17 Celebs Who Were Secretly Outed As Being Prejudiced

Before getting your curlers in a knot, let me just say that Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, and Brad Pitt are not apart of this list. Yes, yes I know—phew! But you'll still be surprised to find out who did make the cut. News flash! It's mostly people who make racial slurs against African Americans. Ho hum. This is super disappointing to hear as fans of celebrity gossip. We want to be able to look up to the people who portray the roles in our favorite books, serve up justice in a courtroom, and destroy the bad guys as our favorite superheroes. That's why it's so disheartening to find out from your local TV news station that Justin Bieber was caught drag racing again and not too mention putting other lives at risk by sheer stupidity. I don't know about you, but so far my celebrity role models from my childhood seem to still be held in high graces among pop culture (yay, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson).

Albeit, some of the celebrities apologized after making a careless, politically incorrect verbal error but how much can we forgive someone when we find out that that’s how they truly feel? It suddenly makes us take off our rose-tinted glasses and see our idols for what they truly are. Some of the people in this list may downright surprise while others you’ve probably heard about on the news (*cough* Mel Gibson). Now let’s check out just how bigoted our Hollywood stars actually are.

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17 Kelly Osbourne Thinks Toilet Cleaning Duties "Strictly Belong To Latinos"

via YouTube

Well, Kelly Osbourne was right about one thing: Donald Trump drummed up a lot of support before the final election. Just enough to get him elected. But the next thing she said raised quite a few eyebrows when she was a guest on The View. I think her heart was in the right place (kinda) when she was trying to say that Trump shouldn't try to deport the Latinos who have lived in this country for decades and have already established their livelihood here. But instead of saying that she said, "If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?" Wow, okay...I'm sure there was a huge awkward silence after she left that one slip. Of course, one of the show’s co-hosts rushed to her defense afterwards because I think we could all tell that Kelly Osbourne didn’t mean how it sounded. Let this be a lesson to you, Kelly, to not say anything before thinking about it on national television.

Source: Ranker, E! News

16 Hulk Hogan Calls Himself Racist Of Black People

via Radar Online

Unfortunately, Hulk Hogan has quite the history with using the N word. Also, apparently there's a $100 million dollar lawsuit going on between him and the website, Gawker. In a "not-so-PG" tape published publicly by the website, Hulk Hogan goes off on a racist tirade regarding his daughter dating a black man. According to the New York Post, this is what he said: "I mean, I’d rather if she was going to f–k some n—-r, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n—-r worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we’re all a little racist. F–king n—-r.” Shortly after, WWE removed his profile from their alumni section and his fan merchandise from their online store. Not so harsh considering the offense. Although, he did apologize for his choice of words when interviewed by People magazine. I'm sure he disappointed a lot of parents since he's a role model for little kids everywhere, encouraging them to take their vitamins and to pray every night.

Source: Ranker, New York Post

15 E! Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic Rags On A Woman's Dredlocks

via People

I don't understand what gets into women sometimes. I'm not sure what possessed E! Fashion Police, Giuliana Rancic, and (yet again) Kelly Osbourne to diss another lady's hairdo. So, here's what happened: during the 2015 red carpet show prior to the Academy Awards, Giuliana Rancic calls our 18-year-old Zendaya Coleman for her "patchouli oil"-smelling hair. To which, Kelly Osbourne provided additional fuel to fire by agreeing with Rancic and saying it might have smelled like weed. This Osbourne won't admit to. However, Rancic went ahead and publicly apologized for her poor choice of words. Good for her! Celebrities need to celebrate the diverse individuals in Hollywood. I mean, after all, this is America: home of the melting pot of ethnic groups. Also, good for Ranci for pointing out that it's often not what you say that matters, but how other people take it to mean. You just don't get to decide if your words hurt other people's feelings; the people who get offended are the ones who decide.

Source: Ranker

14 Rihanna Make Racial Jabs At Chris Brown's New Lady Friend

via YouTube

Back in 2012, Rihanna and Chris Brown were supposedly secretly dating while they were working on two musical collaborations together. According to some sources, they were planning on getting married. This all pretty awkward sounding considering that Chris Brown was dating Karrueche Tran, a half-Vietnamese model and actress. Where does that leave her? Apparently, Rihanna got a bit jealous on the internet and posted a picture of a "bag of rice cakes wearing sunglasses and door knocker hoop earrings". This offended Tran, who thought of this lame twitter post as a racial stereotype. Some may flock to Rihanna's defense, as it just being an allusion to one of her music videos. But, I beg to differ. It sounds like someone was just jealous of Chris Brown’s other squeeze. Pretty lame!

9TheFIX - Nine

Source: Jellyshare

13 Paris Hilton Slammed By Ex-Friend For Putting Down Minority Groups Every Chance She Gets

via The Daily Banter

"...She is no longer my friend. She's just not a nice person," exclaims her former friend, Brandon Davis who is dating The O.C.'s actress Mischa Barton. According to Davis, she puts down minority groups every chance she gets. She constantly calls African Americans the N word. Of course, Hilton denies this claim and tells the press that she loves everyone and that those claims Davis is making simply aren't true. What's really bizarre is that she puts down Jews, as well. How ironic...considering Brandon Davis is a Jew himself. I guess he's not just being mean when he calls her an idiot in the same interview. At first I thought he was making this up, but there have also been other reports that she said the N word to a couple black men in a video footage. I guess, he was telling the truth!

