19 Lies Every Guy Has Told

Just as us girls tell little white lies from time to time, the guys we date and the guys we know do too. Whether it's because they're insecure, don't know what to say, or are simply trying to avoid conflict, men are known to spew a little bit of bulls** from time to time. Of course, it's all completely forgivable... well, most of it. However, we just hope deep down, they know it's never going to get them anywhere with us. In fact, when they lie to us (unless they're extremely sweet about it and only lying to make us feel better about something unimportant) it normally makes us want to run for the hills. We're not naive. We can see right through them. For some reason, though, that doesn't stop guys from telling lies. Read below to find out nineteen lies every guy has told.

19 I Don't Think Other Women Are Attractive

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At a certain point in your relationship, you got comfortable enough to ask your boyfriend whatever came to mind. One day, whether you asked him simply out of curiosity or because you were feeling a bit insecure about yourself, you asked him, "Do you think other women are attractive?" He's caught off guard. He'd never want to make you think he's interested in being with anyone else and/or wouldn't want to offend you so, he replied,  "No, I don't think any other women are attractive."  Of course, it was innocent and in retrospect, very sweet. However, you're not naive.  All you want to reply is, "bullsh**," but you don't. Instead, you say very calmly, "Not even Penelope Cruz," and wink. You know that it'd be insane to truly believe that he doesn't find any other women in the world attractive.

18 That Looks Great

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He asks you to go to an important work party. You're nervous. You've never met his colleagues before and you want to look great. A good first impression is very important to you. You start stressing out about what you're going to wear. You change time and time again while he waits downstairs for you. Finally, after the tenth outfit you try on, he replies, "That looks great," without even looking at you. All he's interested in is leaving. Or, maybe you get a new haircut. Normally, you have long flowing hair that he loves running his fingers through. This time, you wanted to switch it up so you chop it all off. Unfortunately, it looks terrible. You know it and the second you see him see you, you know he feels the same as you. However, he loves you, so he forces a smile and says, "You look great."

17 I Don't Get Self-Conscious


You recently started seeing him. You've gotten closer lately so you started opening up to him about your insecurities and/or things that you wish you could change about yourself. You hope he'll open up about himself too. Unfortunately, you're not so lucky. Instead, he gets closed off and says ,"I don't get self-conscious." All you want to reply is, "Oh, come on, every single person gets self-conscious," but instead, you let him think you believe his little lie. Or, perhaps you just met him at a bar and decide that the two of you are going to go back to your place. Of course, you both want to have a one night stand but for some reason, he can't seem to... well, perform. In an attempt to make him feel better, you say, "It's all right, you don't know me, you're probably just self-conscious." In his self-conscious state, he replies, "I don't get self-conscious," and embarrasses himself even more than he already is.

16 I Forgot


You guys have been a couple for years and finally, you decided to move in together. At first, things are great. However, after a while, he starts getting really lazy when it comes to taking care of his share of responsibility around the house. It's starting to really bother you so you begin to confront him every time he leaves a mess or doesn't clean up something he said he'd clean. And, of course, every time, he said, "I forgot." Or, you recently started seeing a guy. He tells you he's going out with his guy friends. The two of you have plans to meet up later that night and he says he'll call you around ten. Then, when ten finally rolls around, he doesn't. He's having a great time with his friends and isn't ready for it to end yet. The next day, he leaves you a message that says, "I'm sorry, I completely forgot." You delete it. There's no way you're calling him back.

15 She Meant Nothing To Me


You've been dating him for some time now and all of a sudden, he starts hanging out with one of his exes. Of course, you're worried about it but you don't want to turn into the jealous new girlfriend right away. So, you bring up the subject casually and what does he say? "She meant nothing to me." You try to remain calm but all you want to do is yell back, "Well if she meant nothing to you, then why do you even want to hang out with her?" Or, say he slips up and cheats on you. Now, we know cheating is unforgivable, but for some reason, you decide to actually have a conversation with him about what happened. Before you even ask any questions, he blurts out, "she meant nothing to me," thinking that's going to make things better. News Flash: It doesn't. If fact, it's even worse that he ruined everything you guys had for someone who meant nothing to him.

14 I Make Six Figures

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For one reason or another, some guys tend to lie about how much money they make. It seems as though the first chance they get to brag about what they make, they take it. If they're out at a bar with new friends they've just met, the second someone asks them what they do, they state their profession and then follow it up with, "Yeah, but it's pretty lucrative so I like it." If they can tell the person is interested, they continue on and state just how lucrative it is. Of course, they embellish. We're used to it, though. However, we're not so naive. If we ever go out on a date with a man and he shares his annual income with us after only knowing us for a couple of hours, we run for the door.  Why? Because we know if he's so quick to share it, it's probably not there. If men actually have money, they never feel the need to talk about it. Or, if they do have it and still feel the need to talk about it, we can instantly tell that his self-worth is measured with how much  money he has and that's just as bad.

