18 Body Language Signs That Mean More Than You Know

You’ve already got an inkling that’s he is doing you wrong. Otherwise, why would you click on this article, darling? So the mere fact that your intuition is tingling and your gut is speaking to you a lot about this guy –that isn’t probably good. But you sort of knew that anyway. You have made up plenty of excuses to excuse his poor behavior. Enough is enough. If you really want to solidify your witchy spider senses, then check out somebody language signs that he’s cheating on you. The signs have been clear in most cases. Red flags galore. But you’re not trying to hear that. Several times over you’ve tried to convince yourself, and others, that he’s not so bad. Or he’s not that bad.

Face the facts –he is and he will continue to be. The best thing you can do is get out while the getting is good. No use holding onto something that doesn’t want to be held onto. He’s strayed and he’ll stray a dozen times more. Why? Because women like you and me put up with his sh*t. If we were stronger and believed in our own magic, we wouldn’t settle for cheaters. Go ahead, check out the list and confirm your suspicions. Then onward and upward because there’s nowhere else to go but up from here. Rejoice in the fact that you got out before some serious damage took place. Rejoice in the fact that you are a goddess.

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18 Feet Pointing Towards The Door


Where his feet are pointing is likely to tell you where he’d like to go. This subtle body language cue speaks volumes. If you can see if his feet are pointing towards the door or away from you, you’d better believe that he would rather be anywhere than with you. It could just be that he is no longer interested in you. That’s a huge possibility with such body language. It could also mean that in addition to not wanting to be there with you, that he would much rather be with someone else. Feet pointing towards the door mean he’s already got one foot out the door and into another world, one that’s got nothing to do with you. And probably, one that’s got something to do with another.

17 Arms Crossed, All The Time

Some might think arms crossed mean anger or a closed personality. Sure, those are correct. However, upon further investigation, arms crossed mean that he’s hiding something. Yes, he might be angry –with you for coming between him and his lover and with himself for not having the courage to tell you it’s over. Yes, he’s also being closed by not sharing his true feelings and intentions with you. Shame, shame –right! In reality, arms crossed tend to say that he’s keeping something from you. Most of the time, our biggest secrets in a relationship deal with infidelity, so you decide what secret you think he’s keeping from you. So next time you notice your man crossing his arms more often than not...maybe you should wonder what he's guarding.

16 Scratches Nose Often


Telltale signs of a liar and a cheater are quite similar. Basically, you’re looking for any dead giveaways that point to dishonesty. Cheaters are liars. They lie to themselves about what they want out of a relationship or life. They lie to their partners and then they lie to everyone else around them. To identify a liar, it’s a simple as reading some articles online at the library. There are whole books written on the subject of how to spot a liar. Things like touching the face, scratching nose or eyes, twitching, lip biting, swearing they are being honest, not answering the question, giving a question for the question, darting or averting eyes. Most researchers have noted that those who touch their faces often are the ones who are lying or have a tendency to lie. Remember, liars are cheaters, period.

15 Smiles Or Laughs When You Ask A Serious Question


When you get a gut feeling that your dude has strayed or is about to, you begin to have conversations with yourself and your best friends. Eventually, those talks make their way to your partnership. It’s only logical that you need to address certain issues. Basically, you need to call things as you see them. Open communication is key to a fully functional and healthy relationship. So if you approach your partner with the issue of cheating and he laughs, don’t think he’s laughing because you sound crazy. He’s laughing because he’s been caught. He will most definitely blame you and say you’re crazy for even thinking such a thing. But can’t he see that responding with a smile or laugh to such serious subject matter is the real crazy.

14 Looks At His Feet A Lot


If he looks at his feet a lot, he is not engaged and not willing to engage with you. While he could just be bored or whatever, the truth is, in a partnership, we often do things we don’t want to do in order to please our partners. There’s a real joy in selflessness. And don’t think this is him being shy –not at this stage in the relationship, at least. Looking down is a reflection of how he’s feeling inside. It appears that in your presence he’s feeling down and that could be a result of a mismatch of energies or it could be guilt that’s eating him away. When guilt is in the room, it’s tangible and as thick as thieves –so thick you could cut it with a knife.