Source: JellyShare, Female First

12 Jay-Z Wears Pendant Symbolizing White Hate

via YouTube

Ever heard of the Five Percenters? According to the New York Post, they believe "Black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization, white men are the devil, the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost..." How is this relevant? Apparently, Jay-Z was spotted at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game with Beyoncé wearing a comically big, golden pendant with a seven-pointed star in the middle and a seven on top symbolizing the Five Percenters. Uh-oh! When asked about the significance of the pendant, he just kinda shrugged it off. Maybe he didn't know what it represented and he just wears it because it looks nice? I don't know but the Five Percenters believe that they are apart of the righteous five percent of society. They believe that ten percent of the population controls the other 85 percent by forcing them to believe in a god that doesn't exist. One of the group's representatives said that Jay-Z is not an active member of the group. Hopefully, next time Jay-Z leaves the pendant at home.

Source: New York Post

11 John Mayer Is Not Too Fond Of African American Ladies

via PopCrush

I'm not quite sure how old John Mayer is but his interview with Playboy seemed to mark him as someone from Paula Deen's time. During the interview he said he wasn't into black women. But he didn't just leave it at that! He called his man part a white supremacist. Furthermore, he said he was going to start dating black women and he proceeded to bring up a couple black women he'd be interested in dating. However, according to Katheryn Russell-Brown, director of the Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations at the University of Florida, he was suggesting that black women were beneath him based upon the words he chose. According to her, he wasn't just saying black women aren't his type. They are beneath him in terms of social class. Outch!

Source: Us Magazine

10 Mel Gibson Blames All World Wars On Jews

via Factinate

Have you heard about his 2006 DUI arrest? Well, he was pulled over for drunk driving and the cop was willing to escort him to his cop car without handcuffs but that's when things shift from bad to worse for Mel Gibson. After reading more about the details in the LA Times, he seemed to be pretty cooperative with the cop up until that point. Although it was a pretty vile thing he had committed (drunk driving, I mean) he started sounding like a guy who has been down on his luck and was worried about ruining his Hollywood image. Well, if he hadn't tried to escape arrest, I think things would have panned out a little differently. Once the cop caught up with him, he started shouting profanities condemning his life and Jews for their role in causing all the world wars. Dang, where'd that come from? Let's hope the repercussions were enough to teach Mel Gibson a lesson on biting his tongue more often, and of course, to not drink and drive.

Source: Ranker

9 Azealia Banks Delivers Homophobic Slurs (Again And Again)

via Spotify Web Player

This rapper's Twitter account was actually suspended because of her homophobic and racial slurs against One Direction's Zayn Malik. Although, he kinda egged her on when he noticed she didn't link to his Twitter handle. She reacted by slamming him with numerous slurs which only upset all his adolescent girl fans. A 14-year-old even told her that she needs to "simmer down". Not only that, she has other accounts of letting loose other hate speech. Once when she was on an airplane, she allegedly attacked a man who was blocking her path when she was trying to get off once the plane landed. When a flight attendant stepped in to break up the fight, she spout off another homophobic slur. Also, remember when all those women claimed that Bill Cosby abused them? Well, she tweeted derogatorily at them claiming they were just “crying wolf”. I’m almost sure, she is making some broad assumptions there and they’re making her look pretty bad.Source: JellyShare

8 Former Seinfeld Actor Shouts Racial Slurs At Audience Members

Immersion Online

Remember Cosmo Kramer from that sitcom Seinfeld? His character portrayed by Michael Richards was giving a standup comedy act back in 2006 and during the show he called out a few black audience members for talking during his show. Not only did he call one black man the N word over and over again, but he said, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass." I guess his agents call him a man of his times, too, huh? Fortunately, he  has apologized recently explaining that when he is on stage he transforms into a spontaneous persona who will say just about anything that pops into his head. What's strange is that he doesn't even associate with the person who went on that racial tirade. Sorry Richards, but you're still you even when you get into character on stage.

Source: The Guardian

7 Fox News Anchor Bob Beckel Fired For Yelling At Black Man Who Was Trying To Fix His Computer

via Variety

Douglas Wigdor, an attorney representing 22 different racially harassed clients, started an investigation in the Fox Newsroom after allegations that Bob Beckel stormed out of the room because a black man was trying to fix his computer. Did I mention that this guy was an IT guy just doing his job? Well, 21st Century Fox executives agreed to let Beckel go after the internal investigation. Thankfully, right after being told about the insensitive remark, the HR department prompted executives to investigate. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the only kind of harassment going on in the Fox Newsroom. There's been a few accounts of  harassment. Since then Fox has hired a new HR team so hopefully that will help clean up their act a bit. As for Bob Beckel? There has been no formal apology or statement released by his agents.

