17 Celebs You Didn't Know Have Blemishes

Magazine spreads are filled with celebrities in their perfectly edited skin, trying to pawn on us triple digit-priced face creams we’d have to charge on credit cards and pay off month by month. It wasn’t until Instagram and YouTube where real people took to reviewing these things that we were able to see what was actually worth buying.

That’s because all of the airbrushing and Photoshop editing billboards, magazines, and ads use to hide the truth of these celebrity’s real skin woes from us, making us believe that our skin should always look flawless. Frankly, it’s a lie. Plenty of celebrities have taken to social media to admit that they too suffer from acne, fine lines, enlarged pores, and so on, like the rest of us.

I suppose that should make us feel better. These celebs have millions of followers, yet in some aspects, they’re still just like us — normal human beings. But it’s hard to forget that for the longest time ever the media had us believe that we had to live up to equally flawless beauty pursuits. How unfair is that? And still, plenty of celebs take to social media to post clearly edited, impeccable skin while claiming they have no makeup on. But believe me, this list will definitely have you questioning all of those makeup-free images that some of these celebs have posted, swearing they’re fabulous with or without cosmetics. Let’s keep it real, no one is perfect, and these celebs prove it.

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17 Kendall Jenner Debuted Her Acne At The Golden Globes


Kendall Jenner took us by surprise when she showed up recently on the Golden Globes red carpet sporting a blotchy face. It did cause an unexpected amount of support on her side. One follower commented “Ok but @KendallJenner showing up and strutting her acne while looking like a gorgeous star is what every girl needs to understand.”

I still can’t tell if this was just a makeup blunder, or if Kendall did this on purpose to strike up a new movement. But either way, it worked in her favor. Instead of feeling embarrassed for walking around her true skin, Kendall turned it around and showed that you should have no shame in rocking your real skin whether you’re on a red carpet or on social media.

16 Bella Thorne Embraces Her Acne


Bella Thorne got her biggest break on Disney’s Shake It Up. And in the tradition of being a Disney star looking to escape the cookie-cutter expectations, she’s gone above and beyond to prove that she’s edgy. Do we believe? Eh, she kind of tries too hard, but eventually, I guess you could say that she finds her way to normalcy.

Beyond loads of eyeliner and foundation, Bella has quietly struggled with her skin. Afer all, she’s only 20, so of course, she’s going to have the occasional unexpected breakout. Her roles usually call for to clean up her beauty looks, and opt for a more glam appeal, so it’s no wonder she rebels off camera. But her constant working and being under so much makeup has been wreaking havoc on her skin.

15 Chrissy Teigen Blames PMS

Teen Vogue

There’s this thing that women go through when we’re menstruating, and Chrissy Teigen recently called awareness to it. ‘Period Skin’ made an appearance on her Snapchat feed when she revealed how her skin was acting up. Hormonal acne is no fun, but it is also super common. It happens when you least expect it, and it can be so annoying.

Taking a candid approach to skin woes isn’t anything new, but it definitely helps us relate more. This kind of acne is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. At least Chrissy gets us. We ladies have it pretty hard, and guys just really don’t know. It’s not every day that you have a top model admits suffering from painful acne like the rest of us. It’s out of your control sometimes.

14 Even Rihanna Has Scars From Bad Skin Days


Rihanna is known as one of the baddest ladies in the music industry. When she’s not selling out shoes she’s usually on Twitter, telling someone off for even trying to mess with her. It’s actually quite comical how easily she brushes hater off. However, the media rarely shows you how she suffers from texture from the occasional acne as well.

Layering on tons of makeup doesn’t do anything for your skin, but it’s part of Rihanna’s job to keep up a pretty glam image, which usually calls for cosmetics. I’m pretty sure Rihanna doesn’t even care about the public making something out of her battle with acne. Does she even care about anything? However, it does help to know that one of the most successful women in the industry has their own struggle with skin care.

13 Rachel Bloom Shared Her Frustration


It’s hard not to be in love with Rachel Bloom. After all, her musical comedy-drama, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, almost never happened because people were afraid to take a chance on her. She has written, produced, and even sang on her own show. But still, as a super productive woman, Rachel wasn’t too shy to share the truth with us on her social media feed. She gave us a peek at a very large hormonal breakout.

