17 Celebs Who Have Leaked An Embarrassing, Viral Selfie

Bad selfies can happen to anyone. We all have our fair share of unflattering selfies. It might’ve been because of a bad camera angle or the lighting. Regardless, we want to delete them as if it never happened because most of us don’t want to post our embarrassing selfies on social media for anyone to see. Unfortunately for celebrities, when they post unflattering selfies on social media, it’s never going away even if they deleted them immediately.

Celebrities take selfies to promote or for attention like Kim Kardashian. She’ll do anything to get more followers. Some of her selfies are not that great, but it doesn’t matter as long as she’s in the spotlight because people can’t stop talking about her. Anyway — celebrities sometimes try too hard to look hot that it’s actually embarrassing. There are subtle ways to do it. They should avoid making constipated faces because it looks silly. Oversharing on social media can be so unattractive like when they show us how many chins they have. It’s unnecessary. Some celebrities’ selfies make us wonder, “What were they thinking posting them on Instagram?!?”

Here’s the list of embarrassing celebrity selfies that turned some of these beautiful people “ugly.” There probably won’t be selfies like these posted on their social media anymore because of PR.

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17 Amanda Bynes Had Better Days

Hollywood Life

Oh, Amanda Bynes. What happened to the former Nickelodeon Star from All That and teen movies like She’s The Man? She used to be cute and bubbly, but she made a drastic change to her appearance making her unrecognizable. She looks a bit cuckoo with her messy blonde hair, the heavy makeup, and what appears to be her trying to wink while pouting. There’s a good chance she didn’t know what she was doing when she took a selfie because she looks completely out of it. It shocked us when we saw this look for the first time. We didn’t think she would have a meltdown like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan did. The good news is that she says she’s gotten better and is ready to make a TV comeback. We wish her the best, but pictures like hers will never be forgotten.

16 Miley Cyrus Looks Possessed


It’s pretty clear Miley Cyrus doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Sticking her tongue out became her signature move, and it annoyed a lot of people, but she still wagged her tongue in front of the camera like nobody’s business. She seriously couldn’t keep her tongue in her mouth. Some people thought she was possessed because of her erratic behavior. She indeed looked possessed when she posted a selfie with her eyes rolled back. We’re not sure what made her make this face, but she probably regrets it now. Miley admitted she was high most of the time when she acted out of control. She said she’s been clean for a while, and it shows. She looks happier, her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is back on, and she’s one of the judges on the Voice.

15 Cole Sprouse Never Gets Tired Of Exposing His Double Chin


We all know that taking a low angle selfie is never flattering. Well, it’s exactly what Cole Sprouse did. There are a lot of selfies of him posing in that angle showing off his double chin for everyone to see. We get that it’s for fun, and it’s fine every now and then, but it’s strange how he constantly brings his head back to create a double chin. What’s his obsession with chinning? It’s nice to see him make an imperfect selfie since many people are obsessed with how they look in every photo, but it seems like he’s enjoying his double chin a bit too much. The selfie also makes him look heavier than he really is. It was actually interesting to know how much skin he has underneath his chin because he’s a skinny guy.

14  Lindsay Lohan's Trying Way Too Hard

Daily Mail

The mirror selfie is embarrassing because Lindsay Lohan’s trying way too hard to look hot. She needs to know that there are subtle ways to do it. She’s seen here bending forward resting her arm on a chair to flaunt her assets in a tiny bikini. She swept her hair on one side to give a better view of her you-know-what. She also squints her eyes to give a seductive look and to top it all off she makes a duck face. She just looks ludicrous. She probably spent a ridiculous amount of time taking 50 selfies to find one good one, too. She doesn’t have to pose in a certain way and make a face she thinks is sexy to draw attention to her. It only makes her look insecure.

13 Tom Hardy Proves That The Duck Face Should Be Stopped


Before Facebook, there was MySpace. A few years ago, Tom Hardy’s old photos from his MySpace went viral. Looking at his selfie, how can it not? He was the villain in The Dark Knight Rises and played Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road. But here he is, wearing a shirt in a weird way exposing his chest — we can see hair on his chest and tattoos. He’s also giving the camera a sexy look that isn’t sexy at all. We definitely can’t miss the duck face. He proves that the duck face should be stopped. For real. It’s awkward to see this side of him because he always plays the tough guy in action movies. The selfie’s cringe-worthy because he looks cheesy, and it’s obvious he’s trying to look like a bad boy. It’s too much to handle!

