17 Celeb Wedding Photos From The Past We Still Can't Believe Are Real

When it comes to marriage, celebrities take that journey at all different stages of their lives. Some end up tying the knot when they're just regular people and end up becoming celebrities far later when they already have a few years of marriage under their belt. Then, there are the celebrities who are famous at the time of their marriage, the ones who sell their exclusive wedding photos to the tabloids for millions.  However, they all have one thing in common — when you become a celebrity, the public is suddenly very interested in every part of your life, especially the private things like your nuptials.

The thing about weddings is that they're often very specific to the time period they take place in. You can often tell by just looking at a dress whether a woman was a bride in the '70s, '80s, '90s or '00s. Most couples consider every little detail of their wedding, which does even more to capture a moment in time — wedding pictures can reveal what was trending in certain decades, and it can be a lot of fun to travel back in time to see what the ideal party was ten, twenty, or even more years ago.

Here are 17 fantastic wedding photos from the past that give you a glimpse into celebrities' lives.

17 Kris Jenner's Wedding To First Hubby Robert Kardashian

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Many people know Kris Jenner's second husband, Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner, since she was the one who appeared on so many episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. However, while Kylie and Kendall got their last name from Kris' second hubby, the rest of the Kardashian family is a product of Kris' first marriage, to lawyer Robert Kardashian. Nowadays, Kris always looks super chic and has hair and makeup on point, but back when she was a young bride, she was just a regular girl who had fallen in love. Her over the top hat definitely hints a bit at her propensity for everything extra, though — from the crazy brim to the gauzy sleeves on the dress to the large bouquet, this is a bride who wants to be noticed!

16 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Hollywood's Golden Couple

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When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got married, the world went absolutely bananas. After all, they were kind of Hollywood's golden couple — he was a handsome movie star who every woman was in love with, and she was a hugely successful television actress on what was probably the biggest show on the air at the time. They embodied California chic in a way that not many have been able to do. Since they were both huge A-List celebrities at the time of their marriage, they kept things pretty private, and there's really only a few pictures that have emerged — but what little we've seen makes us wish we could have been there. I mean, Jen looks absolutely stunning, and Brad looks like a total stud in his suit and tie. So dreamy.

15 Kitchen Queen Ina Garten And Her Long-Time Hubby Jeffrey

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It's no secret that Ina Garten and her hubby Jeffrey are absolute marriage goals. The two have been married for 50 years — yes, half a century — and they remain one of the most adorable celebrity couples out there. They may not be tearing up the red carpet at Hollywood premieres, but Ina has built a culinary empire, and her hubby is slaying in his own career path as well. It seems like Ina has always lived in her Hamptons home, wearing her favorite button-down shirts with her trademark bob, so it's easy to forget sometimes that she once lived a totally different life. She still continues to cook for Jeffrey all the time, and even devoted one of her latest cookbooks to the types of dishes she makes for her hubby, and honestly, that's one of the cutest things we've ever heard.

14 David and Victoria Beckham, Looking Way Different Than They Do Today

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David and Victoria Beckham are one of those couples that seem like they've just always been together. They have an adorable brood of children, they're both killing it in their industries, and they always show up together looking impossibly chic and amazing. The duo met way back in 1997 and married just two years later — and their wedding pictures are amazing. David is at his peak highlighted hair of the '90s, and Victoria is rocking a literal tiara like a queen, and a champagne-colored Vera Wang gown (and much shorter hair than she's rocked for years now). It was quite the look for what was a small, intimate ceremony. They still look amazing, but one thing is for sure — they look a whole lot more glamorous nowadays, even if they are a few years older.

13 Madonna and Sean Penn — A Wedding We Still Can't Believe Happened

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Most people remember Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie, which stretched through the '00s, but many forget that she was actually married to actor Sean Penn throughout the late '80s — '85 to '89, to be exact. We're not sure what exactly prompted those sparks, apart from the fact that both were willing to step outside the box in their respective fields and experiment, but these two crazy kids sure loved each other once upon a time. In the pictures from their wedding, they look so young it's almost unbelievable. Madonna is channeling her peak '80s style, Sean looks like a young, rising star, and the whole thing is just adorable. We would have loved to be a fly on the wall at this boho wedding — it must have really been something memorable.