Acne can hit any one of us at any unexpected time. Did we really have to see it? No, but I suppose that I do appreciate Rachel’s honesty when it comes to being a tough, working woman that’s always on-screen that still deals with the occasional breakout.

12 Harry Styles Makes A Case For The Guys

Daily Mail

The better part of One Direction, arguably, has always been Harry Styles. What is it that made him irresistible even to Taylor Swift? It could be his bad boy behavior wrapped in a nerdy, hot exterior. Whatever it is, women aren’t the only ones that suffer from skincare blunders in the public eye.

Harry has never commented on his skin problems, but wherever he is photographed by the paparazzi out and about you can clearly see he has blotchy and texture skin that is most likely from acne. I guess that’s what happens you don’t wear heavy foundation daily. It doesn’t seem to bother Harry, though. He’s remained totally silent to any kind of criticism on his skin. I suppose that’s a good way to go as well, radio silence.

11 Megan Fox Has Texture Just Like Us


Have you ever wondered why everyone in the magazines seems to have flawless skin? It really makes you wonder what you have to do get skin like that… and then they push countless products on and swear it will do just the trick. Advertising can be a scary thing. One of the most beautiful women, Megan Fox, has refuted any kind of evidence that she’s has work done, however, past pictures do look very different from today.

Someone released pre-edited images of her from a Maxim shoot and revealed that she’s still very beautiful, but her airbrushed skin is just that — airbrushed by a team that has mastered Photoshop. She also has uneven skin, which often happens from sun damage. Can we all get a Photoshop team to help us with our similar problems?

10 Lucy Hale Has No Chill About Her Skin Woes


Can we all get a bit of Lucy Hale’s attitude when it comes to skincare on the go? Would any of you go out and run errands with some zit-zapping cream dotted all over your face? I highly doubt it. But whatever got into Lucy Hale this time, keep it coming. Even under the watchful eye of the paparazzi, she refused to let that get in the way of her skincare routine.

If only I was as dedicated. Thankfully, this opened our eyes to the fact that if Lucy can go out and walk her pretty little dog with some zit cream on her face, then why can’t we? Are we ready to see a slew of women walking their pups with sheet masks yet?

9 Kylie Jenner Has Had Too Much Work Done At A Young Age


Does Kylie’s face even move anymore? If you see her on her own Snapchat feed, she makes the same, unmoved expressions. Her face doesn’t move much at all to show any emotion, and that’s not because she’s just not an emotional person. Many professional surgeons have speculated that the youngest Jenner has had way too much work done to her face at such a young age, and it is seriously backfiring.

The occasional zit is normal, but Kylie’s face doesn’t even move with her mouth. Having Botox injections has such side effects, especially when they are overdone. Over the past year or so it has gotten worse. It probably means that she hasn’t cut Botox off at keeps up consistent sessions. This is a problem that older women usually face.

8 Mila Kunis Is No Stranger To Criticism

Daily Mail

Most unedited images of Mila Kunis will really make you wonder what she looks like. When she’s not being glammed up by a team, she often puts little to no effort in her look. She’s always wearing baggy sweats, but she also has very visible pores, dark circles, and uneven skin tone.

We hardly ever see this because she’s always on the red carpet looking stunning. Since having her first child, with sweetheart Ashton Kutcher, Mila has stayed far away from the spotlight. She seems to be enjoying motherhood on her end. But recently she’s been spotted out with Ashton, showcasing her product free skin, and we’re not impressed. Again, the media has lied to us about how beautiful women really are, and refuse to acknowledge that they have skin issues, too.

7 Keke Palmer Shows Us Her Before And After

Keke Palmer is, unfortunately, a sight for sore eyes when she’s not wearing makeup. Her skin is horrible, to say the least. She has acne scars all over, her eyelids and under eyes are rimmed with darkness, and her skin tone is so uneven. But you would have never guessed it because we never saw her like this until she took to Snapchat to post her getting-ready routine with her makeup artist.

