17 Myths About The Female Anatomy (Men Actually Believe)

When we don’t understand something, we tend to believe in the myths we heard somewhere or in the assumptions that we made ourselves. For example, men who have no idea about how female anatomy works because they didn’t go to health class in high school, didn’t listen well, or just haven’t had a relationship with a woman yet, can think of numerous things that sound like complete nonsense to us. They assume that we can hold in our periods like pee, may breastfeed any baby at any given time, and know exactly when ovulation begins. Some of the things they believe make us reflect on what this world is coming to and how we can keep on co-existing peacefully.

Let’s take a look at 17 myths about female anatomy that prove that male legislatures shouldn’t be making decisions about women’s bodies.

17 UTIs Are Only Transmitted Through Contact

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If you think that it’s a common knowledge that UTIs can be transmitted in many different ways and pretty much anyone can get them, you’re wrong. There are men who are sure that they are only transmitted through physical contact. One of them even grounded his 13-year-old daughter when he learned that she had a UTI because for him it meant that she had lost her flower.

16 Q-Tips Can Be Used During A Period Instead Of Tampons

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A Buzz Feed user shared a story, “In my last year of school, a guy asked me why girls didn't use Q-tips instead of tampons. I told him the Q-tip wouldn't absorb all the blood from a period. He said, ‘Why not use the whole box then?’”

Let’s just hope that this guy will never offer a Q-tip to his GF when she’s on her period because we don’t want him to die young.

15 Women Can Hold Periods Like Pee

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Some men don’t understand why we have to use tampons and pads during menstruation because they are sure that we can hold in the discharge in the same way we’re holding in the pee. They even think that we are simply too lazy and choose to relieve ourselves in our panties instead of going to the toilet.

14 And We Also Can Stop Them Whenever We Want

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One girl’s dad seriously thought that women can stop their period anytime they want. One day, when she told him that she needed to buy more pads, he literally yelled at her, “You need to stop this period business because I can’t keep buying pads!”

Ah, daddy, if only it was so easy to stop this period, ahem, “business”…

13 Feminine Hygiene Products Should Be A Luxury Tax

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Some men don’t only think that women are too lazy to go to the bathroom to let all the period discharge flow down into the toilet and stop it at any time we want. They also assume that it means that we should be taxed on tampons and pads. As if these products aren’t expensive enough, these men want to “motivate” us to do something we clearly can’t.

12 Estrogen Doesn't Let Us Park A Car

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"I was told that women can't be pilots, or parallel park, because of estrogen. I mentioned that I have parallel parked on several occasions and that I have had several female pilots. But no, I really didn’t parallel park because I have too much estrogen," a Buzz Feed user shared.

Seriously, what do these men think about? How can estrogen make us unable to parallel park, especially if we clearly can do it?

11 If A Woman's On Top, She Can't Get Pregnant

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Due to the law of gravity, we can walk on the ground instead of floating in the air and pretty much anything that falls is destined to land on the ground. Some men think that the same law works in reproduction, as well, and assume that if the woman’s on the top, all the “juices” will just flow out of her body and she won’t get pregnant. Hope they won’t learn that the opposite is true on their own experience.

10 Women Lactate 24/7 And Can Breastfeed At Any Time

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Can you imagine that some men think that we lactate every day of our lives and wonder how we keep our clothes from having stains? Due to this misconception, they also assume that we can breastfeed anyone’s baby at any time. One girl, who was babysitting her niece, told her cousin how she was looking for the bottle when the baby got hungry. The cousin’s reaction to this was the question, “Why didn’t you just breastfeed her?” Ummm, because!

9 Periods Are Caused By Eating Or Drinking Habits

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There are men who don’t only believe in a lot of myths about female health, but they also try to teach us based on their assumptions. For example, a women’s health nurse shared that her ex told her “that the reason my periods were so long and painful was because I don’t drink enough water.” Another woman added, “I had a man tell me periods aren't natural and it's cause I eat meat.” Yeah, right, it’s that simple.

8 Some Meds Can Make Birth Control Pills Ineffective

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Not only some random men, but numerous physicians also believe that birth control pills can become ineffective if a woman takes antibiotics. However, there’s no proved correlation between the two, so we should stop talking nonsense and just let women live in peace with whatever pills they have to take due to their health situation.

7 Women Have To Clean Themselves With Soap After Peeing

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Do you know how you have to take a shower after peeing? Clearly, you don’t and there’s this man who came to teach us that we have to wipe our nether regions with soapy water and washcloth after urinating every time “because that's what 'clean' women do.”

Seriously, please, don’t follow this advice because too much soap can actually harm you down there.

6 We Can Feel The Ovulation

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A woman told how she was having a health class on ovulation when she was a sophomore and a guy in her class baffled everyone, including the teacher. He asked, “I don’t get it. How could she not know?” The teacher inquired, “Know what? Exactly when ovulation occurs?” and he answered, “Yeah. Won’t she feel a draft? You know, when the egg falls out?”

How come I’ve never felt it? Have you?

5 There's Only One Hole Down There And It's Used For Everything

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Quite a few men have no idea about female anatomy “down there” and think that there’s one hole that does all the business, including peeing and giving birth. And it’s a little bit understandable if we’re talking about young men who probably didn’t even have an encounter with female organs yet. But since one girl’s dad (who clearly had it at least once because he had a daughter) was so sure about it that he said to his daughter that she didn’t know her own anatomy, we’re totally crushed.

4 An Umbilical Cord Is Just Like A Retractable Vacuum Cord

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Some men are clueless not only about the female anatomy but also about the way childbirth works. For example, quite a few men think that when a baby is born, a nurse disconnects the umbilical cord from them and puts it back inside the woman’s body. Just like a hose you use to inflate tires or a retractable vacuum cord that spools back up.

3 After Menopause, A Woman Is Never In The "Mood"

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Due to all the hormonal shifts that are happening in a woman’s body during menopause, as well as hot flashes and other discomforts, she almost definitely will not be feeling frisky for some time. But it doesn’t mean that she won’t want to get closer with her man ever again. When her health condition becomes more stable, the desire will come back.

2 It's Impossible To Get Pregnant During Her Period

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Not only men but also a lot of women still believe in this myth. But, although conception is unlikely to happen when a woman is on her period, it’s not entirely impossible. When these little guys get inside the woman’s body, some of them can live there up until the ovulation. And as soon as the egg is out, they are right there, ready to make a baby.

1 And The Best One - Girls Don't Poop Because We're Not Supposed To Be Gross

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A Buzz Feed user shared, “This guy I knew from high school told me that he doesn’t believe girls poop because we’re not supposed to do gross things.” She tried to convince him otherwise and even said, “Everyone poops. If you don’t poop, then you could be hospitalized,” but he still didn’t understand it. That’s right, because girls emit rainbows, just like unicorns.

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