17 Celebs Who Had Mystery Love Children (They Tried To Keep Secret)

When a celebrity becomes big and famous, they are basically signing a contract that says their life and everything they do is now public knowledge. All their personal secrets and even past mistakes will somehow get dragged to the surface and paparazzi will always be lurking right around the corner waiting to catch them in their most embarrassing moments.

That being said, once in a blue moon, there will be a celebrity who goes off and has a child, and then tries to hide them. While some celebrities can get away with it for at least a few years, some are not as lucky.

Either way, the truth always has a way of coming out.

Here is a list of 17 celebrities who had a love child and tried their best to keep it a secret.

17 Arnold Schwarzenegger Hid His Son Under His Family's Nose For Over Ten Years

New York Daily News & TMZ

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a housekeeper named Mildred who worked for his family for over two decades.

According to marriedbiography.com though, when Mildred’s son started to get older, Arnold’s wife noticed that he had a strikingly similar resemblance to her husband when he was younger. She soon filed for divorce after questioning Mildred and learning Arnold was, in fact, the father.

16 Pauly D Had A One Night Stand And Didn't Find Out Until Over A Year Later

US Weekly & The Blast

Pauly D has been known to get around when the ladies are involved.

According to marriedbiography.com, a one-night stand named Amanda Markert ended up giving him more than expected, a daughter. Thing is, she waited until she was five months old to tell Pauly, who denied everything. DNA later proved that she was his though and now he is excited to be a father.

15 Steven Tyler Had A Brief Affair That Resulted In Him Fathering A Child That The Mom Tried To Hide From Him


Back in 1976, Steven Tyler dated a model named Bebe Buell.

According to mariedbiography.com, because of his lifestyle, Bebe hid her pregnancy from him and had her boyfriend father her daughter instead.

It wasn’t until she was older that Steven found out, but he still tried to hide it from the world. When she changed her last name to Tyler though, people learned the truth.

14 Chris Brown Had A Secret Fling With A Friend, Resulting In The Birth Of His Daughter

Pinterest & Aisha

Chris Brown once hooked up with a friend named Nia Gonzalez, while on break with Karrueche Tran.

According to marriedbiography.com, Nia did a DNA test and learned Chris was the father but waited a year to tell him. Chris tried to hide it at first because of his relationship with Tran. Now he shares joint custody of his daughter Royalty with Nia.

13 Matthew Knowles Had An Eighteen Month Affair And Then Tried To Pay Her Off When She Got Pregnant

TheDaily411.com & Newsone

Matthew Knowles, aka Beyonce’s father, was married to his wife Tina for 31 years.

According to marriedbiography.com, when a woman in 2009 came forward with claims her son was Matthew’s child, even after he tried to silence her with money, Tina filed for divorce.

Then in 2014, another woman came forward with the same claims. DNA proved positive for both children.

12 James Marsden Had A Hot Miami Night And Then Tried To Deny His Son

Ecelebritymirror & tv-vcr.com

After an 11-year marriage that ended in divorce in 2011, James Marsden met Rose Costa.

According to babygaga.com, Rose became pregnant after one night in Miami. Rumors started to spread when she was only three months along, but James denied them all. It wasn’t until after his son, William Luca Costa-Marsden, was born that he finally accepted him.

11 Nick Young Tried To Hide The Truth, But It Always Has A Way Of Coming Out

NBA & US Weekly

During his time with rapper Iggy Izalea, Nick was known to live a promiscuous lifestyle.

According to babygaga.com, things got ugly when his ex, Keonna Green, came forward and claimed she was pregnant with his child.

Nick denied all claims he had a fling with his ex, but the truth finally came out once the baby was born and a DNA test proved positive.

10 Gavin Rossdale Hid His Daughter For Fifteen Years

Defamer - Gawker & The Telegraph

Gavin Rossdale was the Godfather of his love child.

According to celebzen.com, a test was done in 2004, proving Gavin was the father of his Goddaughter, Daisy Lowe. Gavin, who had a five-year fling with Pearl Lowe in the 80s, told Pearl that if she did a DNA test, he would cut all ties with the two and he lived up to his promise.

9 Jude Law Fathered Not One, But Two Love Children

Genius Pregnancy & Heart Radio

When news broke that Jude Law had a child with Samantha Burke, he denied all claims and wanted nothing to do with the child.

According to celebzen.com, with everything being out in the open and DNA proving he was the father, he finally accepted it and started being in his child’s life.

Of course, he did not learn and fathered another love child with Catherine Harding.

8 Bow Wow Not Only Denied His Relationship With The Mom But Also That The Baby Was His

Scoopnest & BCK Online

When news broke that rapper Bow Wow fathered a child, he denied all knowledge of it with worries that it would ruin his image.

According to celebzen.com, he finally admitted it after time on his website that he was, in fact, the father of little girl Shai Moss. He has since manned up and helps out whenever he can.

7 Eddie Murphy Not Only Denied His Child But Still To This Day Has Very Little To Do With Her

chapintv.com & Just Jared

When former Spice Girl Mel B announced she was pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s child, Eddie did everything possible to deny it.

According to celebzen.com, even a DNA test could not make him step up and be a father to his child. There have been reports though since 2010 that he did change his mind and has been starting to try and get to know her.

6 Michael Lohan Had A Fling That Resulted In A Daughter

Times Square Gossip

Michael Lohan has never had a very good reputation when it comes to his family.

According to babygaga.com, in 2008 a woman came forward claiming that Michael was the father of her daughter, whom she had in 1995, one year before his son Dakota was born. Not wanting the world to know, Michael tried to hide the news, he was not very successful obviously.

5 Sean Combs Originally Denied His Daughter But Later Admitted That She Was His

Daily Mail

Diddy has a total of six children he fathered between three different women.

According to babygaga.com though, one of the children was from a secret fling he had while in an off again/on again relationship with Kim Porter. At first, he denied all allegations, but in late 2007, a year after she was born, he finally stepped up and took legal responsibility of her.

4 Dan Marino Hid His Daughter Away From The World For Eight Years

SNIPdaily & New York Post

In 2013, the New York Post received a tip that Dan Marino wasn’t as wholesome as everyone thought.

According to babygaga.com, Dan had a fling in 2004 with a woman that resulted in a pregnancy. He immediately told his wife but managed to keep it a secret from everyone else for eight years by paying his mistress millions of dollars to keep her quiet.

3 Ludacris Is Trying To Avoid Child Support By Getting Custody Of His Love Child

Twitter & BET.com

While on break with gf Eudoxie, Ludacris fathered a daughter.

According to celebzen.com, although he tried to keep the child a secret for a while, he later stepped up and even went through a messy custody battle to gain custody of her. When Luda learned that he would have to pay $15,000 a month in child support, he decided to fight for full custody.

2 Dwayne Wade Denied His Love Child For The Sake Of His Relationship

Hollywood Street King

When news broke that Dwayne Wade had a love child, he did not immediately admit to it.

According to celebzen.com, Dwayne fathered the child while on break from his partner, Gabrielle Union. He only denied the child because of how much Gabrielle meant to him.

Although he accepts the child now, he does not play much of a role in its life.

1 Chuck Norris Had A Daughter That Was Kept Secret For 26 Years


While married in 1962, Chuck had a fling with a woman named Johanna that resulted in a daughter named Dina.

According to celebzen.com, when Dina decided to write Chuck and explain everything, her mother tried to talk her out of it saying he would not want anything to do with her. Dina decided to do it anyway and Chuck immediately set out to meet her.

Sources: marriedbiography.com, babygaga.com, celebzen.com

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