17 Guys Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Spoil Their Ladies

Let's face it, ladies, we love it when our men spoil us! There's something about the way he treats us like royalty that makes our hearts melt, but it's especially great when he comes up with creative ways to show us just how much he really cares. Of course, we like to spoil our men too because what kind of women would we be if all we did was take, right? But the bottom line is simple: Our men spoil the heck out of us and we like to hear about how they spoil other women too.

Hearing about guys being super sweet to their ladies makes us feel like he's not just a great guy, but also that she's a super lucky lady and being happy for her is half the fun anyway, right? As for the guys who were thoughtful enough to read about this topic, hopefully, you'll feel inspired by these confessions and will create a few ways to spoil your girls as well! If you're single and just here to look, absolutely let the way these guys spoil their girls set up your expectations from your future boy toy or offer a great stepping stone to create something similar (but more personal) for your future lady! Without further ado, here are seventeen guys who have taken to Whisper to reveal their favorite ways to spoil their girls:

17 So Romantic


There's nothing quite as relaxing as a nice hot bath, but tossing in a few fresh rose petals and lighting the area with candles makes for something altogether amazing! Few of us have ever had the luxury of coming home to such a setup, while this woman gets to enjoy it from time to time simply because her man wants her to be relaxed! To top it off, he makes her dessert! What woman doesn't like dessert after a nice hot soak in fragrant waters? Of course it tops off her night! This guy knows what he's doing and he's good! Guaranteed his woman is surprised and ecstatic every time he guides her to the bathroom and opens the door to her own private oasis after a long day. Talk about spoiled!

16 True Love


It's tough being separated from the people you love. You spend your entire life growing up with your family and when you're ready to make a name for yourself, sometimes that means moving across the country, or to a whole other country altogether. This woman obviously loves and misses her family, so the best gift her man can think of is saving up in secret to pay for them to reunite with her loved ones every now and then. He understands that he can't take the place of her family and that she needs to rejuvenate herself by spending time with them when it's possible. Kudos to this guy, who is willing to spend time and money to ensure the love of his life can be happy.

15 Why Not, Indeed


Most men aren't willing to talk about a lady's special time, but this guy doesn't seem perturbed at all! In fact, he acknowledges it with her favorite chocolates! He recognizes that she is likely uncomfortable, possibly in pain, and is therefore in need of his affections, so he does what any decent human being would do - he buys her favorite chocolates as a special little "I'm thinking of you" gift. He knows it's just a small gesture, but he also knows that it means a lot to her, "so why not spoil her a little?" This kind of sweet act is what makes a couple stronger and what keeps them together longer, if not forever. The way two people are willing to treat each other says a lot about their hearts for one another and this guy is obviously caring, nurturing, and very much in love with his woman.

14 Sounds Like An Adventure!


There are many ways to spoil the person you love and this guy understands his girl's passion! Lots of women love to shop and it doesn't always mean they have to be at the best stores at the best locations 100% of the time. A real shopping-lover is ready and willing to take a look at any kind of shop! Whether it's at an impressive mall or a flea market, people who love to shop are happy to dig deep in all kinds of wares to see what's new, what's old, what stands out, and what can make an impression. Home decor, clothing, groceries, junk, antiques - it doesn't matter what they're going through, it all makes for a fun time out for exploration! This guy might not have a ton of money, but he sure knows how to spoil his girl anyway! She's so lucky!

13 That's Love


Date days are one of the most important parts of any relationship. At the beginning, dates are all that connect us with our partners, but as time passes and the relationship becomes more serious, couples sometimes lose that special one-on-one time. They get married, they live together, they have children, or they prioritize work, leaving quality alone time somewhere in the background, only to be seen on special occasions like Valentine's Day, birthdays, or anniversaries. Four days a year doesn't cut it, and this guy gets that. He spoils his woman every time she begins to feel stressed and he makes sure that everything they do is as a couple. Guaranteed this lucky lady is grateful for his loving attention and she is only more than willing to repay his kindness with a few special date day features of her own!

12 Traveling Without Driving Is The Best


Nothing spoils a girl quite as much as an unexpected trip to a surprise location! His methods may be a little unorthodox, but it's an adventure! What girl wouldn't appreciate an adventure? What's better is she doesn't even have to drive! She just snuggles into her seat and passes out while he takes care of the rest. Talk about being spoiled! We love it! Then she wakes up to the cool breeze of the ocean and watches the sunrise with the man of her dreams, or arrives at a cute little cabin already stocked with plenty of food, hot chocolate, firewood, and warm blankets! Even if all she does is wake up to a new city, there are still adventures to be had and a wonderful boyfriend to share them with!

11 Thoughtfulness Is The Best Gift


Little says "I love you" like going to events you don't really care about so the person you adore can enjoy themselves. As with most couples, this girl probably wants to share her passions with the man of her dreams. She wants to indulge in both her man and her experiences at the same time, and who could blame her? Making memories with the one you love is just as important as sharing your passions. he may not agree that art is the most interesting topic out there, but he is willing to sacrifice his time for her and that just might be the most impressive story yet of a man willing to spoil his woman. He didn't mention whether she spoils him in return but guaranteed she is willing to take a peek into his passions as thanks for him sharing in hers.

10 Lucky Girl!


Another man who spoils his girl with adventure! Making memories is one of the most influential things anyone can ever do for another person and this guy gets it! Not only is he ready and willing to take her out for a few days, but he's also prepared to pack everything he thinks she'll need for their two-day journeys! She likely comes home mentally exhausted after a long work week and all she wants to do is crawl into her comfiest pajamas and slip into bed, but instead, she's met with her man, packed and ready to go! Does she get tired of these little trips? Of course, she doesn't! Suddenly, the exhaustion melts away, and she's filled with the spirit of adventure next to the man she loves! What wonders will they discover this time? Ah, such a lucky woman to be with a man like him!

