18 Memes That Perfectly Describe The High School Experience

The popular saying states that there are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes. We think differently. The real only two guarantees in life are loving memes and going to high school. Seriously, almost everyone has been through high school (for better or for worse) and everyone loves a good meme. It’s rare that you meet someone whose just like, ‘I hate memes.’ If you find someone who says that, check their pulse. They may be a host from Westworld, who doesn’t understand such things as memes.

Because everyone has a love of memes and memories of high school, memes about high school are obviously a hit, right? Whether it’s a meme that pokes fun at the annoying teachers we all had to deal with or the annoying hormones we all had to deal with, memes about high school are so relatable. Even considering the fact that everyone has a different high school experience, high school memes are still relatable because everyone's high school experience was more alike than we think. The prom queen probably had days when she dreaded going to school and the nerd probably had days when he was the king of the world. Upon graduation, we are all left with both good and bad memories of high school.

You may have been out of high school for five, ten or twenties years, but you’ll definitely relate to the below memes. Below are 18 hilarious memes that describe the high school experience in a nutshell. Whether you loved high school or dreaded every single day of it, you’ll enjoy these.

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18 When Mom Asks About That Test

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Who hasn’t been here? If you weren’t the greatest student, this question could be hell for you. The worst is when you genuinely studied and still, somehow, didn’t do well on the test. I mean, the best feeling in the world was when all the stuff you studied the night before fell out of your head the minute you got the test. LOL, JK! That sucked! It’s also one thing if your parents were just asking, it’s another thing if they had high expectations about your performance at school. Ugh, the parents who would only accept an A+ on a test. We got a B+, Mom. Let us live.

Of course, taking tests can make some people completely freeze up. In life, we aren’t quizzed on random information at the drop of a hat. Your boss will not stop you in the hallway and ask for the year The French Revolution began. Ah, being out of high school certainly does have a few benefits.

17 Raise Your Hand If You Had A Lot Of Feelings In High School


High school, what a fun time of raging hormones and emotions. In high school, everything feel like the absolute end of the world. Failed a test? End of the world. The guy you like starts dating another girl? End of the world. Pencil breaks? End of the friggin’ world!

Seriously, the world was always ending and everything that happened was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you. Why did everything horrible happen to you? These intense emotions of insecurity, anxiety and sadness were mostly due to puberty and all that fun stuff. Thankfully, most of us eventually grow out of them and now feel more emotionally stable. Yay for emotional stability. However, high school can totally feel like an emotional roller coast.

16 When Christmas Break Was Two Weeks Of Bliss

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Christmas break was a gift from the heavens. There was no denying that. When you're a "grown up," most people are lucky to get any time off for the holidays, and it's very rare to get the whole two weeks off. If we only knew that these Christmas vacations wouldn't be available to us for our whole lives, we would have enjoyed them more. Actually, who are we kidding? We totally enjoyed Christmas break 100%. There was nothing better and we knew that. It was where life peaked.

Of course, before the epic Christmas break could begin, there was the waiting for Christmas break. You’d walk around a high school decked out for the holidays. You’d see other students sporting holidays clothes or Santa hats. All you had to do was get through exams and bam, you’d be enjoy the holidays. No teachers, no homework, no early mornings. Christmas vacation was it, especially because you also usually got some extra cash from family members that you could spend on cheap beer. Praise all things Christmas break!

15 Remember Summer Vacation?

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Christmas vacation was one thing, but summer vacation was what every high school students lived for. Three whole months of freedom! No teachers or homework. In fact, some cruel teachers may assign homework over the Christmas vacation, but no one could assign you anything during the summer vacation. You didn’t even have new teachers assigned to you yet. You had no teachers! It was the greatest joy of all. You could sleep until noon and spend whole days doing nothing with your best friend. There is nothing like the blissful boredom that came with summer vacation.

Almost no career fields give you a whole summer off, unless you’re a teacher. If you’re a teacher, we’re jealous of you for this reason. For the rest of us, we just have to miss summer vacation for the rest of our lives. If only we knew how good we had it in high school.

14 Without Happy Hour, All We Had Were The Weekends

One downfall of being in high school is the inability to buy alcohol. Most kids drink before they're legally allowed and that drinking usually begins in high school.

Of course, being an adult with the ability to buy drinks whenever you want, usually means you drink in moderation. There is no reason to drink 15 hard lemonades. Girl, you can a nice martini and sip it. We adults will grab happy hours with friends, and may not feel the need to rage every single weekend. High school was different. With less opportunity to drink during the week, the weekend was our time to let out all of that steam built up during the week.