12 Demi Lovato Doesn't Shy Away From Showing Her Weird Side


Demi Lovato doesn’t shy away from showing her weird side, but she probably regrets posting this selfie on her social media. There’s a reason she hasn’t posted anything goofy or anything that makes her look “less attractive.” A lot of the pictures on her Instagram seems to be of her looking good with full makeup on and all. Some of them are quite embarrassing because she tries too hard to look sexy, and we all know how that looks, but this selfie wins because we’re not sure what exactly is going on with her face here. She crossed her eyes, created a double chin, flared her nostrils, and made that derp smile. Why she wanted to make that face is beyond us. Maybe it was a good idea she stopped posting these weird facial expressions. #sorrynotsorry

11 Justin Bieber Looks Constipated Every Time He Puts On This Face


The duck face wins when it comes to selfies, but the constipated look is pretty up there. It seems like that’s the only look Justin Bieber can make. His selfies are all the same. He’s shirtless, he squints his eyes so hard that makes him look constipated, and he slightly parts his lip like he’s in pain. Does anybody tell him that? Somebody should say something because the look’s clearly not working for him. It’s embarrassing when he’s trying to look tough and serious, and he’s just making a fool of himself. Surely, his young fans will swoon over him no matter what he does, but come on. Seeing him put on a constipated face makes our stomach churn. We’re not interested in knowing what he looks like when he hasn’t gone to the bathroom in days.

10 Kim Kardashian Should've Remembered To Take Off The Sunglasses


Kim Kardashian, the Queen of Selfies, has some beautiful selfies but this sure isn’t one of them. She forgot to put on sunscreen and take off her huge sunglasses because she fell asleep when she was on vacation in Mexico. It’s happened to the best of us, but most of us don’t take a selfie and post it on social media for everyone to see. There’s a good chance she intentionally posted this unflattering and embarrassing selfie to increase her followers because it’s what she basically does. She always finds a way to put herself in the spotlight. She’s also been taking not-so-PG selfies more than ever. This girl has no shame, and being shameless isn’t always a bad thing. But sometimes she looks desperate because it seems like she’ll do anything for attention.

9 David Beckham Can Look Less Attractive


We never thought it was possible for the handsome former soccer star David Beckham to look less attractive until he was challenged to make an ugly face on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He raised his eyebrows, crossed his eyes, and opened his mouth in the strangest way showing his full set of teeth. It was definitely different and a tad awkward to see this side of him. It seemed like he was comfortable with making an ugly face though. Some men don’t want to make weird faces because they fear their image might get ruined like people will think they’re ugly now. It doesn’t change the fact that we still find David handsome, but it was pretty embarrassing to see him make a face we never thought was possible on him. He probably won't make one anymore.

8 Chrissy Teigen Scrunched Up Her Face Making Her Unrecognizable


The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen shares lots of selfies on her Instagram, and this one surely caught everyone’s attention. It was far different from her other ones where she looked good and everything. Maybe she got tired of taking perfect selfies because they are seriously hard — the angle and the lighting — they’re all important, and it’s a lot of work. We can see from her selfie that she scrunched up her face making her unrecognizable. She furrowed her eyebrows, opened her eyes big, flared her nostrils, forced a smile, and we definitely can’t miss her double chin. It’s pretty hard to tell it’s her even when we take a closer look at the photo. We all know nobody would look good when they scrunch up their face like that, not even her.

7 Ansel Elgort Embraces His "Ugly Selfie"


Ansel Elgort posted a selfie on his Instagram for the #uglyselfiechallenge. He actually didn’t take a selfie for the challenge. He found an “ugly selfie” he took a while ago on his camera. He did a great job making his face look less attractive because he looks like one of those nerds being weird with his buddies. The ones who don’t get the girls because they’re too shy and girls forget that they're around. But it seems like he had fun being silly. There are some people who still worry about looking too ugly even with the challenge, so they try to look less ugly. Ansel didn’t care or mind because he went all out. He instead embraced his ugly selfie. We still find him adorable, just not in this selfie.

