16 Facts About Vacation Resorts That Make Them Dangerous For Women

You’re excited about your upcoming vacation, right? You even found the deal of a lifetime at a resort that guarantees to give you the vacation of your dreams. Little did you know that’s all about to change after you read this little article about the horrors that happen in vacation resorts. It’s not surprising that resorts will promise you anything. They will tell you what you want to hear because the truth is too scary. If this is your first time at a resort, it will probably be your last. If you’ve stayed at a resort before, you might not ever return again. Resorts accommodate thousands of people a year (maybe even more) because of their incredibly low prices. People flock to resorts for the low cost and they think they’ve got a great deal for their money. Little do they know that the quality of their accommodations was subpar and their vacation was a sham. Be informed about how and where you spend your money. In this age of technology, we have so much more access to information at the touch of our fingertips than ever before. Before you book anything, do some proper research before staying in any old resort. You might want to consider alternatives, like camping or staying in B&BS or Airbnb’s. You can be assured that the quantity of guests is drastically reduced, which makes your stay a little more under control. Have a read and see if this article doesn’t make you think twice about heading off to one of those all-inclusive resort spots.


16 Raw sewage into the ocean

Yep, there are some all-inclusive resort that dump their sewage into the ocean just beside the resort. Guess what that means? Not only does the mean the sewage affects the marine life, but it also means you could be swimming in urine – or worse next to feces. The ocean front just behind the resort is probably one of the most contaminated beaches for miles. This means you’re swimming in your own poo and the poo of other guests. It might look beautiful from a distance, but upon further inspection, that beach front piece of property is basically just a garbage dump. Best to stay on shore and admire from afar. If you are really adamant about staying in a resort, perhaps pick one with a built in pool (which is hopefully much, much cleaner). That way, you could still hit the water.

15 Bedbug infestations


If you live in a big city, or a metropolis area, you are not new to bedbugs whatsoever. They are pretty common these days, and thanks to a lack of awareness on how to get rid of bedbugs, people are actually worsening the epidemic rather than stopping it. Same goes for vacation resorts. Many hotel staff aren’t even aware that bedbugs are lingering on the edges of mattresses, behind headboards, or inside of electronics. And guests don’t think that they’ll pick up bedbugs in a fresh-aired, breezy tropical location. Well think again, people. Bedbugs are everywhere, which means you need to keep your wits about you at all times, especially when you are staying in establishments that you know nothing about. As we’ve all throughout this article, always be vigilant with wherever it is you’re staying. Because you never know what you’ll get when you’re not careful.

14 Air is less than desirable

You probably thought that going on vacation would be good for your health. That you’d be breathing fresh air, get away from pollution and all that accompanies city life. Wrong! While vacation resorts are set in warm, tropical places, don’t forget that some of nearby there could be power plants or factories pumping out some pretty harmful fumes. Not to mention, most resorts aren’t too far from major cities. Even the air in the hotel rooms is contaminated. If you really want to get away and breathe fresh air, go to a remote area –areas that are far from people and civilization, like the jungle, the Amazon, the forest, or the mountains. That’s where you’re more likely to find the kind of air that a stressed out brain craves. So unless you can afford to bring an oxygen tank to your vacation, better stay anywhere else.

13 Transmitted Infections


There are other ways to transmit disease aside from getting intimate. There’s passing on the disease from parent to child and there’s exchanging blood and other organs. You may think you’re safe from acquiring transmitted infection on vacation, think again. If you plan to swim in the resort’s pool, then better use your own towel. Forget about renting one of the linen towels the establishment provides because they might have crabs (and we’re not talking the Sebastian from Little Mermaid). Find this a bit disconcerting? You’re not alone. This isn’t just worrisome, it’s also just plain creepy. Vacation resorts need to step up their cleanliness or perhaps asks guest to provide clean health records prior to booking a room. When it comes to health, this is no laughing matter – we’ve got to protect ourselves when you (and maybe your significant other) are out on a trip.