13 Plays With His Facial Hair


Women have been known to play with hair as a way to relieve stress or a way to hide shyness. But there’s also another side of hair twirling that’s rooted in dishonesty. We, women and men, learn early on in life how to mask our true feelings. We learn from our parents and from movies. We learn by studying people in general. Children are really smart and do this statistical measuring in their brains that give them quantifiable data. And with that data, they learn how to deal with and approach the world. Some learn techniques like hair twirling or beard pulling. If he’s pulling on his facial hair, grooming it, or stroking his mustache –beware. That’s not just his thinking face, that’s his “I’m planning a diabolical plan” face and one that probably has something to do with another female.

12 Shoulders Are Not Facing You


If his feet are facing you, you might think, “Whew, that was a close one!” And yeah, it was a close call, that is until you study the rest of his body. When we square up with someone, meaning both shoulders are pointing towards each other, we are showing an intense interest and a shared need to be intimate. If his shoulders are not squared with your own, then you’d better start thinking about having a serious talk with him. Of course, this happens from time to time even when no infidelity has been committed, but if you notice this body language, keep an eye on it. If it happens more often than not, you might have a cheater on your hands. Pay attention, the clues are everywhere.

11 Wears Shades Indoors

Wearing sunglasses at night or indoors isn’t a new trend. It’s one that’s been around for a long time and one that’s not likely to go away. Not only does it make people stand out in a crowd, but it allows their eyes to wander every which way. He’s not just playing cool. And he’s not just trying to put the finishing touches on his look. Guys who wear shades are creepy –to some degree. And guys in a committed relationship who wear shades are even creepier. They have the ability to scan the room at any juncture and you’re never the wiser. Not that looking is a problem, but it becomes one when it’s hidden or shamed. If he feels like you’re uptight or not into a lifestyle that might be comfortable to him, he will engage in certain activities behind your back –hence the sunglasses.

10 Sucks His Teeth Or Licks His Lips

Yes, sucking teeth is a sign he’s annoyed. We all do this, so it’s no surprise that he would, too. But if he’s sucking his teeth at every question you ask or at every comment you make –he’s over you and he’s already got another boo. Don’t let those sucked teeth be just an innocent response to your “annoying” questions. And if he licks his lips, he’s got a dry mouth which, according to experts, is a sign of a liar. He’s keeping something from you. Either that or he’s spotted a hottie in the room and does this sly move to try and get her attention. He’s no slick or cute and you’d better confront this sort of behavior before he thinks all women are suckers for his game.

9 Looks Over His Shoulder Or Your Shoulder


He’s stretching and looking behind himself. He’s cracking his back or neck. He’s dropped something again. Girl, he’s making some sort of contact with someone in the room. His body language says that there is something he’s interested in just behind him. Scan the room and see what you see. Or if he’s looking at you, but constantly looking over your shoulder, like an excessive amount, then you can be confident that not only does he have a wandering eye, but he’s looking to hook or reel something in. You see, a guy you can’t maintain eye contact without being distracted by every fine honey that walks by is a boy who can’t control himself. Let him lose to play in the yard, but lock that fence behind you.

8 Puts His Hands In His Pockets During Heartfelt Conversations


Oh, dear, so he’s not just crossing his arms and sucking his teeth, but now he’s got his hands in his pockets. Don’t be fooled. He’s not looking for anything in there and he’s not playing coy –ok, well maybe a little. As a matter of fact, he’s hiding his hands because he’s hiding his heart. In tucking away his hands, he’s reserving the right to his emotions –none of which he wants to share with you. Worst of all, if serious conversations illicit dangerous body language, then you’ve got a culprit on your hands. And dear, you’re the victim. Don’t let him tell you he’s not comfortable talking about feelings. Men, like women, need to have heart-to-hearts and that means not just with words, but with our entire beings –body language not excluded.

