18 Men Reveal The Secrets They Kept From Their Fiancées Before The Wedding

You never really know who you're marrying until you get a few years into the marriage. Pretty much every bride will be quick to tell you just that, and there have been countless women who have found out some pretty strange secrets about their men only after being wed to them for some time. These are things that they had no idea while they were still engaged to these men, and in many cases, the men successfully hid these secrets well into the marriage. These Reddit confessions share some of the wildest secrets ever kept from fiances by husbands...

The craziest thing is that some of these men still haven't told their wives about their deepest, darkest secrets. To be honest, some of these secrets are pretty innocent, and wouldn't really harm the marriage if they ever came out. But some of the secrets listed here are so bad that the marriage would probably be over if the husband ever came clean. And let's be real - keeping any secret, no matter how small, is not the right way to go about marriage. Once you start lying, you enter that slippery slope, and before you know it, you're lost in your own web of lies...

18 She Wasn't Exactly His Type

This seems like something she should have definitely told his wife before the marriage! It's not even a secret, it's more like a compliment he's just too afraid to give her. What gives? Is he afraid that by telling her, he'll "jinx it" in some way?

"That I'm normally attracted to selfish girls but she is the first "nice" girl I dated. She is such a great person that I can't ever let her go."

Or maybe he's just ashamed of the fact that he's been only interested in selfish girls until he met her. This is definitely one of those secrets which really isn't too big of a deal, and it actually probably made the relationship stronger after the marriage, and after he told her. It's definitely a sweet confession, but the same can't be said for the rest of these confessions...

17 His Eyes Were Wandering To Her Best Friend

Yep, that's something you definitely want to keep to yourself. It's the kind of secret that could definitely damage or even end the marriage if it ever got out, so we don't blame him for keeping this one on the down low. Let's just hope he never acts on his impulses, and it's something that he learns to deal with.

"That I'm more [interested in] her best friend, and that I think she's way more attractive than my fiance."

And it's not like he can control it either. We're hoping that he is attracted to his wife on more of an emotional level than the physical attraction he feels for her best friend... Otherwise, this marriage isn't going to last very long, and he should probably just end things before the engagement turns into a marriage.

16 He Saw Her Sister First

If the last one was potentially damaging, this one is twice as bad. Being attracted to a girl's sister is probably a lot worse than being attracted to her best friend. But even more so, acting on those attractions is much, much, worse, no matter if it's the sister or the best friend.

"That I was [with] her sister first, and she never found out. Now I'm just praying that the sister never tells her..."

And there's also the fact that his marriage is effectively in the hands of his wife's sister now. She could choose to tell her sister about the affair at any time, and that would be that. Let's just say that we're glad we're not in his shoes... Or the sister's, for that matter...

15 He's In Love With Someone Else, Plus A Twist

This is one that is actually really sad. This guy got married to his fiance, but he never told her before the marriage that he's actually in love with his best friend. This means that the entire marriage is all a lie, and that he doesn't really care about the girl he's with. These are the kinds of secrets that can cause serious damage to people if they're kept unspoken. He should really own up to his feelings and come clean, to both his best friend and his wife...

"[Extremely] in love with my best friend. He has a girlfriend. He told me once that he's not straight..."

"...which made things so much worse for me. I know nothing will ever happen between us and I just want to get over him but I don't know how.. It rips me up inside on a daily basis."

14 He Sends Messages To His Ex That She'll Never Read

This is another sad confession that really sheds some light on what some marriages are like. Like it or not, there are some people that are really hard to get over. Some people have exes which they never stop thinking about, even when they're much older and have been apart for many years.

"I occasionally send a message to my exes' empty kik account and tell them about my day because I miss their friendship so much. I have no other friends to talk to."

This guy is one of them, and he even texts his ex's account which he knows is dead, telling her about his day. He's sending her messages he knows she will never read, because he misses her that badly. He never told his fiance about this, obviously...

