18 Hilarious Pics Of People The Moment They Got Caught

Did you know that you can hire a private investigator if you think that your husband or wife is cheating? Yes, it is true. People will go to great lengths to find out whether or not their significant other is being unfaithful. If they find out the horrible news that their suspicions are true, then some people want nothing less than sweet revenge. This revenge involves exposing their boyfriend or girlfriend for the cheater that they are and then embarrassing the life out of them. Once they are caught, the world is watching through the lens that we call social media.

Although it is somewhat immature for the person to humiliate their cheating SO, you can't exactly blame them. Finding out that the person that you are in love with is screwing you over in the worst way possible is such a demoralizing feeling. Rather than getting mad, these people decided to get even and take photographic evidence that bae has indeed been cheating. They not only need to know for sure but so does the whole world.

There are always those eccentric characters that use their creativity to get back at their soon-to-be cheating ex, and these 18 pictures will inspire anyone who wants to be devious.

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18 At Applebees Of All Places

Elite Daily

This is one loyal bestie right here. This girl saw her friend's boyfriend at an Applebee's with another girl and decided to capture the evidence and send it to her. Though it is rather tacky of her to post it on social media with laughing/crying face emojis, it's hilarious to see these two with a "deer caught in the headlights" expression on their faces. This girl is not really being sensitive to her friends' feelings the way she is flaunting it all over the Internet, but the rest of us get to have a kick out of it. She probably knew that this guy was a dog before this even happened and she just needed concrete proof. They probably had no idea how to react to the situation or deal with the aftermath. Oh well, that is their problem, not ours.

17 The Tinder Diaries

Elite Daily

This is what happens when you go on Tinder and you are already in a relationship. If your boyfriend has access to your phone, then be more careful about what your profile says. If they are clever enough, then you need to sleep with one eye open. In this case, the young Krysti was fishing around for other dudes while lying about her job (that doesn't really exist) and her education. She wanted to sound like more of a catch by denying her unemployment and saying that she was in school when she really wasn't. It looks like her boyfriend should have dumped her anyways based on that fact alone. This Tinder business should have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

16 This Wife Just Has To Tell The World


Whenever you have a bad day or are feeling horrible about your life, this wife just wants you to know that someone always has it worse than you. Case in point: catching your husband red-handed in a hotel room with another woman. As you can see in her profile picture, there is an infant, so it is assumed that they at least have one child together. She wanted to hang her husband up to dry by posting the evidence all over Facebook shamelessly. Speaking of shameless, this situation is exactly what would happen on an episode of Showtime's Shameless. This couple is headed for a bitter and nasty divorce after an obvious exposure of infidelity. If this isn't embarrassing for all parties involved, then we don't know what is.

15 Should Have Kept Your Big Mouth Shut


This just goes beyond the boundaries of cheating. Normally, people who cheat have a sense of guilt and aren't exactly proud of what they are doing, even though that doesn't stop them from doing it. Boasting about cheating is just pure evil, and there is no other way to describe it. This guy looks like a guido in this snapshot captured by the passenger next to him. He thought that he was going to get away with the bragging rights of his conquests and proclaiming how dumb his wife is for believing his BS. Who knows if his wife actually ever saw this photo posted on Facebook, but it seems unlikely that it wouldn't come back to her. After all, we are only divided by six degrees of separation.

14 The Escape Route

Elite Daily

This is cheating to the extreme. Someone caught this man in the room of someone that he should not have been in and he needed to jump out the window. He was probably with some girl who has a boyfriend who is twice his size, and he just had to run for dear life. This girl's boyfriend's steps were heard coming up the stairs or he was pounding on her door demanding to know who she was with. Once he heard the noise, he didn't even have time to dress himself and had to bail out immediately. What adds insult to injury to him but makes it hilarious for the rest of us is that there is an audience to his right. They were probably laughing their heads off whilst this was going on.

13 This Guy Wants To Salvage The Relationship


So, this poor sucker is seen in a shopping mall holding up a sign declaring all of his past indiscretions. Apparently, he cheated on his girlfriend of three years and she wants the whole world to know. You have to at least give him some credit that he desperately wants to redeem himself and save the relationship and is doing whatever is necessary. Instead of dumping him because now she can no longer trust him, she gave him a punishment to humiliate himself in the middle of a shopping mall. She even had to stroke her own ego by adding that she is "amazing, perfect, and wonderful" before the noun "girlfriend." Or maybe he wrote the entire sign himself in order to declare his undying love for her...even though he wandered off the reservation.

12 When Boys Get Their Toys Destroyed


H-E-double hockey stick hath no fury like a woman scorned. At least in the materialistic sense, this woman just needed to destroy something that is important to her cheating boyfriend and all men alike...his PlayStation. Guys, when you have a live-in girlfriend and you are cheating on her, you at least need to be smart about it. If your belongings are in her possession or she has any access to them, consider them either gone or in danger if you get caught. There are worse ways to get back at someone for cheating, but this is definitely up there. Women have a way of knowing to hit it where it hurts and bravo to this girl for going straight for the prized possession. Hopefully, it was worth it for him.

11 The Case Of The Missing Little Black Dress

Elite Daily

Now, this guy was just plain stupid when it came to his infidelity. He didn't even bother to hide the evidence. Worse, yet this sultry black slip dress was lost in the midst of his headboard. When his girlfriend found this, she knew right away that it wasn't hers. When you cheat on your girlfriend in your own bedroom (or the bedroom that you share with her if you live together), you should at least do a quick spot check to see if your side chick has left anything behind. Clearly, this step slipped this guy's mind and he was busted and there was no denying what he did at that point. Just like any betrayed girlfriend, she, of course, posted it all over Facebook in a public announcement.

