17 Trends That The Kardashian Family Started (& 9 We Want To Forget About)

Over the years, we have all watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, taking note of the stars' wardrobe choices. Sometimes after a good binge-watching session, we just want to get up and go shopping, or just go online and splurge. This is all by design because designers pay America's favorite family the big bucks to wear their clothing on the reality show.

The Kardashians have become such a powerful influence on the fashion industry that it is safe to assume that without them wearing it, no one else will. If we see a new trend that Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall or Kylie is rocking, then it's bound to go viral - and soon everyone will want to be wearing it.

Since the early 2000s, the Kardashians have been a big staple in the fashion industry, giving all the top supermodels a run for their money. Just like the tides, fashion trends come in and they go out just as fast. There have been times in Kardashian fashion history that we have stared in awe of what they were wearing. There have been also been a few times where they have landed on the worst-dressed list (they are human beings just like everyone else, after all).

Here are the 17 trends that the Kardashians started and 9 we would just like to forget ever happened.

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26 What They Started: Leggings As Going Out Pants

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Kylie Jenner definitely had many twinning moments with her big sister, Kim Kardashian. The classic black leggings are no exception to this trend between the two of them.

Though leggings were coming back into fashion about ten years ago and still haven't stopped, the Kardashian family has streamlined this trend.

They made it perfectly acceptable to wear leggings not just as pajamas or working out gear, but as something fancier to go out in for a night on the town. Just make sure that you select the right material and fabric if you opt for leggings as going-out wear.

25 What They Started: Contouring For Enhancing Facial Features

It seems as though every Instagram model is contouring her face for the exponential growth of likes. Though contouring technically has a history that dates back the 14th century, Kim Kardashian gave it a name and a face in mainstream media.

Well before contouring kits were launched, Kim and her glam team successfully brought the original stage makeup technique to the masses. Now, everyone can have the appearance of cheekbones even if they are completely flat-faced.

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but there is no doubt that this woman has trademark has trademarked contouring by popularizing it. Before, no one had any clue what the word even meant.

24 What We Want To Forget About: Latex Clothing

Capital Film

Latex clothing is tight, shiny, and clings all over. Rather than smoothing and flattering, dresses made of latex tend to create even more bumps and bulges than we actually have.

Though we can applaud Kim for taking a fashion risk that not many are willing to take, this is one she missed the target on.

This is a look that is more suited for a weekend in Vegas than the red carpet. Far from elegant and close to gaudy.

23 What They Started: Athleisure Made Fancy

Marie Claire

If there is one recent trend that we can all agree to be grateful for, it is definitely "athleisure." It is comfortable, flattering, and chic whether or not you have decided to go to the gym that day. Kendall Jenner and her pal Gigi Hadid were the pioneers of this trend as well as Kylie Jenner (who signed a contract with Puma).

Athleisure literally takes anyone from day to night wear, and fitness wear lines have experienced a whopping increase in sales. Before athleisure came along, gym wear used to be tattered T-shirts and worn down shorts. Now, working out means mesh-paneled leggings and colorful crop-tops turned sports bras.

22 What We Want To Forget About: Teeny, Tiny Bags


Forget the tote bags, apparently, because these tiny purses are apparently now back in style. No matter how impractical they are and how little stuff you could possibly fit into them, you are simply not that cool if you do not own one of them. Oh yeah, and top that all off with narrow little sunglasses that don't shade your eyes.

According to the Kardashian family, oversized anything is out and teeny tiny bags are in.

This contradicts everything that the Kardashian lifestyle is all about, which is having everything you need as you navigate your way through the paparazzi.

21 What They Started: Colorful Hair Blended Into Natural Shades

Hollywood Life

Out of everyone in the Kar-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner is by far the most experimental when it comes to her hair color. This woman has pioneered the art of hair color and hair extensions and has even built her own hair extension line (along with her lipgloss line).

It is safe to say that Kylie Jenner has had every shade under the rainbow. Her signature hair look is like that of a mermaid because it always looks so shiny and ethereal no matter what hue she goes with. One of our favorites is the rose gold hair trend that she started where it is blonde blended in with pink shades.

20 What We Want To Forget About: Super Long Nails


The super long nail trend has been perpetuated by the Kardashians- but there is a difference between having natural human nails and having straight up cat claws.

Every girl who has ever had über long nails knows that once they have grown out to a certain extent, it is harder and harder to maintain them and perform everyday routine tasks.

Plus, they get dirty as they keep growing out. If they are acrylic, then they are super high maintenance. Embrace this trend at your own risk.

19 What They Started: The Slicked-Back, Wet Hair Look

Steal Her Style

The "wet hair" look is everything at the moment and it's the perfect going out look. The best part about it is that your hair isn't actually wet, it's bone dry. First you saw it on the Kardashians, now you are seeing it on every major runway for New York Fashion Week.

