18 Celebs Who Accidentally Revealed Their Spanx

As we zip up our little black dresses on Saturday night, we curse the cake we devoured the day before. We just finished sliding our spanks on underneath our dress and wish we were of celebrity status. We fantasize about the personal trainers and diet coaches, luxuries of the rich and famous. We wonder if celebrities have to tuck parts of themselves into tight spandex to banish the bulge trying to escape the tight confines of their bods. Television makes them look flawless and sleek, but below are 20 celebrities who accidentally revealed their Spanx!

This list not only captures the ongoing offenses of the Kardashian sisters, who seem to accidentally reveal their undergarments a little too often but also reveals the more quiet celebrities who were just trying look good. It's nice to know that we're not alone and that these celebrities, caught a bit off guard, are just like us: trying to enjoy a night out! Even with personal trainers and celebrity fitness coaches and programs, celebrities possess their own insecurities. We look at them and think they are just perfect, but are often surprised by what they do and what they have been hiding in order to roll out the red carpet ready at any given time.

18 Baring It All

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Sexy and self-assured, 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen pushes the limits of Spanx in this self-proclaimed accident where she forgets her workout clothes and decides to wear her Spanx instead. She takes the time needed to explain this selfie where she’s wearing her tight black, hip-hugging Spanx as if they were a leotard from the ’80s, and she’s about to sweat to the oldies with Richard Simmons. She wears a cropped leather jacket over it to kind of complement the look before hash-tagging her concern of being unable to do squats due to the constricting nature of her attire. Chrissy, the American Sports Illustrated model straddles the line between strange and insane in this interesting Instagram selfie shot.

17 Sporty Spanx?

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Sporty, muscular and commanding of her audience, Serena Williams subtly sports her Spanx companion under her skirt. Although we are unable to see a glimpse of them, in the flesh, we have been able to depict a nice, perfect outline beneath her clothing, showing her short-styled Spanx beneath. Even with her very strong physique and amazing curves, Serena must feel it necessary to tuck her body in particular areas.

She still looks flawless as she holds her Australian Open trophy, that is nearly as tall as she is, as if it were made of paper. Make no mistake, Serena, you don’t fool us! We know there’s nothing you need to tuck under there. You look amazingly strong just as you are.

16 At least They Match

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Drew Barrymore in all her golden blonde wavy locks, all-American girl beauty and truly graceful aging is caught up in this very black-and-white attire with her black Spanx clear as day showing on her thigh.

Drew is no longer a baby-faced little girl, with pudge in all the cute places. She is now protective of her grownup curves and ensures that every potential pudgy area is smooth and tucked. She truly looks amazing with her notorious dark lipstick and those adorable dimples. Her necklace hangs around her neck as she looks super pulled together, despite the outfit being a bit strange all in all. Is it a dress? Is it a skirt-suit and what is with the blazer? At least the Spanx match!

15 Jenny From The Block

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She may be just Jenny from the block, but beautiful J-Lo, even with her beautiful curves in all of the right womanly places sometimes needs a little assistance to feel more confident. We are shocked. Beautifully poised at this press conference with her legs delicately crossed and her jewelry shining with the shine of the camera flash, Jennifer Lopez shows a tiny bit too much leg.

Her sassy, yet professional color block dress, fits perfectly except where it rides a tad bit too high to reveal her flesh-colored Spanx. Her thigh neatly exhibits the short Spanx as a backdrop against her silky stockings. Either way, our Jenny from the block handles her faux pas quite well and looks to be absolutely self-assured and fabulous.

14 Khloe's Too Busy Keeping Up To Keep Her Dress Down

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Here, we have Khloe Kardashian all decked out in her bright orange dress and eye-catching, canary yellow handbag. One would think that all eyes would be on her florescent purse, but something else catches our attention. All we see is a cool and calm Khloe, strutting her stuff all while her left thigh is exposed.

This photo was snapped while she was on her way to her sister’s dress fitting. Maybe she figured it would be coming right off soon anyway, but these skin-toned Spanx are easy to spot as she walks toward the oncoming audience. Or maybe she wore the bright colors to offset her underwear display. Khloe’s killer figure does not appear in need of such a fix, but she certainly looks the part, smooth, subtly supple and hot as h*ll.

