17 Surefire Ways To Determine Your Style Personality

How does one define style and does it have a personality? We live in an age where style is defined as whatever you want it to be. If you can conceive it, then you can achieve it. Many see this as an opportunity to express themselves, and I'm all for this and certainly understand the importance of creativity. However, as with most things in life, there needs be a “point” to our efforts.

A sense of style is something each individual should aspire to cultivate. Style could be simple, bold, girly, creative, flamboyant, etc. and should reflect your personality and character - the essence of who you are as a person. Why does this matter? Well, because understand that the clothes you wear speak either “for" or “against” you, based on the end result. The reality is that in order to get the results that we want from our clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, etc., we must first determine our style personality.

Style personality serves as the guide that points one in the right direction, hinting on the right choices for clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and even accessories. Everything you wear should "flow" and send out one united message that says: "I rock". When you get this right, the end result is the "wow" factor. When you get it wrong, we (the onlooker) end up with visual onslaught with clothes, hair, makeup, accessories and shoes all vying for attention simultaneously. So, this begs the question: How do I determine my style personality?

Firstly, it's important to note that although some people fall into more than one category, there are generally five types of style personality:

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17  Romantic


Your style is Romantic if you lean towards colors such as pinks and peaches, and textures such as ruffles, frills, flowers and appliqués. Definitely a tactile creature, you tend to love skincare routines and beauty products and don't like to leave home without your perfume. When it comes to accessories, you prefer delicate jewelry, whether this is simple or bold. Something quite interesting is that many romantic style personalities have dainty, delicate and feminine features. Speaking of femininity, many have a preference for kitten heels and peep-toes. Makeup is often subtle and hair, softly curled. Does this sound like you?

16 Classic


On the other hand, you are a Classic dresser if you like to wear suits and prefer smart trousers to jeans. You don't follow fashion the way most do, but rather prefer a timeless look. You like that sleek, elegant and refined look, and it works well for you. You are one style personality that definitely understands the importance of dressing for "effect". You like to appear well-dressed but never "over done". Classic style personalities don't like too many colors in one outfit and neither do you, usually preferring classic color combinations.  It's important to mention that for the Classic dresser your image and personality go hand in hand. You tend to be an organized person by nature, which complements your generally ordered appearance quite well. Are you a Classic?

15 Creative

A Creative style personality is fashion-bold and likes to have fun with her wardrobe. It’s important for her to express her personality and she will generally have a varied wardrobe that's often unconventional. For shopping, she likes to explore the little side-street shops rather than the high-street retailers. Unusual color combinations are attractive to her and her style is often as unique as it is unpredictable. Accessories are her friend and she likes to wear statement pieces. For hairstyles, this could be textured, loose or colored. Lady Creative is definitely not a "fashion follower" and tends to prefer one-off pieces rather than complete outfits. Why not? She takes pride in her bold style combinations.

14 Dramatic


Being a Dramatic dresser, you love to stage an entrance especially since you are literally a drama queen. Typically, you thoroughly enjoy following the latest trends and for you shopping is a favorite pastime. You are so committed to stardom that you’d rather be overdressed than underdressed. So it’s no surprise that your makeup tends to be striking, with luscious lashes being a major feature. For accessories, it's basically the same – overall, bold and striking. Hairstyles are equally bold and mostly well styled. However if the truth be told, you sometimes have trouble toning down your look for work. You’re in love with fashion magazines and beauty products, and rightly so. With good body confidence, your end-game is that red carpet effect. It works for you. Go for it!

13 Natural

You have a natural style personality if feeling comfortable is your top priority, evidenced by hair that’s often worn casual, unfussy and tousled. You rarely wear twin sets since you prefer separates. Things like denim, khaki, cord and sometimes tweed are your friends. When it comes to makeup, you have a minimalist approach and often prefer to go natural and please, let's not bore you with beauty routines and this constant gazing in the mirror seeking the slightest excuse for a touch up. For jewelry, it's often earthy tones, wood, shell and stones. In short, keeping that simple, uncluttered look is important to you. Flat shoes work best for you with boots being a popular choice. When it comes to heels it's usually kitten or stiletto, any day. Since comfort is so important, you dislike tight, constricting clothes. Being over-dressed is an absolute abomination, which by the way, sometimes includes makeup. A lot of you are tom-boyish and sporty, often choosing practicality over making a statement.

