17 Pics That Prove Kylie Jenner And Ariel Winter Are Literally The Same Person

Is it just me, or do Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner look scarily similar?

Everyone recognizes Kylie as the youngest sister in the Kardashian-Jenner Klan. Aside from that, she’s also a widely successful makeup mogul and social media queen, who’s known for her risqué selfies and jaw-dropping curves. Ariel runs in the same social crowd as Kylie, after making a name for herself on the hit show Modern Family. Now, she primarily makes headlines for her scantily clad outfits and body positive messages.

In addition to their talent, these two girls have their good looks in common. Both have curvy bodies that drive the media (and men) crazy, especially thanks to their amazing assets on top. They’re both known for their plump pouts and long, dark hair. Beyond that, they also share a strikingly similar sense of style and have a thing for risqué selfies. All in all, we’re pretty convinced that Ariel and Kylie might actually be the same person. Check out these lookalike pictures and decide for yourself!

17 Their Instagram Shots Are Literally The Same

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Ariel literally took a page out of Kylie’s Instagram feed when she uploaded this sexy shot. The Modern Family actress was wearing strappy heels that went up to her knees; similar to the gorgeous booties Kylie was wearing in her photo. Ariel opted for a sleeveless black dress that showed off her curves… so much so, that her bottom was almost hanging out!

The star sure didn’t seem to mind that she was showing off so much skin as she popped her booty for the camera. Kylie was a bit more covered up in a faux turtle neck dress that covered her arms and chest. She rocked an equally seductive pose while sitting down, which showed off her hourglass figure. Clearly both of these celebs know how to rock a little black dress and statement booties. But who wore it better?

16 They Both Take White Hot Selfies

These girls know how to take selfies! Just a quick glimpse at either Ariel or Kylie’s Instagram page reveals that these girls seriously know how to work their best angles. But it’s almost creepy how similar their selfies look. If we didn’t know better, we might actually believe that they’re the same person.

In this selfie, Ariel showed off her assets in a plunging white lace-up top (and she has some great assets to work with). She flaunted a seductive pout to the camera as her friends in the background made funny faces. Ariel looks identical to Kylie in this pic.

In her photo, Kylie is wearing a similar white shirt that shows off her cleavage. Similar to Ariel, she’s putting on a big pout for the camera and she even styled her short, dark hair closely to the actress’ ‘do. Which celeb do you think has the best selfie game?

15 That Time They Wore The Same Dress

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Fans have been pointing out for years how similar Kylie and Ariel look. We’re not just talking about their facial features, though! Both girls have a very similar sense of style, and nothing showed this off more than when they showed up to events wearing the same sparkly dress.

Ariel opted for the long version of the gown when she was rocking the red carpet. The nude and silver dress hugged her curvy figure, and she kept the look simple by tying her long locks back and rocking simple silver heels.

Kylie went a bit more casual with her look by adding a distressed denim jacket to the look. Similar to Ariel, she opted for a pair of simple strappy heels. She even tied her hair back in a chic top knot, except this was when Kylie infamously went platinum blonde. We love the girls’ different ways of styling this stunning dress.

14 They Show Off Their Assets In Sheer

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It’s easy to see that both Ariel and Kylie are very well endowed in the cleavage region. Kylie has been the subject of boob job rumours for years, ever since she seemingly got curves out of nowhere (puberty seems to have been kind to her). Ariel, on the other hand, has gone under the knife to reduce her natural cleavage. Regardless, neither girl is afraid to show off their assets.

Kylie looked sultry in a completely sheer turtleneck with only a lacy bra underneath. She paired the risqué shirt with a pair of lace-up leather pants for an edgy rocker look. Ariel looked just as glamorous in a sheer long-sleeve top with a lacy push-up bra underneath. She opted for a leather skirt and thigh-high boots to complete this look. Both girls finished with sparkly chokers that made them the most glamorous celebs in the room.

13 They Own The Same Swimsuits

Ariel obviously takes style inspiration from Kylie because she was seen in the exact same swimsuit the reality star had taken a selfie in week prior.

Kylie first uploaded a shot of herself to Instagram wearing the one-piece swimsuit. The shredded cut-outs on the sides and at the chest showed off the star’s insanely gorgeous curves. Kylie was also rocking a pastel coloured vibe, giving this an edgy yet feminine feel at the same time.

