17 Stars We Can't Decide On

Hollywood is filled with beautiful people, but what is and isn't considered good looking? Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson may meet Hollywood standards for a stunning woman and man, but it seems like more people are turning their heads to celebrities who are unique. They may not be stunners, and while not everyone wants to be them, there’s something about them that people find more appealing than celebrities who are blessed with perfection.

Some people think unconventional celebrities are undeniably attractive. Perfectly symmetrical features are not necessary to make someone appealing. Distinctive features show character and make them stand out. It could be why people are drawn to them.

Adam Driver is the epitome questionable features. Not all of his fans thought he was attractive at first, but they gradually fell into his trap. Same could be said about Anne Hathaway. Why? Some things just cannot be explained. Obviously, not everyone agrees. Some find these celebrities unattractive and don’t get why people obsess over them but to each his own.

Here's the list of 17 stars people still can’t determine whether they’re caliente or not. What do you think?

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17 Sarah Jessica Parker: Not As Glamourous As Carrie Bradshaw


She’s known for her iconic role as the stylish Carrie Bradshaw, on the hit show Sex and the City. Before that, she played one of the three witches in Hocus Pocus. The vast differences in these two characters played by the actress might symbolize how the world feels about her, torn.Fans appreciate her for everything that she is, and others just don't see it. You know who saw her spark? Aiden did! He appreciated her from the very start.

The world might not be obsessed with her the way Aiden on Sex and the City, was but this doesn't mean that she is not attractive. This just means that to some of us, Sarah Jessica Parker will always be the stunning and stylish Carrie Bradshaw and to others, she will always be Sarah Sanderson (from Hocus Pocus). What everyone needs to remember is how she good she looked in literally everything she wore on SATC. In my opinion, this is one celeb that could wear a plastic bag and make it look good.

16 Benedict Cumberbatch: Doctor Strange


His fans call themselves the Cumberb*#ches or Cumberbabes — the polite way to say it. Anyone who hasn’t watched him in Sherlock probably wouldn’t understand what makes him irresistible. Apparently, he wasn't attractive enough for the role. Some online magazines have compared him with characters in the movie Ice Age. Some people do not appreciate him for the wonderful human that he is, and that is okay… He does have unique features that only the best of us can appreciate. Not all of his fans found him attractive at first, but now find him irresistible. Everyone has their own opinions on his looks, but one thing for sure is Benedict Cumberbatch may have played Sherlock Holmes, but he committed a crime when he stole our hearts.

15 Emma Stone: Not Appreciated In Her Time


While she has a very successful acting career, it’s hard to determine whether she’s got it or not. She might be different than the most famous faces in Hollywood but this doesn't mean she isn't beautiful in her own way. Like with everyone else, she has moments when she looks gorgeous, and there are times when she looks silly. But her fans appreciate her for expressing her goofy side even if she is a big star acting alongside some pretty huge names. One of those big names was romantically linked to her back in March 2012, when she and Andrew Garfield were caught kissing by the paparazzi. It was later confirmed by the actors that they were in a relationship. Their fans were ecstatic by this new love as these two similarly quirky souls had found each other. Sadly the love didn't last forever as the pair ended their relationship in 2016.

14 Ryan Gosling: Thinking Much?


After he starred in The Notebook, he became almost every woman’s dream guy. He’s considered to be one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, but obviously, there are some heated debates on his appearance, like with all celebrities. Some just don’t get how anyone could find him attractive, while others would sell their car for one date with him. There have been posts online of people expressed their anger that he was placed in the same category with classic hunks like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. The truth is that most people probably didn't find him cute at first, then fell into his love trap. Ryan Gosling may look like an average guy in this picture, but it can be hard not to fall in crazy, stupid, love with him.

13 Anne Hathaway: Some Serious Side Eye


Has anyone seen her in that cute, lighthearted movie, The Intern? Starring opposite Rober DeNiro, the pair have some serious chemistry, as best friends of course. She is a very talented actress, people can't deny that, but deciding on her attractiveness is where the world becomes divided. She may not be the typical blonde Barbie looking girl but she has the sweetest face. She definitely has a beautiful smile, it radiates happiness and makes it hard not to smile back at the screen. She also has this energy that some actors have called "magnetic."