13 He Copes With His Anger In A Way That Might Make Her Run Away

Yep, this is definitely something that his wife probably wouldn't want to know about. Age regression is definitely something that is pretty strange, and people can take it pretty far. Some even dress up as babies and wear diapers... But this guy seems like he keeps it pretty innocent, and only watches Disney movies and wars his pajamas... But that stuffed animal thing is pretty bizarre. Read on to see what we're talking about...

"I sometimes engage in age regression as a coping mechanism for dealing with depression and anxiety..."

"...wherein I wear cool pajamas, get my remaining stuffed animals together, and watch little kids shows and Disney movies, all so I can escape my stressful college duties for a few hours at a time and reminisce about a happier time in my childhood."

12 He Likes To Wear Her Clothes When She's Not Home

If you thought age regression was weird, then get a load of this guy. We're not judging or anything, but he should probably be telling his wife that he borrows (and wears) her dresses. I mean, that's just common courtesy, right? And yes, she would probably be somewhat surprised to learn that her husband is dressing up in women's clothing. Did he tell her after the wedding? If so, we can only imagine what she said next...

"That I wear her dresses regularly..."

"...Don't get me wrong, I buy my own panties, bras, etc - don't feel right sharing those. And her heels don't fit me. But her dresses are so nice and cute and I could go buy one for $50 but she has 100 she will never wear again so I don't see the harm."

11 He Has No Idea What He's Doing In The Relationship

This is a confession that most men can probably relate to. A lot of guys probably feel like they have to always be in control. They want their wives and girlfriends to feel like they have a man who knows what to do next, whatever the situation. But what happens if, like this guy, they just don't know what they're doing?

"My fiancée thinks I'm always in control of whatever situations we're in. To be honest, I'm completely flying by the seat of my pants and I don't want her to know..."

"...When our plane touched down in Germany, I was terrified and said: "wait, did I actually just move across the Atlantic Ocean?". My German is still immigrant level, and I'm the only one of us working because she literally knows nothing about the language."

10 He Was Making Accidents In The Bed Well Into His Twenties

Yep, this one pretty embarrassing. And something that you wouldn't want your wife to find out, no matter how many years you've been married. We can totally understand why this guy didn't let his fiance in on this little secret before the marriage.

"I [was making accidents] in the bed well into my twenties. Only ceased once I started certain medication. Haven't had an issue in about 5 years now."

We can only hope that by the time he married his wife, he got his problem under control. But something tells us that at least one point, he peed the bed once again... If this ever happened after the marriage, he would probably feel obliged to let her in on his history of wetting the bed... Obviously, this is a very embarrassing confession.

9 He Doesn't Enjoy Her Company As Much As She Thinks

This is probably one of the simplest yet worst secrets in this entire article. If he doesn't enjoy being with her, then why the heck did he marry her? It seems pretty logical - don't marry people you don't like being around.

"How much I truly enjoy not being around her."

But somehow, this guy didn't get the memo. He should really come clean and tell his wife that he doesn't like spending time with her. If she knew before the marriage, she probably would've never gone through with it. The one way we can give this guy a break is if he's just talking about having "alone time" once in a while. But still... Even if he is an introvert, the fact that he doesn't want to spend time with his wife is probably a bad sign...

8 He Likes To Go Out And Get Fast Food In Secret

While this might sound like a pretty innocent thing to keep from your fiance, our readers will know that cheating by getting fast food without your girl is almost as bad as cheating with another woman. Girls love fast food too, and being left out of this wonderful treat is a major offense. We're glad he didn't tell her about his little infidelities, or else he would probably find himself in the doghouse for quite some time...

"I sometimes sneak out or lie about what I'm doing and go get fast food or frozen yogurt without her..."

"...My fear is that someday she'll think I'm cheating and get someone to follow me, only to find out that I'm so utterly boring that even my darkest secrets are lame."

7 He's Not Into Her...At All

Wow. We're not even sure where to begin here. Obviously, the fact that he's gay is a huge deal, but what about the kids? He had children with this woman that he's not even attracted to, and had kids in this obviously fake relationship? Think of what the kids will think if they ever find out... Their entire family and upbringing are all based on a lie.

