18 Celeb Makeup Fails

When celebrities walk the red carpet—or even just go out and about—we expect them to look their best. They have stylists, makeup artists and fashion experts on call at any minute of any day. There’s no reason they shouldn’t look totally perfect.

Of course, we are all human. We mess up. Our hair stylist goes overboard with the dye or cuts our hair a little too short. We obviously can’t always look great. Celebs are usually held to the standard that they have to look amazing.

Most of us can agree that celebrities usually look good. They usually have it all together. This is partially because they have these professional makeup artists, but it’s also because celebs just happen to be beautiful people.

Unfortunately, even celebs have some days where things are a little bit screwed up. Sometimes their makeup just doesn’t turn out as planned. Maybe they didn’t get a chance to look in the mirror on their way out, or maybe there was a malfunction on the way to the event. To make things even worse, this occasionally happens at the worst possible place—the red carpet. We’ve found some of the worst celebrity makeup fails, and they’re pretty unforgettable!

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18 Masquerade Make-Up

Via: Google Images

Let’s kick things off with Drew Barrymore’s brightest moment. She got caught on the red carpet without her powder blended in. This also looks like it was some type of highlighting powder as well because it’s way lighter than the rest of her skin tone.

Now, we can only hope that somebody eventually said something to Barrymore to let her know what was going on. There’s a chance that she had a quick touch-up somewhere, but since she was already on the red carpet, this might not have happened. Not to mention, the damage had already been done.

Hopefully, the makeup job didn’t look that bad in person. All of the cameras flashing and the lighting might have made it look worse than it actually was. This was definitely a fail!

17 Hello, Ozzy

Via: Google Images

There’s a lot going on in this picture of Kelly Osbourne. Keep in mind that this was more than a few years ago, so we can try to blame it on the trends if we want to. In reality, it’s a makeup fail. We aren’t sure who’s at fault for the black eyeshadow and smudgy eyeliner combination there.

This very well could have been a poor attempt at a smoky eye. It might have just been her eyeliner that ended up everywhere in her eye area. Her lipstick seems to be slightly outside of her natural lip line as well.

Osbourne has been known to have some wild fashion and makeup ideas over the years, but it looks like she’s settled down a bit recently. Hopefully, that will make it easier to avoid these styles in the future!

16 Like A Wild Animal

Via: Google Images

Ke$ha is one of those celebs who is sometimes a little bit too exciting for us everyday folks. She does wear a lot of makeup and wild clothing sometimes. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does tell us that we can’t expect her to keep things simple all the time. Minimal makeup isn’t Ke$ha’s thing—or at least it wasn’t at this point.

It looks like Ke$ha has a normal sparkly eyeshadow on her eyelids. The part we don’t understand is the gold shadow above her eyebrows and the black beneath her eyes. It seems like she—or her makeup artists—went a little bit overboard here.

We aren’t sure what look they were going for here. It almost looks like some kind of an eye mask or a raccoon.

15 Blending Blunders

Via: Google Images

The makeup look that Miley Cyrus was trying to work with was a pretty good one. It seems classic and minimal. It pairs well with the black and white jumpsuit she chose to wear. From afar, we might not even realize that there is anything wrong with her look, let alone her makeup.

Upon zooming in, we can see that Cyrus—or her team of artists—forgot to blend her powder with the rest of her makeup. It’s only on her chin, which almost makes it look like she has a white beard. Of course, we know she doesn’t!

Again, maybe it was the lighting or the camera flashes that made her makeup look a lot worse than it actually was. One sad part of this is that Cyrus had no idea about her makeup mistake!

14 Evidence Of A Bad Habit?

Via: Google Images

In addition to Miley Cyrus’s bad experience with face powder, someone else has dealt with it too. Nicole Kidman is the second star on this list to have powder problems, and she definitely won’t be the last. Kidman is one of those celebs who almost always looks good. She has had a few makeup fails over the years. They don’t always end this badly, though.

Here, we can see that Kidman was ready to appear at the premiere of her musical Nine. She looked absolutely stunning, with her hair all done and a gorgeous gown.

There was one problem, though. Her makeup wasn’t quite right. The powder under her eyes and nose made it look like she had just finished baking a cake a few minutes before the premiere. Not her best look!

