17 Female Celebs All Men Fantasize About Cheating On You With

While you never want to even think about your amazing boyfriend cheating on you, you definitely know that he's got a celebrity crush. You do too, right?! With so many attractive men starring in your favorite movies and TV shows, it's pretty much impossible not to have a thing for some of them. After all, it's totally harmless. It's not like you're ever going to date any of them, let alone even meet them (even though, of course, a girl can dream).

The concept of a celebrity crush is kind of funny when you think about it. When you were a pre-teen and teenager, it was much more common for you to crush on boy band members and actors. It was just something that you and your friends talked about all the time. Now that you're older, you probably have at least one actor that you're really into, although of course now there's a dose of reality added into the whole deal and you get that it's not a real crush.

Maybe your boyfriend straight-up tells you which famous females he's crushing on, or maybe he stays pretty mum about that kind of stuff and would rather not say. Either way, the following celebrities are definitely ones that most guys are super big fans of. Read on to find out 17 female celebs that all men fantasize about cheating on you with!

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17 Mila Kunis Is In Every Man's Dreams

Mila Kunis is another celeb that men definitely crush on. Just look at her in this super cool photo: she's wearing a crop top, an edgy skirt, and boots, and she looks both pretty and tough.

Whether your boyfriend's been a fan of hers since her days on That 70's Show or he loved her in Black Swan, you can be sure that he thinks that she's really good-looking. You can't even be jealous because you think that she's so pretty, don't you? And, besides, she really seems like a cool girl that you could honestly just grab a drink with and hang out with. She doesn't seem like a "celebrity." So if he's going to be into a star, this is one that you can definitely approve of.

16 Kate Upton, Men Don't Read Sports Illustrated For No Reason...

Kate Upton is for sure at the top of a ton of guys' celebrity crush lists. The model has been super famous for a few years now and her fame and success aren't slowing down.

The 25-year-old model first became well-known when she was in the popular and beloved swimsuit issue Sports Illustrated and they called her "Rookie Of The Year" in 2011. She's really cool and has also acted in a few movies, but modeling is her main gig. What guys love about Kate is her girl next door, All American thing. She's very pretty and she's not covering up with beauty with too much makeup or fancy hair or expensive clothing. You can just tell that she's very comfortable with who she is, and that's really attractive.

15 Emma Watson Childhood Crush All Grown Up

You're definitely a huge fan of Emma Watson since, of course, she was Hermione, and you can't not love Harry Potter. You just have to love that amazing and magical and wonderful book series and film franchise. It's like a rule or something.

It's pretty obvious that your boyfriend is really into her, too. What's cool about Harry Potter is that it's not a super girly franchise or anything like that. It appeals to both guys and girls, which is why so many guys are fans of Emma and think that she's really attractive. Although you can't call Harry Potter girly, this is a pretty girly photo since Emma's wearing an extremely frilly pink top and matching underwear. She looks so beautiful, which is true of the way that she looks all the time.

14 Hilary Duff, Men Appreciate The Simplistic Look

You know those female celebrities that just seem really awesome? Hilary Duff is one of those. She's just a really cool girl. She's a single mom, she's an actress, she's a singer, and she's a body positive advocate, based on an Instagram post from a few months ago where she talked about how lame it is to shame celebs for how they look.

It's pretty clear that guys think that Hilary Duff is really hot... because, well, she is. She looks especially good in this photo in her black romper and lacy black bra. Her long wavy blonde hair and pretty eyeshadow totally complete the whole look. You know that you have a girl crush on Hilary Duff and have for years now, so of course guys are into her, too.

13 Scarlett Johannson, Blonde Bombshell That Drives Men Wild

Scarlett Johannson's definitely the object of a lot of guys' affection and for a few really good reasons: she's cool, edgy, and beautiful. She started to get noticed after starring in The Horse Whisperer and then movies like Ghost WorldGirl with a Pearl Earring, and The Perfect Score got her even more attention. Since then, she's been in critically acclaimed films like Her and some Marvel movies, and it's safe to say that her star has definitely been rising for a long time.