12 Smelly pool equals dirty pool

If the pool reeks of chlorine, that means it’s a very dirty pool. You might think that the smell of chlorine makes for an extra clean pool, but you’re wrong. The chemical smell means more has been added to combat the bacteria that was a result of overcrowding and lack of management. It also means that those who were swimming in the pool have probably not showered well. When chlorine mixes with sweat and other bodily fluids, it produces a pungent smell, an odor that hits you within a few feet of the pool. The smell is so strong that you don’t have to be in the pool to smell it. And that’s your cue to avoid it and just lounge on a recliner with a good book. Or if you really need to hit the waters, always make sure that the pool has been properly cleaned. If swimming in a filthy pool doesn’t make you cringe, then at least clean up very thoroughly.

11 Coffee pots and glasses not washed


Some members of staff have admitted that the coffee pots and glasses rarely leave the rooms for washing. That means that if they are indeed cleaned, the best you can hope for is they’ve been rinsed with water from the room. While tap water can get hot, it still isn’t hot enough to remove all bacteria. Most of the time, these utensils are sprayed with a cleaner and rinsed off quickly, set out to dry, and left for the next set of guests to use, which is not exactly hygienic. Next time you want a glass of water or a cup of coffee, consider re-washing these items just to make yourself feel better. Don’t panic too much, though, some germs are unavoidable and that’s ok, it’s part of life, even more so in a resort life. So better get used to being extra vigilant in these places.

10 Clorox and chlorine aren’t as helpful as you think

Do not be fooled. Your mother and grandmother might have told you to disinfect things with Clorox as if it were the end all and be all cleaner. However, that’s just not true at all. But a lot of people believe that to be true, including personnel from vacation resorts. Even worse is that it’s a chemical cleaner employed by the majority of resort staff, from bathrooms to kitchens and tables to bar stools. When we smell Clorox, we think, yes, it’s spotless and germfree, but that’s just not true. Chlorine is everywhere, too, and while we associate it with a clean pool, the truth is that chlorine doesn’t kill all bacteria. The pinworm, for example, is one that survives chlorine’s powerful punch, which can lead to intestinal worms once you’re infected. So just because you smell Clorox doesn’t mean the place. If you had a UV light, you’d be surprised how the place would light up.


9 Leftovers at buffet


The buffet is comprised of one part fresh, made-to-order meals and one part leftovers. All-inclusive vacation resorts cannot afford to lose money, and that means cutting corners any way they can. If they have to save soup from yesterday and add it to the next day’s soup, so be it. No food gets wasted at a resort, period. So while they might look hot from the over or the stove, don’t be fooled by their steaming appearance – that’s the steam trays and the heat lamps giving off those fresh food vibes. If you’re still not convinced to stay somewhere else, then you’ll just have to be constantly on the lookout for food poisoning. One suggestion is to eat in another establishment, preferably somewhere with good reputation. That way, you can be sure that the food is prepared well. Your stomach will thank you for that.

8 One in five have peed in the pool

That’s right, one in five. So in the average family, there is at least member that peed in the pool. Add that to the countless other families that swam in the pool, then you’re basically swimming in a pool of piss. Did you do it? It could be. But those pristine, or seemingly pristine, pools are full of urine. If that doesn’t make you want to never dive into a vacation resort, or any other pool for that matter, again, then you’re not alone. If you are in the pool, never ever drink the pool water. Your mother was right. She was also right when she said not to open your eyes underwater in the pool. The reason your eyes burn isn’t from the chlorine, but from urine and chlorine molecules attaching to each other to create an irritant for your eyes. Grab some goggles if you even dare to brave the pool.

7 Kitchens are disaster zones


What you don’t see won’t hurt you, right? Better keep on thinking that way when you visit a vacation resort. Trust us, you do not want to see what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen at vacation resorts. It’s enough to keep you from eating the entire vacation (or at least eat out). In some countries, health regulations aren’t enforced as strictly as other countries or they have different standards altogether. Some reports have claimed that kitchens were not only messy, but infested with rodents and roaches alike. Maybe stick to fresh fruit in that case, but make sure you wash it well. Nothing is safe anymore. And that’s just the normal state of things. If you happen to be rude to one of the servers, you just increase the risk of poisoning yourself. Even though it goes without saying, treat your servers respectfully.

