18 Best Places To Meet A Stud, Based On Your Sign

Where are all the good-looking, nice single men? We all want a meet-cute with the man of our dreams like it happens in movies. We walk down the street on a cold night and bump into someone. It’s love at first sight. We get coffee and have interesting conversations. We connect, and one thing leads to another. It’s all very romantic. Back to reality, it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. Don’t lose hope though because nothing’s impossible!

Although there are a lot of dating Apps, some people still prefer to meet people in places instead of swiping left or right on their phone. Bars are the most common place for single people to mingle. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with a cute stranger when you’ve had a few drinks. There are other alternatives like at the gym, dog parks, parties, etc. One of the most effective ways to meet a suitable partner is through mutual friends. If not, you need to put yourself out there by attending events and finding new hobbies.

If you’re not having any luck finding your match or want ideas about where to locate these studs — here’s a list of places you should go based on your zodiac.


18 At The Gym You Always Neglect Near Your Place:

There are a lot of men at the gym, so it’s a great place to meet someone. Capricorns are probably never at the gym because they’re too busy achieving their goals, but they could find a suitable partner there. Exercising can help them concentrate better on their work, and they get to see if anyone’s as dedicated as they are. Geminis don’t like going to to the gym because it's boring, and they’re too restless. But they love to talk. Luckily for them, a gym is not only a place to workout but also a place to meet new people and socialize. Taurus is known to be a homebody and lazy, but if they wanted to meet someone, then they should hit the gym. They’re attracted to men who are confident, and the gym is filled with them.

17 At Your School's Library Since You Need An Intellectual Babe:


The library is a quiet place and stocked with all kinds of books. It’s the best place to meet an intellectual. Sagittarius are wanderers who love to travel to new places because they’re inquisitive to everything, and they crave knowledge. A man who’s as passionate about learning new things as they are is likely at the library reading books. Geminis are great conversationalists who can talk about anything. They love to learn and share what they learned, so it’s important for them to be with a man who can hold a conversation with them on their level. Capricorns are ambitious. They want to succeed in everything they do. Because they want to date someone who mirrors them, there’s no better place than to look in the library where he’s probably doing the same thing — studying.

16 At The Dog Park Because You Need An Animal Lover:

It’s easy to make a conversation at the dog park if there’s mutual love for animals. Animal lovers have traits that are affectionate and compassionate, which is perfect for anyone who wants to feel adored and understood. Cancers are loyal and emotional. They love hard, and they also crave emotional security from their partner. Walking their dog at the dog park can lead them to a coffee date with a cutie. Geminis love pets. Communication is key, so they train their dogs. They can mingle with other dog owners and talk about dog tricks, what they learned, etc. Pisces is an animal lover. They love to talk about their pets all the time and show pictures of them to people. They could bond with someone at the dog park who’s also fond of animals.

15 At The Beach Because There's Nothing Better To You Than That Salty Air And Sand On Your Feet


The beach is packed with a lot of interesting people, and everyone’s in a good mood. It could be challenging to meet someone there because it requires courage and confidence. Leos are confident. They love to be the center of attention and receive compliments. They’re likely to flaunt their body in their bikinis, which will attract some men to approach them. Sagittarius love the beaches. They want to lie on the sand and enjoy the sun because it makes them happy. It’s also only a matter of time before they snag a stud because they’re good at making small talk. Aries are adventurous, so they’re likely to be surfing or waterboarding. They love to compete. They can be seen at a volleyball tournament on the beach where they might meet someone who’s as competitive as them.

14 On Vacation, Since There's Nothing More Exciting To You Than An Exotic Fling

Flings on vacation can be exciting and fun because this tryst isn’t meant to last long. Aquarius are commitment-phobic. They love their freedom too much to be tied down, so they’re more inclined to flings than serious relationships. It’s perfect for them when they’re on vacation because there’s no attachment after the fling’s over. Sagittarius love to travel. They want to visit new places and meet new people. It’s never about sight-seeing for them, they want to experience on the trip, and a fling on vacation can be an experience. They’re not the committed type, either. Aries are outgoing and doers. They’re likely to join a group for activities while they're on vacation to go hiking, mountain-climbing, or see volcanoes up close. They can meet someone who shares same interests that way.

