17 Celebs All Boyfriends Love (According To The Internet)

For women, celebrity bodies can be a little bit frustrating because you can't help but beat yourself up for the fact that you don't look as airbrushed and picture perfect as the starlets you see on magazine covers. Sure, a part of you knows that they have a team of trainers and nutritionists and personal chefs to ensure they're always looking phenomenal, whereas you definitely have fewer resources to get the same results. So, celebrity swimsuit photos are a bit of a double-edged sword for many women — we love to see photos of our favorite celebrities, but at the same time, we don't want to beat ourselves up because we have more cellulite than the celeb we're spotting on the beach at some tropical destination.

Guys are, well, a little bit simpler. They want to see female celebs in bathing suits because they love to look at gorgeous women, plain and simple. They're not focusing on any flaws, as women might — they just want to see curves and plenty of skin. Now, everyone knows that men and women might have different perspectives on who they find attractive — there are definitely celebrities that both genders think are attractive, but there are also some female celebs that other women absolutely love and whose style they covet, while guys find them a little strange.

These are 17 celebs that guys agree look absolutely amazing, especially in bathing suits.

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17 Gigi Hadid, Model And Mega Babe

via: zimbio.com

Gigi Hadid is one of those rare models who manages to work in both the high fashion world and the swimsuit/lingerie world — it's not a combination you see very often. Her gorgeous face and long, thin frame means basically all clothing and styles look amazing on her, and she definitely has a runway-worthy strut, so she books plenty of high fashion shows. However, she's also curvy enough to definitely draw in a male audience, so she's also walked in shows including the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Seeing a photo like this, it's easy to see why so many guys love Gigi — she's athletic and toned yet still soft and curvy. It's kind of the perfect combination — now, the question is, which guy will catch her attention next? We can hardly wait to find out.

16 Kylie Jenner, Who Is Now One Smokin' Mama


We have to admit — now that her baby girl Stormi has entered this world, we're insanely curious about what mama Kylie will be like. Is she going to continue rocking her full glam look, or is she going to go a bit more natural now that she's a mom? Her sisters Kim and Kourtney, who are both mothers to several children, still do the full glam looks they did when they were single ladies, so who knows — maybe we'll continue seeing the Kylie we know and love. Either way, we're excited to observe Kylie's look — perhaps we'll see her in a bathing suit exactly like this, bringing Stormi on a little beach trip sometime soon. To a private beach, obviously — that girl is going to grow up in major luxury.

15 Alexandra Daddario, The New Baywatch Babe

via: dailymail.co.uk

It's no secret that there were a lot of women who went to see the Baywatch reboot to check out Zac Efron and/or Dwayne Johnson's bodies. I mean, both those men are totally chiseled and gorgeous. However, there were definitely a lot of stunning ladies in the movie as well. Now, Alexandra Daddario spent a lot of the movie wearing sportier swimsuits since, you know, she was supposed to be doing athletic things and not just lounging around on the beach. However, even in what is essentially the swimsuit equivalent of a sports bra, she looks totally amazing — she's definitely got an incredible physique. We can totally understand why Zac Efron's character would fall for her just about immediately and spend so much time trying to capture her attention.

14 Chrissy Teigen, The Babe Who Is A Goddess In The Kitchen

via: popsugar.com

Women love Chrissy Teigen because she's flat-out hilarious — from her random commentary to her clap backs against the haters, she's always got us cracking up. However, men love Chrissy Teigen too — after all, before she was a culinary goddess, she was a swimsuit model who made her living by posing in teeny bikinis. Nowadays, she's busy being her best self always, coming up with recipes and sharing her thoughts with all her fans — and this picture basically sums her up in a nutshell. She's absolutely stunning with a body that definitely doesn't look like she's testing out indulgent foods all the time (let's be honest, she's not — she likely eats very, very health-consciously the majority of the time). And, a gorgeous woman with a plate of juicy wings next to her? It's basically every man's fantasy.

13 Rihanna, The Pop Sensation Who Is Always Totally Fierce

via: celebuzz.com

Rihanna now looks completely different than the young pop star who burst onto the scene when she was just a teenager, and we absolutely love that she didn't try to squeeze herself into a box or a certain look. She's grown up over the years, and she's gone through a bunch of styles, experimenting and just rocking whatever she loves — you've got to admire that kind of confidence. Sure, she's absolutely gorgeous — but her level of confidence in her body, whether she's on the thinner side or a bit thicker at any given moment, is totally steamy. She looks absolutely amazing in this two-piece, and we have a feeling guys would look at just about any Rihanna photo they could get their hands on — who could ever forget her totally extra, totally sultry carnival look?

