18 Horoscope Combinations That Will Experience 3 Months Of Heaven But It's Downhill After That

New year, new me, right? Well, not for all of us. Some of us are going to be going through 2018 just like how we did in 2017. Nothing is really going to change. If you're looking to switch up things in your love life, you're not alone. Many people make new year's resolutions about finding love, getting back out there, going on more dates, finally downloading Tinder or finally shutting the door on an old ex who keeps creeping back in.

Is 2018 going to be your year for love? Maybe. But will that love be an ever-lasting forever relationship that sees you married, with kids and growing old together? Not if you're in one of the zodiac combinations below. Some zodiac signs are naturally drawn to one another. There's an instant connection and an attraction that's almost electric. You flirt, date and really enjoy each other's company. But after a few weeks or maybe a couple of months, you realize that this isn't the Romeo to your Juliet. He is not your lobster. Sure, you had your fun, but you figure out that this guy isn't right for you in the long term. There's nothing wrong with going on dates and having fun. But save yourself some heartache and realize now which zodiac signs are just going to be temporary in your love life.

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18 Aries & Cancer: It Starts Steamy But Ends In Tears


When an Aries and a Cancer get together, we have a fire sign meeting a water sign. What happens when you combine water and fire? You get steam. So yes, this relationship will likely start off very steamy. There will be lots of sparks right at the beginning and both you and your boo will be really feeling each other. You may even think you've found love at first sight, that's how much passion you two will have. But be careful, because in the end, fire and water just don't mix. You're both very emotional, but in different ways. Aries is fiery and aggressive whereas Cancer is sensitive and wants to overanalyze everything. Sadly, this combo could result in a lot of ugly fights and hurt feelings. Have you fun, but protect your heart.

17 Taurus & Cancer: Netflix And Chill Can Only Last So Long


At first glance, a Taurus/Cancer match can seem like a match made in heaven. Both of you want the same things in life and really enjoy making your home a happy place. Date nights at home snuggled up on the couch are ideal for you two. You both have a love for romance and enjoy growing your emotional bond together. So where's bad? Cancers, ruled by the moon, are known to be very moody and easily influenced by their emotions. And do you know who has absolutely no time for that? A practical and stubborn Taurus. Cancer will take everything personally and Taurus will just roll his/her eyes. Plus, both of these signs like to be the boss or at least be right most of the time.

16 Gemini & Gemini: You're So In Sync Until That First Fight Gets Ugly


When two Geminis decide to match up, it's always going to be a tricky situation. It could be the best relationship of your life or the absolute worst. Either way, it's going to be full of drama. At first, you'll be in heaven because you and your Gem boy have so much in common. You're both smart, witty and super social. You'll have so much to talk about and you're both always ready for an adventure. But watch out! You're both the sign of the twins, meaning you can both turn sarcastic and mean very quickly. Geminis fight dirty and hold a grudge. Commitment and loyalty aren't something either of you will be very good at. But being resentful? Yeah, you're both great at that.

15 Virgo & Gemini: Opposites Attract But Even Your Big Brains Won't Keep You Together Forever


A Virgo and Gemini pairing is a classic example of opposites attracting. When you first get together, a lot of your friends will raise their eyebrows and wonder what the heck you two are doing together. On paper, it just doesn't work. Virgo is practical and grounded while Gemini is impulsive and high energy. However, you two will share one thing in common: your big brains. You're both smartie pants and will have lots to talk about. Sadly, you'll come to realize that you're just way too different. Flighty Gemini wants to shake things up all the time while steadfast Virgo prefers to stick to a routine. Virgos can be critical and Geminis can skirt around subjects to avoid conflict. You'll both grow tired of the other person and realize this pairing won't work.

14 Cancer & Leo: You Both Want Your Happily Ever After But You Won't Find It Together


Once again we have a water sign, Cancer, teaming up with a fire sign, Leo. So you know this relationship is going to be steamy right from the start. But more than initial sparks, Cancers and Leos also share the same feelings on love. They're both looking for a tender and sweet love that is based on loyalty. You may think this relationship is going to last because you're actually both looking for a committed, long-lasting relationship. But unfortunately, it's not meant to be here. When hard times come, Leo will get nasty and Cancer will get really upset. One bad fight is enough for you two to call it quits. Cancer takes everything personally and Leo has no patience for it. Cancer also likes to use emotionally manipulation which a Leo won't stand for.

