17 Reasons Kim Will Eventually Look Like Joan Rivers (Pictures)

We see it everyday...Celebrities slowly transforming right before our eyes and morphing into caricatures of themselves. It starts with a little botox here and a little tuck there, and before you know it, they are having nose jobs and facelifts. With each passing year, it is only becoming more commonplace, and the procedures are like a beauty buffet. You can go to a surgeon and just pick out what body parts you want. Pretty soon they are going to have a catalogue where you just place an order with an item number for the look you want before you go under the knife. It isn't exactly surprising. So many celebrities look like perfection and with the increasing ease of plastic surgery, everyday people want to look beautiful too. Before you run out to the surgeon's office, keep in mind that as common as this practice is becoming, it isn't always an exact science as seen by so many celebrities that have gone from beautiful to botched. This leads us to Kim.

While Kim is virtually flawless, it is a lot of work and upkeep to maintain that look, and eventually, she is going to reach the crest of the beauty wave before it all comes crashing down. Cosmetic procedures can only do so much before time and gravity catch up. Instead of aging gracefully, so many celebrities fight it and try over and over to keep their youth which just makes them look like overdone, frozen versions of themselves. Kim is reaching the verge of perfection, and that can't be maintained forever. Her image obsessed, cosmetic procedure-driven lifestyle is going to catch up with her, and she will end up looking like Joan Rivers. It may not be soon, but all that work will eventually turn her into something we don't even recognize. Here are a couple of reasons she is headed straight for Joan Rivers town.

17 She Started Altering Her Face Way Too Young

Photo via Heightline.com

It is obvious just from looking at photos of a younger Kim that she doesn't have her original face. Being thrust into the world of fame at such a young age only meant she was subjected to scrutiny before she had even hit her twenties. The constant desire to look "perfect" has lead her to alter and tweak every minor imperfection (or at least what she sees as imperfections). Her nose is clearly different than it was when she was younger. The only problem with a nose job is that your nose keeps changing over your lifetime. The nose is made out of cartilage, and it grows throughout a person's life. Things like pregnancy can also affect the shape and look of a nose and repeated procedures can weaken it. So while her nose might be perfect right this moment, time will not be kind, and she may be compelled to continue to alter it in hopes of keeping its current look...Not much different than what Joan Rivers did throughout her lifetime. Her nose didn't always look like so overworked and strange. She slowly worked up to it, and Kim better leave hers alone before it turns bad.

16 Kim Is Obsessed With Looking Perfect

Photo via Pinterest.com

Kim's career is basically all about her looks so it only makes sense that she works hard to keep them perfect, but all that comes with a cost. Gravity and old age will eventually catch up with her, but I can't imagine she will stop trying to keep her face and body in tip top shape. When your attempts begin to erase the natural progression of age, it also starts to erase the things about you that look natural. That is when people fall down that slippery slope of cosmetic procedures. One little procedure goes overboard and suddenly, you have to have five more to correct that one mistake, and then you have crossed the line from perfect to weird. Joan Rivers had a subtle progression until suddenly her face took a turn for the worse, and even repeated surgeries and Botox couldn't fix those mistakes...It only made them worse.

15 Kim has to Compete with Her Own Family

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Women spend so much time comparing themselves to celebrities and other women, and it can make them feel inadequate. Well, what if you had an entire family of sisters to compete with? Kim has four sisters that have bottomless money reserves to perfect themselves. Now that Kendall and Kylie are making their way in the world of the Hollywood, she has to compete with these younger versions of herself. Sponsors and job offers are going to start slipping away from her and handed over to her younger, hotter sisters. It has to be a hard pill to swallow after she has been the center of attention for so many years. Seeing some of that stardom fade has to be threatening, and it has to make her eager to continue to be the best and the most beautiful. It is that kind of desperation that can lead people to do crazy things to hold on to their looks especially when it is such a huge part of their sense of self. 

