17 Fitness Trainers You Should Be Following On Instagram Right Now

You have made your promise this month that it's time for a #NewYearNewMe and you definitely will be back at the gym very soon. Once you get there it's very easy to just hit the treadmill for ten minutes and then walk around the intimidating machines aimlessly. A wasted workout can leave you feeling deflated or even worse - strip you of all motivation to ever return.

Have no fear, because in your very own pocket you have access to the world's greatest fitness trainers at just the touch of a button. We have put together the ultimate list of personal trainers and coaches who usually charge hundreds for their services. Following these inspirational accounts daily will help you source quick workouts you can try for yourself.

Before you know it, you'll be walking into the gym like a true pro and many others will be wondering if you are a professional coach too. Warning: side effects of this article may include a great mood and a rocking body.

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17 Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen: @twobadbodies


Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen who are known on Instagram as "Two Bad Bodies" certainly earned that title. They told Runners World magazine, "Our videos are just shot on iPhones and by our family members. It’s really a family effort.” Fans love that their set up isn't overly staged and that you get to see these girls really work hard for their bodies.

With their co-ordinated outfits, rocking bodies and awesome workout routines - these girls give a whole new meaning to the phrase squad goals.

16 Curtis Williams: @curtiswilliams17


If you like your men with roughly around zero percent body fat then look no further than Curtis Williams. He is the proud owner of C.A.M.P Performance Center in New York City and is responsible for a lot of hot bodies nationwide.

Previously he was active in the NFL until 2007, playing for the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants and New York Jets. Now he's the main man that athletes come to when they need to get ripped or die trying. His specializes in body conditioning, so you will often come across him on Instagram putting his female classes through some gruelling muscle routines.

15 Jeanette Jenkins: @msjeanettejenkins 


Jeanette Jenkins hosts her own website called thehollywoodtrainer.com and has over 300,000 fans on Instagram. She is never short of celebrity selfies as she personally trains Kelly Rowland, P!nk, Alicia Keys, Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Simone Smith & husband LL Cool J, Kimora Lee Simmons, Serena Williams and Queen Latifah.

Jenkins grew up in Ottawa, Canada, raised as one of three children by a single mother. She has always said that sports had been a good way to remain disciplined and out of trouble.

14 Marie Purvis: @mariepurvis


Marie Purvis has not had the easiest time getting to where she is today. During her college years, the former high school track athlete felt over-trained, exhausted and depressed. Not wanting to give up sports completely she became a personal trainer and a physiologist.

Alongside Nike Women, she launched the "trainer in your pocket" app which allows people to excel in exercising whether or not they have access to their own personal expert. She said, "I wanted to develop tools for people who maybe didn’t have the resources to get a trainer or coach. I wanted to educate. I wanted them to have a trainer in their pocket."

13  Seyit Ali Shobeiri: @CoachSeyit

via: youtube.com

Based in Germany, fitness and martial arts expert Seyit Ali Shobeiri really knows the meaning of hard work in the gym. His own workout DVD is called "No Excuses!" Coach Seyit's offers 21-day programs which if carried out everyday get you ripped in no time. The side effects may include you feeling as if your entire stomach is on fire.

He mixes together a unique style including CrossFit, Football, Ginástica Natural and martial arts. Just looking at his physique is enough to make anyone want a "super-body" of their own.

12 Massiel “Massy” Arias: @massy.arias


We don't know how hard we would have to work to gain a body like this - but Massy certainly is our new #abgoals. Her motto is: Strive for progress not perfection. Born in the Dominican Republic she proves how exercise can change you mentally, physically and spiritually.

On her official website she talks about her own personal goals and how they will shape the way we workout in the future. She said, "I one day hope to influence a new generation of trainers to teach people a lifestyle instead of a quick fix to get a bikini body. I want to teach people to fully believe that being healthy really is being happy."

11 Nicole Winhoffer: @NicoleWinhoffer 


Nicole Winhoffer is a self-labelled "fitness artist". Her workouts are choreographed combining "science, art and energy" to whip you into shape using high-energy dance moves. It also helps that she always picks the best hip hop tracks to compliment her workout.

Winhoffer wrote on her site about how she works, "When I create new workouts or choreography, I use everything inside of me to move and tell a story." Most of her movements are not easy but really worth it.

10 Shauna Harrison: @shauna_harrison


You can follow Shauna Harrison pretty much around the world with her workouts as she proves anytime is a good time to be working out. Her classes have been taught in Bay Area, Los Angeles, Baltimore and even in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. The moves she pulls on her Instagram feed will make you feel like a gymnast once you've finished.