13 Unexpectedly At A Good Friend's Party, Since You're More On The Shy Side


Shy people stay away from parties because they find it awkward approaching people to start conversations, but they might meet their match at a good friend’s party because a lot of couples meet through mutual friends. Virgos are shy, and they prefer one-on-one to large social gatherings. At their friend’s party, their friend can introduce them to him, which can then lead to a one-on-one time. Taurus will probably stick with their friends at the party, but they should put themselves in the kitchen. They love food, and they might click with someone who has same tastes as them. Pisces tend to stand in the corner at a party. They can instead ask people if they need anything at the party since they love to help their friends. Also, asking a question can help start a conversation.

12 At A Chic Event On A Big Night Out On The Town

A chic event on a big night out on the town is a great place to mingle. A lot of successful men attend these events, too. Leos never miss an opportunity to dress up. Because they’re the Queen of the Zodiac, they look for a man with all the qualities of a King, and they can find him at the event. Scorpios are attracted to men who are intelligent, confident, well-dressed, etc. They have zero tolerance for the lazy and ignorant ones. The chic event is where they can meet the type of man they want. Aries never miss out on having a good time, and they love being social. They want to date a man who they can have stimulating conversations with and who challenges them. The event is filled with these types of men.


11 At An Epic Dance Party Since You're The Biggest Party Animal


An epic dance party is where fun people go, to party with like-minded people. They love to dance to upbeat music and enjoy the night. It’s the best place for partiers to meet their match. Libras are social butterflies. They have no problem approaching people at the party because they love to talk and entertain. They'll meet someone there who has social skills and loves to have fun just like them. Scorpios love to mingle and dance at parties. They’re not interested in boring people, and the party is filled with interesting people. Since they have a mysterious aura about them, they’ll definitely draw attention from men. Aquarius love to dance and music is their best friend. They can spark a romance with someone at the party who loves the same type of music they do.

10 At A Festival, Carnival, Or Amusement Park, Due To Your Light-Hearted Nature

A festival, carnival, or amusement park is one of the best places to meet people for fun-loving people. They also have beautiful ambience at night. Pisces are light-hearted. They love to have a good time, and they crave fantasy over reality. So they’re likely to meet their future prince charming there. It’s romantic, too, which is a bonus because they’re hopeless romantics. Geminis are carefree. They love to go on rides, try every food, play games to win prizes, and do anything fun. Because they love to chat, they'll make conversations with someone while waiting on the line. Aquarius are energetic and love to have fun. They’re attracted to men who are as unique as they are, and because the places are packed with all kinds of people, they’re bound to meet someone they’re compatible with.

9 At The Grocery Store Because You're The Practical Type


The grocery store is a great way to meet cute strangers. It’s easier to strike up a conversation with them, and after some flirting, it could lead to a date. Cancers are probably at the sampling stand trying out food to see if their loved ones would like it. They could meet someone doing the same thing, and they can talk about the food they’re tasting. Capricorns love homemade food. They’re at the store buying all the ingredients needed to make the food. They could meet someone at the store when they need help looking for something. Virgos are perfectionists, and they have a list of things they need to buy. They hate asking for help but like to ask questions — if this or that brand is better. It can lead to a nice conversation with a cutie.

8 At The Mall, Since You Have The Ultimate Style

The mall is an easy place to make small talk. A lot of independent people like to spend their free time doing some retail therapy. Sagittarius love fashion, so they like to shop. Because of their outgoing personality, they’re good at making new friends. They’re likely to compliment someone, “That color looks good on you,” and it could lead to something more. Leos love all luxurious things like designer clothes. They have to look their best all the time, and fashion is a way to express themselves. Someone struggling with picking out his outfit could ask them for their opinion. Taurus indulge in the finer things. They splurge on luxurious items and love to treat themselves to fine dining as well. Because of their friendly nature, they make it easy for anyone to approach them.

7 At A Sporting Event, Since You Live For Your Favorite Team


Sporting event whether it’s baseball or football can be a great way to meet good-looking single men. Geminis are natural-born flirts. They can attract someone at a sporting event by flirtatiously teasing him by trash talking about his team. They have a great sense of humor so he might enjoy the interaction, and it could lead to a date. Aries are competitive, and they could meet someone who’s as competitive as they are at the event. They cheer for their favorite team so loud that someone’s going to take notice and walk over to them to have a chat because he's cheering for the same team. Capricorns are serious. They comment every time the referee makes the wrong call because they studied the rules. They’re likely to be approached by someone who’s fascinated by how much they know about sports.