12 Google to the Rescue


The next step is to try to confirm some of the conclusions that you are beginning to draw based on all of the above. In case you didn’t know, one of the best ways to determine your style personality is to do a Google search on some Hollywood stars who you feel mirror your current style. Pay attention to clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, and note even the perfumes they wear. Be as thorough about this as you can and examine each star in different photos and outfits. Pay attention to patterns that emerge. These include preferences for clothes, color, fabrics and the intensity or muteness of the star's overall appearance. In other words, is it bold or dramatic, creative or natural? Basically, weigh your observations against the profiles we discussed earlier. Here are some possibilities:

11 Nicole Kidman - Romantic

Nicole Kidman has been dubbed by some as a “passionate romantic” because of her gracefulness and feminine style. She's been described as a fashionable woman on the Hollywood scene and often plays up her romantic side with her hairstyles characterized by their soft ringlets and wispy fringes. When it comes to clothes Nicole loves ruffles, bows and lace and can generally be seen in outfits that can best be described not just as feminine, but also sensuous, detailed, and girly-girly. If you’re a Romantic personality like Nicole, you’ll also generally prefer dresses to skirts and trousers, and your makeup is often subtle with emphasis on the eyes. Next, let’s take a look at:

10 Penelope Cruz - Romantic

She’s been said to love dresses that feel “very romantic”, with lace and tulle being major features of her style repertoire.  Her signature look includes strapless and and sleeveless gowns, often nipped at the waist.  When it comes to beauty, Penelope will often finish off with a lush hair style and dramatic eye makeup and as a final touch, a nude-like shade of lipstick. Two of her favorite designers are reported to be Oscar de la Renta, Chanel and Valentino.  For jewelry, this will typically be something simple, e.g. diamonds. Hmm… Could you be a Romantic style personality?

9 Katie Holmes - Classic

With an undeniable classic and refined look, Katie favors equally classic color combinations, simple jewelry and a timeless hairstyle. When it comes to clothes Katie's style tends to keep it clean, with straight lines that dominate. She will often be seen in garments that are soft and draping, and tops, jackets and dresses that nip in at the waist.  Being a Classic dresser, her wardrobe will feature  a lot of neutrals such as black, gray and navy.  It's obvious that this Classic style personality is not into loud or fad, trending outfits.  It's interesting to note that the Classic style can also be considered the basis of what we often label as "chic" which basically means neat, sharp and elegant.  Who can argue that Katie is spot on. Now, could this be you, too?

8 Reese Witherspoon - Classic

Another star with that classic, elegant style. She has a knack for pulling together simple separates and is a lover of the classic pencil-dress. There are no surprises when it comes to jewelry, which tends to be simple to avoid a cluttered look. If you've ever seen her in street style outfits, you can't help but appreciate the way her bright colors come together to create an ambiance of warmth. Black is definitely not one of Reese's favorite colors and she can almost never be seen wearing black, preferring instead to replace it with navy as her neutral, staple color. If you have the ability to take a few pieces and turn them into the epitome of style and elegance, well then, you just might be a classic style personality. If this is you, work it!