12 Margot Robbie, Who Is Now Officially A Box Office Superstar

via: dailymail.co.uk

Given that she grew up in Australia, we have a feeling Margot Robbie spent a lot of time in a swimsuit in her youth — after all, when it's that sunny out all the time, even if you don't hit the beach you can lay out and soak up the sunshine. To this day, she always seems to absolutely love going in the water and enjoying the beach, as this photo proves — and she's not afraid to rock whatever swimsuit she feels confident in. Her daily look may not be quite as spicy as some of the outfits her characters wear, but that's kind of why so many guys love her — she's more of a natural beauty, someone who looks just as gorgeous with no make-up and wet hair as she does on the red carpet.

11 Kim Kardashian West, Selfie Queen

via: huffingtonpost.com/Splash News

Kim Kardashian West has definitely gone through a lot of looks over the last few years. When she first got started in the industry, she was dressing herself up and looking a little less than polished. Then, she began crafting her signature look — full glam, long, dark locks, and a certain body-hugging style. After meeting hubby Kanye West, she began to experiment a lot more with fashion, leaning towards slightly different looks (although always returning to figure-hugging silhouettes because, if you have a body like that, wouldn't you want to show it off?). Even though you know what all those curves look like, it's definitely something to see them on full display — we have a feeling a lot of guys in the world are jealous of Kanye, that's for sure!

10 Priyanka Chopra, The Exotic Beauty Men Wish They Saw In More Swimsuits

The Times of India Photogallery

It seems like the name Priyanka Chopra has been popping up just about everywhere lately. She's been recognized for her work as an actress, both in blockbuster flicks like the Baywatch reboot and meatier roles like the television series Quantico. And, she's been in the press a lot thanks to her friendship with Meghan Markle — we absolutely loved her throwing shade at publications that dismissed Markle's accomplishments and just painted her as Harry's girlfriend. Despite all the buzz about Chopra lately, though, we kind of feel like we still don't really know her — which is why we can't wait to learn more about her as her star power grows. There is one thing we know, though — men absolutely love her exotic looks and stunning physique, especially when she's rocking a swimsuit.

9 Ashley Graham, Whose Curves Are Unstoppable

via: celebuzz.com

Many women mistakenly think that all men love the physique that size zero starlets have and that just isn't the case. Sure, there are definitely men who prefer the supermodel frame — tall, lean, without an extra ounce of fat anywhere. However, there are also many, many men who love their women with curves — after all, there's a reason that Ashley Graham has become an absolute superstar lately, even though she has an entirely different body type than the straight-size models in the industry. And again, one of the things that's most noticeable about her is her confidence — she takes good care of herself and is proud of her body, even if some people might be negative about it. We absolutely love that she fearlessly rocks any swimsuit that catches her eye.

8 Beyonce, The Queen Bee


Sometimes it can be hard to believe that Beyonce has been in the industry for two decades — she still looks so amazing, and she was so young during her Destiny's Child years. However, Queen Bey is at the top of her game — in fact, she keeps upping her game with every album and project she releases, which after 20 years, is quite an accomplishment. And, while women may love blasting her tunes while they get ready for an extra boost of confidence, men simply love her curves. It's tough to imagine Jay Z ever straying because, well, who on earth could you find that's more amazing than Beyonce? Regardless — any photoshoot where Bey is rocking a swimsuit is a good one. She's done the workout gear thing, but perhaps one day she'll put together a line of swimwear.

7 Daisy Ridley, The Sci-Fi Fantasy Of Men's Dreams

via: gotceleb.com

While there are certainly plenty of female sci-fi fans out there, often films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi have a largely male audience — which means any female stars in the film will get plenty of attention. Daisy Ridley is no different. She may not quite have reached the level of fantasy that Princess Leia in the gold bikini did (if you've never seen the Friends scene where Rachel acts out that fantasy for Ross, you definitely need to), but plenty of men would love to get a glimpse of her without her on-screen uniform and in something a little more revealing. Her swimsuit choice here may not be quite as scandalous as the choices many celebs make, but hey — it's all about what makes you feel confident, not what someone else wants to see.

