18 Obnoxious People You Wouldn't Want To Share A Dorm With

Many students that are getting ready to go to college and plan on dorming often fret about what kind of roommate they’ll end up with. After all, there are plenty of stories to be found online about roommates who start drama, blast music at all hours of the night and get totally bombed every single night without fail.

Sure, all of the aforementioned actions are incredibly annoying to deal with, especially if the student in question prefers a quieter lifestyle and doesn’t like to party with friends every night.

But then there are the roommates like the ones featured in the photos below that seem like they are trying to outdo one another in order to win a Darwin Award.

18 A Rock God Always Needs Two Guitars To Impress The Ladies

Via: Sean Munger.com

In pop culture, hot-shot musicians are always portrayed as being messy rock stars that are surrounded by instruments and like to trash their hotel rooms just because they can, since they know folks will let it slide because they are famous.

This college student is clearly trying to mimic the Rolling Stones lifestyle, but their poor roommate must want to chuck a mop and a vacuum cleaner at ‘em.

17 Go To Sleep Smelling The Sweet Scent Of Popcorn

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Every college student has chowed down on microwavable popcorn during movie nights with the squad at least once, but this is taking things to a different level entire.

Bro, no one wants to hear the crackle, rustle and pop of this popcorn machine at all hours of the day and night—especially if it’s midnight and their roomie wants to have a midnight snack before finals.

16 Laziness Level: 1,000

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It is going to be absolutely glorious and utterly hilarious when this fool goes to sit down on his boxed-in chair and the cardboard eventually gives way, causing his tailbone to hit the disassembled chair.

Chairs aren’t that freakin’ difficult to put together, so why procrastinate and sit on the box instead?

15 Good Way To Ruin The Desire To Preserve Food

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There are plenty of hacks for college students floating around on the Internet to help make their lives easier, but this isn’t a hack, it is just stomach-churning for anyone with even a pinch of cleanliness skills.

That poor roommate is going to be tasting soppy cereal and milk for ages if they try to preserve food in this container without deep cleaning this thing.

14 The Flies Thank You For The Free Food

Via: Imgur

Serious question: is this college student trying to perform an archaic ritual in order to summon Jeff Goldblum in his “Brundlefly” costume inside of their dorm, because THAT character would be all over this mess, both figuratively and literally.

Just imagining the god-awful stench that must be emanating from this kitchen brings on rolling waves of nausea.

13 Oh Look, A Male Student's Attempt At Crudely Marking His Territory

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Everyone has heard a few stories about how college roommates were total jerks to one another and got into some spats because they “claimed” some area or some item in their dorm and didn’t want to share.

This though….this is the equivalent of one male dog urinating on the exact same spot that his neighborhood rival peed on only moments before in order to announce that this light post was HIS.

12 Someone's Just Asking To Be Electrocuted

Via: Imgur

Sure, it is annoying AF that most, if not all of the college dorm rooms don’t come equipped with a doorbell and students are forced to use the old-fashioned method of knocking politely on another person’s door.

That being said, this is an excellent way to get attention—but not by alerting someone to the presence of a person at their door. Oh no—this is a good way to get attention because there will be headlines about the idiots that got electrocuted during this experiment.

11 The Leaning Tower Of Pizza

Via: Imgur

Look, pizza is delightful and all, but eating it every single day until the leaning tower of pizza boxes is created in the dorm room is a bit excessive.

They must have a stomach of iron if they can eat all that cheese and grease day in and day out—although they probably don’t and they plug up the toilet, much to their roomie’s chagrin.

10 The Evil Closet Monster Attacks Drunk College Students, Apparently

Via: Imgur

Pretty sure that even Loki, the Norse god of chaos and patron of folks with messy rooms is shuddering so hard at this photo right now.

It’s one thing to leave a small pile of clothes out for a day or two before heading to the laundry room, but this looks like a terrible attempt at modern art, what with the ironing board and the huge cereal box.

9 Future Darwin Award Winner

Via: Imgur

Folks, this dude is either going to be the recipient of a Darwin Award OR he is going to break his tailbone after that rope frays and he lands on his arse with a loud smack.

Then again, at least this guy’s roommate will be able to watch him waddle with a broken tailbone, smirk and constantly say “I told you so” until he heals.

8 How To Give A Roommate A Panic Attack

Via: Imgur

Even if the unsuspecting roommate doesn’t have claustrophobia, they’re going to develop it after seeing this mess in their bathroom.

There are so many questions about this prank—namely, how long did it take them to blow up all those damn balloons? That poor, poor roommate--they're going to get a migraine from trying to get rid of all those balloons. It looks like Walt Disney threw up in that bathroom!

7 It's Called Recycling Bro

Via: Imgur

Not sure if it is utterly hilarious or utterly depressing that college students these days a) apparently have no damn idea about proper recycling methods and b) are too damn lazy to actually toss the used toilet paper rolls away.

Their roommate is going to laugh their arse off when this collection of empty paper towel rolls comes crashing down on top of the new one when they are on the bowel.

6 Mold Is A Great Moisturizer For Skin Dontcha Know

Via: Imgur

How in the bloody hell can anyone shower while staring at huge heaps of disgusting mold? Are they major horror fans and absolutely adore Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, with all of its supernatural mold on the walls?

Seriously people, shower and tub cleaners are pretty cheap and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it before the mold takes on a life of its own.

5 Someone Needs A Bath ASAP

Via: Imgur

This dude’s roommate must have had a conniption when they found him drunk as a skunk inside of a dingy bathroom with who-knows-what staining the floor.

In all honesty, it is too bad that they don’t have access to a hose because this dude looks filthy and probably reeks of booze. A good cold spray of water from the hose would fix that right up!

4 Someone's Gotta Cough Up The Dough For All Those Repairs

Via: Imgur

Many college students love to party and there are always stories of wild parties that got just a bit too wild, but this one has to take the cake.

Let’s face it, these guys are going to be too hungover to remember how or even why there are missing pieces of the wall scattered all over the floor but their roommates are going to be planning revenge once the college gets wind of all the damage and does something like order them to clean it all up.

3 No Measly Can Of Raid Can Keep The Roaches Away From That Mess

Via: Imgur

Not sure what’s worse—the mountains of used pizza boxes, the piles of empty soda bottles or the lone can of Raid just chilling on the countertop. It is often said that slobs are going to slob, but this is totally vile.

How the heck does anyone live like this? Instead of killing the roaches with Raid, why not grab a mop, a broom, and a big ol'’ garbage bag and clean up after themselves?

2 Ramsay Gordon Is Puking Right Now

Via: Imgur

Holy flying spaghetti monster, this is NOT what people mean when they urge college students to save their leftovers!

The remnants of whatever the heck this meal was has clearly been moldering for a long time and it’s bizarre. Didn’t one of the students living in that door smell the stench and decide to toss it or did their sense of smell disappear completely?

1 Every Neat Freak Parent Is Screeching At This Photo

Via: Imgur

You’d think that by the time someone hits college age, they would know enough to properly toss out any waste, but apparently, someone was sleeping through that sections of life lessons back in the day.

Whether those are bugs, dirt or remnants of human stool, it is disgusting that someone just tossed this garbage pail with all of its stomach-churning contents into a shower—especially one they have to share with others. Not even Purell is strong enough to sanitize this scene!

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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