The truth is that everyone isn’t perfect, and we’re not all going to look flawless without a good beauty routine. Keke often looks so beautiful and put together, so it’s nice to see that she’s not perfect either. It’s as if we’re brainwashed into to thinking one thing about beauty, and can’t seem to accept the reality: no one has perfect skin.

6 Lorde Suffers From Chronic Acne And Is Upfront About It

Lorde decided to take it upon herself to introduce us to the fact that she suffers from acne. At a concert, this is the same shot a photographer captured her. He posted it online, however, it was all very edited and her skin looked so smooth and silky. Almost immediately, Lorde posted the unedited version and told her fans that she suffers from acne and doesn’t want to fake anything with them.

It was kind of a bold move. I mean, how many of us actually have airbrush apps on our phones to perfect our selfies? It better be most of us, because I sure do! But for an A-list celebrity to call out a photographer for perfectly editing their images and altering them to look perfect is refreshing. It doesn’t happen enough.

5 Miley Cyrus Has Always Hidden Her Zits

We remember Miley Cyrus as a sweet little country girl who suddenly turned into a bad pop star—I mean bad in a good way, of course. She shocked us all. But then images from paparazzi surfaced of Miley’s skin looking very blotchy. She admitted to suffering from acne, and she had suffered for a while with it. Don’t we all, though?

Every now and then she takes selfies with her pimple cream dotted on her face, and her tongue sticking out. But other than that, she hasn’t really said much else. I think it’s important for celebrities to speak up about their skin issues because it helps many of their fans humanize them, and take note that even a big pop star isn’t perfect, why should they think that they have to be?

4 Brandi Glanville's Skin Looks Artificial


Brandi Glanville has definitely had her fair share of work done, and not because she’s actually admitted to it, but because it is so obvious. Her skin looks horrible. It looks like plastic that’s been pulled back, which tends to happen when you overdue the chemical peels. Professionals have observed that she’s had a lot of work done like filler in the cheeks and lips, as well as a ton of Botox on her forehead.

She is known for her outlandish sense of humor on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but to the rest of us, it’s her outlandish face that’s made her more notable. Leading a life in Beverly Hills perhaps commands you looking a certain way, but I think that it’s safe to say that Brandi may have taken it too far.

3 Cameron Diaz Has Always Silently Struggled


You may not know this, but since she appeared in the spotlight, Cameron Diaz has struggled with horrible cystic and hormonal acne. Cystic acne happens when hair follicles and oil plug into pores which creates mounds of dead skin cells. She finally came out about it in 2014 and blamed it on her love of junk food.

If I had to cut Doritos out of my diet, I’m not sure that I’d be able to make it very long. It took a significant amount of change in her diet and then some fine tuning it to finally get Cameron Diaz in the skin she knew was under all of the issues. But even as an A-lister she had struggled to hide it for so long.

2 Brie Larson Is No Longer Afraid Of Her Skin's True Nature

Hello Giggles

Brie Larson opened up about her long struggle with acne as a teen, and now as an adult. In 2013 she suffered a red carpet mishap where makeup was just not cutting it for the evening. She had to walk the carpet with a huge pimple on her face that caused her a lot of stress and embarrassment. Well Brie, don’t worry because you’re not alone.

The blemish ended up scarring her personally for quite some time until she realized that she was making it much more of a bigger deal that it needed to be. I think we can all relate, and calmly say that we’ve all been there too. There’s always that very important evening when you suddenly breakout the night before and stress. However, it’s really not as big of a deal as we make it. It’s all in our head sometimes.

1 Angelina Jolie Suffers From A Lot Of Sun Damage

One thing Angelina Jolie didn’t do when she was young, which was, take care of her skin. I mean, do any of us really? Applying sunscreen and lotion can seem tedious when you’re young, but in the long-run, it really pays off. There is so much new evidence of sun damage, and it’s clear on stars like Angelina.

She didn’t wear sunscreen, like ever, and now her face suffers from all of the exposure she has had since she was young. Hopefully, now she’s changed her beauty routines, but it’s really easy to forget how necessary protection from sun damage is. It really is just another simple step you could be adding to your beauty routine, and plenty of retailers now offer options for all skin types.

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