14 Kim Denies Plastic Surgery...Despite Seemingly Obvious Proof

Photo via BeyondBlackandWhite.com

"The lady doth protest too much," which is usually a dead giveaway that someone is lying about accusations against them. Kim goes out of her way to address critics and make people believe that she hasn't had a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery. Joan Rivers, on the other hand, embraced it. She didn't hold back about her procedures, and she thought other women shouldn't lie about it either because it is damaging to self esteem. She felt that when women with plastic surgery lie about it, they are saying, "I am just naturally beautiful and you're not." Yet, they in fact are not naturally flawless, and other women can be just as perfect with some touching up too. The fact that Kim protests accusations, it is often a dead giveaway that she cares way too much about what people think of her, and she is dead set on cultivating a specific image of herself. When people are so preoccupied with what others think of them, it can consume their thoughts and actions; thus, leading her to take cosmetic risks in order to maintain that image. It becomes a vicious cycle in which they are never truly happy with themselves and the keep striving for ridiculous levels of perfection until it all falls apart.

13 She Gets Paid to Be Beautiful

Photo via eonline.com

Celebrities like Kim with their millions of social media followers get paid a lot of money to promote things from products to procedures. Kim makes a killing just by showing her followers the variety of products she uses and the clothes she wears so she most likely makes some money off promoting those crazy procedures she gets done at posh Beverly Hills dermatologists, spas, and whatever else. So if people are paying you to be pampered and beautify yourself, you are going to keep going for it. This just adds to her cycle of image obsessed, cosmetic procedure junky lifestyle that can eventually be damaging. It puts a lot of pressure on her to maintain her good looks so she can keep getting paid to promote products and procedures. Her face and body are her livelihood so she has to take care of the goods. Unless she finds the fountain of youth, it isn't going to last forever, but that doesn't mean she won't try.

12 Gossip Keeps Kim in the Spotlight

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While Kim constantly bats away the haters and internet trolls, this is all part of being the kind of weird celebrity-for-no-reason. Kim's career thrives on gossip, drama, and what is going on in her personal life. Other real celebrities get a career boost when they have a new movie, project, book, campaign, whatever have you. However, Kim's fans generally want to know the nitty-gritty about her life, and people are most interested in her when there is something going on. From her second divorce before the marriage was even ninety days old to the birth of her son, it is what is going on in her life that is bringing the spotlight. When tabloids and papers toss out their "expert" opinions about how Kim keeps her looks and maintains her killer bod, fans and even critics pay attention. They want to know her secrets, and there is nothing critics love more than knowing that Kim is having work done. It proves that she isn't "perfect", and this attention is what helps keep her in the spotlight. Everyone loves controversy, and when Kim is constantly denying plastic surgery accusations and drawing attention to her assets, it keeps her in business. She is going to keep digging for that fountain of youth in a needle and denying it. It's is just all part of the master plan.

11 Being a Hot Mom...The Struggle is Real

Photo via eonline.com

It is a sad but very true fact that people judge women harshly after giving birth. Everyone wants to see if they will bounce back quickly or if they will struggle to get their pre-baby body back. Kim was no different during either of her pregnancies. She had a lot of tough critics talk about her burgeoning baby belly and the weight she was gaining. After having her second child, Saint, she was rarely seen after the birth, and many speculated that she was having a ridiculous amount of work done just to get her pre-baby body back. The body changes a lot during pregnancy, and sometimes it will never look the same despite the best efforts. The Daily Mail reported that a New York based dermatologist speculated Kim had work done that totaled almost $100k, but Kim's rep denied this. Even though she denies having "work" done, she has been working hard to impress people with her looks again. This includes having Botox and laser treatments to keep her flawless complexion, but many say Kim doesn't consider this as getting "work" done. Either way, the pressure she puts on herself to achieve perfection will eventually catch up with her.

10 Kim is Queen of the Lasers

Kim is so obsessed with facial treatments using lasers that she even had a cosmetic dermatologist fly with her to Dubai. Bringing along Dr. Simon Ourian, Kim showed off the protective goggles she had to wear while she had some "work" done on the plane. She is so obsessed with cosmetic treatments she actually paid to bring her doctor on flight so he could work on her face. You know you have a problem when you have to travel with a plastic surgeon. I don't think even Joan Rivers traveled with her plastic surgeon. While many of the laser treatments (she was assumed to be receiving) smooth out the complexion and make skin look supple and flawless, lasers can cause permanent scarring and even change the pigmentation of skin leaving it looking blotchy and discolored. Cosmetic procedures are addictive just like just about everything else, and if you have to pay to have your doctor fly with you so he can perform treatments, you might have addiction that could be your downfall.

