18 Female Celebs All Guys Think Are Total Wifey-Material (According To Reddit)

We all have a celebrity crush. It's fun to think about what actor or singer we would love to have as our boyfriend (sorry to our IRL boyfriend... we really do love him, we swear). It's also fun to think about what celebrity we would marry, especially since we would be able to afford a totally lavish, fabulous wedding. Maybe we could even have a destination wedding with an amazing designer dress. Then we really would be living the dream.

Okay, so that's not going to happen, so it's going to stay a dream and we have to get back to our actual real lives. But again, it's a fun thing to think about. We all need a good daydream every now and then.

Guys think about this stuff, too, even if we don't hear about it as much, and even if some might not admit that they have celeb crushes. But they do. There are a lot of celebrities that guys think would make great wives. Thanks to a thread on Reddit, we've got all the details. Here are 18 celebs that guys think are total wife material, according to Reddit. (And our boyfriends just might agree with this list, which we have to be cool with. It's only fair, right?)

18 Anna Kendrick: The Hilarious Actress

When answering the question about which celebrity would be wife material, one guy said Anna Kendrick and another said "Yup." It seems like all men would agree that she's celeb wife material.

Anna Kendrick is known for being hilarious, particularly on Twitter, and she just seems so cool and easy to relate to. She talks about eating junk food and funny things that she and her friends talk about. We bet that men would love her to be their wife because she's such a hilarious actress. She just has it all: she's kind, funny, smart, and talented, and of course, beautiful.

17 Natalie Portman: The Smart Girl

One guy posted in this thread and said, "For me it's Natalie Portman. I know she secretly loves me but her publicist wont let her announce the wedding date. sigh"

That's pretty funny and a lot of guys most likely can relate to having a crush on Natalie Portman. She's known in Hollywood as being super smart -- she went to Harvard (which is super impressive) and always says intelligent things in interviews and speeches -- and she's also beautiful in a very natural way that doesn't involve plastic surgery or fancy clothing. We're definitely big fans of her, too.

16 Christina Hendricks: 'Mad' About This Stylish Star

Another guy's celebrity wife would be Christina Hendricks. He wrote,  "Couldn't say since I don't know any celebrities personally. But if we're going based on looks, I'd say Christina Hendricks."

The Mad Men actress is super gorgeous and beloved for her curvy figure. She has been popular ever since she found fame with her role as Joan. She looks great in whatever she wears, especially dresses, and it's easy to see why men think that she's totally wife material. Her signature look -- she usually has red hair and red lipstick -- is really great and she just has so much style.

15 Aubrey Plaza: The Cool Girl

One guy said Aubrey Plaza, another said, "Came here looking for this... Same" and a third said, "I'm beyond in love with her. It's insane." When it comes to celebrities that guys think of as wife material, she made the list.

Why do we think that guys love Aubrey Plaza? Besides the obvious fact that she's gorgeous, she also seems so cool. She's "The Cool Girl" for sure and that's definitely the vibe that she gives off. She also does an amazing job in any project that she's a part of, from movies like Ingrid Goes West to TV shows like Parks and Recreation.

14 Rachel Ray: Bubbly Celebrity Chef

What other celebs do men think would be the best wives ever? A lot of chefs have become famous, thanks to channels like The Food Network and the whole foodie culture in general, so it makes sense that Rachel Ray made the wife material list.

One guy said, "Rachel Ray: bubbly personality and cooks up a storm."

We know that we want to marry someone who is fun and also knows how to make dinner, so it's easy to see why guys would be interested in being married to someone for the same reasons. It sounds like the best thing ever.

13 Amy Poehler: Funny Girl

There used to be an old saying about guys not liking funny girls but, thankfully, we seem to have moved past that. We know that women can be absolutely hilarious and we celebrate that instead of telling them that they'll never find a man (ugh).

Amy Poehler is also on the list of celebrities who are wife material. One guy wrote, "Amy Poehler and Carrie Brownstein are my 'would wife' women."

What guy doesn't want a wife (or girlfriend) who makes everyday fun and makes them laugh like no one else? That seems to be the dream for any guy. We would love a husband like that, too, so we totally get where they are coming from.

12 Chloe Bennet: Great Actress, Great Hair, Great Personality


Chloe Bennet was a popular choice as well: "Chloe Bennet. Looks like she's a proper laugh, as well as being ridiculously hot."

The Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star is, of course, gorgeous -- just look at her wavy hair and amazing cheekbones in this photo. It seems like guys love her for her good looks and think that she has a great personality, so she's also on the list of actresses that men consider to be total wife material, and we can definitely see why.

She also was in four episodes of Nashville and is currently filming a movie called 5 Years Apart.

11 Sophia Bush: Stealing Hearts And Being Sweet

Sophia Bush seems like such a sweetheart and that must be one reason why she's also on the wife material list on Reddit. There are some famous people who seem so nice and like good people who happen to be famous because they did well in their chosen field.

The One Tree Hill star was also on Chicago P.D. for several seasons. She's known for her political activism and is also talking about a cause on social media, her Instagram account in particular. She's totally stealing hearts and being sweet, and besides her good girl vibes and how inspiring and strong she is, she's also so beautiful.