12 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Who Are Hollywood Lifers

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As of 2018, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson will have been married for 30 years, which in Hollywood years, is about a thousand. Marriages just don't last that long in the entertainment industry — ever. It's crazy to think that these two kids ended up becoming hugely successful actors. Sure, they were already well on their way when they tied the knot, but we bet they had no idea just how huge they'd become. Hanks just looks like a younger version of himself, but we absolutely love the oh-so-'80s vibe Rita is channeling here. From the endless layers of tulle that seem to be swallowing her whole to the curly locks, she definitely looks a little retro. However, all we can focus on is the giant smile on her face — it's definitely a match made in heaven.

11 Audrey Hepburn, The Chicest Bride We've Ever Seen, Marrying Andrea Dotti

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If you've never seen a shot of Audrey Hepburn in the outfit she wore to her wedding, you need to take a look, because it's the most Audrey outfit we could have imagined. She had the type of physique that could have pulled off just about any style, but rather than going for a huge, poufy gown, she opted for a blush-colored, sleek look that is majorly amazing. Perhaps she didn't feel like going all out with the big white gown for her second wedding, perhaps it just wasn't her style, whatever the reason, she definitely made the right call here. These two had trouble later on in their marriage, but at this moment, in this shot, her hubby Andrea Dotti was absolutely crazy in love with her — he can't take his eyes off her!

10 Celine Dion's Unbelievably Extra Look For Her Wedding To The Late Rene Angelil

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Most people know Celine Dion and her late husband Rene Angelil's love story, but there's a good chance you haven't seen their wedding photo before — and trust us, you need to. Celine Dion is unapologetically extra when it comes to her life — the way she dresses, the way she expresses emotion, everything — so it makes total sense that her wedding couture would be over the top. She rocked a Mirella and Steve Gentile gown, a fur jacket, and a tiara that allegedly weighed a whopping seven pounds. I mean, forget the simple hair pieces that many brides wear with a little sparkle — she wanted to make a style statement, and she certainly did. We have to admit, while this may be a bit too much for most women to pull off, somehow it seems like the exact right look for Celine.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker Took A Page From Carrie's Book and Married Matthew Broderick In A Fashion Forward Gown

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There's a good chance that when you watched Carrie's bridal magazine photoshoot in the Sex and the City movie, you paused to wonder what on earth Sarah Jessica Parker wore for her wedding with hubby Matthew Broderick. They ended up having a civil ceremony, so she had full freedom when it came to the look she wanted to rock — and she went very fashion forward with a black dress. Parker actually doesn't love her choice looking back — she has said that, if she were to do it again, "I'd wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day." It's a pity she regrets her sartorial selection, but honestly, we totally love it — it's unexpected and chic and high fashion, which are all things we associate with Sarah Jessica Parker.

8 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Who Haven't Aged In Decades

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got married way back in 1997 — that's right, they recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary — and we cannot get over Jada's gown. She's an extremely petite woman, so we figured she may avoid huge ballgowns that swallowed her in fabric, but we would never have anticipated the crushed velvet Badgley Mischka gown she wore. The two ended up tying the knot at the posh Cloisters Mansion, which is definitely a long way from West Philadelphia. It's been over two decades and they're still going strong — and we're pretty sure that Jada could still easily fit into her wedding dress, if she bothered to keep it. Given how trends always circle back around, her gown just may be the hot new dress of the season sometime soon.

7 A Young, Post-Titanic Kate Winslet Marrying Director Jim Threapleton

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Back when she was just a 20-something young starlet trying to make it in the entertainment industry, Kate Winslet met director Jim Threapleton on the set of a film she was working on. She fell for him quickly, and the two ended up tying the knot in 1998. Winslet went in a bit of a vintage direction, rocking a custom hand-beaded lace Alexander McQueen gown that wouldn't look out of place on a period piece. It's something that many women wouldn't be able to pull off, but on her, it was totally perfect. Though they were both rising stars in Hollywood, they opted for a low key wedding in Reading, England. The marriage didn't last very long — a few years, until 2001 — but that dress may very well have been worth all the hassle.