7 Sarah Jessica Parker - Creative


Sarah Jessica Parker favors sky-high heels, statement jewelry and body hugging dresses. With her Creative style personality, Sarah Jessica Parker is a trend-setter rather than a follower who is known to finish off an outfit with an extravagant head piece. Definitely not shy about her looks or style, and true to type of most Creative style personalities, throwing together colors, textures and fabrics in a way that some might consider a little too random, is actually her trademark.  Anyone who has seen Sarah Jessica Parker in clothes will agree that she definitely makes a statement, and while the casual onlooker might not always be clear on just what that statement is, one certainly cannot fault her (shall we call it) style gusto? If this is you, you go girl! Next, let’s look at:

6 Sienna Miller - Creative

Sienna favors high-low pairings as well as stripes and accessorizing with modern costume jewelry. Many are afraid to wear stripes because of their boldness, but not Sienna. She’s definitely the go-to person when your creativity leads you to striped outfits. Her style is interesting  in that she likes to mix and match high-end designer pieces with vintage and even thrift-store goodies. She tends to wear a lot of neutral colors like black, brown, gray and white, while adding brightly colored accessories to accent.  Sienna created a lot of buzz during a red-carpet event she once attended when she was spotted wearing a white dress with cape-like sleeves - definitely a bold and creative style statement.

5 Scarlett Johansson - Dramatic

Scarlett represents that Old Hollywood glamour combined with a sexy retro look. Her makeup tends to be dramatic and her hairstyles, shapely. A lot of women wear bold makeup and hairstyles, but really, it’s the combination of all these elements that add the glam to her style statement. Some have dubbed Scarlett  a fashion-dramatic diva due to her ability to dig up unique outfits from even the most obscure and hidden crevices of the vintage world.  A confessed lover of vintage, Scarlett Johansson will always impress with her ability to transform even the worst ancient Hollywood look  into a walking fashion show, and cause you to enjoy the show as she pulls everything together with an eye-catching sense of the dramatic. which pens her style. However, also consider:

4 Halle Berry - Dramatic

Halle is on the other end of the Dramatic spectrum. She's a different version of the Dramatic style than Scarlett in that  though she does have a penchant for jeans and baby-doll dresses, totally transforms when there's a red carpet event and still achieves the same head-turning  results. Her style is often described as bold-dramatic.  Halle loves sexy dresses with plunging necklines and lest we forget, her beloved animal prints.  Halle is every designers dream with her ability to wear clothes in a way that creates eye-catching, regal visuals.   She definitely knows how to take the dramatic style to the next level, and does it with panache.  Do you?  If so, you could be a Creative style personality.

3 Cameron Diaz - Natural

With Cameron, it’s obvious that her message is casual chic, eclectic style (meaning half glamorous and half laid back). Her jewelry can usually be seen to accentuate her simple look. Her clothes tend to be easy with few details, and makeup is simple and natural. She's been spotted time and time again wearing denim to different types of events yet somehow manages to pull off this natural look through her ability to infuse the most casual of dress items with her natural simplicity in a way that ensures it never becomes bland.  Cameron wears denim in the form of jeans, blazers and jackets, while balancing this by her choice of unassuming basic tops with splashes of color in just the right places. The same goes for her choice of accessories and hand bags.  If this might be you, rest assured that it's perfectly Ok not to want to pile on clothes, makeup shoes, etc. and feel lost in this fashion-dictated world we live in. Stay true to yourself. It's who you are.

2 Kate Hudson- Natural

Looking at Kate Hudson, we find that same simple chic with a special, unique twist. When it comes to hairstyles she’s able to take the simplest of hairdos and transform them into attention-grabbing works of art. At the risk of bursting any bubbles, please understand that having a Natural style personality is NOT synonymous with no effort. The end result of not making any effort with one's appearance and choice of clothing, is simply put, “boring” and does not reflect the Natural style personality. Remember that the whole point of determining your style personality is to use it to guide you into looking your best, and this cannot be achieved with zero effort. I just thought I'd lay this matter to rest, lest some of us continue to walk in error...

1 Pulling It All Together

Now, let’s try and pull everything together. A picture of someone who matches your style personality can be very helpful when shopping because you can mentally make decisions on the suitability (or not) of accessories and separates through building up a complete picture of the general style you are aiming to achieve. Approaching it this way makes it much easier to decide whether that dress you're about to blow your salary on "matches" your style personality or not.

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