18 Celebrities So Beautiful Every Girl Wants To Be Them

Idolizing celebrities and other famous people is not a new concept. It makes sense that people who become rich and famous because of their talents would be the type of people that we aspire to be like. However, as the decades have gone by and technology has advanced, the people we idolize have changed as well. While people who excel in their respective fields are still praised for their achievements, more and more people are gaining fame and notoriety for beauty, as well as a social media presence. Now, it seems like people become famous purely off of their appealing physical traits. 

Our newsfeeds are saturated with attractiveness, so this is all we see in and day out, it can become really easy to devolve a bad attitude. When all you see is a certain type of women, it’s hard not to think that you resemble that as well, in order to be seen as attractive. However, we all know that everyone doesn’t look exactly the same and that our differences should be celebrated, and not used as a means to make us feel bad or inadequate. Here, we look at 18 celebrities whose looks make even the most self-assured person feel a little bit unsure. 

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18 Alexis Ren Has An Instagram Famous Everything

Alexis Ren is an Instagram-famous model and celebrity. If you’re someone who is unhappy with themselves, perhaps her Instagram profile isn’t for you. Ren’s perfectly tanned and petite figure is at the forefront of her profile, and she often dresses in provocative outfits. While how a woman dresses is totally their decision, among her 11.5 million followers, there are likely more than a few impressionable young women who might feel pressured to look like Ren, especially if they consider her to be a role model to them.

Ren seems to promote living a healthy lifestyle, as she has spoken about her workouts in the past, but based on her social media accounts, she really does seem to focus a lot on her body, in the way that she displays it — even in a photo of her out to lunch at a restaurant. Perhaps she should consider projecting a different message.

via Tumblr

17 Emily Ratajkowski's Travels The World Looking Perfect

via Craveonline.com

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski exploded onto the entertainment scene when she appeared alongside singers Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and rapper T.I. for their hit song, Blurred Lines. Ratajkowski was scantily-clad while she danced along to the song and people definitely took notice of her. With her popularity growing, her social media posts present a beauty standard that may just have a lot to do with genetics. Her figure is a thing of envy among many people, and while her goal probably isn’t to shame anyone else for having a different figure, the fact that much of her popularity had something to with her super-slim bod' does suggest that to be universally attractive the way she is, having a petite frame certainly wouldn’t hurt your chances.


16 Teyana Taylor Is Always Perfect

Most people face a lot of challenges and pressures at various stages of their lives. For women, these pressures often come from being a mother, having a career, maintaining a beauty standard to remain desirable — all at the same time. Everybody is different, but for some, it might be difficult to see celebrities like Teyana Taylor, who was able to bounce back to her (extremely fit) pre-baby bod' in just four days! There is no denying that it’s kind of amazing that something like this would happen to someone with minimal effort, but having her images splashed all over the media could have been very triggering for women who have put on baby pounds, or are struggling to lose those last few pounds. Fortunately, she advocates for health and fitness and tries to encourage others to make changes for themselves as well.


15 Did Beyonce Really Just Have Twins?!

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To most, Beyonce, or Queen Bey, can do no wrong because she’s a talented, beautiful, and smart businesswoman. This is why idolizing her can be a really great thing. However, a lot of her life is shrouded in mystery, as it should be, since she’s entitled to her privacy. All of this mystery means that we have no idea how she gets into shape so quickly. Of course, we aren’t entitled to know every detail of Beyonce, or anyone else’s, private life, but not knowing what she does in order to look the way that she does could lead people to choose unhealthy methods to drop the pounds at the same speed that someone like Beyonce seems to. People should remember that for most people, getting in shape takes time and effort, and comparing yourself to other people (like celebrities) isn’t going to help you to drop the pounds any faster.

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14 Hailey Baldwin Looks Like She Never Has A Bad Day

Teen Vogue

Model Hailey Baldwin seems to have it all: A flourishing modeling career, a great sense of fashion, a string of celebrity boyfriends, and what appears to be a glamorous life. Of course, her social media fame means that the only parts of her life that we see are the good parts. It would be pretty difficult to go through her feed and find a photo where she doesn’t look great. Now, this doesn’t mean that she never has a bad day, but to some people, seeing photo after photo of Baldwin looking great puts pressure on them to want to look good all the time, if she’s someone that they idolize. Don’t forget that social media is just a highlight reel, people! You’re allowed to feel like you don’t look your best every once in a while.


