17 Very Weird Dating Sites That Actually Exist

Dating is probably one of the most stressful, anxiety-inducing, frustrating and exciting contradictions in life. You are on top of the world one minute and tossed in the gutter the next. All of it gets harder and harder the older you get. The dating pool becomes smaller, there are less places to meet people, and those that are still single often come with baggage. Then, if you are attracted to a specific type of person, this only narrows the chances of meeting someone. However, with the introduction of the internet, people all over the world are being connected like never before, and it was only a matter of time before people began dating online. Today, it seems like most people meet over the internet. Since people have been meeting over a keyboard for ages, it makes sense that “regular” dating sites have evolved into fetish and other odd dating preferences. If you haven’t checked out dating sites online, then you probably haven’t come across the slew of niche and bizarre dating worlds that exist. From physical preferences to the dead (yes, even the dead), there are dating pages for just about every kind of weird attraction. Here are 16 of the bizarre dating sites out there.

17 Tall Friends

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If you are a tall woman looking for a tall man or just a “tall admirer”, you are in luck. There is an actual site where only tall people come together to date all over the world including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and Europe. The site claims to have been in business for over 16 years, and it is free to place a profile. So if you happen to be freakishly tall, like WNBA tall, you don’t have to hope that you meet a man by chance that can take on all your lovely height. If you just happen to prefer a tall drink of water when you date, this is the place for you. Who knew that someone actually took one basic physical characteristic and turned it into a whole dating site? It isn’t such a bad idea, and it means there are sites out there for just about every kind physical characteristic people are seeking.

16 Amish Dating

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I don’t claim to know much about the Amish community, but I do believe that part of being Amish means not using technology or electricity. However, there seems to be exceptions to that rule. Apparently, they are allowed to use electricity and even computers under certain circumstances. This means they are in fact allowed to use the internet, and there is even a dating site specifically for the Amish! If they can’t seem to find love within their community they can use this site as a way to find others with similar beliefs and backgrounds to connect with. It isn’t much of a surprise that the Amish are using the internet considering how quickly our world has moved towards technology. Not to mention, so many people find their spouses online today. It has become easier to search for love online where there are more options with easier access than going out in the real world. Now, the Amish are trying it too.

15 Salad Match

Do you love salad so much that you want to date someone that has the same passion for veggies? Well, the New York based restaurant Just Salad has developed an app for salad minded people. Download the app on your smartphone then you can connect through your Facebook profile pictures. You say what your favorite salad is, your favorite Just Salad location, and what time of day you normally visit. Then, you can browse the profiles and pick and choose who you would like to connect with. When you get a match the app will connect you via chat, and you can discuss a salad meetup. In a world where more and more people are becoming devoted to a healthier lifestyle it was really only a matter of time before people began bonding over their veggies. If anything, this is one of the healthier ways to date over the internet.

14 Sea Captain Date

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Do you love the ocean? Do you love being on a ship or sailing in blue waters? Do you love it enough to want to date a sea captain? Then head over to Sea Captain Date. This website connects people that love the ocean and actually want to date a sea captain. If you haven’t ever considered dating a captain of any kind, maybe now is the time to think about a nautical romance. According to the site, there are thousands of captains online right now looking for romance. It might just be your opportunity to find someone to whisk you away to one of the seven seas where there is nothing but you, the open water and your love. If you are afraid of the open water and dating a sea captain isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other fish in the sea and a lot more dating websites.

13 Ninja Passions

The reality show Ninja Warriors has created a ninja craze of sorts. People work to make it to the competition and show off all of those hard earned ninja skills. Then, there are devoted audiences that love to watch it. Seeing people bounce, climb and fight to get through an obstacle course has a certain attraction to it. Being a ninja does take a large amount of athleticism and strength to be able to make it, and well, that can be kind of hot. If you are into the whole ninja thing or maybe you are a ninja, check out Ninja Passions to find a dating companion or just talk about ninja stuff (whatever that is). Being a ninja requires a lot of effort and hard work to maintain that kind of skill, and chances are it will take up a lot of time and energy. Ninjas need a supportive romantic companion, and it can be found on Ninja Passions.