6 Brooklyn Decker, Who Got An Entire Movie Role Based On Her Bikini Bod

NY Daily News

It kind of seems like Brooklyn Decker has disappeared a little bit — once upon a time, she was everywhere, on magazine covers in swimwear and popping up in movies. However, for those who might not know, Decker is married to Andy Roddick and is soon to be a mom of two. So, in the past few years — she had her first baby in 2015 — she's been focusing more on her family. Particularly when you have a partner who also travels a lot for his career, it makes sense that someone would have to press pause a bit when you have children. However, given that Decker is only 30 years old, she has plenty of years of spicy bathing suit wearing ahead of her — perhaps once she's had her second child and bounced back into shape she'll slip back into the swimwear.

5 Kate Upton, The Curvy Superstar Who Rocked Sports Illustrated

Flash Of The Stars

To say men love Kate Upton would be a bit of an understatement. Ever since she first stepped onto the scene as a young swimwear model, men absolutely lost their minds over the blonde bombshell. Upton has been venturing into other spheres of the entertainment industry since then, most notably into the film world — she starred alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in The Other Woman — and her fans likely can't wait to see what she's up to next. Upton is definitely a bit more curvaceous than your average swimwear model, but that's one of the reasons that men love her so much — little extra curves is never a bad thing, right? Although she's officially off the market now that she's engaged to baseball player Justin Verlander — sorry, guys!

4 Sharon Stone, A Classic Beauty Aging Like Fine Wine

via: dailymail.co.uk

There are some female celebrities who age absolutely horribly because they fight it the whole way, getting tons of plastic surgery and basically changing everything about themselves. Then, there are celebrities who embrace the aging process — they take care of their bodies, but they don't try to fight it, and usually end up aging more like a fine wine. Sharon Stone definitely falls into the latter camp. Earlier in her career, she was a young starlet who often played the blonde bombshell type of roles because, well, she was gorgeous! Now, even though she's far older than when she made her debut, she still looks absolutely stunning and looks pretty darn amazing in a bikini. Sharon Stone to men is kind of like George Clooney is to women — no matter how many years pass, she's still gorgeous.

3 Pamela Anderson, The Original Baywatch Babe

via: independent.co.uk

We have a feeling that a lot of men will always have a thing for Pam Anderson, solely due to those days of watching Baywatch when they were younger. And to be honest, there's no one quite like Pam — sure, some of her curves may not be 100% natural, but she totally embraces her persona and always has. She's been rocking a bit more of a natural look lately, but she can still very easily channel the full bombshell if the need arises. Plus, when you become famous because of a role in which you're wearing a swimsuit almost all the time, you know people will always want to see you in that kind of outfit — although most men would likely prefer a slightly more scandalous two-piece rather than the iconic red suit she wore on the show.

2 Gal Gadot, Literally Wonder Woman


Women loved Wonder Woman because it was empowering and amazing to see a strong, powerful female on screen in a superhero flick. Men loved the movie because, well, Gal Gadot is absolutely stunning (and because they love superhero movies, plain and simple). Gadot naturally has a long, lanky, supermodel-esque frame, so she definitely had to put in a lot of time and effort to build some muscle in order to look perfect in that iconic costume — and her hard work definitely paid off. She looked amazing in the movie, and she looks amazing in swimwear on the beach. She's spoken before about how she loves to visit the beach when she's at home in Israel, so even if we don't get a glimpse of her, know that somewhere out there, Gadot is lounging in the sun.

1 Gabrielle Union, Who Guys Love Seeing Pop Up On Dwyane Wade's Feed


Gabrielle Union is one of those celebrities who we're fairly confident has found a fountain of youth somewhere. I mean, she's been in the industry since her early 20s, yet she looks the same now as in roles she appeared in 20 years ago — in fact, she may even look better now! In case you didn't know, Union is married to basketball superstar Dwyane Wade, so even if you don't follow the gorgeous star on Instagram (which, you should), you may have seen shots of her pop up on her hubby's account — I mean, if you were married to such a bombshell, wouldn't you brag about it all the time too? Union looks absolutely stunning in swimwear, and you can tell that she frequently joins Wade in the gym — her physique is absolutely amazing.

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