13 Like A Flour Bomb

Via: Google Images

Angelina Jolie is well-known for her acting talents. She is also widely admired for her beauty, which has become a standard among women. Most of us can see why, especially when everything is looking just right.

At the premiere of The Normal Heart, Jolie was spotted with an obscene amount of white powder on her face. Clearly, one of her stylists forgot to blend her powder in with the rest of her makeup. Now, obviously, this doesn’t take away from her beauty in general.

We’re just wondering who didn’t mention this issue ahead of time or while she was at the event. Somebody easily could have prevented this makeup fail from becoming public. Her then-husband—Brad Pitt—was even there! He or another star could have gently pointed it out to her.

12 Over The Top

Via: Google Images

The smoky eye seems like a staple of the red carpet. Almost every celeb has tried it at one point or another. Whether or not they do it well is another story. It has to have the right colors, decent blending and not be over-the-top.

Unfortunately, Emma Watson was given a pretty bad smoky eye look. The black eyeshadow had just a touch of gold, but it was barely there. The intense smoky eye made it look like Watson had gotten into some sort of a fight. Her black eyes probably didn’t turn out to be the style she was going for.

On the bright side, the rest of Watson’s makeup was kept simple. This helped to balance out the bold eyeshadow, but it couldn’t completely fix the makeup fail.

11 As Bland As Can Be

Via: Google Images

We have yet to see a makeup look on this list that is a complete fail. Usually, it’s just a bad blending job or a poor choice in eyeshadow. This one is unique in that essentially none of it was done well. Poor Jennifer Lopez!

The main thing we notice is the green-ish colored eyeshadow on her eyelids. It just doesn’t seem like a good color for her skin tone. Now, we might be wrong, especially because her skin tone in this picture is different than her usual. She could also use a little bit of powder from the gals who used too much. In addition, her lip color looks like it could blend in with her too-tan skin tone.

Luckily—with J-Lo’s typical beauty standards—she has totally redeemed herself since this makeup fail.

10 Lisa Turtle's Transformation

Via: Google Images

Lark Voorhies seems to fly under the radar most of the time. Could it be because of this bad makeup incident? It’s unlikely because she has never been one to be big in the spotlight. Of course, when she finally did appear on the red carpet, she had a makeup fail. Poor girl!

Something seemed to have gone wrong while she was getting ready. Her foundation was a few different shades, and she probably overdid the blush and lip gloss. Her eyelashes could have used a little something. She’s a pretty lady, but this attempt at a makeup look just wasn’t happening here.

This was a good time for Voohries to be saved by the bell, but it, unfortunately, didn’t happen at this premiere. Hopefully, she’s been able to get over this makeup mishap.

9 When It Just Doesn't Cut It As Art

Via: Google Images

Lady Gaga has a pretty unique sense of style. She wears wild outfits, tries out unique makeup looks and changes up her hair quite often. It’s just the way that she is, and most of her fans love her for it.

Usually, we can applaud Lady Gaga for stepping out of her comfort zone—or maybe ours. She does the things that we would never dare to do. This isn’t a bad thing, but it could be if it’s not orchestrated properly.

Unfortunately, one of Lady Gaga’s new ideas didn’t go over well with her. She ended up having smudges of pink and yellow makeup on her cheeks. One eye had been covered in makeup to look like an eyeball. She had a couple of black lines on her face as well. Props to her for trying something new!

8 Hopefully Not A New Trend

Via: Google Images

We don’t really see much from Lily Allen. She’s not a celebrity who’s really front-and-center. She does still make her way to red carpet premieres and other events. We just catch most of her appearances when she’s out doing everyday things.

This is one example of the times that we actually catch Allen. She was out to dinner when she was seen wearing silver eyeshadow underneath her eyes—and a lot of it! She went overboard with the shiny shadow. Some think that she might have been trying to cover up her dark circles.

Whatever she had planned, it didn’t work out so well. This was a pretty bad makeup fail, and the trend never seemed to catch on. There is a reason that we didn’t see Allen try this again.

7 Contouring Conundrum

Via: Google Images

Emma Stone is one celeb who is usually put-together. She has a pretty good track record when it comes to her fashion choices and makeup looks on the red carpet. Even when she’s just out and about she looks pretty cute. This makes us kind of jealous, but we know she can’t always be perfect.