6 Supermodel Cindy Crawford Wed Rande Gerber In A Boho Beach Ceremony

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When it comes to wedding dresses, supermodels have it a bit easier than most — after all, their job is to make any garment look amazing, so it's safe to say that they know they'll look good in just about any dress they find. While Cindy Crawford could easily have called in a favor with a designer to have an haute couture gown crafted for her wedding to Rande Gerber, she decided to go a little more subtle. The two lovebirds tied the knot in the Bahamas, and to go with their beachy wedding theme, Crawford rocked a sheer John Galliano slip dress (with lining, to keep it from being too scandalous). Their intimate beach wedding seems to have been the perfect event for them because they're still together today, twenty years later.

5 Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Oh-So-80s Wedding To Brad Hall

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus has certainly had quite a career. Though she's absolutely gorgeous, she's always used her comedic chops rather than her attractiveness to get roles and has appeared in a variety of amazing shows including Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld and Veep. She has endless awards for her various roles — and she's basically just a huge success. And through almost all of it, she's had her hubby Brad Hall by her side. The two tied the knot way back in 1987, just before she snagged her Seinfeld gig, and have been going strong ever since. While her red carpet gowns nowadays are often sleek and chic, her wedding dress was unapologetically '80s, complete with the poofy sleeves that everyone remembers so well of trendy gowns from that time period. She still looks amazing, though!

4 Gwen Stefani Married Rocker Gavin Rossdale In An Unconventional Pink Ombre Gown

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Given what a fashion icon Gwen Stefani is, and how she marches to the beat of her own style drum, it makes sense that she'd go a bit outside the box when it came to her wedding gown. When she tied the knot with musician Gavin Rossdale back in 2002 — now her ex-hubby — she wore what looked like a traditional gown at first. Her signature platinum blonde locks were in an updo, she had a lace veil and a simple white bodice. Then, when you scanned down the dress, you notice that there was a shocking pink ombre effect towards the bottom. It wasn't too over the top, but it was just enough that her dress suddenly seemed very Gwen — I mean, who else would wear an ombre pink wedding dress?

3 French Bombshell Brigitte Bardot, Whose Wedding Dress Was Pink Gingham

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While looking back to the '70s and '80s often yields wedding dresses that are quite dated, if you venture even further back, you get dresses that just seem delightfully vintage. Brigitte Bardot's is the perfect example. When she married actor Jacques Charrier, she didn't go for a long gown. She didn't even go for a white gown. Instead, she opted for a baby pink gingham dress. That's right — she got married in a fabric that most people associate with picnics. And somehow, she managed to pull it off and look impossibly chic. Brides are getting more and more desperate to find a completely unique look for their big day, so who knows — someone may be taking inspiration from Bardot's dress someday. It definitely has a fantastic appeal for anyone who loves vintage style.

2 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Who Were So In Love They Got Married Twice!

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Elizabeth Taylor may have had a lot of husbands, but most remember Richard Burton the most because, well, they got married not once, but twice! The two lovebirds were just meant to be. In one of their weddings, Taylor kept her outfit fairly simple, in an adorable retro look with sheer details, but her hair is what we just can't get over. If you ever thought the floral crowns that are so popular today would be hard to put together, just imagine what it must have taken to craft this updo, where she has flowers woven throughout her super long, thick ponytail. Taylor certainly was the kind of woman who went big and liked to stand out from the crowd, so for her, it totally works — she looks absolutely amazing.

1 Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, Whose Wedding Was Full Old Hollywood Glam

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We totally can't get over just how amazing this wedding photo from Frank Sinatra and Ava Garden's nuptials is. First of all, they were both absolute icons, so to see them together is kind of incredible. Second, we love just how happy ol' Blue Eyes looks in this shot, in his dapper suit and super-sized smile. We also totally love Gardner's vintage gown with a halter neck detail, and the delicate choker of pearls she's opted to accessorize with. The marriage may not have lasted very long, but it's such a privilege to have wedding photos like this of two Hollywood icons. It's not hard to see why they would have fallen in love with one another — they're both just so talented and captivating! Vintage-loving brides are probably majorly lusting over her wedding gown years later.

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