13 Kim Isn't Exempt Either

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Speaking of Kardashian-crazed, here we spy Kim wearing some well-meaning Spanx the same color as her heels, slightly hiding under her stunning red dress. Kim shares this skin-hugging, body-stuffing secret with her sisters as she walks with confidence as if she's on a catwalk.

The thing is, the Kardashians have been caught in many photos with their fitted undergarments showing. Despite this, they always walk with their heads held high. Kim’s fabulous brunette locks almost take away from the fact that we are able to sneak a glimpse into her body forming secrets. She still commands confidence and appears slightly carefree. With their level of fame in the last few years, this whole family is sure not to make these mistakes anymore. They must have a team prep them for any and all public outings.

12 Mommy's Best Thigh-Slimming Buddy

All-American girl-next-door Jennifer Garner is doing her all-American mommy thing. Toting her offspring while trying to balance the working mom life and making it look super easy.

Balancing this situation to the best of their abilities, sunglasses on both Garner girls, they casually hold their respective bags clutching with confidence. Apparently, our all-American Jenny is feeling a little need to tuck some parts away. This poor mom is trying to do her thing but all we can focus on is her Spanx.

It is hard to juggle being a mom and being perfectly sculpted. Even with this tiny glimpse of vulnerability, Jennifer commands respect as she rocks her task of making sure her daughter is escorted out of the vehicle safely while trying to ignore the perpetual, inevitable paparazzi.

11 Going Gaga

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It’s quite difficult not to go gaga for this lovely, animated Lady regardless of her always-interesting choices in clothing and style. Known for such scandalous outfits that involve sporting raw meat on her head and for her wild and controversial dance choices, we are a bit surprised that this is all there really is to see in this photo.

This basic (for Lady Gaga, this is!) white dress is cute with thick white-rimmed matching glasses. We even (gasp) think she looks relatively normal, but we still can’t help but wonder if the top half of Lady Gaga’s white dress is alive as it appears to take over the top of her body. As a slight breeze rides up her dress, this lady may possibly be wishing that the bottom half of her dress was just as fluffy.

10 Exposing Katie

As many of our most feminine celebrities eventually notice, exiting a vehicle is where the imminent danger of exposing undergarments truly lies. This danger is real, and here Katie Holmes is yet another victim of that car exit faux pas. Katie works hard to avoid it, yet here she is appearing focused and on point as she balances while holding her delicate shawl. She's doing so much here, exiting a car while holding up her dress and trying not to expose herself. Sadly her efforts were missed as we can clearly see some tan Spanx here.

Despite her best efforts, Katie is unable to perfect this challenging move, although she does look eloquent and perfect. She is also another example of femininity falling victim to Spanx and all their full promises.

9 The Other Olsen Sister

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Elizabeth Olsen, her lush blonde locks sweeping her face, had a slightly difficult time avenging this inadvertent wind gust on this beautiful summer afternoon in Paris. Elizabeth Olsen is known for her perfect fashion choices and flawless posture. She also has a clothing line named after her by her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The tiny fashionista stands her ground shamelessly against the forsaken gust of wind. She stands shockingly statue-like and still manages to handle this embarrassing moment with grace. You can see that she is struggling to hide her wardrobe malfunction with her purse. With all that effort, the wind seems to have won this battle, so did the paparazzi that were able to snap this pic.

8 Royal Faux Pas

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There is nothing like a curtsy gone awry in a mid-public bow. For poor Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall, niece of famous British icon Prince Charles, and famous British equestrian, this is exactly what happened. When Zara attempted a gesture of respect directed toward Queen Elizabeth, an impromptu moment of exposure revealed itself.

While she skillfully held her large, yellow purse in one hand, she was unable to command the exact balance she required. What a royally awkward moment as the paparazzi snapped a photograph. Zara handles it like a champ, mostly concerned about her headpiece falling off or blowing away. She fails to aim her concern at the impending casual ride-up of her busy and colorful floral dress that let her down a bit, exposing her skin-toned Spanx to the world.

7 Katy's Not-So Teenage Dream

In this little roaring red number, Katy Perry shows off her hot, nude Spanx during a show a few years back. The question of the hour is if it was actually an accidental reveal or if she meant to hike this sparkling sequin number up to get her wild and happy fans hyped. Fans seem to be torn about this.

Katy Perry rocks her hot figure while dancing and tearing up the stage as per her usual routine. Her slim and slick bod does not appear to need the assistance of the mighty Spanx and all its wonder. She is shameless and sassy and holds back no apologies. Despite her normal quirkiness and eccentric props and acts, she appears tamed and humbled as she dances and flaunts her beautiful figure, albeit slightly exposed.

