17 Genius AF Products You Never Knew Existed

Living in the 21st century, we are always striving to find the next best thing—the coolest gadget, the newest invention or a way of short-cutting daily chores. Throughout the years, we have seen inventions like touchscreen devices come, and inventions like the fax machine go. Everything fills a need and can always be improved upon. Creative minds and marketers are constantly working on new ideas to sell to us to make our lives easier and to fit into our particular lifestyles. A lot of these things benefit our lives greatly, and sometimes we find that we can't live without them. We may just buy it because it's a cool novelty invention and there's nothing wrong with that, we've all been guilty of this (hello, fidget spinner)!

With some practical things to look forward to in the future, like a phone that bends, we took some time to look into some cool gadgets and tools that are around already that you didn't know about. These are things that we never thought of but we can see ourselves wanting for our everyday utility. From beauty products, to sport equipment, to travel items, we have tried to include as many things to cover a variety of interests. Of course, there are many inventions that are still out there waiting to be launched, but these are the easily accessible ones that we hope you may want to implement into your daily routines.

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17 Square Card Reader: Ideal For New Entrepreneurs


In this day and age, it is so easy to spend money at the tap of a card. Well, there is a company that is making it a whole lot easier to accept money too. We all have great money making ideas that we want to implement. Things like garage sales and wardrobe clear-outs can now be digitally monetized to make it more efficient for the buyer and seller. Another plus is that it saves you from carrying around all the cash that you made, which puts you at risk of losing it or having it stolen. If you’re just starting your company and don’t see the need for a big card machine, then this is the perfect product for you. No hassle, no waste and makes your business move a bit faster when starting out. Here, we always encourage business babes in all endeavors!

16 Inflatable Hangout Sofa: Practical For Beach-Goers And Campers


This item has been on our wishlist for quite sometime now. It may seem like a plain inflatable seat, but it is so much more! It takes seconds to inflate by using the wind around you instead of inflation machines and deflates just as fast. It also stores away super-easily, so it is perfect for road-trips with your pals. We have seen people use them at festivals, at the beach and even in the pool as a relaxing inflatable seat. If you have plans to be outdoors with your friends this summer, then this is a must have! It’s weight and price makes it the perfect summer tool to have when you want to go and chill in the park or watch the stars. We have a feeling we will be falling asleep under a tree somewhere with this practical and cute item.

15 Make-Up Eraser: Perfect For Beauty Gurus


With all these new makeup products coming out daily, we are always experimenting and trying out new make-up. But this means we are constantly having to wash our faces after our little beauty guru moments. Too much product on your skin can really have a bad effect, which is why why we love the make-up eraser. It looks like a regular wash cloth, but there is something in it that makes taking off your make-up effortless and easy. You don’t have to add any chemicals, just water. This is a product that is gentle on your face and your wallet because you're saving all the make-up remover money! It is especially good for those of us who have sensitive skin and have trouble trying to find something that wont make us break out on the daily. Additionally, it's reusable so makes for a pretty environmentally friendly product too!

14 Safetbrellla: Genius For Urban Settings & Monsoon Seasons


During the rainier months, we all know the feeling of getting soaked to the bone because your cheap umbrella decided to give up on your walk home. If you live somewhere that is known for rainfall, then investing in quality umbrella is essential. We have found the Safetbrella super practical—not only is it a sturdy umbrella that will see you through the winter months but it also has a cool safety feature. The handle of the umbrella lights your way if you have to walk anywhere in the dark, ensuring that you will see and will be seen. You can choose the style and color you want to make a change from a plain black umbrella. If you ask us, this is perfect for dark wet nights, when you're on your commute home from work. It also looks pretty cool to have your umbrella light up as you walk by.

13 Nike's Self Lacing Sneakers: Sublime For Athletic-Types


If you have ever seen the 80s classic Back to the Future 2 then you saw this one coming. However, if you're a little younger than us, then let us introduce to you, the new 'Nike drop' that is coming later this year. The 'Hyper Adapt 1.0' is the newest revolution when it comes to sneakers. Not only do they look great (we have our eyes on the all white), but there is a hell of a lot of research and development behind this idea. They weren't made simply for the novelty of a self-lacing shoe. They were made with athletes in mind. Top researchers say that athletes have a hard time adjust shoes when laces are too loose or tight, and the Hyper Adapt solves this at the touch of a button. With a price of $720 we can see all athletes falling in love with this item while we save up our coin!