There are plenty of tutorials that show you how to achieve this look, and everyone should give it a try at least once. The wet hair look is the new tousled, beach waves. It is casual yet sultry all at the same time.

18 What They Started: Ultra Long, Cher Hair

E! News

The '70s style is definitely having a moment in fashion, especially for fall layering looks.

The super long, sleek and straight hair that Kim Kardashian copied from Cher is a definite addition to that trend.

"She always has the sickest style. I'm obsessed with her," Kardashian told the Harper's Bazaar Arabia. "To think that she was wearing these sheer dresses in the '70s and just what people must have thought back then."

They say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so Cher must be flattered that Kim is recreating her look.

17 What We Want To Forget About: Outside Corsets

Hollywood Life

The waist training corset is a trend that didn't even get a chance to get off the ground and work its way into mainstream fashion, and for good reason. Though the Kardashians are known for their curves, this is just taking it a little too far.

The original use of corsets was to wear them under your clothing to give the illusion of a smaller waist. How believable is it really that you have a smaller waist if the corset is just out in the open? We will have to write this off as a fashion miss, big time.

16 What They Started: Sweatshirts With Thigh High Boots

Daily Mail

Mom of three Kourtney Kardashian opts for the more low-key looks since she is too busy chasing around little kids to focus too much on glamour. But in true Kardashian style, you just can't wear something low-key without putting some sort of stylish twist on top of that.

The longer, slouchy sweater has enough length to double as a dress without having to pair it with bottoms.

Since she has shorter stature, Kourtney can get away with wearing thigh-high boots with the sweater. She is definitely no soccer mama right here, she is way too chic for that.

15 What They Started: T-Shirts With Thigh High Boots


This is pretty much almost the same as the last entry with the sweater with the thigh high boots. Except for this time, Kourtney Kardashian is a Metallica fan (or at least pretending to be) with an oversized concert tee paired with thigh high boots.

This is perfect for those who want to pull off the grunge look while at the same time adding a touch of femininity. Just make sure that you choose a T-shirt that is at least 2-3 times your size so that you can pull it off as a T-shirt dress. This thrown-together look can be appealing in a casual way.

14 What They Started: Lampshading


Though "lampshading" might sound like an interior design project, it's actually the trend for fall. Yes, we can thank the Kardashians for this one once again. As we have seen Kourtney rocking the over-sized top and no bottoms before, it has now officially become a thing.

Basically, it’s the practice of pairing tight, thigh-high boots with an oversized sweater, shirt, or loose dress — creating that lampshade-like silhouette, according to Today.

There is nothing more attractive in an I-just-pulled-this-together look than lampshading. Even Kylie Jenner could pull this off shortly after giving birth to her daughter Stormi, which is pretty impressive.

13 What We Want To Forget About: Clear Plastic Boots


Rocking some clear plastic heels is one thing. But wearing clear plastic boots is just overkill. I mean, this literally makes your legs look like they have been wrapped in Saran Wrap. Take a hard pass on this one for multiple reasons. According to medical professionals, see-through shoes are not the best choice for your feet.

“You are putting your feet at serious risk by essentially wrapping them in non-breathable plastic,” NYC-based podiatrist to the stars Dr. Suzanne Levine told Page Six of the transparent shoe trend.

“Without any aeration, the moist environment can exacerbate pre-existing fungal conditions or bacterial infections, in addition to increasing your risk for blisters.”

12 What They Started: Duster Sweaters

Daily Mail

Khloe Kardashian is killing it when it comes to casual street style. She knows the art of layering down to a science. Now, you can still technically wear some summer clothes in the early months of fall thanks to duster sweaters.

Duster sweaters pair beautifully with something that is more figure-hugging underneath.

Since it so long, loose and creates a silhouette, it is better not to wear anything baggy underneath it. Again, it is in a nude shade, which is another signature Kardashian trend.

11 What They Started: Half Up, Half Down Top Knot

People Magazine

Out of all the Kar-Jenner sisters, Khloe and Kylie seem to like to change up their hairstyle the most while Kim, Kourtney, and Kendall tend to make subtle changes here and there.

The half-up, half-down knot is the cute little rendition of a half-up, half-down ponytail and we are eating it up like candy. This adorable look is easy to do, and can easily be worn every day, whether dressed up or dressed down. It's a youthful look that is playful, flirty and can be easily done on all hair textures. Props to Khloe for this one.

10 What They Started: Long, Layering Coats

Circle Mag

The long coat trend started with the Kardashians back in 2014 when Kim started getting pregnant and trying to pull off new maternity looks. Even though Kendall pictured here is the only one in that family who has yet to have kids, she still stuns in this long layering vest that flatters her figure.

Now you will see this in street fashion, especially now that we are saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

Whether this long layering effect comes in the form of a coat or a vest, we simply just cannot get enough of it. Kudos to this trend for sure.