Source: Ranker, Variety

6 Chelsea Handler Makes Racially Charged Joke During Oscars

via Business Insider

This comedy star and talk show host is skating on thin ice for the derogatory jokes she made when she was the Huffington Post's guest tweeter. Well, I think the Post regretted their decision when she made a couple racially-charged tweets, making a silly comment about Angelina Jolie filing adoption papers for Lupita Nyong'o when she won best supporting actress. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. She not only used her position to promote her book—not once, but twice—but when 12 Years A Slave won for best picture she tweeted, "Congratulations #12yearsaslave Go to Africa or buy #ugandabekiddingme." Uganda Be Kidding Me is the book that she wrote, which sounds a bit offensive in its own right. Although, she apologized at the end of ceremony with a hashtag "I'm sorry", it didn't do much to mitigate all those angry Twitter users. I don't think she'll be invited back for the next Academy Awards.

Source: USA Today

5 Justin Bieber Delivers A Terrible, Racist Joke

via NME.com

Now, now before we lambaste this popstar too much let's keep in mind that he was fifteen years old when he told this joke backstage for a promotional event. C'mon haven't we all said stupid, politically incorrect things when we were young? Thankfully, since then Justin Bieber provided CNN with a statement condemning his less than appropriate behavior back when he was just a kid. He firmly acknowledged that he is a man to the world now and he needs to take responsibility for his actions. As for those who are curious, the joke went something like this: "Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?" According to fifteen-year-old Justin Bieber it goes "Run n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****," while he imitates the onomatopoeia of a chainsaw. Gosh, that's all offensive and zero funny. Well, at least he's learned his lesson!

Source: Ranker

4 Donald Sterling Banned From NBA For Racist Remarks

via YouTube

Well, Donald Sterling may just go down in NBA history as the guy who received the worst of the worst punishments for his racist words on a recording made by his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, who then handed it over to the media. Not only was Sterling banned from any kind of affiliation with the NBA, he is being sued for $2.5 million dollars and if majority rules, then he will be forced to sell his team, the LA Clippers—a team he has owned since 1981. Not only that, the teammates are threatening to boycott all their games even if he wins the lawsuit. Now what did he say? Well, he criticized his girlfriend for associating herself with black athletes, Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp. Because of this conversation that he probably thought was private, it has cost him basically his entire life’s work. Let’s hope he learned a lesson after all that.

Source: Fox Sports

3 Megan Fox Likens Michael Bay To Hitler And Napoleon

via YouTube

Megan Fox was supposed to play Shia LeBeouf's love interest in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, but instead she was fired by executive producer, Steven Spielberg, when she compared Michael Bay to Hitler when she was describing how he likes to micromanage every little detail on his sets. Michael Bay didn't take offense to it according to the Huffington Post. Instead he kinda called her out on not taking her acting role seriously enough: "...I’m sorry, Megan. I’m sorry I made you work twelve hours. I’m sorry that I’m making you show up on time..." According to Fox's reps, she chose to not return to filming. It seems to be one of those "You can't fire me. I quit" moments. Let’s hope she learns to find less controversial figures in history to compare her coworkers to.Source: Huffington Post

2 NFL Player Riley Cooper Uses Horrific Choice Of Words To Describe Backstage Bouncers

via New York Post

Philedelphia Eagles wide receiver, Riley Cooper, was video taped back in 2013 for dropping the N bomb during a Kenny Chesney concert. I guess he might have thought he'd receive special treatment and would be allowed to go backstage whenever he wishes. Well, not so according to the African-American backstage bouncers. When they didn't let him by, he became enraged and dropped that racial slur. Once that footage hit the media airwaves, he apologized profusely for his behavior. He was also fined an unstated amount by his own team. Oh well, hopefully that teaches our football player a lesson or two. You probably shouldn’t make racial slurs considering a majority of your own sports teams are of African descent. That's just silly! Thankfully, he hasn’t made any racist comments since so hopefully he’s learned how to be more eloquent after that whole ordeal.

Source: Ranker

1 Paula Deen Was Accused By A Former Employee Of Racial Harassment

via US News

Lisa T. Jackson was a former manager at the restaurant Paula Deen and her brother worked at. After five years of working there, she finally tossed in her hat but not without suing Paula Deen and her brother for racial harassment. Deen's lawyer claims that the accusations are entirely false. However, her company later stated that, in fact, Deen did use those racial epithets, but they painted an image of her that was supposed to help let her off the hook. They claimed that she is a woman her times, having been born and raised in the South where there was segregation everywhere you looked. She, also, admitted to using the N word. She justified her use of the word by saying it was when she was robbed and held at gunpoint by a black man. This is a pretty dicey situation. Obviously, no one should resort to racial slurs when explaining a story in public, and Paula Deen should hold herself no differently. Regardless of how someone grows up, they need to be able to express themselves in a way that doesn't offend others.

Source: Ranker, CNN

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