17 Celebs Who Selfishly Left Their Fiance At The Altar

Romance is hard but these stories are just BRUTAL! Seriously, there doesn't seem to be many things harsher than abruptly leaving your loved one at the later. Although each celebrity on this list surely has an onslaught of reasoning that they haven't shared publicly, their action speaks for itself. We know that every story has far more than just two sides. Therefore not every entry found here will be entirely fair. But we bet that most people didn't even know that these famous relationships ended the way they did. For more information on these stories, you should visit the publications referenced below. But for those who just want a bit of a quick briefing on what has to be some of the most utterly horrid endings to celebrity romances, this is the place for you! Buckle up! Because here are 17 celebs who selfishly left their fiance at the altar.

17 Billy Bob Thornton Pulled A Major Bait And Switch On Laura Dern

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He may be a phenomenal actor, but Billy Bob Thornton doesn't exactly have the best track record with women in Hollywood. Perhaps his most revolting action was when he decided to ditch his famous finance while she was out of town and get married to someone else. Yep. Thornton secretly wed Angelina Jolie even though he was engaged to Jurassic Park and Big Little Lies star Laura Dern. Apparently, he never spoke to her again.

16 Alec Baldwin Received Some Major Payback For His Last Minute Change Of Mind

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Even back in 1983, Alex Baldwin couldn't stay out of the press. he was supposed to marry actor Janine Turner, who got her big break on Northern Exposure. But just before their wedding, Baldwin bailed on her. Although the two have come to terms with the reasoning later in life, immediately after Turner decided to pawn the wedding ring. This made her some big bucks.

15 Julia Roberts Ditched Jack Bauer For A B-Player

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Nope, Julia Roberts isn't the perfect person that Hollywood has made her out to be. mind you, we bet Roberts herself wouldn't be egregious enough to claim that. Especially not after it was revealed that she ditched 24 star Keifer Sutherland three days before they were supposed to wed. She ended up running off with his best friend, actor Jason Patric... That was on the very same day she was supposed to wed Kiefer.

14 Gwyneth Realized She Was Still Just A Kid... Too Bad She Didn't Figure That Out Sooner


Gwyneth Paltrow has been very open about how highly she thinks of Brad Pitt. She even told Howard Stern that Pitt was responsible for keeping her safe when up against a certain Hollywood producer who was recently charged. But all of this didn't stop her from deciding to ditch the mega-movie star moments before their wedding. At the last minute, she realized that she was just a kid and not yet ready for a relationship that required that much commitment.

13 Maybe We Can't Blame Evan Rachel Wood Too Much But It Was Still Pretty Harsh

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Marilyn Manson is a handful. Okay, the dude is uber-talented and hilarious in interviews, but we can't imagine that he'd even claim to be easy in a relationship. None-the-less, he definitely didn't deserve to be ditched by Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood before their wedding. The two had been with each other for some time, even though Wood was substantially younger. She eventually realized that she was with Manson for all the wrong reasons and decided to end things.

12 Alison Pill Decided Not To Learn How To Train Dragons And That Hurt

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Newsroom star Alison Pill was once engaged to hilarious actor Jay Baruchel from How To Train Your Dragon, Goon, This Is The End, and the fantastic, Fetching Cody. But Pill changed her mind and decided to call it off. This didn't go over well with Baruchel who took to social media to describe how deeply hurt he was.

11 JLO Doesn't Care That She Left Batman At The Altar

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Yep, JLO actually left Batman himself at the altar. Granted, this was many years before Ben Affleck would briefly dawn the cape and cowl. The two of them were going hot and heavy for a while. Affleck even purchased JLO a $1.2 million ring. But then things went sour and, apparently, JLO decided that Affleck wasn't worth it just a few hours before their ceremony... OUCH!