Since she's so attractive and also in a whole bunch of Marvel movies, she's definitely a female celebrity that guys are seriously into. That's just a winning combination. You love her too so it's not like you're a green-eyed monster about it. Right?!

12 Kylie Jenner, Pre-Pregnant Jenner Was A Total Hit With The Men

Kylie Jenner's so gorgeous and has such a beautiful curvy figure that it's no wonder that so many guys are super into her. This shot in particular is great since she looks so good in this matching light green sweatshirt and shorts, and you can really tell that she's got an awesome body.

While a lot of guys might not admit to keeping up with the Kardashians (or the Jenners), you can be sure that they think that this is a family of lovely ladies. There's just no way that they wouldn't think that way. Of course, you're cool with it since you're a big Kylie fan and think that she's so cool and stylish. It's honestly fine with you. No, really. You swear that it's fine with you.

11 Sofia Vergara, Calling All Cougars

Sofia Vergara is absolutely hilarious as Gloria on Modern Family and she was awesome in the movies Hot Pursuit and Chef, among many others. No doubt about it, she looks smoking hot in this photo and this tank top and short combo is really working for her.

Of course, it's no secret that Sofia is just one of the most gorgeous actresses ever, and she looks good all the time. Her husband isn't bad, either. Seriously, she and Joe Manganiello are #goals and probably the most attractive celebrity couple. Or if they're not number one then they're at least in the top five. But you're pretty sure that no other couple comes close. It's just so much beauty in one marriage. Guys love women with curves and Sofia has some gorgeous curves for sure.

10 Megan Fox, A Girl That Gets Down And Dirty Is Every Man's Fantasy

It's not hard to see why guys are into Megan Fox. She's hot. Period.

She looks great in every movie that she stars in and she's funny, too. And she looks even hotter in this photo, where she's leaning over and opening up the trunk of a car. How can anyone not agree that this is a particularly on fire photo?! No doubt about it, this photo was probably taken from this angle since it's such a good angle for her (even though every angle is for sure a good angle for Megan Fox). She has a reputation for being one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood and this photo is even more proof of that. The 31-year-old's famous hubby, Brian Austin Green, is really attractive too, so they're definitely a good-looking couple.

9 Olivia Munn The Ultimate Tomboy Turned Bombshell

Olivia Munn has got it all: beauty and brains. And that's why so many guys find her to be totally and completely attractive.

She found success as a journalist at first and was on The Daily Show in 2010 and 2011, and then played a journalist on The Newsroom. She's been in movies like Office Christmas Party and Magic Mike, and let's be real here, she's completely gorgeous. She shines in whatever role she takes on because she's so good-looking and she's such a talented actress, too. You really believe whatever character she's playing. She's basically every man's dream girl since she's really, really intelligent and isn't afraid to speak her mind, either, which is something that a lot of people should do. Olivia Munn's just the best.

8 Taylor Swift, The Girl Next Door

Sure, Taylor Swift gets a lot of flak and negative attention, but she's famous for a reason. She's an amazing singer and songwriter and always captivates everyone with her latest album. And of course she's basically a guy magnet. Just look at how many relationships and dating situations she's had. If she wasn't crushworthy, her love life probably wouldn't be quite so exciting.

Taylor's got a classic kind of beauty and she really does look like the girl next door. She's not too flashy or wearing any fancy clothes or wearing too much makeup. She's just being herself, and she seems sweet and fun and quirky. She definitely seems like girlfriend material, and you're always hoping that her next love story will work out better than the last.

7 Anna Kendrick's Confidence Is Key

Anna Kendrick is a dream girl for a guy who wants someone who is hilarious and quirky and creative. You get the feeling that she's comfortable with who she is and super confident. You don't get the feeling that she's going to spend hours getting ready. She just doesn't seem like one of those annoying girls. She's just so cool.

Yeah, you've got a girl crush on her, so it's no big surprise that guys have a crush on her, too. Basically, everyone should have a crush on her. That just makes a lot of sense. Between her funny Instagram and Twitter accounts and her amazing roles in movies like 50/50 and Pitch Perfect, she's a really amazing celebrity who feels like the opposite of what you think that a celebrity is like.