10 The Clorox Makeover


Rather than using words or social media to get back at her cheating boyfriend, this girl decided to just get even rather than get mad. One of the good old fashioned ways to take out your revenge on someone is to just ruin their wardrobe. Entire wardrobes are can be hard to replace seeing as though it was accumulated throughout the years. However, if you are going to do something this spiteful, make sure that your suspicions of him cheating are actually true and not just your paranoia talking to you. It looks like there are some comfortable hoodies, jeans and everyday clothes that were casualties to this battle. Luckily, no living organism was harmed in this process, there were just some hurt feelings from the whole cheating fiasco.

9 The Tinder Diaries Part 2

Elite Daily

This Michael character looks like a bro who just wants to party and be with his merry band of men. When you are dating a guy and he only wants to hang with his bros, that right there should be an automatic deal-breaker. That is because you are always going to be lower on his priority list. The bigger the band of bros, the more likely they are to encourage philandering and being disrespectful towards women because there are no women in the group to set them straight. That said, Michael's girlfriend updated his bio to tell the story to other women what game this guy was running on them. She even went as far to tell them a play by play of what will happen when he meets up with them. You have to give her credit for giving them the heads up.

8 Twinsies (Psych)!


When you cheat on your girlfriend, it is not a wise decision to agree to get matching tattoos. Because A) you have already checked out of the relationship by cheating on her and B) you have no idea whether or not she knows about you cheating on her. Therefore, you have no idea if she is up to no good and will impose the tattoo just to get back at you. Imagine the look on this guy's face after he gets his tattoo and she just walks right out of the tattoo parlor with no new ink on her skin. It must have been right then and there that he figured out what she knows about him. As we read through this list, we see that there all kinds of ways to attain vengeance.

7 A Happy Hour Gone Rogue

Twenty Two Words

This time it was the girl that was caught cheating. It must seem that this list is just grilling men, but women are definitely not impervious to infidelity. In this scenario, she is caught running around out and about with some other dude while her boyfriend and his boss catch them at the same bar. This must be awkward, to say the least, for all parties involved. This boyfriend must have the patience of a saint if she was already cheating on him with this Mark character before and he still managed to forgive her. She is adamantly denying what she is doing and turning it around on him making him look crazy. This is some serious gaslighting and the joke is on her because he can physically see her.

6 Investing In A Billboard


This one is the ultimate humiliation via public announcement. Not only is she announcing to the world that her husband is cheating and giving away specific names, but she spent their entire investment savings on this billboard. Lady, you could have taken that money and spent that all on yourself or hoarded it away somewhere. Love makes people do crazy things especially when they feel that they have been betrayed by someone that they adore. Although this message says that she is happily handing her husband over to this other woman by the name of Jessica, this is a broken heart turned outwards. It looks like Jennifer doesn't really care about her public and professional reputation because there could have been more discreet ways to get back at him.

5 A Sweet Note Adorned With Hearts

Elite Daily

This girlfriend decided to be extra snarky by making a note with adorable little red hearts. Rather than destroying his valuable belongings like some of these previous entries, she decided to package them up and just hide them all over the place. Think of this as a scavenger hunt for him to reclaim those things. Though she did want to give him a touch of sarcasm, it seems like he got off relatively easy compared to some of the other dudes on this list. He is just going to have to jump through a lot of hoops and do some grunt work on his end to take back what is his. While he is doing that, he will get a guilt trip of nostalgia from this past relationship which will sting the most.

4 Sucking Him Dry


Now, this wife just did this guy dirty. It is one thing to want to get back at your cheating ex-husband, but involving your kids in the process is just horrible. Think about how that will affect them later in life and their future relationships. No matter how much you hate your husband for what he did, it is traumatizing for children to be involved in knowing about what happened. That said, her note that she left on the back of his Ford is pretty priceless. He was probably running some errands just like any other routine day and then came back from the store to this. Not only has he lost his wife and kids in an instant, but all of his money that he was going to spend on his mistress is now gone too. Ouch.

3 That Poor Mercedes-Benz


When you find out that the girl that your boyfriend has been cheating on you with is named Michelle, you can't help but be curious. You could send him a text message, you could call him the old-fashioned way or you could send him a Facebook message. Better yet, you can carve that question right into his expensive Mercedes Benz. Granted, the paint job that it would cost wouldn't be that much to get it fixed but the psychological damage is already done. This dude is going to have to drive around with that scratched question on his car until he can find the time to get rid of it. Once again, be careful who you cheat on and be careful that you don't get caught. Or, better yet, just don't cheat in the first place!

2 The Tinder Diaries Part 3

Oh boy, this one is a doozy. 24-year-old Jack was just recently engaged via an announcement on Facebook only to be caught with a Tinder profile. Though we can't exactly make out what it says on his bio, it says something along the lines of "I am from Houston but I'm in Dallas looking to have a little bit of a fun fling. I have a finance job and I'm looking for someone to spoil." In other words, this young professional is looking for a side piece while his fiancé lovingly awaits his return to Houston with open arms. Getting married in your twenties for the millennial generation is iffy this day and age. This Tinder story is concrete evidence of that. Luckily, Jack's fiancé Daria is still young enough to ditch this guy and find someone better.

1 A Warm And Welcoming Homecoming


Though we don't exactly know the specifics of this situation, we can just imagine. Let's imagine that this guy (or girl, we don't know) was away on a business trip. Their husband or wife was thinking that they were just there for work. They were probably hooking up with a co-worker or a colleague. In any case, they were on a trip somewhere and their spouse was not with them. Where else can you excuse going on a trip without your spouse if it is not for "work"? They thought that they were getting away with it and would get a warm welcome home, but nope. Think again. Instead, they come home to an embarrassing public announcement to the neighborhood. One thing's for sure, the neighbors will never look at this person the same way ever again...

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