13 Sagittarius & Gemini: You're Partners In Adventure But You Need The Freedom To Be Yourself


When a Sag and Gemini get together, hold on because this relationship is going to move fast. Both people are high energy, flexible and up for an adventure. This is the couple who could start their first date at a coffee shop and end up halfway around the world on a spontaneous idea. There's never a dull moment here and both partners are up for an impulsive good time and big adventures. But it's those matching adventurous spirits that make it hard for you two to last. You're both independent and you don't want anyone trying to confine you. You both need the freedom to be yourselves and won't give that up for anything. Sag can be flighty and Gem can be critical - traits your partner just can't deal with. Neither of you have deep roots so it'll be easy enough to call it quits on this relationship.

12 Leo & Scorpio: It Couldn't Be Better Behind Closed Doors But Insecurities Will Get The Best Of You


When a Leo and Scorpio meet, they soon realize that no matter their differences, they share many of the same goals and values. They also share a very special connection in the bedroom. The sexual chemistry between this duo is insane! That alone will get you through the first couple of months together. You appreciate each other. Leo is a flirt and Scorpio loves feeling special when they're being flirted with. Scorpio is mysterious and Leo loves it because mysteries are sexy. Sadly, your biggest downfall is your biggest similarity: you both appear bold in public but deep down you're insecure and fragile. Scorpios take everything personally and can get jealous of flirty Leo talking to someone else. Leo needs constant attention and Scorpio can't always provide that.

11 Capricorn & Libra: Your Shared Love For The Good Life Isn't Enough To Get Over Your HUGE Differences


A Capricorn and Libra first bond over their love of beautiful things. Perhaps you met at an art gallery or both stopped to admire the same cute puppy on the street. You'll be impressed by the other's ability to lead and to have success in all aspects of life. Basically, you really admire each other. But when it comes to a relationship, you're fighting an uphill battle here. Libras are generally extroverts and prefer to spend Friday night going from party to party. Whereas Capricorn just wants to stay home on the couch. Libras tend to be practical, which can come across as cold and harsh to a Capricorn. Caps move too slow for Libras and get tunnel vision too often for Libra's liking. Basically, you're two very different people. Any relationship you have will be hard work and perhaps not worth the effort.

10 Pisces & Taurus: You Both Love Romance But Is That Enough?


A Pisces and Taurus match can start out pretty wonderful. You both want to love and nurture one another. You both enjoy spending time in a dream land and laying on the romance. Your first few dates will be right out of a fairytale. But sadly, the fairytale will come to an end. Your big problem will be that Pisces is indecisive and wishy washy whereas a Taurus is stubborn and rigid. Taurus also likes to fix all of their love on Pisces, who can't always handle that. There could be cheating problems here if Pisces is feeling trapped. Deep down, you two don't share the same goals or vision for your life together. As much as some of your differences are complementary, the big differences are enough to break you.

9 Aquarius & Virgo: Someone Is Moving Too Fast And Someone Is Just WAY Too Slow


When an Aquarius and a Virgo get together, it really becomes a pacing issue - Aquarius moves quick while Virgo takes it slow. Your differences and the challenges your relationship will face will be obvious right from the start. When a Virgo needs to make a decision, they'll think about it long and hard. That's the exact opposite approach that an Aquarius takes. A Virgo likes to keep the home neat and tidy where an Aquarius prefers to blow through like a tornado. Virgo will often find that they are bending to Aquarius' will, which will get on everyone's nerves. Obviously, long term love will be difficult, if not impossible, for these two. However, the attraction is definitely there. You appreciate the unique traits the other person has, even if you can't stand them for very long.

8 Aquarius & Pisces: You Share Love But It's Two Very Different Styles Of Love


Like so many of these mis-matches, this one also involves two signs with some stark differences. However, an Aquarius and a Pisces do share some important things in common: your vision of humanity, the importance of kindness and your love for one another. The only problem? You both approach love from totally different perspectives. You're both fascinated by one another. Pisces is into the spiritual, which Aquarius enjoys exploring. Aquarius likes the unconventional, which is perfect for Pisces' creative side. But then we have Aquarius' strong will and even stronger commitment. That doesn't fit for a Pisces who likes to wander and not be forced into anything. We also have Pisces' dramatic and emotional nature which doesn't work for rational Aquarius. When Aquarius takes a step forward, Pisces takes one back - you're never in sync.

