17 Deal Breakers All Guys Have

It’s no secret that most, if not all, women have a wish list of what they hope to find in their perfect guy. It’s no secret that you’ve also learned throughout your journey that the perfect guy is just a myth, for the most part. Prince Charming is going to have a few flaws, but that’s okay. It’s almost easier to make a list of things you don’t like and use that as a reference in your dating ventures. Like women, many men are very aware of what they either want or really don’t want in their female counterpart. These could be things that could stop a relationship dead in its tracks or be a giant roadblock that would prevent a gentleman from pursuing a second date with you.

17 She Wants / Doesn’t Want / Already Has A Kid

Everyone eventually gets to that point in their lives where they make a decision about what they want to leave behind; whether or not they want to have kids. Sometimes that discussion can happen very early on in a relationship. Why invest the time with someone when you want completely different things? Many guys are totally open-minded to dating a single mom, and others feel they cannot handle it and that’s okay. If a dude really, really, REALLY wants kids or is quite the opposite, loves them but doesn’t want them, then being involved with a lady who is the opposite is going to end badly so they likely will nip the relationship in the bud.

16 She Hates Pets

Many single ladies LOOOVVEEEEE guys with puppies. Nothing takes a 9 to an 11 faster than a cute guy doting on an equally cute four-legged companion. And those guys feel very strongly about their furry-child. If you are one of those ladies who is severely allergic or just doesn’t like (HATES) all things “pet”, chances are, that guy is just not going to find room in his heart for you. Don’t take it personally when he chooses his dog over you because girls who don’t like pets are a deal breaker to the guys that do.

15 She Has Different Thoughts About Marriage

To many, marriage is the ultimate commitment, especially if you are from a traditional upbringing. But it’s 2016, and many men, and women, have made the decision that they don’t want to get married for whatever reason. Maybe it’s financial, maybe a gal doesn’t want to change her last name, and maybe taxes are just as easy to claim common-law than married so why spend all that money on a “meaningless” ceremony? If you have a differing opinion (you don’t want to take his last name, for example) or just don’t want to get married (and he does), don’t get your hopes up for happily ever after because that is a deal breaker for him.

14 She’s A Stage Five Clinger

Guys love a girl who is at least a little bit independent. There’s certainly a fine line to walk because they also need to feel useful and needed or they won’t stick around in the relationship. But if you won’t let him go out with his friends without tagging along, or you have to spend every, single night together, he’s going to lose patience and end the relationship. Better to give him some freedom, rather than let it be a deal breaker.

13 She Has An STI

This one may seem a bit harsh, but it’s also very true for 99.9% of healthy men. Unfortunately, having an STI has a bad social reputation and makes you look a certain way to your friends. Maybe it was only one time and it was bad luck, but it still happened and sadly, an antibiotic isn’t gunna cut it. No one is suggesting you lie to your partner but being honest up front armed with information from your doctor about reducing or eliminating risks of transmission gives you a fighting chance. For the rest of you, there’s positivesingles.com, where people who have had some sexual misfortune can go and find love, too.

12 She Cheats

Nothing ruins trust faster than finding out your partner cheated on you. And as surely as this one is on your deal breakers list, it’s also on your male counterpart's. Once you lose trust, it can be nearly impossible to get it back, because in those moments of infidelity, you were thinking of someone else and not him. Do you want to think of your partner making love to another girl? Didn’t think so, which is why it’s on the deal breakers list.

11 She Has Different Religious Views

Religion. The one thing that most wars have begun over and the most lives have been lost because of. No one is saying religion is a bad thing, but it’s safe to say that religion does as much bad as good nowadays. Some religions even require your partner to convert in order to get married. For someone who is very non-religious, or someone who is very much into their own religion, finding a partner with very different ideals is not going to start a war; but it’s reason enough to end the relationship before it goes too far and causes too much conflict.

10 She Doesn't Take Care Of Herself

Otherwise known as being a slob, this unattractive quality is equally unappealing when your boyfriends do it. Being lazy and not working out, not bothering to shower or wash your hair, not grooming or removing body hair or wearing unclean clothes are just a few ways you could fall into this category. You don’t have to be a 10 but if you don’t take care of what you have, guys aren’t going to do it for you. It’s a huge turn-off and a definite deal breaker.