10 Okay, We Definitely Don't Fault Carson Daly But It's Ridiculous How He Left It Until The 11th Hour

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Tara Reid... oy vey. Okay, we get why Carson Daly decided to call things off with the Sharknado star, but he really should have been kinder about it. The comedian ended up calling his engagement off literally before the wedding. This caused Reid to spiral downward publically. She even claims that her life would have been a lot better if she had married him. Essentially, she's said that he would have saved her from herself... That's a lot of pressure to put on someone...

9 Sheryl Crow Showed She Had Morals But Broke The Cardinal Rule Of Relationships

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Music superstar Sheryl Crow has morals... and they take precedence over everything, including her relationships. She was with athlete Lance Armstrong for three years and engaged for one. But then she called off the wedding. Wall Street Journal reported that she did this because she caught Armstrong using before the Tour de France and ended up calling the Feds on him... This started the ball rolling for Armstrong's very public legal battles.

8 Katie Holmes May Have Avoided A Bad Situation, But She Found Herself In A Worse One

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Katie Holmes was with actor Chris Klein for many years and even got engaged. But she called off the wedding a month beforehand after Klein got into some major trouble. However, there was some speculation that Tom Crusie was responsible for their split. Not long after, Holmes got together with the couch-jumper and, well... we all know how that worked out...

7 Sienna Miller Was Proven To Be Not So Selfish After All

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Jude Law was a Hollywood darling. Everyone loved him and just couldn't understand why Sienna Miller would leave him at the altar. Well, a couple of years after that, it was revealed that Law had a bit of a thing for the nanny as well. Essentially, we all understood why Sienna did what she did. Although, when the pair tried and failed to get back together years after the fact, we did raise our eyebrows.

6 Crystal Harris Dug For Gold, Bailed, And Then Still Came Out On Top

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Crystal Harris has probably heard the term "gold-digger" all of her life. And, well... just c'mon! Of course, she has. The adult star ended up getting engaged to much, much, much, much older Hugh Hefner. But Harris decided to bail five days before the wedding due to a "change of heart". Noen the less, she still got a major pay-day after the mogul passed.

5 Big Sean Used The Internet To Cut-Ties With Naya Rivera

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Big Sean definitely deserves some criticism for the way he called off his engagement to Naya Rivera. Apparently, she felt like she had met her other half once she started dating Big Sean. A spectacular wedding was planned but just before that, Big Sean took to social media to call off the wedding... Yep... She didn't even get the luxury of a text... OUCH!

4 Richard Jefferson Let The Wedding Guests Show Up And Then Decided... "Nah"

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Kesha Ni'cole Nichols was stunned when her engagement to NBA star Richard Jefferson was called off at the last minute. And we mean... LAST MINUTE... Seriously, the wedding guests were starting to arrive when the NBA star had a major change of heart. Understandably, this really hurt Nichols, who told her family to tell the press that she wanted to "keep things as quiet as possible".

3 Kat Von D Has A Thing About Canceling Weddings... But Maybe It's Karma

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Remember Jesse James? He was the schmuck that hurt our beloved Sandra Bullock... Well, he also got hurt when Kat Von D decided to walk out on their wedding. But this shouldn't be too surprising since she has done this a could times, including once to Deadmau5. Karma really sucks doesn't it, Jesse?

2 Jarret Stoll Refused To Give Rachel Hunter Any Reason At All

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Hockey player Jarrett Stoll refused to give supermodel Rachel Hunter a single reason why he called off their wedding two months prior. He just stated that he "had enough" and that was that. Hunter was understandably devastated by this as she was utterly blindsided by it. Perhaps it was the age difference that made him get cold feet.

1 Both Demi And Emilio Were Just Done With It All


Before Bruce and Ashton, Demi Moore was engaged to The Breakfast Club star, Emilio Estevez. The two met on St. Elmo's Fire and quickly hit it off. But both of them agreed to call off their wedding at the very last minute as they claimed to be a volatile match. Luckily, these two are still quite pleasant to one another years later. Clearly, they were better as friends than romantic partners.

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