12  Portable Air-Dryer For Clothes: Fantastic For Backpackers & College Students


If you have tried to find a perfect apartment with all the amnesties that you're going to need for a good price in a good location, then you know the struggle. This little portable clothes dryer may be a great solution to in-house laundry. You can set it up and have your clothes dried like any other machine. Its a great one for college student too who have to share machine with multiple dorm rooms. If you're in a hurry then sharing is not something your want to do because you're going to be waiting a while. If you find yourself on the road all the time and hate paying so much for laundry services, then wash that shirt in the sink and throw it in your portable dryer. It makes life a lot simpler to have your own portable dryer, trust us! Especially if you're going on a backpacking trip to humid countries—you'll be so thankful to have this!

11 The Wellbe: Good For Mindful Souls


So, we have all heard about the Fitbit bracelets, right? The next best thing when it comes to monitoring fitness through an app. Well, stay on those lines, but think about measuring calmness. In our modern lives, there are so many things that can easily stress us out without us even knowing. The Wellbe monitors when our stress levels are heightened, giving you an insight to what events or occurrences can worry you. As it is linked to an app, it has a lot of features to start you on your way to having a calm week. It has mindful exercises that we should all be encouraged to try and over time brings our stress levels down. If that wasn’t enough, it is made from a soft durable cork, ensuring that it as kind to the environment as can be, and looks like a modern accessory too.

10 Snapchat Spectacles: The Best Gadget For Snapchat Addicts


We are pretty surprised that no other company has come up with this idea up until recently! Linking a specific product with a specific app is genius because this product can’t be used with any other app and rarely used for anything else than it’s intended purpose. These spectacle are for the die-hard Snapchatters all around the world. If you know someone who lives their entire lives through Snapchat, then this is the product for them. It allows you to snap hands free. So, if you’re on holiday or in the middle of an adventure, then these are essential. Its like a GoPro but in the form of sunglasses, and you don’t have to upload to your PC then online—you can instantly post!! This is perfect for those who are planning big action-packed holidays. We think it's a fun product that will help you document your experiences effectively in the viewpoint of your own eyes for everyone to see.

9  Mini Air Humidifier: Essential For Asthmatic Individuals


We can tell you that this one works. We have tried it, we use it, and we love it. If you live in a place that just has dry heat all the time then you know the need for a humidifier. This portable one is so easy to use, it can be moved from room to room and placed in a bottle of water or a cup. It shuts off automatically after eight hours or you can shut it off as soon as you'd like. If you live in a cold place but are always having to switch on the heating then a humidifier comes in handy to make the air more palatable. Humidifiers also have health benefits; one of the best is that it helps to clear blocked sinuses and slows bacteria travelling through air. For the affordable price and the portability of the product, we encourage everyone to try one out!

8 Nike Pro Hijab: Valuable For Muslim Athletes


This product may be the most impressive and needed from our whole list. Women who wear Hijabs because of religious or cultural beliefs now have a choice to wear their own Hijab or that of Nike's, designed with these specific women in mind. The development included many female athletes who wear Hijabs daily and who also participate in sports. They needed something durable that would not compromise their religion. The product is made from one layer of lightweight polyester and has micro holes that help with ventilation and keeping the athlete cool during their chosen sport. It also comes in a choice of neutral colors. Moreover, it falls in line with all religious requirements, so there is no need for the athlete to cede their religion. We are expected to see it on the market by 2018 and featured in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

7 Solar Window Charger: Useful For The Techies In All Of Us


With all the gadgets we carry around on a daily basis, it is important that we remember to keep them charged just in case. The majority of us do carry around our extra battery power packs, but what happens when you've forgotten to charge that....guess you're kinda stuck? Well, if you have a Solar Window Charger with you, then all you have to do is have your server seat you by a window and charge your device easily. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to charging your device through a regular outlet. It may also be able to shave a few cents off your electricity bill in the long run if you find yourself charging devices a lot, which most of us do. There are so many places where this can be used; if you have a long flight and your iPad is on the brink of dying, stick it to the window and continue to kill your game of Candy Crush!