6 Olivia Wilde's Edgy Personality Is A Bonus For All Men

In the movie Drinking Buddies, Olivia Wilde plays a girl who seems like one of the guys. She drinks a lot of beer, which is a good thing since she literally works for a beer company, and is one of those cool and edgy girls who can just hang out and be chill. That honestly seems like what she's like IRL, although of course she's super famous so it's not like you really know what she's like.

It's easy to see why guys would be into her and think that she's so hot. She really is attractive -- in that non-celebrity way. She's not one to cover up her beauty with too many products or fancy clothing. Instead, you get the feeling that what you see is what you get, and what you see is definitely a gorgeous girl.

5 Jennifer Lawrence, Her Attitude Is The Ultimate Turn On

Jennifer Lawrence is a really unique celebrity. She trips at award shows, she admits to eating junk food, she laughs a lot and doesn't seem all that ladylike. And you really love her for it and know that guys do, too.

Doesn't she sound like every guy's perfect girlfriend!? Most guys say that they want a girl who isn't high-maintenance at all. They want someone who they can just hang out with, grab dinner, grab drinks, and chat and joke around with. They're looking to make things as peaceful as possible and they don't want any drama or conflict. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? You definitely can get down with that. J.Law totally seems like girlfriend material. If you're just like her, then congrats, you're also perfect girlfriend material. Phew.

4 Jennifer Aniston, The OG Girl Next Door

Jennifer Aniston is totally the OG girl next door, right? People have adored her ever since her days on Friends and her star has never fallen since then. Like it ever could, of course. She's just too talented to not be one of the most famous and beloved actresses ever. That's why everyone still loves her to this day and why she still gets cast in tons of different movies, ranging from comedies to dramas.

You can be sure that guys are majorly into her. The kind of beauty that she has is definitely classic. She's got perfect skin and perfect hair and a perfect body, and honestly, just seems pretty flawless in general. The fact that she works out a lot and does yoga and eats healthy and takes care of herself is really attractive, too. Every guy wants to be with someone who does that.

3 Emily Blunt, Every Man Is So Jealous Of John Krasinsky

Emily Blunt can be dramatic, like when she's starring as the mean girl who doesn't eat in The Devil Wears Prada, or hilarious, like when she's juggling her marriage and career in The Five Year Engagement. No matter what, she's always totally beautiful, and this photo in particular is a really awesome one of her. Doesn't she look so cool?!

Emily's been really fit and toned for a while now, and it seems like she got really into fitness when she starred in the 2011 movie The Adjustment Bureau. She started doing strength-training and cardio at Tracy Anderson's famous workout studio, and you can totally tell that it paid off. She told Women's Health, "It was exhausting, an endurance test. But you start to feed off of it, you sort of feel like a junkie." So amazing. And so inspiring.

2 Emma Stone, Your Boyfriend Doesn't Watch Her Movies For The Story...

Emma Stone is another beautiful young actress who seems really cool and kind of quirky, and that makes her crushworthy for sure.

She got famous after starring in Easy A which is a totally hilarious movie, and since then, she's risen to the top of her industry after killing it in La La Land with Ryan Gosling. A lot of men definitely think that she's pretty amazing, and it's easy to see why. Just look at how pretty and graceful and lovely she looks in this photo. She totally sparkles in this shiny silver dress and looks like the successful movie star that she absolutely is. If your boyfriend tells you that he's got a thing for Emma Stone, just nod and say that you totally get it. Because you love her too, right?! See? Celeb crushes are totally harmless. It's all good.

1 Kim Kardashian, Men Keep Her As A Secret Crush

It's absolutely impossible for your boyfriend not to have a major crush on Kim Kardashian. If you ask him and he says no, then sorry but he's totally lying. Yes, even if he says that he's telling the truth.

Kim is just so beautiful and she never, ever looks bad in a photo. She looks like perfection whether she's out casually running errands or dolled up for a fancier event. She's got an amazing sense of style and really knows how to rock neutral colors so you'll often see her in all-beige or all-black outfits. This picture is especially hot since she's wearing a really, really, really tight leather pantsuit. Even better, it's strapless, so her toned shoulders and curvy figure are on display, and she looks absolutely incredible.

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