6 Bey's Tightly Bound Booty

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Beautiful Beyoncé exposes a little too much, Spanx caught in mid-dance as her leopard print dress hikes up with lots of give and plenty of eye-candy. Looking fabulous and flawless, her flowing hair matching her wild little dressy number, with her voluptuous curves in all the right places leads bystanders to wonder why she would even feel the need to wear these suffocating silhouette-hugging spandex.

The bigger question becomes, why does this dress seem to resemble something that she would wear to an adult slumber party? The leopard print material and the spaghetti straps appear to be more the making of a little nighty negligee and less of a concert selection. This would surely explain how easily the flowy material was able to hike up, causing her fans some serious excitement.

5 Even Eva Needs A Little Help Looking Trim

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Now, this is a star we don't see that much of anymore. Maybe it is for reasons like this. Eva Longoria tries hard to keep her knees together to prevent any sneaking glimpses of her not-so-secret Spanx. Eva is looking dark and mysterious in her black evening gown, her makeup and hair equally perfect. Appearing sleek and slim and clutching her black sequin purse, she works to gracefully exit her vehicle desperately trying to remain as elegant as she navigates her purse, her dress and her impending undergarment show.

One thing is apparent: she does not appear to be concerned or bothered by any potential breeze even though it is clear that her sporty Spanx are causing this fashion slip-up. And of course, the paparazzi are there at the exact moment she needs them gone.

4 Tucked In Tyra

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Beautiful and strong in her facial features and no-nonsense personality, Tyra Banks, America’s Next Top Model show host apparently feels the need to engage in some tummy tucking endeavors.

We are truly surprised by the very thought of Tyra Banks even thinking she may need to wear such an article, yet seeing this photo makes us feel humble. She wears this undergarment with pride.

We all have our body fears and insecurities, even our Tyra. She is simply stunning in all her feminine beauty and curves sporting this little orange and black tiny dress. Tyra possesses the confidence and prowess that any powerful and strong woman of the millennium should. She commands respect. Her entire ensemble produces wonder, with or without her need for Spanx.

3 Kristen Stewart's Sleek Solution

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Kristen Stewart, also known as K-Stew, exhibits that elegant swan-like beauty in this photo. Her sense of humor and unrelenting sass is evident as she is seen here appearing candid and comfortable, even with bits of her tight dark Spanx poking out from beneath her short, hip-hugging dress hem. The black body-hugging spandex is subtle in this photo.

Upon first glance, her expression seems to be saying to her audience, “Don’t mess with me!” as her brunette hair flows effortlessly along her strapless shoulders. She appears unaware of her fashion mishap. Kristen knows firsthand how to navigate the pressures of being from a famous family in the limelight and the flash of paparazzi cameras. Her father, should be proud as she awes her audience in this photo.

2 International Flair

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Talented French actress, Berenice Marlohe, is definitely not packing heat like the strong, weapon-clad movie star of James Bond’s Skyfall that she is, but she is certainly packing her hip-hugging Spanx like nobody’s business…except they are everyone’s business now.

Her salmon-colored dress with the tiny slit in the back covers her feminine body nicely, but the eye can certainly see, without too much searching, the tiny piece of spandex lurking below the dress hem.

Berenice’s body is sculpted nicely and, of course, it would have to be in order to be a Bond girl. Why, then, does she need these Spanx? The truth is in the eye of the beholder and this actress believes her slender, yet becoming 5’9” frame needs a clever, little tuck or two.

1 Not Just For The Ladies

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Even before the brave and out transgender Caitlyn Jenner became Caitlyn in the physiological sense of the word, she was Bruce. And Bruce sure did wear his Spanx with pride. Possibly, however, he unknowingly fell victim to this photo taken all too stealthily.

This particular photo of Bruce Jenner before he officially and fully transitioned to female shows him sporting beige, flesh-colored undergarments under his shirt. Jenner is seen fussing with this striped blue polo shirt in an effort make himself more comfortable and maybe tuck in any rogue rolls that may be haunting his upcoming transgender transition while hiding his eyes under the baseball hat and likely silently wishing away the onlookers.

It is not easy being a woman and honestly it has to be even more difficult to be a man transitioning to a woman, Spanx or not!

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