17 Pics Of The Wildest Eyebrow Makeup Trends Right Now

We all know that trends come and go. Most of us would never be caught in those Juicy sweatsuits and denim-on-denim ensembles of the early 2000s today, but we wore them proudly back then. Most fashion is only embarrassing in hindsight. Yet every once in a while, the world decides to embrace styles that are questionable even now. Whether you blame Hollywood or social media or just think people are running out of ideas, most of us have learned not to pay too much attention to these not-so-practical fashions. Despite the fact that few of us are likely to sport these questionable fashions on a night out, they do still serve a purpose: entertainment.

This is precisely what the absurd eyebrow trends of the past few months can provide us with. They are unique, impractical, and sometimes downright hilarious. Anyone with an Instagram account has caught a glimpse into the endless possibilities, but you’ll be surprised at just how many eyebrow trends there are. If you’re not yet well-versed in this trend, get ready to be educated. This is guaranteed to be a transformative experience. So for a few minutes, indulge us and embrace the absurd. Who knows, you may even be inspired.

17 Snake Eyes, "The Squiggle Brow"


There’s no denying that this design is a work of art. There are so many possible interpretations of this masterpiece. To some, this "squiggle brow" may be uncomfortably reminiscent of snakes (the lizard tattoo on this model’s neck supports this theory). To others, it may be a reminder of those squiggly scissors that were incredibly popular in middle school. You know the ones, they took every poster board and construction paper project to another level! Whatever your interpretation, this picture probably leaves you with more questions than answers. It’s clear that this model’s snake brows were drawn on with some sort of eyebrow pencil. Which leads to one very important question; where are this model’s actual eyebrows? We’ll let you ponder that one.

16 Light As A Feather, "The Feather Brow"

Surprising as it may seem, the “feather brow” is potentially the subtlest of the brow trends. Anyone who’s ever woken up too early after a night out was probably inadvertently done this look. It turns out the actual look doesn’t take too much more effort. Like most of these trends, this one was created by a social media beauty guru. According to Sironen, all you need to replicate this look is some makeup glue and a bit of concealer. Since she posted the look a few months ago, people have taken some creative liberties and decided to add their own twists. The next time you’re bored, have at it and try creating your own version of this one. What’s the worst that could happen? Beside getting glue stuck in your eyebrows…

15 A Shinning Star, "The Glitter Brow"

Remember a time when all you needed to feel pretty was to add a bit of glitter to your look? Well if you thought those days were gone, think again! Glitter is one of those things that just never seems to go away no matter how much you might want it to. People are constantly finding new ways to use it, and now you can put it on your eyebrows! If you want to try out this subtle "glitter brow" look for work, just check out this beauty vlogger’s step-by-step tutorial. If it means anything to you, this look did get celebrity stamp of approval by none other than Miley Cyrus. In all seriousness, if you’re looking to go to a rave anytime soon and have been wondering how to style your eyebrows, look no further.

14 Frida Inspired, "The Unibrow"

They say fashion recycles itself every few years or so. While it’s been almost a century since Frida Kahlo first popularized this work, the unibrow is finally making its return. We knew it was sort of inevitable that this carefree look would come back. After the world embraced the bountiful brows of beauties like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins, it seemed natural that the next step would be to find a way to top their look. What’s better than two thick brows? One gigantic one of course! Thus began the modeling career of Sophia Hadjipanteli, a twenty-something girl from Cyprus that proudly flaunted her unibrow despite the backlash. Though unconventional, Sophia’s story can serve as an inspiration to many. If you were one of those poor souls that got made fun of for your unibrow in school, you can now put your tweeters away and thank Sophia for suddenly making this look cool.

13 A Touch Of Elegance, "The Braided Brow"

You’re probably looking at these “braided brows” with utter confusion. Who has brow hairs long enough to braid? How small are their hands? This is one mystery we can actually help you unravel. These brows aren’t actually braided, it’s just an optical illusion! This trend was started by Eros Gomez, a makeup artist that simply photoshopped braids onto his eyebrows after trying and failing to braid his own brows. However, other makeup artists decided to take on the trend once it hit the internet and they figured out how to replicate the look in real life by doing some strategic shading with eyeliner. Of all counts, this look is definitely a bit deceiving. While the “braided brow” may be captivating on camera, in person it’s probably going to look more like you had a little fight with your own face and your brows lost.