7 Pisces & Pisces: All Those Candlelight Dinners Does Not Equal Commitment


If you're ready to see romance taken to the next level, you need to find yourself a fellow Pisces. Pisces are the most romantic sign of the zodiac so every date is going to be rose petals, poetry, dinner reservations, candlelight and dancing under the moon. People will literally swoon when you tell them about your date nights. More than romance, you two are able to connect emotional and bond over your shared creative streak. But with two water signs, the waves can get a bit rocky. With two wishy washy Pisces, you may have a problem getting to that place of long term commitment. Pisces are also known to be wanderers. You both have no problem up and leaving when the going gets tough.

6 Cancer & Scorpio: You Think You've Met Your Soulmate Until...


A Cancer and Scorpio union is all about the emotions. This is the guy who is able to open up about his feelings, tell you what he wants and how much you mean to him. Your emotional bond is solid from the get go and there's no question of your loyalty to one another. In fact, you may even start throwing out the word "soulmate." But hold up! With all of those emotions flying around, tempers are bound to flare. And when they do, Scorpio will lash out leaving Cancer feeling so guilty and hurt. Cancer also wants to rule the relationship, which is hard to do under Scorpio's critical eye. Yes, the emotional connection here is incredible but is it enough to overcome some brutal fights and power dynamics?

5 Libra & Aquarius: It Feels Like It's Meant To Be But Who Is Really In Control?


When a Libra and an Aquarius get together, it will feel like this was always meant to be. Right from the start, these two signs just get one another. You're both looking for longterm love and want to build that on a relationship of friendship and shared interests. You're both big thinkers and prefer to stay above the drama - so no petty fights for you. And you two do great together when you're out with friends. It will feel like this is the person you were waiting for. But you might need to keep waiting. Both Libra and Aquarius are entering this relationship with very strong personalities. You're not flexible and refuse to do something someone else's way. You both need to be in control and will struggle to share the power.

4 Libra & Leo: You Think You've Found The One Until Drama Gets In The Way


A Libra and Leo match is one that runs on high energy. At first glance, you two are totally compatible. Your relationship will have passion, creativity and sexual chemistry. You're never bored together and you both enjoy being in the spotlight. You admire one another and are both willing to work hard to create the awesome lives you want. However, your egos are the problem. Libras can be bossy and Leo can be impatient - that's never a good working combo. Libras are also all about the balance. A Libra needs to have peace and harmony in life in order to be happy. And that's the exact opposite of Drama Queen Leo. Not only is Leo creating the drama but he/she needs to be at the very center of it. This just won't work for a Libra. Libra can appreciate being in the spotlight but not with all the drama.

3 Sagittarius & Scorpio: It Starts Off Fun But Eventual Someone Will Take Off Running


If a Sag and a Scorpio are getting together, it's because they bonded over sexual chemistry or new experiences. This is a one night stand that you decide to stretch into a few nights. Or maybe you met at a skydiving lesson. Because the only thing you two have in common is your sexual chemistry together and your desire to experience new things. But at your cores, you are very different people. A Scorpio is rigid and into structure. Whereas a Sagittarius hates structure and can't wait to up and run at every opportunity. A Scorpio is stubborn and can fight dirty. Well, so can a Sag. This duo is in for some ugly fights. Plus, Sagittarians aren't known for their loyalty and commitment. But Scorpios need that forever commitment and want to be able to talk about it all the time, which makes a Sag want to run away.

2 Scorpio & Libra: Yes, You're Attracted To Each Other, But You Really Don't Get One Another


Right from the start, you're going to notice some challenges in your Scorpio-Libra relationship. But the attraction you'll have to one another helps you forget some of the warning signs. You two are totally into one another. And it's not just about how hot you both look (though, that doesn't hurt). You're attracted to each other's mind and the way you both see the world. Libra's charm and Scorpio's mystery go together perfectly. However, you're both entering this relationship with polar opposite wills. You'll be butting heads and getting into arguments all the time over every little thing. Scorpio gets jealous and Libra doesn't understand why. Libra can't express emotions and Scorpio doesn't understand why. It's a recipe for disaster and not made to last.

1 Capricorn & Sagittarius: Turns Out Opposites Stop Attracting After A Certain Point. Who Knew?


Here's another example of opposites attracting. If you're in this duo, no one is going to understand how you two are together. You're just so different! But you will share this undeniable chemistry that neither of you can let go of right away. You'll both want to see what's there, even if all of your friends disapprove. Capricorn is attracted to Sagittarius' adventurous personality and high energy. And Sag is attracted to hardworking Cap who can provide money to bank roll all of those adventures. But soon enough Sag's impulsivity will clash too much with Cap's rigid work ethic. Capricorn just wants to settle down and Sagittarius can't wait to take off. Cap needs to think things through and act rationally while Sag lives life in the moment without a second thought.

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