17 Signs You May Be Dating A Creep

There may be plenty of fish in the sea but not all of the dangerous ones wear a sign. There are a lot of things that can define a ‘creep’ ranging from ick-factor to full on restraining order, but most of them can be difficult to see until you are in the deep end swimming with them. Safety is most important and happiness is not far behind, so looking for signs you may be dating a creep early on could be your saving grace. And who knows, maybe you’ve actually caught yourself a keeper!

17  The Power Tripper

He stares you down or won’t break eye contact until you do.

This guy is stuck in the Stone Age and thinks that he must prove his place in the relationship, and that place, in his mind, is the dominant male figurehead. This may seem endearing at first, cause let’s face it, it’s nice to feel taken care of once in a while, but it can very quickly and easily turn into mental or physical abuse. He is also the type of guy that will frequently tell you what you want, and says he knows what ‘women’ want, even if you’re not entirely sure that he is right.

Pay attention to other common signs of dominance such as wanting you to ask permission for things, and trying to control every situation you two are in.

16 The Gaslighter

He makes you believe something is your fault, even when you know it’s his.

Anything from a small disagreement to an all out ‘deal-breaker’ conversation, you somehow always end up in the wrong. You know that he messed up and yet, no matter what you say, he always finds a way to ‘prove’ that it was really you the whole time. Whether you are ‘jealous,’ ‘overreacting,’ or just plain ‘crazy,’ you always end up apologizing. A classic? “Baby, you just need to trust me more. I trust and love you. It hurts that you don’t feel the same.”

Sorry ‘baby.’ Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you again!

15  The Clinger


He sends you an excessive amount of texts after you told him you were out.

This guy just can’t let go, even temporarily! You are having a nice conversation via text and then you say “just got to the bar with my friends. Have a good night.” From there you try to ignore the constant vibrating and eventually put your phone on silent, but at the end of the night you have 47 new text messages. Most of the messages are clearly just him trying to fill space with himself but he inevitably gets into feelings and insecurities, and you’re not even there!

Do clingers not know the general ‘4 texts max’ rule? If you have sent out 4 decent sized texts and not gotten a response… that’s it! No more texting until you hear back. But in the case of a clinger… maybe never texting back is the best option.

14 The Sniffer


He constantly goes through your stuff and smells your hair for an extended period of time.

This guy is the epitome of creepy. It seems like every time you turn away or leave him alone he is snooping or sniffing. You go in for a hug and he smells your hair, you go to another room and come back to find him sniffing your sheets. Goodness forbid you find him in your dirty laundry! He is the kind of person that movies are made out of… and not the good ones.

Tie your hair back, keep him out of your room, and while you’re at it, keep him out of your life!

13 The Jealous Type

He becomes jealous over everyone and everything in your life, like you are his property.

This is the guy your mother warned you about. At first it may seem that he is genuinely interested in who all of your friends are and their back stories, but eventually the questions get deeper and the restrictions pop up. His ‘innocent’ question “what are you doing tonight” is no longer a conversation starter; it’s his way to find out if he should be worried. The jealous guy will soon have restrictions on where you can go and who you can see and you may even find yourself beginning to ask for permission just to spare his feelings or a fight. And the fight may not always be with you.

Make sure to ask your friends what they think of this guy when you see these things start to arise. Love is blind and what you may see as endearing they will know to be possessive and jealous. And listen to them when they tell you to run.

12 The Watcher

He watches you sleep, and not in a romantic way.

In the movies there is always an attractive man gently caressing the cheek of a beautiful woman as they lay in bed, her sleeping soundly and him gazing at her lovingly. How sweet. And it would be great if that were to happen to you. But ‘The Watcher’ is not that guy. The watcher is the kind of guy that sits up and stares at you. He may sit back in a chair or stand in the corner (possibly playing with his lips) and stare. There is a big difference between a stare and a gaze: One is gentle and loving and the other is questioning and harsh. This guy could be plotting or fantasizing, or could simply just not know what to do with you (insecurities maybe?).

Either way, it is creepy.

11  The Obsesser


He has what could be considered a shrine of you.

This guy is way more attentive than most and treats you like a princess. Perfect! That is how you deserve to be treated. And for the most part this is all well and good, until it becomes an extreme. When you feel you can do no wrong and his bragging to his friends is worse than your mom at her book club, you may want to start noticing the balance of love. Most relationships work because couples love each other equally. Things start to become resentful or uncomfortable when one’s love far outweighs the other.

Is his phone gallery littered with pictures he has saved of you? Some you didn’t know he had? Maybe playfully ask if he has saved mementos from your dates. A small box of cute things is one thing, a box with every single receipt, ticket stub, and the gum you could have sworn you threw away is a completely other thing. Just make sure it’s an even balance.

10 The Personal Space Invader

He finds every reason to rub up on you.

This guy is just in it for the cookie. His heart and head are below the waistline and he has a serious lack of boundaries. The space between your kitchen island and the fridge is a wide one and yet, ever time he walks by, he makes it seem like a tight squeeze. It’s not an endearing “I cant keep my hands off of you” honeymoon romance type of situation, it’s a “I want to rub up against you because I have no self control or respect for you” situation.

Let’s just put it plainly. His ‘junk’ should only ever come near you when you want it to come near you. Plain and simple.

9 The Non-Romantic

He asks for a ‘quicky’ the day after your first time having sex or ever says “just a little bit.”