Turn up Friday and Saturday night, then cry all day Sunday about another week of school. Yup, that sounds about right.

13 Prom Was The Most Important Day Of Your Entire Life

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The movies exaggerated some aspects of prom. Most people didn’t experience an intense show down for prom queen. That's usually not a real thing. There were also probably very few people who actually experienced a synchronized dance, a la She's All That. Those film exaggerations aside, prom still seemed like the most important day of your life. You had to look the most perfect ever. Whether it was a spray tan or weeks and weeks of Crest whitening strips, perfection was what you were after.

Of course, years after prom, most of us look back on the pictures and think of how silly we look. The dresses and hairstyles are out of date. The poses are awkward. It's all laughable. Back then, it was the most important thing in your life at the time and the pictures had to be perfect. A zit on prom night? Nope, nope, nope. That simply couldn't happen.

12 How Can You Improve If You Can't Even Read Your Teacher's Notes?

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Do teachers and doctors both go to the same school... a school that teaches them how to scribble words in a way that no one can ever read?

Every time a doctor writes a prescription, it’s basically chicken scratch. That’s all fine and well as long as the pharmacist can read it. That's all you really need in that situation. It’s a different story when it’s your teacher, especially if they complain about your handwriting. Like, what? They take off points for your handwriting and yet, you can’t even read their notes. Ugh, where are the points taken off for the teacher's handwriting?!

While the double standard is frustrating, what’s even more annoying is that you can’t learn if you can’t read their notes. How do you improve your essay if you can’t even make out all those words that they wrote in red ink? Great.

11 These Teacher Memes Are So Good

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Whoever made this teacher photo in countless great teacher memes is awesome, mostly because they are the most relatable memes of all time. Everyone had one teacher who did this. Everyone.

The absolute worst was if the teacher just said to do questions 1-3, but then you opened up the text book to see 1A, 1B, 1C and so on. What is that? It’s even worse if you didn’t give yourself enough time because you thought that it was just three little questions. It seemed like three little questions, but the assignment ended up being, like, three pages of homework. This is not cool at all.

The A, B, and C questions count as their own questions. This is a problem with teachers, but also with textbook makers. What gives? Stop making textbooks like this. No one likes it.

10 Shouldn't Teachers Have Deadlines Too?

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The double standard of deadlines for teachers and students is annoying and, unfortunately, it doesn’t end in high school. In fact, it gets worse in college, where teachers seem to do more and more of whatever the hell they want.

It’s annoying when a teacher enforces a deadline, yet hands back the assignment whenever they want. Uh, where’s your deadline, teach? In college, students can extract revenge in the form of the teacher evaluation at the end of the semester. For high school students, there is no such retribution. They just have to sit there and accept the fact that your teacher can do as they please. Perhaps, it’s good to get used to this because your boss will totally demand things on deadline too… and then, well you get the pattern. It’s life.

9 That Time Your Tears Stained The Exam

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Why does it all make sense during class and then, on the test, it’s rocket science? What is the deal with that? Suddenly, you have to calculate the square root of the velocity of X. Nope, can't do that.

While this can have to do with test taking anxiety, it can also be a factor of how the test is worded. While the teacher teaches in ways that actually make sense, the test can simply be pulled from the textbook or even worse, can be from the state. If this is the case, the wording may throw you through a loop. Keep calm and carry on, girl. Remember, the whole amazingness of Christmas break, summer break and every single weekend? Yeah, you have that to look forward too after this poorly worded test. Damn those textbook tests and praise all the teachers who worded tests exactly how they taught the subject matter.

8 All That Stuff We'll Use In The Future, Right?

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Why are we learning to solve for X. Why? If you ask your teacher this very fair question, they may tell you that you’ll need it in life. This can be true, but also very false.

Generally, it would be a good thing to know about the history of the country in which you live. In fact, the more informed you are, the better. We'll say that as a blanket statement. Knowing as much information you can is definitely awesome, but you probably won't use most of said information. If you grow up to be an accountant, you may not have to know anything you learned in chemistry, or geometry, or biology ever again.

One of the biggest complaints is that students aren't taught about real life issues. Can we get a class that teaches us how to do our taxes? Please and thank you. We’d also like classes on personal finance, student loans, how to text boys back, and politics. These would all have better life applications than solving for X.

7 This Is Too Real

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If this hasn’t happened to you, count your blessings. This pain is too real for some of us.