9 Kim has Nothing to Fall Back On

Photo via CelebrityPlasticSurgery24.com

Joan Rivers was one of the original funny women on TV. She paved the way for so many future comediennes and actresses, and being a woman in the business was no picnic. Not only did she have to be absolutely funny and talented to make it, but she also had to be attractive. She was rising to stardom in a time when women were supposed to be wives and mothers and not much else. It isn't surprising that she began altering her appearance. She probably felt immense pressure to be attractive to keep the attention on her and stay relevant. While her appearance was a secondary element, her incredible humor was the main show and people loved her for it. As for Kim, there are no other talents behind the looks. Her appearance is her money maker. So there has to be an almost feeling of desperation in hanging on to her youth and beauty which is the driving force behind her obsession with her cosmetic procedures. While so many loved Joan even when she was the butt of jokes, because Joan knew it and had a sense of humor about it. Kim doesn't have the same down to earth personality or talents. While she probably won't ever run out of money, the spotlight will eventually fade.

8 Kim Wants to Keep Kanye Interested

Photo via Pinterest.com

Being married to Kanye is no easy task...For a lot of reasons. However, there are girls throwing themselves at Kanye all the time, and it has to be intimidating even for Kim Kardashian. There are always younger, hotter girls that will come along trying to snatch up her man. Kim is also often compared to Kanye's former girlfriend Amber Rose. As a curvaceous women herself, people frequently draw comparisons between the two which probably only makes Kim feel the need to work even harder to be the hottest and the best. While she claims she doesn't have butt implants, there seems to be glaring proof that she has altered those areas of her body. She even went as far to have her butt x-rayed on her show, but one doctor said that doesn't actually prove anything. The implants might not show up in an x-ray, and she could have had fat injections in her butt to plump it. Either way, keeping those areas perky and sexy requires constant work and attention until something goes wrong or gravity gets the best of them.

7 Altering the Face is Much More Mainstream

Photo via Radaronline.com

Twenty years ago, plastic surgery was kind of taboo subject. It was outrageously expensive and risky. Now, plastic surgeons (not necessarily good ones) are a dime a dozen, and you can get a boob job over the weekend. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are much more common-place now and even affordable. With celebrities to reality stars lifting, tucking, injecting, and augmenting, everyday people want to be just as beautiful and they can. People are less judgmental about cosmetic procedures, and they want to know what celebrities are doing so they can do it too. Kim feels that Botox isn't really considered "having work done" which just goes to show the changing attitude of these procedures. The very fact that she doesn't bat an eye at have a needle stuck in her face just goes to show what she is willing to do to keep her looks. If Botox isn't "work" what will she be willing to do when she does need some "work".

6 Botox Can Make Your Face Look Worse

Photo via okmagazine.com

Kim's complexion looks absolutely flawless, and it is enough to make most women enviable. However, according to an article in OK Magazine, a Dr. (that has not treated Kim) said he suspects that she has had a variety of treatments to keep her skin looking so perfect. From skin tightening and laser treatments to filler injections, looking like that can take a lot of time, effort, and money. However, Botox injections can produce a variety of terrible effects from allergic reactions, muscle weakness, and it can even make wrinkles worse because the skin works harder to make its natural movements. There was even an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kim had a reaction to a cosmetic procedure which produced some swelling and bruising at the injection site. It is also not completely known what long term effects will be when it comes to these injections. Joan Rivers had her own close relationship with Botox which was no secret. When Gwyneth Paltrow said she would never try Botox again because she, "looked like Joan Rivers," the funny woman had hit back saying, "She should see what I look like without Botox. That is really scary!" Rivers admitted that Botox and fillers are a vicious cycle that requires constant upkeep just to maintain a "normal" looking shape to the face. Kim's flawless face won't last forever regardless of how much she injects in it.