Anne Hathaway may look a bit miserable in this picture, but she still looks pretty good for someone who's out running errands with NO makeup on! Think of how most of us would look sans makeup. Being makeup free can be the stuff of nightmares.

12 Norman Reedus: That Long, Greasy 'Do


Norman Reedus is that bad boy we all know and love. He's quiet yet ready to fight anyone bad that comes his way, like a modern day, more rugged prince charming. Sadly, not everyone is into his look, especially when his hair looks unwashed. Many women who watch the Walking Dead can’t get enough, and it’s all because of his character Daryl Dixon. He’s killed a lot of zombies, and the fact that he rides a motorcycle only makes him even hotter. If anyone wanted to be protected from the walkers, then they’d want to be with him because of his powerful masculine presence. He may not be a typical hottie, but there’s just something about him that makes him hard to resist. Even the walking dead want a piece of this fine Norman Reedus.

11 Kristen Stewart: Vampire Turned Punk


She made a name for herself as Bella Swan in the Twilight series. Some people find her unattractive because she looks plain and boring like she doesn’t have a personality. She also looks unimpressed with everything around her. She’s famously known for not being able to make more than one facial expression, so that explains it. Some people could find that trait charming. Anyway — she had brown hair for the longest time, and it really made her beautiful green eyes pop, but now she seems to have embraced a very different look. She drastically changed her appearance — she shaved and dyed her hair blonde. She also flaunts her washboard abs in a white crop top. She pulls off the new look very well though. Kristen Stewart might've gone from a vampire to punk, but she's still attractive in many people's eyes.

10 Adrien Brody: Nobody Nose What To Think

Daily Mail

The youngest Oscar winner for Best Actor is not only recognized for his talent, but he’s also famously known for his distinctive facial features. When people take a glance at him, you'll notice that his nose is the most predominant feature on his face. The public has made it clear that some do and some don't appreciate it. It's unfortunate that people would focus more on his unique nose, than his acting chops. He has really taken pride in his work and should be noticed more for that than the feature he was born with. We love and appreciate his work, right?

Fans will find different qualities attractive, and some women are into strong facial features. Adrien Brody may not be traditionally handsome, but he’s tall, and his unique look makes him more appealing than other actors.

9 Maggie Gyllenhaal: Looks Like Her Brother


Some people hated that she played Rachel Dawes — a love interest for Batman in the very popular film The Dark Knight. Critics claimed that she wasn't enough for the role and that Batman would never actually fall in love with someone like her. We think they are wrong! Some even say that she looks sad all the time, which is kind of the case with her brother, JakeGyllenhaal. They're both a little mysterious, that's all. But girls seem to swoon over him so why aren't people falling over themselves for her? Some things will forever remain a mystery.

She might not be compared to an Angelina Jolie but she sure is attractive in her own right. She seems sweet and her smile is endearing, she just might not flash her pearly whites as often as we'd like.

8 Tom Hiddleston: Red Is Not His Color


The British actor is mostly known for his role as Loki in Thor. There are people who don’t find him attractive but others find him very good looking. His attractiveness definitely went up the day he was first spotted with Taylor Swift, dating her did increase his popularity with the world. Then they broke up and everyone was like, "Tom Hiddleston who?"

For the true fans, it’s hard not to be left hot and bothered every time he shows up on-screen. His accent probably makes him more attractive, and his smile makes it impossible to resist him. By the way, he’s a natural blonde. He dyed his hair red in this picture, and it seems like red is just not his color. He also looks like a confused bartender here with that vest and that facial expression. So, is Tom Hiddleston hot or not? Taylor Swift found him attractive, so that’s got to count for something.

7 Anna Kendrick: Eating In Her PJs


Hot isn’t the term that’s often used to describe her. She’s the cute and sweet girl-next-door type. She’s the type of girl a guy wants to spend time with to get to know her better before asking her out on a date. A guy who’s ready for a committed relationship. Basically, she’s wife material. She’s one of the celebrities whose known for her down-to-earth personality and talent than her looks. Some people say she looks a bit odd, but there are people who are into that look and might find that super hot. There are others who don’t like her style or quirky personality. One thing for sure is, nobody looks good eating in PJs, and Anna Kendrick looks adorable with her Mac N’ Cheese.

