18 Awful Marriage Rejections Caught On Camera

 A marriage proposal is said to be any couple's happiest day together and then the wedding itself is the most important day of their lives. When we're in love, our partner can do nothing wrong in our eyes and we see them as perfect. However, there are times when love doesn't always go to plan and we can find ourselves in some really tricky spots.

Romance in the movies is often very melodramatic. There's typically classical music playing and it can appear that time is slowing down. In reality, we don't get these kinds of film-like luxuries and we just have to face up to the fact that events never are quite how we planned them.

Traditionally a man will get down on bended knee, ask his girlfriend to marry him and they begin to plan a white wedding together in front of those they love. For some people, this plan went very wrong and it really could not have got any worse.

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18 This Author Did Not See The Writing On The Wall 

Tim Young, political satirist and author, was so sure his girlfriend would accept his marriage proposal, that he popped the question in front of 150 of his own fans. At the Riot Act theatre in Washington DC, he got down on one knee, then very quickly got back up and shut the lid on the box containing the ring.

Even as his girlfriend protests with several hand gestures on stage, a fan shouts from the crowd, "Don't think, just say yes!" It didn't help her in changing her mind and she ran off the stage.

17  Grandmother Stages Mass Wedding Walk Out 

This Super Gran proves that money should never come before family. She stands in front of all the guests to make a speech so powerful that, according to the description in the video, caused over twenty family members to walk out of the wedding party. Apparently, the groom had banned close family from the wedding because they didn't contribute to the wedding financially.

In her speech the Grandmother declares, "Since the mother of the groom and the brother of the groom were asked not to participate, I would like to tell Jeremiah and Bianca congratulations on your special day but -" she is then interrupted and asked to leave the stage. On her way out she announces, "I'm leaving and anyone who wishes to follow can join me." Don't pick a fight with Grandma!

16 Run Whilst You Can 

The public proposal is a tough one. When it goes well you are left with an arena of people cheering you on like mad but when it goes bad - you can really feel the pity of the thousands around you.

This guy finds out how to take rejection the hard way at a basketball game. When he gets down on one knee, in the centre of the court, his girlfriend looks delighted up until she bends down to say something to him. The sports commentator believes she's saying, "I can't do this right now" before she runs off and her boyfriend is escorted off the court by a the mascot.

15 We Have Another Runner...

Just a thought, but maybe centre of the court proposals aren't a very good idea? In this video a woman is called up to try and catch the mascot. After she takes her blindfold she realizes that it's her boyfriend in disguise. We're sure you can see where this is going...

He grabs a mic and gets down on one knee. She covers her face in shock before turning around and bolting off out the doors. Safe to say he didn't run after her as this relationship is well and truly doomed.

14 How NOT To Propose To Your Boyfriend 

What's worse than your girlfriend showing up in the middle of the street in a wedding dress to propose to you? Your girlfriend AND her hysterical friends showing up to help her propose. After someones comes outside to see what the commotion is all about, they run back into the building probably to warn him, "Your girlfriend is outside in a wedding dress and there's a giant billboard that reads, ""Will you marry me, Bruno?"

Bruno storms out incredibly angry, grabbing his girlfriend and tries to make her come away from the crowd. He is clearly a man spooked and runs away down the street to get his car. He then returns to grab his crazy girlfriend and eventually manages to get her in the car. We don't want to know how awkward that drive home would have been.

13 Serial Cheater Confronted At His Own Wedding  

The last thing you want at your wedding is for your other girlfriend to come running up the aisle screaming, "What's going on?!" This was the exact fate of Cheaters-exposed Michael, after he was exposed having romances with two women at the same time. One of which he was just seconds away from putting a ring on.

Cue absolute hysteria as the bride is in floods of tears, the woman who exposed his cheating is screaming hysterically and the groom is becoming aggressive knowing he's been exposed. If you're going to object to a wedding then you might as well make sure it's all on national TV for everyone to see.

12 "Get Up!" 

A young man let Valentine's Day in Beijing go to his head when he suddenly dropped to one knee in front of his girlfriend. Her response, which is translated in the video, was, "You done playing? You ill? Get up - I'm telling you get up!"

She then drags him up onto his feet and pushes through the crowd. But with the true madness of a man in love, he proposes again and this time he uses the power of song to try and persuade his loved one. He tells her, "If you believe in love then there will be miracles." Her response is to lightly kick him in the knee and turn around to leave calling him, "Lame." Ahhh, young love.

11 Not For All The iPhones In The World 

How would you react if someone proposed to you with $82k worth of iPhones? A man in China bought 99 iPhone 6s instead of a diamond ring and positioned them into a giant love heart for his loved one.

Unfortunately for him, she did reject the offer probably due to his irresponsible spending and recklessness. Well, fingers crossed the poor guy kept the receipts.

10 When The Ex Attacks

If you are someone who gets excited over drama, then we have just the marriage objection for you. As reported by IBN News, a 23-year-old student tried to put a stop to the marriage of her ex-lover. Storming into the ceremony she began to tell guests that she was two months pregnant with his child.