13 Jennifer Lopez Is #Goals

Daily Mail

Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a J.Lo, a.k.a Jenny from the block is 48 years old. You’d probably never guess by looking at her. The singer, actress, and mother of two has an enviable physique, and not just for someone her age. However, people should remember that celebrities pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time with personal trainers and nutritionists to achieve their near-perfect figures, and most regular people with jobs and busy lives probably don’t have the kind of time or money it takes to look like these celebrities do.

If you’re lucky enough to have the kind of genetics that allows you to bounce back like J.Lo has after twins, then congratulations. However, for the majority of us, “bouncing back” actually means a lot of hard work.


12 Taylor Swift Seems To Have "Bad Blood" With Food

via Looktastic

In her defense, singer Taylor Swift has always been a tiny girl. However, in recent years, it seems as though she’s lost more and more size, and she’s beginning to look — for lack of a better term — minuscule. Whatever the reason for her loss, it is something that people are concerned about, because she’s someone that a lot of young women look up to and idolize. She also promotes herself to be someone that young women can look up to, as she says that she’s a feminist with her all-female celebrity #squad. Unfortunately, her shrinking frame could send young women the wrong message about how you should look if you want to be seen as attractive, and that’s always a dangerous thing because if someone doesn’t look like her, they could develop some body image issues.

via OK! Magazine

11 Crystal Renn Can't Make Up Her Mind

via PopSugar

Crystal Renn is a model who made waves in the fashion industry because she became famous as a plus-size model after recovering from anorexia. Her story was compelling because it shined a light on the unrealistic pressures and expectations that the fashion industry puts on models. She even wrote a book called ‘Hunger’ about her experiences, and then became a body-positive advocate. Her goal was to change a typical sample size from a 2 to an 8.

However, she stepped out to an event back in 2016, with a noticeably thinner figure, and while it’s okay to get fit, her sudden — and drastic — loss sends mixed messages about Renn’s body-positive image. She continuously spoke about loving herself as it is but seems to have reverted back to fitting into the small sample size she was trying to change.

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10 Rumi Neely Is A Bit Concerning

To be fair, blogger and fashion designer Rumi Neely has always had a smaller frame. However, over the last few years, she seems to have become more and more petite, to the point where it’s beginning to look a little bit unnatural. Neely has spoken about her eating habits in the past, always insisting that it is her healthy food choices that keep her slim. Eating healthy foods might help you to maintain a slim figure, but in some photos, she looks so thin and frail, that it’s difficult to believe that she eats a healthy amount of food. As well, people who are insecure about their weight might be disappointed to discover that simply eating healthy won’t give them a figure like hers. Hopefully, they’re not dreaming of such a figure, to begin with.

9 Of Course, Kylie Jenner Is On This List

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, who may or may not be pregnant, is always part of the conversation when it comes to unreal bods. Over the years, there have been rumors about Jenner having had work done, ever since she had her pout plumped and denied it. Now, whether her other parts are real or fake are up for debate, since her looks have changed quite a bit from her younger years. 

Once she opened up about her plumped pout, she said it was because she felt insecure after hearing comments from a boy she liked. It’s unfortunate that she was so affected that she felt like she had to change her appearance, and it also doesn’t send a great message to other young women who may have insecurities about themselves.

via Youtube

8 Who Doesn't Envy Rihanna’s Look?


Singer Rihanna falls into the very unique category of people who are envied when they’re looking svelte, as well as when they’ve put on a few pounds. If you’re someone who wants to emulate a celebrity — Rihanna is probably your best bet. While trying to strive to look like a celebrity isn’t necessarily the most realistic or healthy goal, Rihanna could be the exception, in that she has a very healthy attitude about her body image. So many people comment on her appearance, but she just doesn’t seem to care. It’s also good to note that even celebrities go through weight fluctuations, and it’s okay. As long as you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle, try not to focus on the number on the scale. The way you perceive yourself could affect how other people perceive you, so try and take a page from Rihanna’s handbook.


7 Gwyneth Paltrow Seems To Think She's A Fitness Model

via Celebzz.com

Actress-turned-lifestyle-guru Gwyneth Paltrow has built an audience based on trendy eating habits, superfoods, and cleanses that are meant to make you healthy and fit. However, if you read a lot of the content that her magazine Goop produces, you’ll notice that many of her lifestyle trends- we will call them, are actually quite restrictive or require difficult to find ingredients that are usually quite expensive as well. There are a lot of people out there who simply cannot afford to eat this way, especially if they’re trying not to starve. If Paltrow has a look that you desire then it is to your benefit to take a close look at how she supposedly maintains her look, before embarking on something you don't have all the facts to, all to look like she does. You might find that you’ll change your mind.

