17 Photos Of Courtney Stodden Since Her Breakup With Doug

Courtney Stodden rose to fame (if that’s what you want to call it), by getting hitched to actor Doug Hutchison when she was still a teen. The media had a field day with this headline-making marriage, leaving folks to wonder what was “wrong” with both of them.

They paraded their May-December romance around like it was something we all needed to know more about, and some people were actually interested in the unlikely duo. Others saw their relationship as a “made for the tabloids” tale, wondering if their love was real or designed to cause a stir. The rest of the population couldn’t give a rat’s behind.

Perhaps they really did think they were one another’s soul mates, but the relationship ran its course. They’ve spilt up, and now Stodden is back to being single. She’s only 24, after all, so she has plenty of time to entertain the other “fish in the sea.”

Here are 20 pics of Stodden since she broke up with her man. She has changed a lot since she first came on the scene, but then again, she’s now a woman in her mid-20s.

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17 Woof Woof

Via: hawtcelebs.com

At least Stodden has had the chance to join a “club” since her split. That T-shirt – as small as it may be – says it all. She’s surely confident when it comes to flaunting her assets, and apparently, her dog is on board too. Who needs a husband when you’ve got “man’s best friend” by your side?

16 Daisy Dukes

Via: buzznews24hours.com

Stodden leaves little to the imagination in this outfit. Her shorts couldn’t be any smaller and her shirt could double as a headband. Obviously, she’s super confident with her newly-curvy figure, so she doesn’t mind if she’s underdressed for the occasion. Perhaps when the weather dips she’ll be inclined to put on a jacket.

15 Fun With Farrah

Via: thecheatsheet.com

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is another famous-ish face who has been all over the tabloids. She and Stodden can probably relate on a number of issues. While Stodden is not a mom, she and Abraham do have plenty in common, as far as their level of celeb-dom is concerned. These gals are like two peas in a pod. Perhaps they can get together for their own reality show. And PS – Seeing Stodden as a brunette is quite stunning.

14 Just Friends Or New Fling?

Via: okmagazine.com

Now that Stodden is single, she’s ready to mingle. Perhaps this smiling fella is her new fling. She’s no longer tied to her older ex, so she can play the field and find her new Mr. Right. This guy may think he’s the love of her life, but something tells us she’s not going to settle down so fast.

13 Glam Gardening

Via: radaronline.com

Doesn’t everyone garden in a getup like this? Stodden certainly thinks that thigh-high boots and skimpy shorts are the go-to outfit for tending to the flowers and plants, but the rest of us would probably choose something more mundane for such outdoor chores. Who knew Stodden had a green thumb?

12 From Blonde To Brunette

Via: extra.ie

Stodden has sported the platinum blonde look for years, so seeing her in this darker hue makes her barely recognizable. She looks like a totally different person, perhaps giving herself such a drastic makeover as she gets back out there and starts dating again. But doesn’t she know that blondes have more fun?

11 Pretty In Pink

Via: DailyMail.co.uk

Stodden surely loves to show off her legs, so this pink mini dress fits right in with the rest of her wardrobe. She’s sipping her Starbucks and making her way around town. Too bad everyone will see it all if a gust of wind catches her off guard. Stodden will probably make the most of it, twirling and teasing the crowds with her curves.

10 Redhead Rebel

Via: gotceleb.com

Stodden is also testing out how she’d look as a redhead, and this hue is ravishing. She’s splashing around and doing her thing, giving the paparazzi a peak at her new ‘do…and then some. Her bikini is actually more modest than the ones she normally wears, something as surprising as her new hair color.

9 Black In Action

Via: dailymail.co.u

Stodden is headed out for the evening, drink in hand, and decked out in head to toe black. Her blonde hair is shiny and styled, and her makeup is done for a big night ahead of her. She seems to be going somewhere with a man by her side, unless that fella accidentally made it into the pic.

8 Hardly Recognizable

Via: celebrityinsider.org

This red hair gives Stodden a different vibe, a far cry from that blonde look we’ve gotten used to. Here she’s puckering up for the camera, doing that “duck face” so many women do when they take selfies. Stodden definitely looks more mature these days, but she still seems like she’s up to the same shenanigans.

7 Posing For The Paps

Via: youtube.com

Despite her D-list status, Stodden still seemingly gets invited to special events. Here she’s posing for the photographers, showing off her shape in a slinky dress. She’s doing the brunette thing, perhaps to rebrand herself now that she’s a free woman. She has plenty of time to play around now that she’s no longer tied down to one man.

6 Classy And Covered Up

Via: pagesix.com

Stodden has never looked so tasteful. While we don’t know what the bottom half of this photo might reveal, it is safe to say that she is dressed conservatively and, believe it or not, looks classy. It’s surprising how one simple cardigan can make such a difference. Perhaps Stodden will kick off her single life with more fabric covering her skin.

5 Hot Mic

Via: youtube.com

Stodden is in control of the microphone sharing her voice with anyone who’ll listen. Now that she’s well-known, perhaps she can embark on a career in the entertainment biz. She’s a fan of being filmed, so being in the spotlight is something she strives for. Her fans are sure to follow her next moves.

4 Taking The Stage

Via: okmagazine.com

Stodden is ready to be the next big thing. While she’ll likely never be like Beyoncé or Adele, Stodden could make a name for herself in the biz. Whether she’s hungry for money, fame, or both, she’ll no doubt give the effort her all, proving that she’s more than just a pretty face.

3 Another Older Gent

Via: celebrity.nine.com.au

If this guy is Stodden’s new love interest, it only proves that she’s got a thing for older men. Nothing wrong with that, but if her last relationship taught her anything, it could be that perhaps she’d be better paired with someone who was at least born in the same decade. In any event, this fella feels like he’s on top of the world.

2 Loving Her Lingerie

Via: extra.ie

Stodden loves showing off her curves, so what better way to behold her body than by dressing it in lacy lingerie? Stodden isn’t shy about showing it all, so she’d be happy to know that lots of people have seen this pic. Perhaps she’d like to be the next Victoria’s Secret model. Are they hiring?

1 Who’s That Girl?

Via: theashleysrealityroundup.com

Stodden’s plumped up lips steal the show in this pic of the celeb. She’s going for that redheaded look once again, showing us her flair for changing things up. Will she go back to being a blonde, or is this the color we’ll be seeing more of? Stodden seems to like to try new things, so we can expect something head-turning in the months to come.

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