10 Jennifer Lawrence: A Fan Favorite

Jennifer Lawrence is well known for roles in movies like Winter's Bone and The Hunger Games and The Silver Linings Playbook, along with Joy and, more recently, Red Sparrow. She's also the kind of girl who trips when she goes to award shows and talks about junk food in interviews (in 2013, she said to someone who was interviewing her, "I’m seeing you talk and all I’m seeing is me being pissed that I didn’t get fries.")

Of Jennifer Lawrence, someone wrote, "Jennifer Lawrence. She's the hottest and funniest celebrity." She seems to be loved by men for her good looks and sense of humor, and those are two qualities that are definitely on everyone's list.

9 Reese Witherspoon: America's Sweetheart

The Legally Blonde and Big Little Lies actress was another choice: "Reese Witherspoon....I bet she bakes cookies."

That's pretty funny but also probably true. Since she's a wife and mom, we can see why men would picture her in that role. She does strike us as the kind of person who would love getting really cozy at home and baking cookies with her kids and just being a sunny, warm, loving person. She just has that kind of look about her and always looks beautiful, whether she's in more casual clothing or dressed for a photo shoot like in the photo above.

8 Olivia Munn: A Really, Really Cool Actress


Olivia Munn was another choice for the celebrity that guys consider to be wife material, and let's just be real, of course she is because she is incredibly gorgeous. She's also an amazing actress.

When Elle magazine interviewed her in 2013, the reporter asked her about why some people say that she didn't "deserve her success" and she said, "I think there is a conversation that stems from the fact that I didn't take a normal path to get here. I came out to LA and I didn't know anybody." Based on that, we can say that she definitely seems very real and honest and down-to-earth, and combined with her good looks, men find that very attractive.

7 Giada De Laurentiis: A Recipe For Love

We know that Rachel Ray made the list, and so did another celebrity chef. One guy posted and said, "Giada De Laurentiis. No question."

She is no doubt gorgeous but she also has such a great way about it. She always seems to be in a good mood and whether we're watching her on one of her many TV shows or reading her cookbooks or following her on Instagram, we can see her grinning super wide. She seems to really enjoy life and sharing her passion for food and cooking with others. That must be very attractive to guys for sure.

6 Alyssa Milano: Charming Guys All Over

Alyssa Milano was another celebrity that some men would love to marry. We bet it's because she's not only beautiful but also talented. She has a brunette girl next door look about her.

She is best known for starring on the TV show Charmed along with Shannen Doherty (and later) Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs, but she has also starred in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later and Mistresses. Sorry to all the men wishing that she was their wife, but she's been married to Hollywood agent David Bugliari since 2009 and they have two kids as well.

5 Alicia Keys: Fallin' For This Beautiful Singer

"Alicia Keys 4 eva" is what one guy thinks, and she's definitely both a popular singer who has been beloved ever since her single "Fallin'" and she's definitely gorgeous.

It's hard not to love a celebrity whose Instagram bio reads, "Passionate about my work, in love with my family and dedicated to spreading light. It's contagious!" That just puts us all in a good mood, doesn't it?!

She's so inspiring and wrote a Lenny Letter essay in 2016 explaining that she stopped wearing makeup so she could "be my own gorgeous, beautiful, individual, unique self.” That's too cool and we can see why guys love her.

4 Demi Lovato: There's Nothing Wrong With Being Confident


Demi Lovato was on the list, too. She's, no question, gorgeous, and it seems like she's attractive to guys because she's so confident.

After all, this is the girl that asks the question in one of her hit songs, "What's wrong with being confident?" The answer, of course, is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's pretty common for men and women to say that when they're looking for a partner, they want someone who is confident, and so it seems like that is part of the appeal of Demi Lovato. She's secure with herself and that's awesome.

3 Mayim Bialik: Making (TV) Nerds Look Cool

It would be cool if we heard that men love smart women more often, but even if it's unfortunately not part of the regular conversation, it's something that we hope is true. We often hear about men being intimidated by intelligent women, which is annoying, let's just be real here.

There are a lot of really smart women who just happen to be famous as well, and Mayim Bialik is one of them. The Big Bang Theory actress is another choice for a celebrity that men would like to be their wife. Of course, she's both beautiful and smart, so we get this choice for sure.

2 Lindsey Vonn: The Sporty Girl

We think that generally, female athletes are super strong and inspiring and it's great to know that men feel that way, too. One guy posted in the Reddit thread that Lindsey Vonn is his pick for a celebrity wife.

The ski racer broke records when she became one of two female athletes who has four World Cup championships. She looks strong and beautiful with her long blonde hair and she's got a cool girl next door kind of vibe. She's also dating P.K. Subban which is sad news for guys who dream of being married to her. But they can keep dreaming about it, of course.

1 Drew Barrymore: Flower Child

Drew Barrymore also made the list, and it's easy to see why. She seems like a really popular celebrity.

She's been a beloved actress since her childhood when she starred in E.T. and Firestarter. These days, she's starring in the Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet and running her companies, FLOWER Beauty and Flower Films.

It's interesting that those are the names of her business because she definitely has a "flower child" vibe. She's beautiful in a hippie, earthy way, and that's why guys put her on the list.

Reference: Reddit.com

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