5 Kim isn't Old Enough to be Wrinkly Yet

Photos via tvtropes.org and huffingtonpost.com

Kim is only thirty six years old! She hasn't even started dealing with the real effects of aging. Even with all her money and rejuvenating beauty practices, she cannot outrun time. At age 36, Joan Rivers looked like a completely normal woman. However, as time went on, and she tried to hang on to her youthful look, what went from maintenance work slowly morphed into a melting look that couldn't be fixed once the damage was done. Trying to look young won't last forever, and the more you fight, the worse it becomes. It doesn't seem like aging gracefully and accepting all the wrinkles that come with it would be something that Kim would embrace. The more injections, lifts, and tweaks are going to eventually make her face look strange before it slowly turns into weird. It won't happen overnight, but if she keeps "touching up" her face, she won't be recognizable.

4 Kim Can't Quit

Photo via radaronline.com

A simple image search will show you thousands of photos of Kim that show varying face shapes, lip sizes, nose shapes, breast sizes, (even butt size!) It is undeniable that she can't stop herself from continuing to receive cosmetic procedures. In fact, it seems to be a theme in her whole family. When you keep manipulating your face and body like that, you reach a point when nothing is good enough. You just keep finding more flaws to fix, more wrinkles to get rid of until you don't recognize yourself. Joan Rivers never set out to look like a ghoulish plastic surgery joke. She wanted to be feminine and attractive. However, years and years of small nips here and tucks now and then turned her face into pin cushion. She couldn't stop herself. Living in the spotlight of Hollywood must be incredibly difficult and there are constantly new up and coming stars (including Kylie who seems to be overtaking Kim's famous-for-nothing role) that are younger and more attractive. Giving in to that pressure and continuing down a road of plastic surgery isn't a path that usually leads to never-ending happiness and success. It usually leads to the butt end of a joke.

3 Fillers Aren't Foolproof

Photo via news.makmeheal.com

The Kardashian ladies seem to have perfected the pouty lip, and it certainly isn't natural. Lip fillers have plumped up their lips to give them a sultry, sexy look, but lip fillers don't last forever. In fact, lip fillers only last about four to six months on average. That means to maintain those lips requires frequent visits to the plastic surgeon. Repeatedly injecting your lips with fillers isn't exactly safe. In fact, some of the severe reactions can include infections, swelling, lumps, irregular shape, and even damage to a blood vessel which can cause tissue loss. Every time a needle is jabbed into Kim's plump lips, it is opening her up to a variety of problems that can make her lips look weird and even cause permanent damage. When you are doing this again and again over a lifetime, odds are she will have a problem which can ruin those soft, supple lips and make her look more and more like Joan Rivers. She can blame that lip fullness on pregnancy and even the flu, but I have never heard a flu that gives you a pair of plumped up lips.

2 Kim Loves to Try the Bizarre

Photo via eonline.com

If you have ever happened to see Keeping up with the Kardashians, then you know all of the girls love trying the new and bizarre beauty procedures to help smooth out every single flaw and even things no one should ever care about. Kim famously had a vampire facial where her blood was drawn then the were platelets separated before being injected back into her face. She also does frequent cool-sculpting to get rid of cellulite and procedures to remove stretch marks she had on her breasts. Kim even went as far as to have a scar removed from her toe because she was so self-conscious about it (insert eye-roll). The lengths to which she will go to perfect her looks is astounding and never-ending. However, not all those treatments truly work or are even good for you. Being a guinea pig for the newest and craziest cosmetic procedures isn't always a great idea. One botched procedure could lead down the same road Joan Rivers took.

1 Kim's Procedures Could Get More Dramatic with Time

Photo via beautystat.com

Kim's mommy dearest, Kris, had a facelift before one of Kim's wedding, and it wasn't a big surprise. These ladies want to be young and beautiful forever, and Kris is the prime example that maintaining youth means going bigger and bigger with procedures as you get older. All those lasers and injections might keep Kim's skin looking tight and supple into her forties, but gravity will naturally pull it down, and a sixty year old Kim is going to need something more than lasers to keep her face high and tight. It won't be a big surprise is she starts opting for a brow lift or a neck lift to help combat the signs of aging. This is when things really start to go awry. Full on facelifts can be hard to get right. No one really knows how their skin will heal or if it will end up being a total disaster. While a lift will help get rid of sagging skin, there will need to be more procedures and injections to maintain the face shape and keep wrinkles away. Then, people start having even more procedures to correct those flaws they keep finding. This is when people start to get out of control, and they start looking weird. Kim is on a slippery slope towards a plastic surgery nightmare.

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