12 Bristlr

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The lumberjack look has taken on a mind of its own. Men from all walks of life are dressing in their best flannel and growing a beard. With this new “trend” there are just as many people attracted to it. The manliness of a beard is quite sexy for many despite the fact that a lot of those men with the beards have them ironically. It doesn’t seem to matter though. Just looking like a big tough man is enough to warrant an attraction or some people just like the manly look but don’t want a “tough guy”. If you are looking for a bearded man, take a visit Bristlr. This website invites the bearded and the beard lovers to come together and meet. Search for beards nearby and find just the perfect length and texture you want. If you have a facial hair fetish, this site has the variety you are looking for.

11 Zombie Passions

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How did zombies become such an obsession? It is like the new vampire craze, but people are taking it to a new level. With zombie shows, movies, literature and a whole bizarre subculture, people have become fanatics about such a terrifying fictional scenario. Now, they are even finding love over zombies. You can visit Zombie Passions and meet other like minded zombie lovers for a date. You can sign up for free, and even if you aren’t looking for a date, you can come together just to chat. If anything the internet is providing channels for people that might not have anyway to connect with others that share their odd likes. If you find yourself consumed by a zombie overtake and want to chitchat about it, Zombie Passions is your new go to, and you might even find love while you are there. Sometimes, you find love in the most unusual places.

10 Clown Dating

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Do you love clowns or loathe them? Clowns seem to inspire extreme reactions in people, and for many they associate them with fear and horror movies. For those that live to dress as clowns and make a living from it, this can make life as a clown very lonely and depressing. Instead of clowning around and looking for love on their own, clowns have a website where they can safely interact with other clowns and clown lovers without being judged or feared. Clown Dating is for those that work as clowns with busy travel schedules or those that just love child entertainers. They can talk and arrange dates with one another. While you might be terrified of these colorful, face painted, red nosed terrors right out of a Stephen King movie, they are just (mostly) normal people looking for love. Now, they have a place where they can come together and find people that love them for just being a clown.

9 Hot Sauce Passions

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You either like hot food or you don’t. It seems to be a weird almost self-harming behavior the way some people consume hot food. This might be due to the fact that our bodies release feel good endorphins when our bodies are in pain. The more hot food we eat, the more pain we feel, the more endorphins are released creating almost a euphoria type feeling. However, some of us don’t like to face the pain to get to that point. For those that love to consume hot, spicy food you can now meet other people that love it just as much. While enjoying hot food doesn’t seem like enough to warrant a relationship based upon it, if you enjoy it at every meal and love to cook hot food, it really makes sense to be with someone that enjoys it too. Together they can bask in all that hot deliciousness.

8 Mullet Passions

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The 1970s and 1980s gave birth to a wide variety of strange and unattractive trends. From unkempt beards to massive, teased hair, there is a reason that trends fade out and remain only as infamous memories from a long past decade. However, the mullet has stuck around for some inexplicable reason. With a shortcut in the front and long hair in the back, it is a contradictory cut that is a glaringly outdated look. Yet, it doesn’t seem to stop people from continuing to wear it, and the famous saying, “business in the front, party in the back,” is the mullet calling card. Even now, decades after the mullet was popular, people still have them, and they even have a place to come together. Mullet Passions is a free network where mullet wearers or mullet lovers can find friendship and love together. Even people with bad haircuts need to find love, too.

7 Purrsonals

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Cats owners are one of the most devoted kinds of pet owners. Despite the fact that cats seem to be devoid of compassion and act like the don’t need humans, people still keep them in their house and even clean their litter boxes. Even as cute as kittens are, I just don’t like cats enough to have one as a pet. Although, I don’t understand it, millions of people have them and are so devoted to them that they want to date other cat lovers. Purrsonals is just the place that cat fanatics can meet up to talk about their cats and maybe even go on a date, that is if they can leave their cats long enough. If not they can arrange cat play dates. After all, if their cats don’t get along they probably can’t date, but they can explore the world wide web of cat lovers to find just the purrfect match. (I know, that was corny, but I couldn’t help myself.)

