17 Times Brad Pitt Didn’t Realize The Paparazzi Were Watching

Whether you were a fan of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston or Brangelina, right now both relationships are in the dust — so what is happening with the hunky actor?

We know the past couple of years have been tumultuous for the Hollywood A-lister who fell in love with the sultry Angelina Jolie, the mother of his children, during Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The two called it quits in September 2016. Since then, Pitt has been in a frail state, but we do not know much as Pitt has decided to keep his issues private (which we totally respect). The couple once shone so brightly in public — it is crazy how things change.

However, we know that deep down inside, from the day their separation was announced, the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston shippers were undoubtedly thrilled. From the day that Pitt left the perky Friends star, fanatical fans were desperately begging for them to get back together; their romance was undeniable. We also know that Pitt does not have the cleanest history, and some began worrying for Pitt's mental state following reports of his split from Jolie.

And let us not forget his beautiful children. We know Pitt is not a fan of being away from them. Since the Pitt-Jolie divorce is not finalized yet, what exactly has Pitt been up to since 2016? Read on to keep tabs on him.

17 Brad Pitt Surprised Jen Aniston At Her 50th Birthday Celebrations

via Just Jared

Jennifer Aniston turned 50 this month — wait, what? And so, with the big five-o came a big birthday bash for the beautiful star we all fell in love with in Friends. The friendly exes are closer than most of us thought, which is probably why media outlets desperately tried to get photos of Pitt in attendance. And fans were surprised, since the former flames have not been spotted out together much.

However, leave it to Pitt, Prince Charming, to surprise his ex at her star-studded 50th birthday celebrations. According to Closer Weekly, "They had such a nice time and were reminded of what they once had."

Oh, is something burning up again? Whatever it may be, we are glad the two are on good terms.

16 That Time Pitt Won

via Radar Online

Another rare shot of Pitt looking all giddy — why? From what we do know, the divorce battle between the once-lovers has been one full of tension. With six children, we could only imagine the handful it has been.

If you are somewhat in the loop though, you may already know that it is only since last year, in May, that Pitt gained custody of his adorable children.

Taking some fresh air, Pitt looked like a happy camper the day he left his lawyer's office. Grinning from ear to ear, you can easily tell how much love the Hollywood hunk has for his children — we like seeing a joyful Pitt looking like he has just won the lottery.

15 Pitt Just Cruising Around

via LipstickAlley

Everybody needs a little time away, even from their dearest ones when going through a tough time — yes, even celebrities. While some artists write songs about their breakups (ahem, Ariana Grande) others find other hobbies to engage in, like the Hollywood salt-and-pepper star.

We never know where celebrities are going to turn when the going gets tough, but as we see here, Pitt picked up some cycling to find some peace — and we are oh-so-proud. With all the drama going on in his life, we are glad that he picked up a healthy hobby to take some of the stress away.

He also looks pretty dapper while doing so. Look at Pitt showing off his skills and all — want to teach us sometime, Mr. Pitt?

14 The Divorce Took A Toll On The Star

via Star Magazine

The divorce between the two mega movie stars and icons has dragged on for quite some time now, and if we were Pitt, we too would be in over our heads. We could only imagine how destructive this has been to Pitt's mental state since it has carried on and on — and, nothing is even finalized yet. Pitt looks quite gaunt above.

The divorce process has been quite public, but Pitt, has not been out too often in the public eye since.

However, according to Life and Style Magazine, fans became concerned about his unhealthy appearance, as seen here. His slim figure was the root of much gossip since 2017, as Pitt must have forgotten the paparazzi would be around to snap pictures of him in his fragile state.

13 Pitt Caught In An Accident

We could only imagine all that is going through Pitt's head since the traumatic split, as we cannot forget that he is only human. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, we just need time to sit back and relax because our minds get clouded and going behind the wheel when stressed is not the brightest idea.

Pitt, in February 2018, was caught by the paparazzi causing a car accident — so, were the paparazzi driving behind him, or…? Pitt surely did not know he had the paparazzi tailing him when he rear-ended a Nissan Altima with his Tesla and caused a collision, according to Mix 96. The fender-bender occurred while he was driving near his home. Pitt looked calm, cool and collected, though.

12 The Actor Was In Role

via Radar Online

Pitt's flair and talent on-screen are undeniable, but how is he when he is caught in action while acting? Totally into what he is doing, that is for sure — we see a steady face of dedication on the set of his new movie, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

We cannot wait to see Pitt make his return to the silver screen, but in the meantime, the paparazzi provided us with this little snippet of what we are to expect — and to no surprise, he looked mighty fine.

Despite all the drama that he has been surrounded by over the past two years, when Pitt is in his happy place on set, it seems as though not a thing has changed in his life as he appears so focused. And that is the Pitt we and Jen Aniston fell in love with.

11 His Flirting Game Was Strong

What an actor does on set is all on them — some get really into their roles, while some just do things they probably should not be doing — but who are we to judge?

In 2016 Brangelina's split was announced, and Pitt, who must sometimes forget he is a Hollywood heavyweight, did not help his case.

In May 2016 when the commotion between Pitt and Jolie erupted, Pitt, pictured here, got a little too close to his co-star Lizzy Caplan, and the paparazzi were watching. Whether it was a part of the film or not, the flirting was evident, and Pitt certainly added fuel to the already lit fire.

10 That Time At The Motorcycle Show

via OK! Magazine

We just pictured Pitt on a motorcycle and got up to do the happy dance!

This picture of the Hollywood hunk, looking all fashionable at a bike show, was taken in summer 2016 when Jolie and Pitt started going through a rough patch. However, we are 99 percent sure that Pitt was clueless about the paps being around — that could be because he was having so much fun.