6 At Work, Since You're Driven & Career Focused

Everyone’s heard that dating a co-worker is a bad idea, but there’s no better place for workaholics to meet someone who complements them than at their own workplace. Capricorns are very career-driven. They work hard on achieving their goals that they make no time for anything else. Because they’re attracted to ambitious men, they get to see who is and isn’t at work. Virgos are perfectionists, so they want a perfect partner. They’re attracted to a clever man who can understand their analytical mind and help them solve problems if needed. At work, they get to see how a person acts and thinks. Cancers are sweet and caring, so it’s no surprise their co-workers love them. They’re bound to meet someone who admires their kindness and wants to take the relationship to the next level.

5 At A Wine & Dine Event Or A New Restaurant Opening, Since You're A Foodie


The perfect place to bring a group of foodies together is at a wine and dine event or a new restaurant opening. Taurus love a good meal and wine. Food gives them pleasure, and it’s no wonder they’re known for their gluttony. They could meet someone who feels the same way, and it could spark romance. Sagittarius is adventurous, and they love to experiment new things. They never hesitate on trying out new food. Also, they’re likely to strike up a conversation with a fellow foodie talking about every unique food they had on their trips. Cancers are food lovers. They love to cook for their loved ones, and they’re emotional eaters due to their feelings. Because of their culinary skills, they’re likely to meet someone who also loves to cook, and they can exchange recipes with each other.

4 At A Local Café, Diner, Or Bar, Since You're Easy-Going

Meeting someone at a local cafe, diner, or bar is very common and a great place to interact with new people. But everyone’s either reading a book or doing work especially at a cafe, so it could be hard to start a conversation. Not for Geminis who love to talk. They crave stimulating conversations, so they’re likely to approach someone to talk to while they wait for their drink. They could meet someone who enjoys their company because they’re fascinating. Libras hate being alone, and because they’re social butterflies, they’ll talk to anybody. Their charming personality and elegance will draw attention from men. Pisces are likable because they’re easygoing. They make it easier for anyone to approach them because they don’t come off intimidating. They’re also good listeners which is a great trait to have.

3 At A Wedding, Since You're The Ultimate Believer In Romance


Weddings are the perfect place for singles to meet and because friends can play the matchmaker, it should make things less awkward. Everyone feels the love when the couple exchanges their vows, and it’s especially true for hopeless romantics. Pisces want the storybook romance and are always looking for their prince charming. They could find him at a wedding — the best man or one of the groomsman. Scorpios are very intense and passionate people. When they fall in love, they fall hard. They’re only interested in long-term relationships or marriage because they take relationships seriously. So they’re likely to find their man at a wedding. Cancers are all about love and family. They want to settle down, and it’s perfect for them to meet someone at a wedding who's likely to want what they want.

2 On An Airplane, Since You Love To Chit-Chat With New People

People find it unlikely to be seated next to a person they find attractive on an airplane, but it’s possible to meet someone up in the air. Geminis hate boredom, so it’s a good thing they love people and to chit-chat. They could meet someone who admires their deep and intellectual conversation while waiting to land. Aries love to talk about themselves and their adventures. They could meet someone who’s more of a listener than a talker on the flight, and that works with their “my way or the highway” attitude. Aquarius love to communicate with people. They’re open to discussions, and they’re not one to judge anyone for having a different opinion. Because they’re dreamers and they travel mostly for humanitarian purposes, they’re likely to meet someone just like them on a plane.

1 On An Online Dating App, Since You Like To Leave Things Up To Destiny


One of the best ways to meet someone is on an online dating app. There are more options because there are people who are either too busy to meet people at social events or wants to avoid awkward conversations because they’re shy. Taurus prefer to stay home where it’s comfortable and because they’re lazy. It’s convenient for them to swipe left and right on their couch, and if they like someone, they could set up a date and place to meet. Virgos have a long list of things they want in a partner because they won’t settle for anything less than perfect. Online dating app matches them based on their interests making it easier for them. Libras are known for their indecisiveness, but with online dating app, they could leave it up to the app to choose the suitable partner for them.


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