6 Ciara Proves That (A Lot Of) Hard Work Pays Off

Singer Ciara has had two children, but you’d likely never guess, based solely on her physique. After having each of her children, Ciara took to social media to document her fitness journey to get her body back to its pre-baby size. Her approach to fitness is commendable because she shows a lot of dedication to get healthy the natural way. However, people should also be cognizant of the fact that Ciara, as well as other celebrities, have the time and the means to dedicate lots of their time to focus on just getting fit. The average new mom probably can’t spend as much time and money on getting a personal trainer to help them work off all of the baby pounds they put on during their pregnancy. Perhaps the takeaway should be that hard work and dedication can give you results — even if it takes longer for a non-celebrity.

5 Kim Kardashian's Perfect Curves Launched Her Into Stardom

Kim Kardashian is one of those people who seem to prioritize their looks over anything else. Even in the early days of her family’s reality show, Kardashian was always focusing on her looks by taking selfies and talking about how pregnancy wasn’t a positive experience because of how it affected her figure. Her famous hourglass figure seems to get more extreme as time goes on, and although she is constantly praised in the media for her beauty, it should be noted that women don’t usually look like her. There are so many shapes out there, that to base a standard of beauty on someone who may or may not have altered their face and figure to enhance her beauty seems a little bit unrealistic, especially for people who are young and impressionable. 

4 Kelly Ripa Is A (Perhaps Too) Lean, Mean, Flexing Machine

People often talk about actress and talk show host Kelly Ripa’s look because they say that she’s incredibly fit. Her long-time husband Mark Consuelos, is also very fit- if I might add! For Ripa, she is known for a fierce workout routine. This may be true, based on her arm muscles, but when you look at her whole figure, it’s almost as if she has zero percent body fat on her. Being fit and being lean is perfectly fine, but there comes a point where it looks like you do nothing but workout all day, and that can be just as unhealthy as someone who never works out and eats poorly. Portraying an image that being healthy means not having any fat could really mess with otherwise healthy people’s perception of their bodies. Remember that having a little bit of fat doesn’t make you unattractive or unhealthy. A little bit of body fat is totally okay.

3 Bella Hadid Has A Beautiful (And Flawless) Hourglass Shape

Teen Vogue

Model Bella Hadid certainly isn’t shy about showing off her slim figure. She’s often scantily clad, and her millions of Instagram followers don’t seem to mind one bit. However, people say that appearances can be deceiving, and this phrase may apply to Hadid. She is long rumored to have had facial alterations to alter or improve the shape of her nose. While she isn’t the first celebrity to undergo some sort of cosmetic procedure, it does raise the question of what other (if any) procedures she’s had done? There are many ways that celebrities can discreetly have procedures done without people knowing, so we shouldn’t always take their looks at face value. There may have been a few minor tweaks made here and there that we just aren’t aware of.

via Byrdie.com

2 No One Is Built Like Nicki Minaj

via Daily Record

Rapper Nicki Minaj’s hourglass figure seems to defy gravity, and a lot of people speculate that this is because some part of her may be artificially enhanced. For some time now, photos of Minaj from before she was famous have been surfacing, and it shows a much slimmer and less shapely physique that what she’s got now. Although Minaj has never addressed the rumors, they persist, because of how literally unreal she seems. Her proportions set an unrealistic standard about what shapely women need to look like, and achieving a figure like that through fitness is probably extremely difficult for the average person — especially if you aren’t naturally like that, or don’t have the money it takes to look like you were born naturally curvy.


1 Olivia Culpo's Figure Inspired An Entire Song

It must be nice to have songs written about how beautiful you are, especially when the person writing the song is singer and heartthrob Nick Jonas. This was the reality for model Olivia Culpo, while the two were dating. He wrote the song ‘Jealous’ about Culpo, based on a real-life situation where someone was paying a little too much attention to Culpo and Jonas became upset about it.

A lot of people probably dream of being in a scenario where someone like Jonas might write a song about them. Unfortunately, not everyone looks like Culpo — or have famous musician boyfriends who want to write songs about them. Before you look at her slim physique and beauty, remember that you’re just as capable of being someone else’s muse, and you don’t have to look like her in order to inspire someone.

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