A fanatical fan of the actor knows that the alternative mode of transportation is Pitt's favorite pastime. He was snapped cozying up with the biker ladies, too. It is not like he could have kept a low profile.

9 What Is The A-Lister Carrying?

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And to quote the infamous Alan from The Hangover, "Plus it's not a man purse. It's called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one."

All fashionistas out there may know about one of the newest menswear trends, the murse (aka man purse) — and if you do not, then Pitt beat you to it.

Pictured here earlier this year in Los Angeles, Pitt was spotted with a woven bucket bag that he had slung over his shoulder. Guess what? Whether you like it or not, the star looked like a confident stud with his aviator sunglasses, signature Pitt newsboy cap, white t-shirt and grey jeans. High five on getting the fashion memo, Pitt!

8 Pitt And Rocky - Iconic Moment

via Instagram

This is a double whammy — two huge Hollywood icons together and bonding! We think our invite got lost in the mail, but we will deal with that sorrow later.

The two bumped into each other while at the Los Angeles Art Festival recently, and we are humbled; the two look so thrilled to be in one another's company. And is it just us, or do they both look starstruck?

Sylvester Stallone shared the picture of their chance encounter on IG, and we are hoping their conversation entailed some film talk. How about a Fight Club sequel with both actors? We are secretly hoping for it since the two have not worked in a movie together.

7 Look At How Focused He Was

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This could be a first, or maybe we just weren't aware that the actor who collects bikes had a passion for art. You know what makes this picture of Pitt looking focused so much cuter? The fact that he spent his Valentine's Day at the Frieze Art Fair.

Pitt looked like he was in such a great mood and according to Us Weekly, the art fair that took place just days after his reunion with Aniston saw a Pitt who was in high spirits.

Among the many other celebrities who were there, like Leonardo DiCaprio, it was clear that the actor, who attended the fair on his own, was being watched by all — all eyes were on him. Well, he is a masterpiece.

6 Why So Smiley?

via Entertainment Tonight

We are ecstatic to see how content and healthy Pitt looks lately, especially since we do not get to see as much of him as we'd like. He looks way better now than he did last year and in 2016 — why? We do not know, but he seems to be enjoying the small things in life, like spending time in his art studio, which is where this photo was taken by the paparazzi.

Kudos to Pitt for finding solace in other hobbies and doing whatever he can to move forward and in a positive direction. He certainly looked buff too, so we can assume he has been working out, and the salt and pepper look is totally his thing.

5 Pitt Partying During Divorce Battle

via The WAU

Children should be with their parents, so it is a total shame that Pitt's children are going through what they are. Hence why Pitt has expressed numerous times in the past couple of years that he is very disappointed in Jolie for making their split so public.

However, there is also a lot we do not know, although Jolie has wanted to dig pretty deep. According to The Mirror, Jolie hired a private investigator to get some clues as to what Pitt was doing while she was not present during the filming of Allied, and the above is a photo of the result.

We are not sure if it was right or wrong of Jolie to inform the public that he was partying while being surrounded by women, but nonetheless, Pitt clearly never knows when the paps have their eye on him.

4 Pitt Caught Beaming

It has been quite difficult for the paparazzi to snatch photos of the star lately — and we all know if the paps are not getting photos, the celebrity must be doing a top-notch job at hiding or camouflaging.

However, above is a photo of Pitt, 55, spotted out for the first time since attending his ex-wife's birthday bash — notice the hat?

Besides the outfit, Pitt looks dashing. The heartthrob label has followed him around for so long but here, he legitimately just looks delighted. Since his split from Jolie, we have not seen much of the happy-go-lucky Pitt.

This may not be his best look but we’re just thrilled to see his face glowing.

3 Pitt And Jolie Caught Arguing

via Instagram

We are all human, and none of us live a life that is all sunshine and rainbows; it is normal to get into disputes, and the same applies to celebrities, which some tend to forget. We are going to remain neutral about this photo and not take sides, but clearly, it shows that the couple, who are now divorcing, had some issues — but hey, most couples argue at least once in their lifetimes.

Nevertheless, since we knew since 2016 that domestic bliss was no longer present in this famous relationship, these photos that were taken on the balcony of a Sydney hotel by the paparazzi give us a clue into what was happening between Pitt and Jolie. Pitt clearly did not seem amused.

2 Thankfully, Pitt Was Not Banned From Airports

via FameFlynet UK

This is certainly one of the instances when Pitt totally forgot that he’s a celebrity and that all eyes would be on him and his ex-lover.

In 2016, a fight between the two parents had emerged all over the tabloids, and unfortunately, Pitt was caught on his worst behavior. According to Entertainment Daily, while at the airport, the two were caught up in an argument, and Pitt was also intoxicated when it all went down.

Apparently, many heard the two arguing on and off the airplane, and when Pitt got off the plane, he went to relieve himself on the side of the airport.

1 The Single Actor Being Gracious

via Irish Mirror

There is something about Pitt's pearly whites that has made us melt from the start, and when he shows them, we are the happiest. Despite going through a really rough time, the single actor managed to crack a smile when he stepped out in New York and he looked happier than he did in months.

What we love most about this photo of Pitt, who strut the streets in a very cheerful demeanor, was that, according to The Mirror, he took the time to wave at fans and pay attention to them. Whether Pitt knew that the paparazzi were watching him or not on his way to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he slayed them with kindness.

Sources: Closer Weekly, Us magazine, Daily Mail, Entertainment Daily, The Mirror

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