7 Protective Of His Screen


In today’s society, it’s almost impossible to talk about body language and not talk about our electronic devices. We don’t just buy these gadgets, but we become them. Or they become us. It’s all a little confusing, but the point is that our electronics are an integral part of our existence. Namely, our phones and computers. If he’s protective of his screen –that is what you see and don’t see, then don’t even try to rationalize that one. He’s got something dirty up his sleeve. It might be porn which is pretty standard, but it’s probably more than that. Not letting you into his cyber world or self-means he’s hiding something. And with online flirting and sexy texts galore, it’s no wonder guys fail the loyalty test most of the time.

6 Gains Or Drops Pounds

Much like women, fluctuating weight is an indicator of deeper issues. It could be a simple case of depression. But that simple case of depression points back to how he feels in the relationship with you and how he’s not getting what he needs. It could be a case of zero control. This point towards anger about a loss of control that’s occurred in his life. Being in or out of control regarding weight doesn’t mean cheating, not yet at least, but it does reveal that there are strong levels of unhappiness or rage. He could be pushing you away by gaining weight and hoping you’ll dump him so he can go off on his merry way. Or he could be slimming down because he’s hoping to be fit for the next chick that’s already captured his attention.

5 Whispers Or Walks Away When He Gets A Phone Call


Isn’t he so polite? Yeah right. He gets a phone call and leaves the room because he doesn’t want to disturb anyone. What a sweetie. Or he whispers because he knows talking loudly might bother those within ear’s distance. Isn’t he so considerate? Nope –wrong, he’s pulled the wool all the way over your eyes. This dude is taking calls from someone. And that special someone must remain unknown to you. He’ll say it’s work or his mom. He’ll invent something. But a whispering man or one that’s walking away is one that’s got two-timer written all over his forehead. He thinks you don’t see what’s going on. And he thinks he’s got game. Let him know the game’s over if he doesn’t let you see who just called.

4 Stronger Anger Expression Lines When You’re Around

That anger line just between and above the brows isn’t just unsightly, it is also the sign of someone who’s been unhappy for quite some time. While he might have had that frown line prior to meeting you, if this line persists or deepens over the period of your relationship, then you have got some investigating to do. He’s upset about something and he’s not sharing it with you, hence it has manifested on his face. Sometimes it might even manifest as lashing out at you. If he’s getting upset with you on a regular basis or for no apparent reason, something is awry. Another key body language signs is that you have more anger, more intense anger, and more frequent anger. It shows he’s not happy with you and might be getting his joy from elsewhere.

3 Keeps A Distance


A whole body space between you two is a huge sign that things have gone wrong. If he’s keeping a distance from you, then he’s likely getting his physical needs from another source. The reason he’s so far away from you is that he knows you know and that you’ll smell the scent of the other woman all over him. He reeks of guilt and he knows it. Being physically distant is just one side of the cheating card, the other happened a long time ago. He had already been pulling away emotionally and maybe you didn’t notice because you were too busy or you did notice but you tried to ignore the signs. Some distance is good, even healthy, but prolonged periods of distance don’t make the heart grow fonder, they just make the heart rot.

2 Goodbye Male Chivalry


No longer compliments you. Doesn’t offer to pay the bill. No more holding the door open for you anymore. Doesn’t send you a sweet dreams text like he used to. No more protecting you from a guy you just cat called you because he didn’t even notice. When male chivalry dies, you can say goodbye to romance, but also be ready for anything –like cheating. It’s normal for those vibes to diminish as time passes, but that only means that, at some point, he’ll start seeking them out and chasing them again. Remember, guys like a challenge and if you’re always there, like clockwork, then he’ll take advantage, take you for granted, and take another. Beware the guy who stops pulling out all the stops as if a rug from under your feet.

1 Showers Before Hopping In Bed


This isn’t a body language sign –this is a dead giveaway. He might as well just say, “Hey, I’m cheating, but I’m not a pig, so I’ll shower before I bed you down because I just got finished with her a few hours ago.” The shower is a way to get clean, sure. But it’s also a place he can go and rid himself of his sins. He’s performing a ceremonial cleansing. And at the same time, making sure that his equipment is in working order. Come on, he’s just come to you after being with her. It can be easy to get things up again so quickly. If he tries to say he hasn’t showered all day or he feels gross or his just got back from the gym but isn’t in workout clothes –well, you decide for yourself if those are reasons, excuses, or the lies of a cheater.

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