first place. It's a good thing the roasters decided to go meta with this one, because there's really not much to say about these two unfortunate husbands.

5 We Think They Look Pretty Normal Actually

Some roasts just don't make any sense. Two perfectly normal-looking guys posted a picture of themselves with a stuffed dog on Roastme, and redditors struggled to come up with anything to say about them. They tossed around speculation of the relationship between the two men and the stuffed dog, made fun of one of them for being skinny and having a hairy leg, and seem to have given up shortly after. Some say that it's hardest to roast a hot guy or girl, but they already have a distinguishing trait that you can use as a starting point. We say that the roasters have the toughest job when faced with perfectly normal people. How many times can you call someone boring before it starts to gets as old as making fun of boys with stuffed animals?

4 The Glasses Are Fake

This one wouldn't be all that remarkable if the poster hadn't revealed that those glasses were fake. We understand having to wear terrible granny glasses because they're all you could afford or your preferred frames broke, but why would anyone choose that awkward eyewear voluntarily? Contrary to popular belief, wearing glasses doesn't make you smarter. And in this guy's case, it doesn't make him even look smarter. We can only hope that his friend was lying about the glasses being fake, because the only excuse for wearing those things on your face is that you're blind as a bat without them. If he was going for an aura of sophistication, we hope the roast Reddit gave him was enough to convince him that he was doing it the wrong way.

3 Roast Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Love the Titanic reference, hate the haircut. Going with long hair as a man is a bold statement, so you'd better back it up with caring properly for your locks. It looks like this long-haired guy hasn't washed his hair in a week, much less bothered to brush it. Is the hat an attempt to cover that up? Because it's not working at all. This is the weirdest-looking one we can find, but it looks like "Roast me like one of your French girls" has become a meme on this subreddit. It's been done at least a dozen times. What brave pioneer first made the joke? He seems to have been downvoted into Reddit oblivion. One day, that noble redditor will be dredged up from the depths of RoastMe. Or, like the Titanic necklace, will old lady Rose have had him all along?

2 Why Did He Get Tagged As A Celebrity?

This guy might actually count as a celebrity. He's an assistant coach for the Gonzaga Bulldogs men's basketball team (any fans out there? anyone) but his main claim to fame is a question he asked at the second 2016 US Presidential debate. Reddit found the question itself irrelevant. The fact that his last name is "Bone" and his middle-aged Dad look somehow catapulted him into Internet stardom. Roasters accused him of trying to prolong his fifteen minutes of fame by posting to RoastMe. That could be true, though he could also be trying to work up publicity for the charitable causes that he promotes with his newfound fame. Ken Bone, we're not going to roast you - unlike people who post to this subreddit claiming to be unroastable, you kind of are. Okay, except for the moustache.

1 Why No One Watches His Show

This Belgian TV host bravely requested a roast so that he could read out the comments on his show. Among all the comments making fun of his facial hair, insinuating terrible things about his mother, and comparing him unfavorably to Jimmy Fallon, the general roasting trend skewed toward pointing out how unpopular he was. Even in Belgium, redditors had no clue who he was or what his show was about. We couldn't find out who he was in a cursory Google search. The mods must have run into similar problems with him because they were inspired to put quotations around his "Celebrity" tag. What confuses us is that those quotations now appear around the tag for Ken Bone and the h3h3 productions post but not the Minecraft guy. More evidence that Minecraft is the way of the future?

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