6 Benicio Del Toro: Just Derpy

Oxford Times

People might not find him attractive at first glance. They’re likely to gradually fall for him when they watch his action movies where he exudes charisma and shows off his masculinity. He always takes care of the situation, no matter what, and that’s pretty attractive. Apparently, he’s a quiet man in real life. A lot of women are into men like that. It’s not always the good looks that make a person hot, but how they carry themselves. Unfortunately, there seems to be no charisma in this picture. He instead looks a bit derpy. The paparazzi probably got a picture of him while he was yawning. He looks good though and less intimidating. Some people think Benicio Del Toro resembles Brad Pitt in some way, so does that put him on the hot list?

5 Natalie Dormer: Kermit The Frog's New Girlfriend?

Daily Mail

Some online publications have rated Natalie Dormer, as one of the most attractive women on Game of Thrones. But seeing as she's made it onto this list, obviously, not everyone agrees. She's more well known for her role as Anne Boleyn on the hit show The Tudors. Some people find her irresistibly attractive, but others simply do not. Her smile gives her a mischievous look, and her eyes are a beautiful light blue. It’s probably why many people are drawn to her. Sadly, she's been asked about her "odd" features during interviews, and she's replied with "so what?"

We agree with her response, who gives anyone the right to question her looks? She was born that way. We'd like to agree with her fans, Dormer has a charm to her that other actors certainly lack.

4 Adam Driver: He Dated Hannah Horvath


Ever since he starred in Girls, many people were conflicted over whether he’s attractive or not. Some people find him undeniably hawt! While others find him plain and boring. Some people don't understand why anyone would obsess over him because he looks different than the typical actors we see in Hollywood. People who find him attractive can’t even explain what exactly lures us in. Is it the fact that he stands 6’2 tall? Is it his six-pack abs? Maybe they fell in love with him because he oozes confidence and charisma. Not all of his fans thought he was attractive at first. Apparently, people think he becomes more appealing as they see more of him. Adam Driver can look rough at times, but when he cleans up nice, he can look gorgeous. He's the epitome of celebs we can't decide on.

3 Mila Kunis: Messy Hair & No Makeup

E! Online

She was once named the "Sexiest Woman Alive," by Esquire magazine, but not everyone agrees. Some people think she's perfect when she's dolled up with her signature smokey eye look, but they don’t find her appealing when she shows her bare-face. There have been headlines about how much her looks change when she's without makeup. But who doesn't? All women can agree they don't feel as attractive without makeup. That's why companies like Sephora and M.A.C. are so popular. There's a product for everything, from erasing dark circles, to ways to contour your forehead.

If she chooses to step outside of the house without makeup on, kudos to her! She does it with confidence knowing that the paparazzi will be patiently waiting to snap a pic of her. So if she doesn't care, neither should we! You go, girl!

2 Cillian Murphy: Killer Stare


Cillian Murphy, fans not only find him attractive but usually can’t stop talking about how boyishly handsome he is, and that his Irish accent makes him even more appealing. Apparently, he gives off a pretty boy vibe because of his pronounced bone structures like his high cheekbones. Everyone has different opinions about him, but one thing many people seem to agree on is that he has beautiful bright blue eyes. Take a look at his killer stare in this picture. This might be the reason why some don't find him attractive, the stare can be quite intense due to his piercing blues. Or is it the fact that he's played so many creepy roles? Anyway — some people can’t decide if Peaky Binder's Cillian Murphy is hot or scary. Maybe he’s scary hot!

1 Kirsten Dunst: Cheerleader No More


It seems like the captain of the cheerleading squad in Bring It On no longer has the cheer spirit we're so used to seeing. Many people liked that she had a girl-next-door look. She was really cute with her charming smile, and always a great addition to any attractive cast. Lately, she has reappeared in Hollywood with a more mature look (which is only normal for someone who has aged). Her most recent role as the wife of a butcher on the hit show Fargo was not the usual cutesy role we're used to seeing her in. However, she played her role well.

This might be a new version of Dunst that the world was not expecting. Speaking of expecting, she recently announced that she is expecting her own little bundle of joy!

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