9 What They Started: Double Denim (A.K.A Canadian Tuxedo)


To give credit where credit is due, Britney and Justin started the double denim trend back in 2003 with their iconic red carpet appearance. Once that faded out, the Kardashians revived it again in 2013 where no woman was complete without a denim jacket in her closet.

Denim-on-denim, AKA the "Canadian Tuxedo" is no longer the taboo "fashion don't" it once was. As long as you wear it in a more casual manner rather than for a formal event, you can pretty much get away with it. You can also pair it with a white lace bodysuit a la Khloe Kardashian.

8 What We Want To Forget About: Fur Slides

Daily Mail

Though Khloe did do a shoot for PETA, that doesn't stop the Kardashian sisters from wearing faux fur. Fur slides are an attempt to look chic as you are strolling through the airport or going somewhere that is not particularly important enough to dress up for.

This a is trend is most likely just a fad that will go out just as soon as it came in.

It won't go down in the books as being a timeless, classic look and nor should it. Leave the faux fur for jackets, not for your feet. This fur slide trend is just a little bit too extra.

7 What They Started: Neutral Shades

TV Guide

"Millennial Pink" is this generation's iconic color and subdued tones are in fashion, especially in monochrome form. This pink blends perfectly with nude, neutral tones that can flatter anyone of any skin tone.

The Kardashians tend to stick with a neutral or even nude palette, which complements the contouring makeup effect beautifully. Many colors of the years in the past have been bright and bold, but now we are seeing fashion going in a more calmer direction with nude shades. We are in love with this cleaner look because it focuses on your natural beauty without going overboard on the color.

6 What They Started: Distressed Everything

Style Bistro

What better way to reinvent the '90s grunge, distressed jeans look than to class it up with some more polished tops? Kourtney Kardashian makes a perfect case for mastering the art of dressing up and dressing down.

Distressed jeans look good when they're high-waisted, a bit loosely fit, and paired with a sleek bodysuit and a long coat to match.

Kourtney is slaying in these distressed skinny jeans with that lightweight, polished jacket (and surprise! it's in another neutral shade again). Even when distressed jeans fade out of fashion for a short period of time, they are sure to come back in.

5 What We Want To Forget About: Chokers Need To Go Back To The '90s


Sure, chokers had a bit of a moment back in 2016 (even though that was only 2 years ago) when people were obsessing over every single '90s trend that ever existed. Heck, even overalls are back in (and have absolutely no place on this list, thank you very much).

Chokers are cute when they have that loose, layered effect a la Free People, but those stark black dog collar chokers look like they are just uncomfortable. Kendall Jenner brought them back in for a while, but they are fading fast and traveling back into time where they belong.

4 What They Started: Bodysuits


Bodysuits are both form-fitting and practical at the same time. They flatter your figure while making it so you don't have to worry about tucking your shirt in. Not to mention that they look super flattering with high-waisted jeans.

Though Kim is rocking the bodysuit in this photo, Khloe Kardashian was actually the one who started her own line of bodysuits with the brand Good American.

A bodysuit is perfect for forming that perfect silhouette, no matter what your body type is. Bodysuits are size-inclusive and they will flatter all shapes and sizes of women.

3 What We Want To Forget About: Lip Fillers For That Unnatural Pout


Sure, full pouts have always been a thing and people have always desired the look for full, luscious lips to thin ones. Ever since Angelina Jolie, people have been injecting foreign liquids into their lips for that pouty appeal.

Kylie Jenner took the world by shock when she transformed her appearance with lip fillers at such a young age. We would rather forget about this stunt because now all these high school girls believe it to be normal to make drastic, artificial changes to your appearance. But beyond her filler phase, she has now created an entire business around accentuating your lips with her new lipgloss line.

2 What We Want To Forget About: Knee-Length Jorts


Kim Kardashian is normally the queen of mastering daytime looks but this is one where she was just off. With an hourglass shape like hers, jorts (jean Bermuda shorts) just look strange and disproportional.

While she was out and about, Kim definitely turned some heads with this unconventional trend- we haven't seen it go mainstream yet, and we are hoping that it won't.

We have yet to see a swarm of girls walk down a big city rocking these jorts like they are a normal thing. Let's cross our fingers that it won't happen.

1 What They Started: Dramatic, Smokey Eyes

My Top Face

Before contouring and dramatic lips took over the beauty scene, many women flocked to the smoky eye trend, according to The List. When Kim Kardashian came on the scene, she was known for that signature smokey eye look- long before her contouring trend took its place.

Smokey eyes are still a go-to staple for a going out look when we want our eyes to pop more. The Kardashian family was the first to really embrace the sultry, dark look which accelerated their stardom. The trend of using grey and black hues are thanks to America's favorite family.

References: The List, In Style, Today, Page Six

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