She is a self-proclaimed nerd who has enjoyed getting involved in sports since childhood eventually gaining a PhD in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.

9 Neghar Fonooni: @negharfonooni


Move over Rhonda Rousey because we just found our new strength inspiration in Neghar Fonooni. She states her mission is "to help women worldwide recognize their worth, own their power, prioritize self-care, and live their bliss."

Her two adorable bulldogs quite often make an appearance on her Instagram feed too just to break it up between the tough workouts. The best bit - she allows her diet to include red wine and chocolate. Amen to that!

8 Carmen Morgan: @mytrainercarmen


Before Instagram turned Carmen Morgan into a fitness superstar, she was working as an art teacher for ten years. She writes on her website, "As a woman, I know how easy it is to be overly frustrated and even obsessed with how our bodies look. Unfortunately, I saw a lot of this self loathing, body-hatred in my female Middle School students, during my time as a teacher. No girl or woman should feel this way about her body."

It wasn't long after she turned her hand to personal training and she gained quite the fan following. Now women from all around the world can feel empowered by her workouts.

7 Kacy Catanzaro: @kacycatanzaro


You may recognize Kacy Catanzaro from a video that went viral last year when she became the first woman to ever complete the American Ninja Warrior in Dallas. Known also as The Mighty Kacy she may be petite but with a ridiculous amount of upper-body strength she is certainly one to follow.

Before this ex-gymnast made it big she worked as a personal trainer for Alpha Warrior, an obstacle-course gym in San Antonio, Texas. During this time she learned how to scale walls, jump great distances and monkey bar the hell out of anything in her path.

6 Natalie Uhling: @natalieuhling


Natalie Uhling is the envy of many women as she really does have it all - the killer body, the stunning looks and her flock of admiring followers. That's not to say she doesn't deserve every second as she does work damn hard in the gym.

She also dedicates a lot of her time to encouraging others. At the start of the year she wrote on her blog, "Never stop believing in your dreams. There were so many times I broke down in tears and thought “do I have what it takes, is this worth it?” I was pushed to my limits, both mentally and physically. I learned NO ONE can ever take that fire away from me and no matter what, I believe in my own magic." Preach it, sister.

5 Lauren Fisher: @laurenfisher


San Diego college student Lauren Fisher splits her time between studying and dead-lifting her own bodyweight in the gym empowering women to show their potential.

At just 21-years-old she has already established herself as one of the country's up-and-coming athletes after finishing 9th at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games and also taking home the title at the USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship. She now helps train others who want to seek the same success with her training program.

4 Mary Helen Bowers: @balletbeautiful 


At nearly half a million followers, Mary Helen Bowers, who is the face of Ballet Beautiful, offers an alternative to muscle shredding workouts. She personally trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan (2010) with her targeted exercises and stretches that help sculpt the entire physique.

Bowers also works closely with A-list celebrities, supermodels, Victoria’s Secret Angels and of course her thousands of followers around the world. Ballet Beautiful is the perfect workout for the modern woman.

3 Adam Rosante: @adamrosante


Adam Rosante is quite the godsend. Not just handsome but also his exercises usually last 30-60 seconds targeting areas quick. There's a reason why he is quickly becoming one of America's leading fitness experts.

In 2012, he was named by SELF magazine one of the sexiest trainers in the world and he opened his first "pay-what-you-can" bootcamp for those who want to get in shape fast. On his personal blog he shares his morning routine as: "Wake Up With Gratitude. Give. Meditate. Workout."

2 Robin Arzon: @robinnyc


Professional runner Robin Arzon has both beauty and brains since she previously trained as a corporate lawyer. She now coaches others who want to take up running and follow in her footsteps as someone who ran five marathons in five days across Utah.

A self-proclaimed style goddess, she advises never sacrifice style for function and last year told Glamour magazine, "Sweat with swagger. I have red lipstick, travel perfume, and door-knocker earrings on 24/7". She also believes "booty shakes are good for the soul".

1 Lyzabeth Lopez: @lyzabethlopez


Lyzabeth Lopez is one of the most popular names when it comes to fitness models as she has a booty that even Kim Kardashian would envy. The best thing about her account is she isn't shy to show you how to get a figure just like hers. 2.1 million people follow her award-winning "Hourglass Workout" she created herself.

This is not for the weak hearted but the results you will gain from following her regime are incredible. It's all about the squats when it comes to forming the ultimate figure so be prepared to get low.

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