6 Tyra Banks Must Be An Alien


Apparently, there are stories that the beautiful model and TV host Tyra Banks could be an alien. This selfie certainly doesn’t help her case if she says she isn’t one. Maybe she wanted to take a selfie without her makeup on, and while she looks good, she looks creepy, too. Maybe it’s the angle. If it is, then it definitely didn’t work for her. She has a heart-shaped face, but her narrow jawline looks a bit too narrow making her look more like an alien with her wide forehead (which she joked about a few times) and big eyes. Some people believe that aliens walk among us, and Tyra looks like she could be an alien in disguise. We never know. We might have an alien in Hollywood after all.

5 James Franco Takes His Beauty Routine Very Seriously


James Franco just loves to take selfies when he’s lying down and whenever he wears under eye masks. It’s crystal clear that he takes his beauty routine very seriously. He probably has a 13-step beauty routine. We get it. He has a busy schedule, and he wants to use the eye mask for puffiness, dark circles, etc. Some people think he’s a pretty boy, and it could give him pressure to stay that way as long as possible. Hollywood is all about staying young and looking beautiful, so. But if he’s so tired and already on his bed, then he should just take a nap instead of taking a selfie. We think he should spend his free time wisely. Anyway — he looks sad in this selfie, but the under eye masks make him look silly.

4 Brooklyn Decker Shows Off Her Derp Face


Brooklyn Decker’s a model and an actress. She was on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2010, and she posed for Victoria’s Secret Swim Collection. There are many photos of her that prove she’s a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. It’s hard to believe that she was a model from this selfie, where she shows off her derp face. How many chins does she have? She definitely overshared. It’s a lot of rolls. We don’t need to know that she has a triple or quadruple chin. We get that she did it on purpose. It shows that pretty girls can make the ugliest face, but when she makes faces like these, she might be more recognized for the selfie than her modeling days. The photo will probably be around forever, too.

3 Tom Hiddleston Needs To Stay Away From The Winking


Tom Hiddleston's well known for his role as Loki in Thor. But he made tabloid headlines and received a lot more attention on media when he had a short fling with Taylor Swift. He received even more attention when she released a song, “Getaway Car,” from her new album Reputation. Fans suspected the song was about their love story. Obviously, there’s a song about him like there is one about every guy she dated. Hmm. Was it his winking that she fell for? His selfie of him winking made some of us feel uncomfortable because he looked weird and awkward like he didn’t know what he was doing. Look — he’s tall, good-looking, and we can never get tired of his British accent, but perhaps he should consider staying away from the winking.

2 Cara Delevingne Got Bird Poop Dripping On Her Forehead


British model and actress Cara Delevinge is famous for her bushy eyebrows and is no stranger to posting unflattering selfies of herself on social media. We have to say the selfie of the time she got bird pooped on her forehead has to be the most embarrassing one. The poop is literally dripping on her forehead. She added on her Instagram, “I can't believe a bird actually s**t on my head! Meeehhhh!! Well at least it's good luck." While most of us would get annoyed and disgusted, she took the time to snap a picture of the incident instead of wiping it off with the tissue immediately. From the list of celebrities who like to overshare with their followers on their social media, Cara’s definitely at the top of the list.

1 Madonna Should Invest In A Selfie Stick

Daily Mail

Madonna supposedly took this selfie after her workout. It explains why her hair looks drenched. It must be from sweat. She’s obviously wearing a pushup bra because her cleavage is basically up to her neck. Her lace bra is visible under her black tank top. Her back is up against the wall, and she’s looking down at the camera with her lips slightly parted. We get that she was going for the sexy after gym selfie, but unfortunately, she failed. She instead looks awfully uncomfortable and awkward in that pose. It also looked like she didn’t know a first thing about taking a selfie. A low angle selfie is nobody’s best friend, especially if she’s going for the seductive look. Nobody wants to see what’s inside her nose. She should invest in a selfie stick.

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