9 She Has No Job Or No Aspirations

It’s not 1920 anymore. 21st century men don’t want to be the sole breadwinners and be responsible for taking care of everything financially. You could get away with not having a job if you are in school, because that demonstrates that you are working towards something: some dream or end goal. But someone who sits around all day collecting welfare cheques, or living off of daddy’s money, and is perfectly content doing that, is a big red flag for guys. Time to get a job or get back on Plenty of Fish.

8 She Has A Drinking Problem

Ask any member of AA: it’s difficult to be with someone who has an addiction. And as much as you try and want to be supportive of them, sometimes it’s so emotionally and mentally taxing that you simply cannot do it anymore. Many of the people who go to things like AA are in long-term relationships or marriages, where substance dependency has not always been an issue. Early on, someone who uses too much, or just parties too much, is definitely a deal breaker because it makes you look immature and irresponsible.

7 She’s Too Close With Her Parents

It’s not unusual to hear a woman say: my mom is my best friend. And guys are happy to accept that. However, if you cannot go out for drinks without inviting your mom or you cannot even think about planning a vacation without mom and dad tagging along, it’s not so good for your boyfriend. He’s thinking about spending his life with you because he loves you. He doesn’t want to marry your parents too and if you force it on him, it’s going to be easier to move on and find someone who isn’t already in a long-term relationship with ma and pa.

6 She Smokes

Do you like the taste of an old man farting in your mouth? Seriously, think about it; picture the visual. To all non-smokers, the taste of cigarette smoke is one of the most repugnant things out there, probably second to chowing down on some bull testicles. And any smoker will tell you that you have to quit for yourself and not for your partner, and that’s not new news to non-smokers. Rather than fighting with you about it, he’s going to make it a deal breaker and cut his losses before he gets in too deep.

5 She Flirts Way Too Much With Other People

A little bit of harmless flirting never hurt anyone, except for the insanely jealous boyfriend-types. Why, you may ask? Mainly because if there is too much flirting in front of him, he’s going to get trust issues and wonder what you would be doing if he wasn’t around. He’s also going to feel unimportant and not loved. Making a guy feel this way is a definite deal breaker because he is aware that he could go searching for a lady who makes him feel much more desired.

4 She Doesn't Get Along With His Family

Though the typical stereotype is that his mother will always hate you no matter what, that isn’t often the case. In fact, he would rather end a relationship than end up with someone who doesn’t get along with his family. Holidays, birthdays, and the possibility of having kids in the future all get tainted by the thought that you wouldn’t be happy to spend time with his family. If he has any sort of relationship with his family at all, it’s going to be a huge deal breaker.

3 She Has Zero Sense Of Humour

Knock, knock! Who’s there? No, really, who’s there? Are you a snorter? Do you crack dirty jokes or post funny animal memes on your Facebook wall? You don’t have to be a comedian but if you can’t make or take a joke, then you’re going to be that boring, awkward person that his friends don’t want him to bring around. And if you aren’t well liked by people other than your friends, there’s only so much upselling he can do to try to win people over for you. No sense of humour loosely translates to no long-term relationship with the boy you like so much. You find a funny guy sexy; he only wants the same from you.

2 She Isn't Interested In Getting It On

Men like sex. Women like sex. Everyone who has had sex probably likes sex. However, everyone’s sex drive is completely different. There are guys who can’t go more than a day without getting intimate with their girlfriend and there are female nymphomaniacs who will send you dirty photos while you’re trying to work until you leave work and get it on in the car outside with them. It’s safe to say that all guys like sex to a degree but if he’s dating a lady who has next to no sex drive, or only wants to get it on for special occasions, that’s not going to fly. Relationships have ended over far less so not having quality sex with your partner is a true deal breaker.

1 She Has Different Views On Pregnancy

While in a relationship where regular sexual activity is occurring, it’s important to discuss options for any potential "mistakes" that may arise. Some women love the idea of being moms and want it right now and some are happy to wait until they are settled, or just don’t know if they want them at all. If he has a discussion with you about what his best-case scenario would be in the event of that emergency, and it’s drastically different from what you would want, it’s going to be a deal breaker. On a positive note, you don’t want someone who doesn’t want kids sticking around with you out of guilt. You are better than that, girl.

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