6 Couches are filthy

When’s the last time you cleaned your couch? Never? Yeah, that’s about right. We typically don’t clean our couches. And why should we when the only people who use them are us or loved ones. Well guess what, vacation resort couches, whether in the lobby or patio, are used by hundreds of people every day and they aren’t clean either. That means there’s thousands of butts that have sat on it, isn’t it? Given the last piece of data on poo, this makes all public seating seem repulsive as hell. Most hotel staff will just Febreeze couches and other fabric cushions in hopes that their guests won’t notice. So if you are a germophobe, better sanitize everything you put your hands on while you’re in the resort. You never know what’s been growing in some of those places or what’s lurking underneath.

5 T.V. remotes full of germs


Speaking of cleaning things, when’s the last time you cleaned your remote control? Yep, you probably have the same amount of times you clean your couch, people. But the difference is these are things we have at home in our own private bubble and our secret hideout. But in a vacation resort, nothing is private and nothing is sacred. Researchers have found more than a dozen germs on T.V. remote controls – from fecal matter (of course) to E.coli. Guests have probably had sex on those couches and grab those remote afterwards to watch some TV. Another possibility is that people eat, lick their fingers, and then change the channel. And there’s the obvious people wipe their butts, then turn off the set. No one thinks to wash their hands before touching the remote because we’re all dirty, disgusting human beings.

4 Serving utensils at buffet

One way that germs spreads from one person to another is through hand contact. Washing your hands or disinfesting with hand gels are the best way to prevent the spreading of germs, but how many of us think about this when we grab a buffet serving utensil? The same situation applies to these serving spoons or forks. This uncleanliness also applies to door handles and any other public surface that the hand touches. What can we learn from these statistics? It’s this: People do not wash their hands as frequently as they should. Guess what this means? Tons of germs are being spread around and even more so in an all-inclusive resort type atmosphere. Knowing all that, doesn’t that just make you want to book a vacation now? But getting in contact with these germs is just the tip of the iceberg. If you aren’t careful, there’s a big chance you could also ingest these bacteria.

3 Questionable stains and poor quality fabrics


From mattresses falling apart to stained sheets and towels, there are plenty of complaints about the quality of resort linens. Some guests have gotten rashes from the bedding and that might have something to do with the detergent or the fact that comforters don’t always get changed. The quality of the sheets is poor, that’s one thing, but not changing out stained or damaged pieces for newer ones is simply unacceptable. After all, some people (some of which were probably not that hygienic) have lain or used those pieces of furniture. Don’t be shocked, though, as you’ve already learned that in a resort most things are not properly maintained and cleaned. More than likely they will use those linens just up until they are completely damaged. The poor quality and maintenance probably has a lot to do with the local economy and low-cost all-inclusive resort infiltration.

2 Carpets are soiled

If you remember all the other pieces of furniture that have made it on this list, it’s no surprise that the carpets should make it on this list. After all, out of every one of them, it probably accumulates the most dirt and germs. If you are thinking about walking barefoot on the resort’s carpet, think again. That carpet, while it looks all modern and new, is teeming with germs. Tests have revealed that carpets contain more germs and bacteria than a bathroom. That’s pretty freaking disgusting. Considering most people walk around the hotel rooms with their shoes on, it’s no wonder that the carpet is really not that clean. So safeguard yourself by bringing slippers or using the one provided to you by the hotel staff. More importantly, never get into bed after walking barefoot on the carpet or you’ll be making those sheets even grimier.

1 Poor water quality


You wanted to take a vacation in an affordable yet still stylish way. And you think you’ve got what you asked for when you stay at a resort. However, looks can be deceiving in those places, but one telling factor is the quality of the water. Considering the majority of resorts are located in developing countries or less desirable areas, the water quality will also be lacking. For many guests, the safest bet is to buy bottled water, but even bottled water can’t be trusted these days. You’ve been warned, the water quality in resorts is not up to certain standards that you might be accustomed to. That being said, don’t be so surprised – after all, you can’t have a cheap vacation without paying for it in some way, shape, or form. In this case, you might be paying with your health.



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