13 It's Nothing Serious

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You meet a guy when you're out at a bar. He seems nice and sweet so you let him buy you a drink. The two of you hang out the whole night. From time to time, his phone rings and for some reason, he always presses "ignore." After a while, you ask him if he has a girlfriend- just out of curiosity. He hesitates, then says, "I'm seeing someone, but it's nothing serious." In that moment, you realize who'd been calling him the whole night- his girlfriend. So what do you do? Finish your drink and walk away. You know this guy is not worth it. Or, perhaps you've been seeing a guy for a long time. You think the two of you really have a future together. In fact, you even talk about it. However, one day you hear him talking on the phone to his mom. When you come up in conversation, he says, "I like her, but it's nothing serious." You know it is, you just can't understand why he'd lie to his mother.

12 She'll Be Mad At Me


You're seeing a guy and he's super into you. All he wants to do is spend all of his time with you. He's thrilled, but his friends aren't. They keep trying to make plans with him but he always cancels because he finds you way more exciting. However, that's not what he tells his friends. Instead of taking responsibility for his decisions, he says "She'll be mad at me if I don't hang out with her," and hopes they let him off the hook. He blames it all on you when really, you wouldn't care if he spent a night away from you. Or, maybe you've been with him for a while and the two of you are out at a bar with some friends. You know he didn't want to go out because he has a big work meeting the next day, but he didn't want to disappoint his friends. Everyone's drinking besides him so his friends are giving him a hard time. What does he say to get off the hook? "She'll be mad at me." Really, though, you'd like it if he let loose for a little bit.

11 My Friends Made Me Do It


Just like he blames you when he disappoints his friends, he blames his friends whenever he disappoints you. For example, the two of you have been together for a long time and one night, he says he's going out to have a few drinks with some friends at a bar. He says it'll be a "low key night," but you know him a better than that. You remind him that the two of you have plans to get up early in the morning and go to your parent's' house for brunch. Very politely, you say, "Please don't stay out too late or drink too much because I want you to make a good impression." He says he won't, but what does he do? He goes stays out late and drinks way too much. The next morning when you try to wake him up just a few hours after he stumbled back home, you find that he's still drunk and/or extremely hungover. When you finally get him into the car and start giving him a hard time for doing exactly what he said he wouldn't do, he says, "My friends made me do it," hoping that'll resolve some of your anger. Of course, it doesn't.

10 It's Huge

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We get it: size has been the competition of the century. For years, men have competed over just how large their packages are and for years, men have lied. It's happened to all of us. You've been out with your girlfriends at some bar and whether you were inviting conversation or not, some guy came up to you and started hitting on you. You didn't mind, though, he seemed nice. One thing led to another and he starts telling you the size of his package. Now, we're not saying you particularly enjoyed the conversation, but you're not a prude. Plus, his description was a little bit exciting so you had to see it. Of course, when you finally got back to his place and had the opportunity, you found his description was a bit more generous than reality. However, you weren't disappointed. We all know it's not about size, it's about ability.

9 I Don't Tell My Friends Anything About Us


One of your guy friends has been telling you a lot of dirt about his girlfriend and it got you thinking, "I wonder what my boyfriend says about me behind my back to his friends." Of course, you're not naive. You know he must give details here and there about every aspect of your guy's relationship- even the more private aspects. However, for some reason, when you confront him about it, he says, "I don't tell my friends anything about us." Oh yeah," you reply. You know he's full of sh**. First of all, if he doesn't tell his friends anything about you guys, that's offensive. You've been together for a long time and expect he'd at least fill them in on how serious you are. Second of all, if he doesn't tell them about you guys then how do they seem to know so many details about your personal life? You know he must talk about you and it only makes you more anxious that he'd lie about it.

8 I'm Over It

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The two of you get into a fight. At first, it started out small but it escalated to a point where neither of you even know what you're fighting about anymore. Finally, he's so sick of fighting, he says, "I'm over it," then stomps away angrily. You know he's not really over it. Why? Because you didn't resolve anything and he's still huffing and puffing in anger. He just doesn't want to deal with it. Or, maybe the two of you were dating for a long time but after a lot of fighting, you made the decision that things weren't working so you broke up with him. When you tell him, he doesn't take it well. He tells you that you broke his heart and he'll never get over it. You know he was really upset when he left your apartment for the last time, though, so finally, you call him up to check in. When you ask him how he's doing, he replies, "I'm over it." Deep down, you know there's no way he's over everything you guys had, but you let think you believe his little white lie.