Ariel opted to rock the bathing suit in a trendy olive green colour for a Hollywood event. She covered up a bit in denim shorts, but kept her look glam with pointed stilettos. Who wears heels to go to the pool? Either way, Ariel looked just as hot as Kylie in this little number, proving they have the same looks and the same good sense of style.

12 They're Not Afraid To Let The Girls Loose

Like we’ve said before, Kylie and Ariel sure love to show off what they’ve got- and these risqué outfits were not exceptions. Though they’re not the same piece of clothing, both stars opted for outfits with a similar top half, which showed off their ample cleavage.

Kylie was spotted rocking a silver pantsuit to a red carpet event with the unusual criss-cross detailing that showed off some major underboob. She kept her hair down and wavy, while she completed the look with a dark lipstick.

Ariel wore her sultry pink dress to her birthday a few years back, proving she’s no longer a little girl. Her flaming red hair sort-of clashed with the baby pink hue of her dress, but it’s okay since the attention wasn’t on her hair anyways… it was on the intense amount of cleavage her dress was showing!

11 They Love Looking Bold In Blue

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Aside from the sleeves situation, this looks like the exact same dress. Fans went wild when side-by-sides of Ariel and Kylie in these blue lace dresses began going viral. To some Hollywood event, Kylie got dressed up in a stunning blue lace gown that featured a mock turtleneck and long sleeves. Her dark hair was cut short and styled in loose waves, while she kept her makeup simple.

Ariel looked like a real-life princess in her floor length gown. The figure-hugging dress showed off her curves, while its sleeveless design showed off her tones arms. The actress styled her hair in long, loose waves that’s giving us total hair envy. Royal blue is an amazing colour on both girls and we think they should definitely wear it more often!

10 Casual In Thigh-High Boots & Daisy Dukes

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There aren’t many people who can make thigh-high boots and denim shorts look chic, but both Ariel and Kylie both pulled this look off with ease. Ariel was spotted wearing thigh-high leather boots with jean shorts that barely covered her backside. She kept the look edgy and cool with a black turtleneck layered under a fitted leather jacket. Ariel added some shades and a cute cross body purse to complete this fierce look.

Kylie looked a little bit more dressed down, but still just as fashionable in her getup. She paired her tall suede boots with light denim wash jean shorts, a blue hoodie, and an oversized coat. She kept her hair and makeup simple, making this a pretty relaxed look for Ky- if you can call those boots “relaxed!” Now we’re thinking of wearing thigh-highs and Daisy Dukes.

9 They Both Know How To Pull Off Sequins

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We’re convinced that the girls must have gone to the same designer because these sparkly dresses are just that similar. Kylie flaunted her sequinned gown on social media before hitting the red carpet. The sleeveless, mock turtle neck design of the dress was especially flattering on her cleavage and shoulders. She let her long locks go free and kept her makeup simple with bold brows and a fierce gaze.

Ariel rocked a bedazzled dress with the same exact shape, though the sequins on her gown were a bit different (and bolder, we should say). The young star’s sexy dress even featured cut-outs along the bodice, adding to the steamy vibes we’re getting from this over all look. We can’t decide who wears it better- they’re both smoking!

8 They Were The Same Even Before Fame

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You might argue that Kylie and Ariel look the alike because of their similar senses of style. But these photos will prove you wrong!

The celebs looked like each other even before they became the big celebs that they are today. In these side-by-side photos, the girls are rocking the same dark brown hair colour with light reddish-brown highlights. They have the same round face-shape with a narrow chin and similarly shaped lips. Heck, even their eye colour and shape are the same!

Granted, it helps that both Ariel and Kylie are wearing black outfits and have similar makeup in these photos. But they’ve been twinning long before the media picked up on it. Who knows, maybe Ariel is a long-lost Kardashian-Jenner sister. How cool would that be?

7 They're Not Afraid To Rock All-White

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Sure, a little black dress is classic. But a little white dress is the new best thing. Both Kylie and Ariel have never been afraid to rock a crisp white dress out on the town, and it has done them wonders. In these similar outfits, the stars made sure to flaunt their best assets as they enjoyed a night on the town.

Kylie looked steamy in a white mini-dress with a plunging neckline that left little to the imagination. She left the wigs at home, and instead let her dark brown locks go au natural. This perfectly fitted dress showed off her tiny waist and amazing Kardashian curves.

Ariel’s dress was equally flattering on her curvy bod. The bustier-inspired necklines pushed her girls up for the world to see. She kept her long hair straight down and sleek. The white dress helped her tan stand out, just like it did for Kylie as well.