When you’re taking the hardest test known to mankind, and it’s pretty evident that you’re going to fail, sometimes you look up and make direct eye contact with your teacher. It’s like looking up to see the person who has inflicted this pain on you. Why are they doing this to you? Can they make it stop? Can they see the pain in your tearful eyes?

It’s sometimes even worse if you look up and the teacher is reading the book or doing something else enjoyable. Like, hello! You’re dying on the inside and your teacher is totally fine. This just doesn't seem fair at all.

6 Or You Can Just Laugh About It

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Alright, sometimes you cry over failing a test. Other times, you just straight up laugh, because there’s nothing else you can do about it. Yep, it’s literally the only think you can do when you’re given up almost all hope - laugh.

Hopefully, the test was so hard that you can laugh about it with your friends afterwards. There’s nothing as reassuring as when all your classmates agree that the test was impossible. You guys can shrug your shoulders and laugh about it together. Hell, if everyone agrees that the test was that hard, you can even hope that the teacher has no choice but to grade on a curve. Bless the curve and all the wonders it’s done for students.

Also, can we talk about the person who always messes up the curve because they’re too smart? Screw that person.

5 "Hey, girl! Over here, girl!"

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You may not know what’s on your tests, but you know exactly which classroom every single of your besties is in at all times. It’s really a gift. You're like, “Fourth period? Jackie’s in 204, Danielle’s in 303 and Jill is in 110.”

Yup, you love your best friends and you’re not afraid to stalk them while you’re all in school together. Sometimes, you’ll even take the long route to the bathroom, just so you can not-so-subtly walk by their classroom and whisper hi to them.

This is the closest you’ll get to be with your besties. College will soon send you off in different directions and then careers can pull you even further apart. You’ll long for the days of when Danielle was in 303.

4 Freshmen Year vs. Senior Year

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If you don't love the freshmen year vs. senior year memes, what is wrong with you? They are everything good in the world and they come in so many varieties. The above is a Kardashian version, but you can find this meme as Game of Thrones characters, Harry Potter characters, just about any TV show characters or celebrities.

The point of the meme is usually that as freshmen you were young and naive, but by senior year, you were bad bitches. Case and point: the above photo. As "freshmen" Kim and Khloe are rocking their old school hair and makeup. The pre-Kanye days, y'all! They truly look like girls attending a dance and trying too hard. The senior year version is the sleeker, hotter look. Oh, and Kim's transformation from a big, fat grin to the Tyra Banks' smize - totally part of the evolution though high school. How we all change from freshmen year to senior year.

3 High School Relationships In A Nutshell

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Being in a high school relationship basically means stalking the person you like. You can’t help it. It’s all those damn hormones. We don’t even blame you, girl. We’ve all been there at one point or another. It’s just the way it is.

If you have a high school sweetheart, you’ll want to eat lunch with them, walk the halls with them, hold hands with them, go to every school dance with them. You know, do everything you physically can with them. You even fall asleep talking on the phone together. Some of us grow out of this obsessive nature after high school. Some of us are always a little stalker-ish, but hey! It’s all good, girl. You do you.

2 Bumping Into Your Ex Like...

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If you go to school with an ex, you’re screwed.

We all have that fantasy of bumping into our ex and looking like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The likelihood of living out that fantasy is very slim. It’s even slimmer if you go to school with your ex-boyfriend. This means that he’ll see you at your worst. That day you woke up late and couldn’t conceal the bags under your eyes from studying for a chem test all night, he’ll see that. He’ll see all your grungy school looks, because no one has the time to go full-on glam squad before school.

At least, you can try to avoid his hallway routes. That way you may not bump into him until the keg party on Saturday, when you show up wearing actually Victoria’s Secret Angel wings. One can only dream.

1 Because There Will Always Be Mean Girls

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Ugh unfortunately, there will always be mean girls. It's a fact of high school. Why are girls mean? Well, a ton of reasons. As we pointed out earlier, you have a lot of emotions in high school and they aren’t always the best feelings. Everyone deals with their anxiety, insecurity and sadness in their own way. Some of us lock our bedroom door and listen to Taking Back Sunday over and over again. Others will take it out on other people, cutting down other girls to feel better about themselves.

It’s likely that you’ll run into mean girls throughout your life, because, yes, there are office mean girls too. Just be thankful that mean girls are nearly as bad as Regina George in real life… well, some of them are. Okay, I guess we should all just be happy that high school is only four years.

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