9 A Reader's Paradise


A book-lover's dream man has finally arrived! While most swoon over Beast's impressive gift of a library to Belle, the reality is no man is going to have a giant library hiding somewhere in his house. The real MVP is this man, who purchases books to secret away in the most obvious place to find a book. His girlfriend gets to replace a book in the case and discover entire new worlds just waiting to be explored! What better gift is there than this? It's hard to top this level of affection! Books can be expensive so having him provide her with a never-ending supply is one of the best ways to be spoiled! Kudos to the book-lover's boyfriend, who understands her need for enrichment and alone time, and who would rather help her than pull her away from the books she loves.

8 A Gamer's Paradise


Woot! Steam may have annual sales but there's something to be said for a man who is willing to purchase eight or nine games at a time for his lady! If we were here, we'd go crazy too! There's just something so special about opening up Steam and noticing that bright green envelope on the upper right-hand corner indicating there's something new in your inbox. You curiously tap the icon and wonder if it's just another achievement you forgot to check on but no, instead there are codes for brand new games that you've had your eye on for months! Guaranteed this guy was covered in kisses while the games were downloading and his lady was likely willing to express her thanks in other ways as well! Good job for the gamer girl boyfriend!

7 How Cute!


This guy thought it would be a cute idea to buy his girl a dog. Yes, that's an adorable gesture and of course, she's going to be a little spoiled by it, but he went above and beyond to say he's willing to clean up after it and buy it treats on a regular basis. These are acts of love that you can only perform without building up resentment when you are head over heels for someone. This man loves the dog and the woman so much that he doesn't even complain about having to clean up after an animal she wanted. Yes, he knows he's trapped in love and yes, he knows he will likely spoil his girl and her dog for the rest of his life, but at least it's because he wants to, not because he has to.

6 She's So Lucky


Raise your hand if you hate doing the dishes and the laundry!

*tumbles backward from the gust of hands flailing all over the place*

Yeah, we hate these boring, but necessary, chores too, so it makes this man's willingness to clean all the more amazing! Guaranteed he doesn't like washing crusty food off day-old dishes any more than she does, but he loves her so much that he is willing to spoil her by taking over the two most time-consuming and despised chores in the world. There are a lot of ways to say "I love you," but few come close to taking over an act that needs to be repeated on a daily basis. That sort of dedication can only come from the heart.

5 What Girl Wouldn't Love It?


This guy knows what's up! Around the holidays, people are stressing like crazy! There's a huge shopping list, sales to pay attention to, planning, cooking, finances to consider, travel expenses, regular responsibilities and a ton of other things racing through our minds every holiday season, so this man's recognition that his lady needs a little something to calm down is a blessing for her. She might be stressing while brushing her teeth, only to open the medicine cabinet to find a tiny box of her favorite candies or maybe a gift card to a massage parlor. He may appreciate the praise she gives him when she's with her friends, but he's also doing it to help remind her that she needs to relax and that it's okay to spend a little time for herself every holiday season.

4 We'd Love It Too!


Nothing says "I love you" quite as much as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It's one of the most classic ways to show someone how much you care because flowers don't last forever, meaning you have to buy more again and again over the years, always renewing that beautiful vow of love. This guy likes to take things just a little further by getting the florist to include a ribbon of his woman's favorite color. Like most acts of love, it's the small details that make all the difference. Would she be happy with a bouquet of flowers in a simple vase? Of course, she would! But having that extra little touch of color is what makes a romantic gesture more personal and intimate. Guaranteed she loves him all the more for it.

3 Awwww <3


This guy is smooth! He could have stopped at "Sometimes I wake her up with breakfast in bed" but no, he had to keep going to make this little confession extra sweet. It's like something out of a romantic movie! He knows what to say to get his woman to appreciate the small things in a whole new way, and guaranteed he uses his charms to make her feel like the most special woman on the planet! This woman is definitely spoiled by a man who not only knows how to talk the talk, but who also knows how to step it up in the kitchen! All he asks in return is the smile on her face. It makes us swoon just thinking about all the other romantic gestures he shares with her that he probably doesn't even realize means the world to her! What a lucky girl!

2 Love It!


Oh! Who is he and where can we find him? There's a lot to be said about a man who is willing to take care of his woman like this. Notice how he says he's the one pinning her hair up, which is such a tiny detail to most but makes the experience all the more intimate for her. He rests her in his lap and massages her weary shoulders, helping her to relax. Of course, the bonus points don't hurt but let's be honest - no man is ever going to go that far just for a few bonus points! He's doing it because he loves her and he wants her to be able to relax after a hard day's work. Not only is his love for her obvious, but the way he shows it is enough to put any man's game to shame.

1 Hilarious AND Thoughtful? The Best!


One of the most important aspects of any relationship is taking time apart. While it's always a joy to spend time with your significant other, it's important to keep your friends in mind too. Taking a boy's night or a girl's night every now and then is healthy for a couple because even at the best of times, it's good to recharge and maintain friendships. This girl knows what's up because she meets with her girls at least once a month to catch up on news, have a good time, and just relax together. Her man knows what's up too because he's willing to make their night extra special with a little somethin' somethin' every now and then! Who wouldn't love to be surprised with a handsome dancer, chocolate covered strawberries, or a few glasses of champagne! This guy goes above and beyond by spoiling his girl AND her friends!

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