One situation where Stone wasn’t quite all ready to go was on The Late Night Show with David Letterman. Of course, this is a highly publicized show, and plenty of people watch it. She rocked a pretty rust-colored lipstick and some subtle eye makeup. The problem was her powder on her nose. It wasn’t cohesive with the rest of her look, and her nose stood out. The poor girl was probably upset with the team on the show. Somebody should have helped her.

6 A Concerted Effort To Conceal

Via: Google Images

The thing about Taylor Swift is that people either love her or hate her. Usually, this has to do with her music or her personality though. Something that we can generally agree on is her sense of style. Sadly, this just doesn’t always work out for her. The same goes for her makeup attempts. It typically turns out all right.

Here’s one situation where it just didn’t. Swift forgot to blend her concealer in underneath her eyes. This left her with big white patches that we’re sure weren’t intentional. The rest of her makeup here doesn’t look so bad, but the lack of blending definitely takes away from it.

Luckily, we haven’t seen too many makeup mishaps from Swift, so maybe this was a one-time deal. Maybe she just got a new makeup artist after that.

5 Drag-Like Drama

Via: Google Images

We aren’t saying that the pale gals don’t have a fair chance at rocking a red lip and a smoky eye. There are just some trends that they should probably avoid. There are other ones that are more fit for their features and skin tone.

Leighton Meester’s pale skin just doesn’t work so well with this bright red lip. In addition, her purplish-gray smoky eye almost makes her skin look even lighter. Her makeup might have looked a little bit better if she had just used one of these two things instead of both. Maybe the red lip would have been okay with a neutral eye look.

Meester probably should have tried another trend to complement the rest of her features. Plus, shouldn’t her makeup artists know about this kind of thing?

4 Disney Disaster

Via: Google Images

Christina Aguilera is known to have a pretty good sense of style. Sure, some of her outfits are kind of flashy. Her makeup isn’t exactly what we would wear out and about. Still, most of us consider her to be decently fashionable. She’s gotten increasingly trendier over the years, too.

It looks like this hasn’t always been the case though. Just like most celebs do at some point, Aguilera ended up on the red carpet with an unfortunate makeup job. Here, she’s seen with bright pink eyeshadow, super dark foundation and way too much blush. It’s just a bad combination of too many bad things at one time.

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that this makeup artist wasn’t around for long once these pictures went public.

3 Twilight Zone

Via: Google Images

This one is a little bit surprising. We rarely see new and crazy makeup looks from Kristen Stewart. It seems like she likes to keep things pretty tame and simple. Regardless, she—or her makeup artists—decided to branch out and try something a little bit different here. This meant deep reddish-purple bands around her eyes.

This is definitely bold and something most of us couldn’t get away with. We aren’t stars though, and we don’t really have these types of events to go to. We think this is a pretty big makeup fail though.

In addition to her intense red eyeshadow, her foundation seems to be uneven. Some parts of her face seem a lot lighter than others, so a little extra time blending would have been helpful.

2 Hot Mess Express

Via: Google Images

Claudia Winkleman found herself at the GQ Awards. Now, award shows and red-carpet events are filled with celebs who are decked out in flawless makeup and gorgeous gowns. We aren’t here to say that Winkleman never looks beautiful. She does. She, unfortunately, wasn’t looking her best here though.

We’re focusing solely on her makeup, but her hair is pretty messy too. For one, it looks like she just got done with a fake tan. Maybe her foundation was too dark though. Then, she also has a lot of eyeliner on, and it got pretty smudgy. Keep in mind that this wasn’t at the end of the night or anything. Stars walk the red carpet before making their way into the actual event. Finally, her light lipstick seems to be blending into her face.

1 Not Just For Girls

Via: Google Images

Last—but not least—a guy ends up on this list. We usually associate makeup fails with women because they’re the ones who are usually wearing a noticeable amount of makeup. This means we often forget that guys sometimes have to wear makeup on the red carpet or in movies. This is usually so well-done that we just don’t really realize it.

Bradley Cooper was spotted with a shoddy makeup job at a movie premiere. This might not have been so obvious from a distance. The paparazzi got closer to him and noticed that his cheeks, forehead, and nose were a lot darker than the lower section of his face. There was a big contrast. Perhaps his crew didn’t blend his foundation into his chin and neck because they didn’t want to get it in his subtle beard.

Sources: Ahlan Live, Daily Mail

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