"I'm gay. I was planning on waiting 'till the kids were a bit older but the longer I leave it, the harder it gets."

He really should have told her about this before they got married. Scratch that, he should never have married her in the first place... And something tells us that he will never, ever come clean... This is probably a much more common problem than many people would like to admit...

6 He Didn't Like To Tell The Truth

Now let's switch to the female point of view... These are confessions from women who actually found out about secrets that their husbands were keeping from them before marriage.

"That he hated the cologne I have been buying him for five years. He still wore it all the time but didn't want to hurt my feelings."

Girls have a knack for finding out about these things, no matter how hard guys try to hide their secrets, so it should come as no surprise that these wives found the truth. And in this marriage, she found out that hated the cologne she'd been buying him for five years! I'm sure a lot of girls out there can relate to this. Who hasn't gotten their boyfriend a present that he only pretended to like?

5 He Got Another Woman Pregnant

This is one of those confessions you read, take a step back, and just ask yourself, "what the hell did I just read?" So according to some of the other posts, this woman made on Reddit, her husband actually "helped" his friend catch his wife cheating... By sleeping with his wife... What kind of bizarre logic is that? And to top it all off, he got his friend's wife pregnant and he failed to mention this to his fiance before they got married...

"My husband and his friend came up with a plan to catch his friend's wife being unfaithful..."

"...My husband [was with] his friend's wife and friend 'caught' them. She got pregnant and during the divorce found out the baby was my husband's. Found this out after 7 years and 3 kids."

4 He Hides Pretty Mundain Activites

It's good to hear a cute secret after all that drama. For some crazy, odd reason, this husband actually tried to hide the fact that he liked to watch sports. Like that was something to be ashamed of? How did he even hide it? Did he secretly watch sports at 5 am, like the other husband who watches anime? (just wait for that one!)

"That he likes to watch sports. It's such a silly thing to hide. He even sneaks watched it for the first year or so into our marriage."

Like this wife says, it's really a silly thing to hide. But even more, the impression is her confession that he actually successfully hid it for an entire year before she eventually caught him... Just accept that you like sports, man! It's not like you're cheating on her or something!

3 He Lied So She'd Show Him Sympathy

Another really strange thing to try and hide. Maybe he just thought it would be less hassle if he told her that his mom was dead? Fewer people to invite over for dinner, right? We honestly can't figure out what was going through his mind when he lied about this, but the fact that she later caught him seems inevitable.

"That his mother was alive..."

"...He gave me a sob story about losing his mother to a heart attack in a grocery store, and of course, I was all about comforting him. We dated and eventually married, but what could he say -- "I lied about my mother dying?" So he just kept her a secret. I later found a card from her to him, for his birthday, in the garage, wedged in some books. I was horrified to find out I had a mother in law, and, hadn't invited her to our wedding."

2 He Had A Secret Obsession

Wow, this one doesn't seem like something that could make or break a relationship, so why did he even keep it a secret? Watching Anime isn't that shameful, is it? We know that some people consider it "nerdy" or "weird," but come on!

"That I watch Anime..."

We can just imagine this guy watching his anime in secret for years before finally coming clean and telling his wife the truth. What did he do? Wake up at 5 am every morning and secretly get his anime fix? How did the wife finally find out? Did he actually tell her the truth, or did she catch him in the act. What a weird scene that must have been... But all in all, there's really nothing too wrong with this secret that this husband kept from her fiancee. The same, however, cannot be said for some of the other confessions...

1 His Fiancée Is...Imaginary?

Last but not least, we're not sure if this confession is serious or not, but we're going to go out on a limb and assume that this guy actually does have an imaginary girlfriend. Weirder things have happened on the internet and yes, the truth is often much, much stranger than fiction.

"That she doesn't really exist. I don't think she'd handle it well."

If this is true, then this guy needs to forget about the secrets he's keeping from his imaginary girlfriend, and start thinking about the secrets he's keeping from himself... Namely that he has no girlfriend, and he's probably off his rocker... Obviously, this is probably a joke, but it's a funny confession and a pretty clear example of the kind of sense of humor that is common on Reddit.

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