6  Ayo Blue Light Glasses: Compelling To The Futuristic Peeps


With our hectic lives demanding us to be on the go, it’s hard to harness our needed energy or maintain a regular sleeping pattern. One late night might throw our whole sleep cycle out of whack. Ayo is made to combat this through the Blue Light Treatment. You can program into your app which program you want to use and when. Depending on when you use it, it can help with better sleep, utilizing new energy and can even help you combat jet-lag. If you are someone who is always on the go and finds it hard to relax after a busy day, then this is the product for you. It can help so much with regulation of sleep, which a lot of people have trouble with. It is a way of getting back into a routine fast and making sure you utilize the times when you are and aren’t sleeping.

5  Digital Highlighter: Crucial For Students


Granted, this product isn’t for everyone, but those who can use it will find that it will be a major asset to them in the long run. The biggest consumers we can see benefiting from this are High School and University students. This is bound to make revising so much easier. Rather than wasting time writing every quotation that you should remember, you can just highlight it with this and print onto a flash card for later studying. It can also be a massive help for anyone who has to rely upon books and the internet for their research. This way, key points can be put onto one platform so that they can focus instead of going to different areas for past information. We think it’s a great idea for anyone who is participating in anything to do with written literature, as it can save up a lot of revision time.

4  Unify Roverbeats Bluetooth Speaker: Necessary For Music Lovers

Digital Trends

Remember when you were younger and the best thing for playing music was those huge boomboxes that everyone had? Well, if you have big speakers at home, get ready for their revival. This little gadget plugs into your stereo system by the auxiliary cord and connects to your phone through Bluetooth. This allows you to keep use of your phone and listen to music at the same time. We often find it difficult to let go of old clutter, but you can now reuse your speakers when you’re having friends over to your house, and you don’t have to worry about charging your portable speaker. I think we can all agree that those speakers always had a better sound to them!

3  Minispresso Gr Espresso Maker: Quintessential For Coffee Lovers


With all the coffee shops that are in the world today I think that it's safe to say that a big majority of people are coffee lovers. We make it at home, we have it at work and we buy it when were out and about. Nespresso is known for their espresso machines that are now staples in a great majority of households, but they have graced us with a new product that we're bound to love. It is the Minipresso Espresso maker. This handheld device can help you to make espresso where ever you are. It requires no battery power or electricity as it is totally hand operated. It makes this the perfect product for those of us who like camping or going on long excursions and are coffee snobs. All you need is your coffee and some hot water and you have the perfect cup of portable espresso!

2  Tweezerman Facial Hair Remover: A Must For Every Lady


If you are the kind of person who loves to find any easy way of hair removal, then you need to get to your local Sephora stat to try out this new gadget. Instead of waxing of plucking facial hair, which can be terribly painful, you can now roll this tool on your face for effortless hair removal. It extracts the hair in much the same way as other methods, but there is less irritability when it come to the pores and skin. We admit, at first we weren’t sure if this was a beauty tool or nun chuck, but once you watch the tutorial video, it all becomes very clear. Its a great little product that you can throw into your beauty bag or purse, and it lasts a lot longer than hair removal creams and wax. Tweezerman knows what they’re doing when it comes to hair removal, so were going to trust them on this one.

1 Life Straw: Optimal For Outdoor Warriors & Explorers


Okay, so we may not all need water filters everywhere we go, but you would be surprised what condition water is in all around the world. In some towns and cities, water can become easily contaminated by anything around it, making it non-consumable. Sure we can all run to the nearest convenience store and buy bottled water, but ideally we must become as environmentally friendly as possible. This gadget could especially be useful to people living in Third World countries and are faced with a poor quality of water every day. This is where the life straw comes in. It is a portable water filtration system made to clean water as you're drinking it through the straw. They have helped so many developing countries in need of this product, so buying from this company helps the cause. They also have everyday reusable filter bottles that we could all benefit from.

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