In an interview with local media outside, the student named Priyanka said, "He said if I'm pregnant it would be easier to convince his parents (to marry her)." When she entered the ceremony with her friend there was hair-pulling, scratching and even punching. It all makes for a quite shocking view of what was supposed to be a day for a blessing.

9 Blue Rangers Fail

A NY Rangers fan had all the right intentions but just not the right reaction. In the middle of the game, he arranged for a huge banner to read: "Melissa, will you be my blueshirt bride? Love Nick."

At first, Melissa covers her mouth as she appears shocked and delighted. Then things soon plummet as she storms away from her boyfriend shaking her head. To make matters worse, the commentators play their embarrassing moment as part of the highlights of the game. Not a moment poor Nick will be forgetting anytime soon.

8 "Sorry, but no!" 

It was all set up to be a beautiful moment but it failed miserably. A guy from Connecticut named David, proposed to his girlfriend, Jessica, right in the middle of a minor-league baseball game. At first she looks shocked and the crowd begins to cheer as they mistake this for a yes. She then replies, "David, I'm sorry - no."

Jessica runs away, David shortly follows and the commentator is just left with nothing to say other than apologize for laughing too much.

7 His Prayers Were Not Answered

Sometimes, no matter how hard you pray, you just don't get your happy ending. At Christian festival, Jesus Jam, a young man proposes to a girl called Marsha. Once again, another person makes the huge mistake of putting it all on a stage for everyone to see. He starts his speech so emotionally, describing how he hit rock bottom in life and his girlfriend was the one who helped him pull through.

He lowers to his knee, asks her to marry him and then - silence. The host walks over to Marsha and asks for her reply but all she can come out with is a quiet, "I'm sorry." She then runs off the stage just to prove her point further.

6 Maybe She Just Rushed Off To Spread The Good News? 

In a food mall in Los Angeles, this gentleman got down in front of his girlfriend and presented her with a ring. You can faintly hear him saying, "We met here one year ago, right in front of this sign and when we did I was dizzy in your presence. Caroline, I love everything about you. I love the way you get a cupcake and you cut it in half then make a little tiny cupcake thing." Then he brings out an acoustic band and begins to serenade her with Sweet Caroline. It really does not get more cringeworthy than this.

Caroline did what any woman with half a brain would do and ran for her life away from this very public embarrassment.

5 The Not-So-Funny Objection Prank

There is a time and a place for practical jokes - weddings are not one of them. Lurking in the shadows at this garden ceremony, a man dressed as a woman decides to play a prank on the soon-to-be-married couple.

As soon as the pastor asks if anyone is against the marriage, he interrupts the whole ceremony by making his way past the guests screaming about his love for the groom. It's safe to say neither the bride or the groom thought it was hilarious, instead just choosing to look straight ahead and ignore the attention the jokester was after.

4 Not In Front Of The Fans

There's a reason why many big stars choose not to propose in public and it's to avoid moments like this. When this singer brings his girlfriend on stage, he firstly begins to serenade her with song and then makes his way down onto one knee.

One YouTube user commented on her next reaction, "What did he show her? A ring or a giant spider?" It could have been anything the way she runs off the stage. Hopefully she was just in a rush to tell the world the happy news or this poor performer would have been left looking very stupid.

3 She Proposes After Just Two Weeks Together 

We have an overall winner for the craziest woman who ever proposed, since this girl popped the question to her boyfriend after just fourteen days together. At what appears to be a house party, the girl begins to straighten out her hair and makeup before making her way into the kitchen towards her, very new, boyfriend.

The whole party starts cheering as she gets down on one knee and proposes. Her logic is that it's a leap year, this is traditionally the only day out of the year that women can propose to men and she claims, "If I don't do this now on leap year then I will have to wait another four years." When he refuses, she flees the party screaming and in floods of tears. Beer pong anyone?

2  After All That Effort This Guy Gets Nothing

In 2013, this rejection went viral around the world after this poor guy decided to stop an entire shopping mall in their tracks so he could make a special announcement. He had set up an area for his microphone, speaker, three-piece live band and nervous girlfriend. It's fair to say that his proposal is disastrous, he slips up on his words and then a children's train almost flattens him whole.

As he moves to put one knee down, his girlfriend becomes desperate to make him stand back up and tries to grab his arms. To end the moment, she takes matters into her own hands and knocks him down with a ukulele. So that's a no, right?

1 "I Have Something To Say."

At this wedding ceremony things did not go well after the pastor asked if anybody knew for any reason why the bride and groom should not be joined together. The grooms ex-girlfriend then stood up from the back of the room objecting, "I have something to say." It was clear this was not going to be just any normal ceremony.

The ex continued, "I would like to say that Linda (the bride) is not who you think she is." She then goes on a tirade calling the bride a "freak" with no morals or values. Then in a matter of seconds, the wedding turns into a brutal brawl with guests all swinging punches at each other.

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