12 Thunder And Lighting, "The Lighting Brow"

If you’re a force to be reckoned with, the “lightning brow” is a great way to showcase your fiery personality. Created by makeup artist Zakia Wahbi, a makeup artist from Kuwait, this look brings superhero vibes to any tired makeup routine. An extra edge is added by the added lighting eyeliner and at this point, why not? Since creating the lightning brow, Zakia has gone on to invent even more brow trends, everything from “EKG brows” to “fire brows.” Honestly, we’re pretty impressed that one person is able to come up with that many looks for such a specific part of their face. At this point, it’s almost shameful to not style your eyebrows in some wild, inventive way. Funny how the tables turn!

11 Just Do It, "The Nike Brow"

It’s hard to tell whether this is genius branding, or just an easy to have people stop taking your company seriously. Nike didn’t actually have anything to do with the “Nike brow” becoming a thing, but maybe that was a missed opportunity. These days, social media branding is everything! After all, the success of this trend is what helped start the beauty Youtuber Jessskah’s career. Since then, people have decided to add their own spins to the look, with some adding glitter and others finding ways to make the look even more dramatic. The trend was even embraced by bigger Youtubers like Liza Koshy (who has actually worked with Nike). If you’ve got your eyes on a cute guy at the gym, this may just be the look you need to impress him. Or not.

10 Gone Fishing, "The Fishtail Brow"

With the glowing cheeks and sea blue eyes, this makeup artist’s “fishtail brow” screams mermaid vibes. It may also be a little bit reminiscent of a Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo on GOT) style brow. This style seems edgy and interesting, but not quite something that someone did to their brow on purpose. In Momoa’s case, it wasn’t. He actually got his scar after having a pint glass smashed over his eye in a bar fight. Yikes. But don’t worry, this artistic reinterpretation requires no such pain. That is the magic of makeup! All you need is a good brow pencil, and you’re well on your way to the fishtail brow look. If you mess up, just act like you meant to. After all, we’re still undecided on whether this style seems intentional.

9 Squiggly  Extreme, "Squibbly Brow 2.0"

You’ve seen squiggly before, but not like this. This recreation of the “squiggly brow” is interesting because it’s both more and less extreme than the “snake eyes” version. This interpretation looks less like worms, and more like someone just wanted to give their brows some wiggle room. Ha. However, what makes this look more dramatic than the first is the addition of lips that complement the weird shapes makeup look. First, the world was obsessed with overdrawn lips (thanks, Kylie) and now it’s moving on to some other extreme? It may seem like a waste of lipstick, and it may seem impractical if you plan on eating anything, but who really cares anyway? 2018 is still young, and we think this young trendsetter has just given us a peek at the crazy lip trends we’ll be seeing soon. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

8 Splitting Hairs, "The Split Brow"

Continuing with the let’s-pretend-I-meant-to-do-this theme, we have the “split brow.” It might remind you of a prank one of your friends would have played on you as a teenager, but this look doesn’t actually require you to shave off a tiny sliver of your brows. This falls under the category of illusion brows (we’re making that a thing), because the secret behind creating the look is actually foundation and brow gel. Makeup artist Diana Marie also admits to using Facetune to help smooth out the look, so be warned that the split brow looks better in pictures than it would in real life. Then again, this look isn’t for everyone anyway. In order to make it work, you have to already have a pair of Delevingne size eyebrows to begin with, or you’ll have nothing to split. Good luck with this one.

7 The Golden Arch, "The McDonalds Brow"

What can we say? Sometimes makeup artists are also comedians. The “McDonald’s Brow” was not embraced by McDonald’s any more than Nike embraced their brows, but the internet doesn’t care. Beauty mogul, Huda Kattan who has been involved in the publicizing of many of these brow trends, created the mock tutorial for McDonald’s brows in order to acknowledge how out of control beauty trends have gotten. Unsurprisingly, many people embraced it and began creating their own versions. We’re sure many of these wacky trends are created to make fun of other wacky trends, so who’s really getting the last laugh? Who knew brow trends could inspire so many philosophical questions? Perhaps we can discuss over a large order of McDonald’s fries?