6 Star Trek Dating

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Of all the weird obsessions out there on the internet, Star Trek lovers are actually pretty normal. Their is a huge subculture that has existed for decades that loves the space centered series. The series first aired in 1966, and it is still inspiring movies today over 50 years later. So it is really no surprise that people would want to meet and date other Star Trek loving people. While it may seem “nerdy” to many, the idea of exploring the last undiscovered frontier is honestly a very fascinating thought when you consider all of the crazy possibilities out there. The vast unknown is very interesting and to consider what secrets it holds is why so many are drawn to Star Trek. At Star Trek Dating people can nerd-out with each other over all the details of the show, movies, and space itself without feeling judged about their love of all things trekky.

5 Dead Meet

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It takes a special type of person to work in the industry of dead people. From undertakers to those that perform autopsies, it is a hard job that requires a lot of tolerance and a strong stomach. If you happen to have a job working with dead people, it might be hard to find a spouse that understands your work and just how difficult it can be. People with normal jobs might not get it. Through Dead Meet, people can find other people with similar death related jobs. Instead of freaking out those normies with the details of just another day at work, find someone that understands what you are talking about and can relate. The industries dealing with the dead often scare people because most don’t want to face mortality. However, it is a fact of life, and those that see it everyday need someone that they can talk to and share in their experiences. Dead Meet is the perfect place.

4 Meet An Inmate

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There are a vast amount of prisoners out there looking for a little companionship. If you are into that sort of thing you can check out Meet An Inmate and find an actual incarcerated person and start a pen pal type relationship. While the site discourages a romantic relationship, it does happen, and many people seek relationships with inmates. While the site is meant to encourage more of companionship between inmates and civilians in hopes of creating a positive influence and an outlet for the inmates, what drives a person to interact with prisoners is a little concerning. Many inmates are dangerous criminals that can easily manipulate naive people just looking to help. If you decide to become a pen pal with a criminal that is locked up, be very cautious, and if you have any common sense, don’t start a romantic relationship. Even though it may seem like you can’t find a good date out in the free world, looking for a relationship in a prison isn’t the first place you should start.

3 The Ugly Bug Ball

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Sometimes dating can be difficult if you are...well, aesthetically challenged. When there are so many attractive people in the world hanging out in bars and snagging other good looking people, where do you go to find average or below average dating companions? The Ugly Bug Ball is a website where those that struggle with good looks can find others in their league without feeling pressure to compete against attractive people. It is a way to date without fearing judgement and rejection. It is really not a bad idea. You can be limited in finding a date when you live in an area with not many people, and you aren’t exactly a “good-looking” person. This way, people that aren’t as physically attractive can be open and honest with others in a setting where they are accepted and even sought after. No more crowded bars or hot people ignoring you. If you aren’t attractive, here is new hope for finding a mate!

2 Ghost Singles

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Sorry zombies and vampires or the living, Ghost Singles is strictly for ghosts. Do you ever wonder who you will date once you are dead? No worries! Ghost Singles has you covered. You can find your eternal mate here. If you are already dead, hop onto the site and find another ghost that is just as lonely. Just as their tagline says, “Don’t haunt alone”. While I don’t know how much actual web traffic this site receives, it is still a little alarming that this in fact exists. Do ghosts really get online to search for other ghosts? It seems a little skeptical, but then again, I guess I don’t know how hard it is to meet other ghosts. Keep this site in mind for the afterlife. You might even want to bookmark for the future, and hopefully you still have access to your computer after you have passed. Then, you can find sexy ghost singles.

1 Diaper Mates

If you are attracted to something very unusual so much so that you are embarrassed by it, you might just want to see a therapist. They might be able to help you untangle whatever weird and bizarre associations you have going on in your head that is creating the fetish or you can just go on the internet and find other people that also like the same bizarre-o things. Enter Diaper Mates. This website connects people from around the world that are into adults wearing diapers and other activities related to diaper wearing. You can chat with people and share photos or videos of your own diaper escapades. Despite the fact that these people are attracted to “diapers”, they can at least take solace in knowing that there are others out there that like the same things. However, instead of cruising the internet looking for adults wearing diapers, they might want to look for a good therapist.

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