This guy is also just in it for the cookie. He has skipped right past the courting stage (and yes, courting is still a thing that you deserve and it should also be more than one sushi date). He thinks that since he has spent a couple bucks and given you the time of day that he is now entitled to sleep with you. Wrong. He will never be ‘entitled’ to sleep with you, however, he may be privileged enough to do so once you feel that he actually cares enough about you and is doing it for that reason. This isn’t to say he ‘deserves’ it because men don’t deserve to be put through mission impossible to sleep with you, but it does mean that you both need to want it.

Once you both mutually like each other enough to take it to that next step, make sure it is a romantic, or at least passionate, affaire. Also, if he uses the word ‘quicky’ in your first 3 months of dating, or if the words “just a little bit” or “just the tip” ever come out of his mouth… run for the hills. He may also send unsolicited dick pics.

8  The Barterer


He purposely gets in your way to barter a kiss out of you… all the time.

So adorable, right? All of the cutest couples do it and you gush at the thought. And you should! This move is totally cute and is a really fun way for your man to sneak a kiss. That said, how often? This game should be reserved for the odd time when you are both in a playful mood or he is trying to cheer you up, not as an every day thing. Once the game becomes a chore it starts to get annoying, and after it gets annoying it starts to get creepy.

If you can’t even go to the washroom without a hallway interruption it may be time for an intervention of your own.

7 The Dirtiest Guy

He comes out of the washroom and you never heard the tap run.

This kind of guy is everywhere. It seems that men think that they can trust their own cleanliness given that they only hold their own junk. But do any even consider the germs on the toilet handle? Some try to cover it up by saying they used their foot or elbow to flush (still eww), and other just slough it off.

While this may be closer to ‘gross factor’ than creep, it is still something that people need watch for and be aware of. Your health is at stake!

6 The Rude Customer

He is rude to wait staff and customer service representatives.

One tried and true method to find out if you are dating a creep is to take him to dinner and see how he treats the servers/hosts. It takes a pretty scumbag guy to treat workers like they are beneath him and then to turn to you like nothing is wrong with it. There are even signs in restaurants reminding people that ‘if he is nice to you and not nice to us, then he is not a nice guy.’

Make sure he treats everyone in his life with kindness and respect because how he treats a stranger is a telltale of his true character.

5  Mr. High Maintenance

He spends an extreme amount of time on his appearance and only talks about his own assets.

It’s not so much that he takes care of himself and holds himself to a higher standard. Some women love a man who takes the time to get ready. The problems arise when every compliment he gives is about him. You got a new hair cut? He tells you how his friends always compliment him on his hair. You got a new dress? He brags about the compliments he gets on his own clothes. This guy just seems to be incapable of seeing others and walks around as if everyone else’s face is a mirror and everything that could loosely relate to him, now 100% does.

But it won’t stop there. He will need you to compliment him too. So if you like one-way streets, hop on this train to ‘the world of him.’ But if you could use a compliment here and there, or would just like to be acknowledged as a person, maybe keep your eyes open for something else.

4 The Non-Sharer


The guy who can’t share… not even one fry. And good luck getting a drawer at his place.

This guy may be an only child, or may just have some unhappy siblings… but his inability to share will far extent the fries on his plate in the long run. Every step in your relationship where ‘two become one’ will be a struggle. It may also come down to sharing ‘you’ at some point and he may see your friends as the people who are trying to steal you off his plate.

But really… who can’t share a fry? In reality… his fries are just your fries on the wrong plate. Right? Right!

3 The Bigger Better Deal

He checks out other girls when he is on a date with you and constantly comments on how attractive your friends are.

This guy is looking for the BBD (as Patti Stanger, owner of Millionaire Matchmaker, likes to call it). He refuses to settle for anything, even when it’s not settling at all. He is always looking for the up and up and even when he is with the best possible person for him he will continue to look for more. This man will never be satisfied and you will never be the only person on his mind, at least not for long. Even your friends may let you know of their discomfort once they notice his staring across the table, and doing the ‘up and down.’

There is no pleasing this guy, so don’t be his ‘for now’ entertainment. And try to avoid the thought that you may be the one to change him… everyone has thought that and nobody will succeed. Just go out there and find someone who thinks you are the biggest and best deal there is.

2 The Charity Case


He is ok with you paying for everything and when it’s his turn to ‘pay’ you end up at home with instant noodles.

He left his wallet at home, he likes ‘couch’ dates, he constantly says ‘we don’t have to spend money to have fun’, and yet… when it’s time to spend money… you are the only one spending it. Sure… some guys are down on their luck and if he is a great guy he deserves a chance… we aren’t breeding gold diggers here. However, if he is completely comfortable with you paying and not making a pretty big effort to come up with great ‘free’ dates so that you can relax a little too, then it just sounds like he may be the one who is in it for the money.

Free dates can be great for the rest of your lives, but when he says “I’ll get the next one” and that next one never comes… put away your pocket book and wait to see what happens.

1 No Friends 

He doesn’t have any friends of his own and talks negatively about everyone from his past.

This is probably the #1 way to tell you are dating a creep. Firstly, there is probably a reason he has no friends and, even though he will say otherwise, it is doubtful that it was their fault. Also, when someone talks negatively about others it generally means that they are jealous, resentful, or guilty… all of which are not endearing qualities in a man when he is talking about past friends and family. You may end up being this guys one and only… and it could easily turn into an ‘us against the world’ scenario, which is one you absolutely want to avoid.

There is something up with this guy and you don’t want to be his one shoulder to lean on. This is a ‘lesser of two evils’ situation and you need to become one of the ‘horrible people from his past’ before he becomes a horrible person in your present.

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