6 The Mythical Creature, "The Dragon Brow"

You can thank self-taught makeup artist and Instagram user @harlibi for the “dragon brow” trend. Created using only a spoolie and lash glue, she came up with this look after doing makeup for only three weeks! Since then, her following has continued to grow. Her page is filled with many experimental looks (some of which she’s incorporated the dragon brow into). Though they’re unlikely to be worn outside of a runaway, the pictures actually look really cool. Perhaps social media has turned makeup more into a medium for abstract art than just as a tool to make your face look prettier. Whatever her goals are with her looks, this makeup artist’s story can serve as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to break into the field.

5 Somewhere Over the Rainbow, "The Rainbow Brow"

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Instagram has a serious thing for rainbows. Bringing the “rainbow brow” to Instagram makes sense, and most of us know that eyebrows are nowhere near the most upsetting thing we’ve seen rainbows on while scrolling through the platform. Rainbow hair, rainbow food, rainbow armpits…need we say more? Like the glitter brow, this look could work for a rave or even Pride. While some wearers of this look actually choose to dye their eyebrows these wild colors, there are less intense ways to try it out. Eyeshadow palettes and glitter are great if you want to try this out for the night, without having to walk around explaining your brow look for a month. Unless that’s your thing. We won’t judge.

4 The Two-In-One, "Braided Rainbow Brow"

What’s better than one wild eyebrow trend? Why, two of course! Honestly, it’s surprising more people haven’t tried out some sort of McDonald’s arch, split glitter brow combo but the idea just might catch on after this. The “braided glitter brow” seems like a natural escalation for both trends. As we mentioned, rainbows seem to be essential to Insta success. At this point, we’ve probably learned enough to create a formula for how to go viral on the platform. Step one: pick a body part. Step two decorate in some outrageous way you never would in real life. Step three: throw in a rainbow. We have so much proof that it works, why not try it out? Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

3 The Mona Lisa, "The Negative Space Brow"

This one’s got a fancy name but we have our own less pretentious way of describing it. The “negative space” brow is what we call “the Mona Lisa” or it’s runner-up, the “Overplucked Brow.” The whole idea of this look is to make your brow disappear, and in photos, it really does look like it was never there. We’re thought you so well, you probably already know the trick to this illusion: glue, foundation, shadowing, and photo editing. Go right ahead, challenge yourself and try this look out. If you’ve ever considered shaving your eyebrows (who hasn’t) you can try this out and see if you like your face without them. If the answer is yes, then you can do it permanently without regrets! How’s that for a beauty hack?

2 My Little Pony, "The Ponytail Brow"

It’s okay if you find this one a little disturbing, you’re not alone. The “ponytail brow” may spring up some questions for you. We can answer them. It’s not real. Created by makeup artist Mary Jane, this look is completely photoshopped. Mary Jane created the photo to make fun of the makeup artists posting outrageous trends photos (is this sounding familiar yet?). Ironically her own photo went viral and helped catapult her own career. She occasionally still posts parodies of other makeup trends, including the fishtail brow we featured earlier. Since these parodies helped her get so much publicity, people will probably get inspiration from them and continue doing this. Kinda feels like we’re stuck in an endless cycle. Are you ready to get out? It’s okay, we are too. There’s just one more…

1 Shield Your Eyes, "The U-Turn Brow"

We warned you, this one is just downright gross. If you’re wondering if this photo is real, the answer is yes and no. Makeup artist Jasmine Zheng is created for creating this unfortunate trend. No, she doesn’t have strange eyebrows that grow in U-shapes and yes, this photo is real. This look as created by using individual eyelash extensions to highlight the model’s natural brow and to create an extra curving one right underneath it. You may wonder why on Earth someone would do something like this. More than any other brow trend, we’d assume this one was done for the shock factor, and not because this guru was hoping it would catch on. Still, it’ s hard to tell these days. What can we say? We’ve officially seen it all.

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