6 They Love Their Junk In The Trunk

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When you’ve got curves like Ariel and Kylie, why wouldn’t you want to show it off? These Instagram photos are even further proof that these celebs are basically the same person since they both hopped on the butt cut-out trend. Yes, this trend has been a thing as of recent.

Kylie first posed a photo of herself in mom jeans with two large tears right under her butt. Seriously, one wrong move and that cut-out could be showing off a lot more than Kylie probably wants to. She kept her look casual in a Metallica hoodie and with a statement purse.

Ariel rocked similar mom-style jeans, but in a crisp white. She made her look all the more provocative by rocking a white sports bra and nude stilettos. We wouldn’t rocked this trend a lot sooner if we knew it was possible to look as good as these two!

5 They Take Selfies Post-Shower

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Obviously, both Kylie and Ariel love to get glammed up. But there have been times they’ve let fans see a more low-key version of themselves, like when they both posted selfies after getting out of the shower. Ariel look fresh faced in this cute photo, which is a lot less provocative than some of her other selfies. She featured a make-up free look and partially wet hair. Ariel lifted her hand to pose for the camera in her simple white tank top.

Kylie’s selfie is almost identical to Ariel’s. Though she supposedly just got out of the shower, Kylie still appeared to be wearing a full face of makeup, though it’s pretty toned down considering the amount of makeup she usually wears. She was wearing a white t-shirt just like Ariel and even had her dark locks down. Can you tell which celeb is which?

4 They're Both Copying Beetlejuice

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Clearly both celebs are fans of Beetlejuice. Kylie graced the cover of Galore magazine in this pinstriped pair of wide-leg pants. The wide goal belt cinching her waist is giving us serious ‘80s vibes, while her plunging body suit left little to the imagination. Kylie’s smoky makeup helped tie this edgy look together.

Ariel also looked like a bad a$$ in her own version of this rocker-inspired look. She opted to get her pants in a skinny fit, and she paired it with a matching oversized blazer on top. She chose a plunging crop top for underneath the pantsuit, which was super similar to Kylie’s revealing look. Also like Kylie, Ariel styled her hair in a deep side part and chose strappy heels. We can’t get over how good both of these stars look!

3 They've Mastered The Booty Shot

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If we didn’t know better, we’d guess that these pictures are of the same person taken at the same location. On the left, we have Ariel showing off her backside assets in cheeky, black one-piece swimsuit. She hiked her bathing suit up so there was little to be left to the imagination. But at least she still looked amazing while doing it!

Kylie looked practically identical to Kylie in the Instagram pic on the right. The only difference is that she’s wearing a black bikini, though it was still just as cheeky as Ariel’s racy swimsuit. Kylie even had her hair cut and styled in a similar way to Ariel’s. There’s only one question left to answer: What looks better- Ariel and Kylie, or that gorgeous tropical view?

2 They Have The Exact Same Costume Ideas

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Leave it to Ariel and Kylie to go all out for Halloween- and to of course have matching costumes. Last year, Kylie went out as a super fashionable skeleton. She had a makeup artist paint an incredibly detailed yet scary skull onto her face as well as on her then-boyfriend Tyga. The reality star wore a lacy black dress for the spooky night out which showed off a lot of skin.

Ariel had a similar idea when she painted a skull onto her face. Rather than opting for a dress, the star showed off her curves in a skull body suit. She completed the risqué look with see=through fishnets and thigh-high leather boots. Both celebrities even styled their hair similarly in a slicked-back style. Whose skeleton costume do you love more; Ariel or Kylie’s?

1 They Have The Same Taste In Swimwear

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Neither Kylie nor Ariel are afraid to show off their gorgeous curves in bikini shots. Ariel is known for hitting up the beach at least once a week and getting her boyfriend to take hot shots of her posing in her swimwear (or she’ll take pair mirror selfies like this one!). Kylie, on the other hand, seems like she’s always posing for bikini pics in her own backyard.

In these photos, the girls look like exactly the same person in their sunny, yellow swimsuits. Ariel opted for a detail one-piece that featured a crochet cutout on the stomach. Her long hair and phone hid her face, but we can still tell it’s her! Kylie, on the other hand, opted for a yellow two-piece that showed off her tones body. She gave a fierce stare for the camera in this candid pic. Now we want to go out and buy a yellow bikini!

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