7 I'm Not Trying To Pull Any Moves

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You meet a guy. He's charming, nice and fun. You're new to town or you're looking to expand your friend circle so you give him your number. Of course, you're only interested in being friends with him and you think he feels the same way because he didn't seem like he was hitting on you. One night, he texts you and asks if you want to go to a bar with him. You think that you're meeting him and his friends for a drink or something but when you show up, you realize it's more than that. He's asked you on a date. Shortly after realizing this, you let him know immediately that you have a boyfriend that you'd never cheat on. He says he's not mad and only wants to be friends with you so you stay for a few drinks. As the night goes on, however, he keeps getting touchier and touchier. Finally, you confront him just as he's going in for a kiss and what does he say? "I'm not trying to hook up with you." Okay, buddy. Whatever you say.

6 It's Over Between Us

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You meet a guy at a bar. He's sexy, funny, and smart. He charms you and you truly believe you guys could really have a connection. You start going on dates with him and hanging out with him whenever you're both available. After some time, though, you realize something is a bit strange about him. For starters, he never invites you over to his house. He rarely talks about his personal life. And, he's extremely hard to reach at times. For example, if you call him, it often goes straight to voicemail and if you text him, it takes him a long time to get back to you. When you do hang out with him, he's very overprotective of his cell phone and his computer. You know something's up so finally, you invade his privacy and look at his phone. What do you find? He has another girlfriend. At first, he tries to lie and say "It's over between us," but you're not so forgiving. You know he's been playing you.

5 I'm Not Mad

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You've been seeing this guy for a while now. You have a feeling that he's only after one thing. You like him, though, so you give him the benefit of the doubt. After a couple of dates, he invites you back to your place. Of course, you know he's expecting to sleep with you but you don't care. You know you're not going to sleep with him but aren't quite ready to go home just yet. So, you go to his house. Every chance he gets, he keeps making moves on you. You're attracted to him so you let things escalate for a little while. However, you don't want to sleep with him so you shut things down before it gets to that point. He stands up from the couch and walks away. When you ask him if he's mad, he says he's not... but you can totally tell he is. You smile, gather your things and leave. Why? You're glad you realized what he's really after before you actually fell for him.

4 I Don't Want To Settle Down


For some reason, men in their early to late twenties convince themselves that they don't ever want to settle down or have a family. Of course, we don't mind when they tell us that because at that point in our lives, we're not in any rush to settle down either. However, we don't really feel the need to talk about it like they do. You meet a guy after you graduate college. At first, you guys are just "friends" who hook up from time to time. Then, after a while, you start really caring for each other and get into a committed relationship. You talk about your future together and seem to be on the same page. He says he 's changed his mind about settling down and you have too. You even talk about how many kids you want to have together. Then, one night, you go out to a bar with him and his friends. He thinks you can't hear him talking to his buddies, but you can. When they tease him about being so serious with you, he says, "No, I'm not. I don't want to settle down."

3 I'll Do It Later

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Guys are lazy. If they don't want to do something, we basically have to force them to do it. For example, if you ask them to clean up a mess they made, what does he always respond? "I'll do it later." Does he? No way. He just keeps putting it off and hopes the mess will go away on its own. Or, say he just bought a 'brand new' used car and for some reason, a service light keeps coming up on their dashboard whenever they drive it. If it was your car, you'd take it into the shop right away. You know it has a limited warranty so you want to take care of the problem before it's too late. You suggest to him that he does the same. He replies, "I'll do it later," but never actually takes it. Instead, he just keeps putting off the task until his car finally breaks down completely and he's forced to take it into the shop.... way after the warranty's expired, of course.

2 I'd Love To


You and your best friend have plans to go out to see a Britney Spears concert tonight. Last minute, she cancels because she feels absolutely awful. You don't have anyone to go with but you'd hate to see the tickets go to waste... so what do you do? You call on your trusty boyfriend. Of course, he doesn't really want to go to the concert but he feels bad, so what does he say? "I'd love to." Or, you've been with the same man for years. Recently, the two of you started having relationship problems. You're both trying your best to make it work, but for some reason, you can't stop fighting. You've tried just about everything... everything besides therapy. So, you decide it'd be a great idea for the two of you to see a therapist together. When you bring up the idea to him, he responds, "I'd love to," but you know he's secretly cringing on the inside.

1 I Have Plans

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You're really into a guy. You're not sure if he's into you but you'd like to find out. You're nervous and hesitant at first, but finally, you work up the courage to invite him out with you and your friends. You don't want anything to be awkward so you make sure you let him know it's a group setting and treat him as a friend. However, after a few drinks, your "friend-like" ways become a little bit too "friendly." When he's there at the bar with you, he doesn't seem to mind. In fact, in your drunken state and in his buzzed state, he seems to like it. Later, after your friends go home, the two of you hook up and maybe even go back to one of your guy's houses. The next day, you don't hear from him. A couple of days later, you text him and see if he wants to get together again. "I have plans," he says. In that moment, you realize that there's no way he has plans, he's just not that into you.

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