17 Best Truth Or Dare Confessions That Resulted In Disasters

We all remember playing Truth or Dare as kids. Hell, many of us play it as adults, usually at a table with plenty of alcohol to go around. The fun in the game is getting someone to admit the truth about their dirty little secrets or forcing them to complete embarrassing or disgusting dares. How many of us were caught by our parents doing something stupid while playing Truth or Dare? It's practically a rite of passage! But have you ever been involved in a legit game that turns from innocent play to extreme disaster?

Ever wonder why people do the stupid things they do? We see videos of people doing ridiculous things all the time, usually with them winding up in pain or even seriously injured. We'd bet money some of those people were involved in a game of Truth or Dare and they foolishly chose dare. We all know what happens when you're dared to do something and you wimp out - everyone will recognize you as a failure, someone too afraid to take risks, and that reputation can hang over your head for quite a while. In their foolish attempts to keep their reputation pristine, plenty of people are goaded into completing the stupid conditions of a foolish dare every single day. Here are some of the best Truth or Dare confessions that resulted in disasters:

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17 Wow... Just Wow


Why these people thought gluing someone's skin to a toilet was a good idea we will never know. We just hope they were kids. Maybe if it was a little Elmer's glue it would have been fine but it sounds like they used some industrial-grade glue! Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that 911 call came in!

"911, what is your emergency?""Well, uh, my friend is stuck to the toilet.""Your friend is stuck on the toilet?""Um, no, they're stuck TO the toilet. With glue."

Sometimes people do really dumb things and all they get out of it is an entertaining story to share at parties or get-togethers about that one time they weren't thinking. This is definitely one of them.

16 Ice Cold


It's one thing to be embarrassed in front of your friends, but it's another one entirely for someone you like to show their true colors and shame you in front of all your mutual friends. This is the kind of pain you never really forget and it's all done for the sake of a laugh or maybe the person really doesn't understand what it means to be a decent human being. Either way, this girl was brutally turned down in the midst of a game that often goes from fun and friendly to dangerous and painful. Guaranteed the next time she likes someone she's going to pay extra attention to how he treats others before she makes a move. Poor thing, let's hope this never happens to us!

15 That's Just Nasty


Bodily functions sometimes produce some pretty horrible odors. This is just how it is. This guy got to kiss the girl of his dreams! Yes, it was tainted a bit by her foul-smelling burp immediately after the fact, but at least he got to kiss the girl! Maybe she apologized after but even if she didn't, it's doubtful that this one instance was enough to turn him off from her forever. Yes, it was pretty gross and yes, he might have wanted to go puke his guts out after, but when you look at it from her point of view, she was probably extremely embarrassed and went home that day hoping he'll forget it ever happened - or at least never speak of it again to anyone, anywhere, ever.

14 It's Basically Your Fault


Every now and then our bad intentions for someone is met with immediate karma. This is one of those times. This person thought it'd be hilarious to shame one of their friends but when it came down to it, they were the one forced to walk around naked. Not only is this embarrassing, but it's actually extremely illegal - especially for anyone over the age of 18. If this person's friends didn't let them back out, it's highly likely they went through with it. Talk about a life lesson! Guaranteed they were following this person as they made their way around the block, likely calling as much attention to them as possible because let's face it, that's what friends are for. Maybe next time OP will think twice before putting something this bad into the Truth or Dare hat!

13 Stupid Dares Mean Stupid Consequences


Anyone who drives a car hates when kids are acting stupid in the middle of the road. Really, we hate when ANYONE is obstructing traffic in any way. This kid was definitely tempting fate when he was zig-zagging down the street! It isn't surprising an unsuspecting driver hit him at all. What IS surprising is the driver decided it was better to get out of there than it would have been to stop and make sure the kid was okay. The kids were smart to call the cops and an ambulance but we'll never know if the hit-and-run driver was ever caught, or whether the brother sustained any serious injuries. Let's all keep this horror story in mind the next time we think it'd be funny to dare someone to do something dangerous.

12 That's What You Get


Some guys want it all. This one certainly did! He thought he'd have an opportunity to see his love interest kiss another girl - a fantasy many men have for some strange reason. Well, like most bad ideas, his little plan backfired and now he's out a girlfriend. Was a few seconds of perving out worth losing the girl? Probably not. Will he ever make this mistake again? Also probably not. But let's face it -if she was willing to leave him after one kiss, then there were probably other factors involved. It's likely she was thinking of leaving him already and he just sort of sped the whole process up. There is one upside to this little tragedy though: At least now he can see them kissing whenever he wants.

11 That's Why You Should Choose Truth!


Ever hear the saying "look before you jump?" Sometimes these things should be taken literally as well as figuratively. Sure, it was unexpected and extremely unlikely that the other side of a small partition would be a long fall, but then again, it's there for a reason, right? Let's all think things through a little bit before randomly suggesting possibly catastrophic dares. This person was lucky there wasn't something worse on the other side, like maybe a drop onto construction equipment, broken bits of stone and cement, a busy road or worse. They still wound up in the hospital for the sake of their little game, but at least they're well enough to use their phone to post about their pain! Let this be a lesson to us all.

10 You're Better Off Without Her


What kind of person does this? We always hear about people doing really rude and really thoughtless or cruel things to other people but why do they do these things? Is it because they genuinely believe their actions aren't crushing others? Is it that they just don't care? Or is it something else, something "normal," decent people can't understand because it's borne of something sinister? Regardless, this girl was really messed up to just walk away from the guy who basically just confessed his love for her. At the very least, she could have asked to speak to him in the hall to clarify how she feels and let the poor guy down easily. What ever happened to decency? This poor guy will definitely think twice before admitting his feelings in public again. Poor thing. Our hearts go out to him!

9 Hope Your Tetanus Shot Was Up To Date


At one point or another, almost all of us were dared to lick something dirty, cold, or generally disgusting. Who would have thought that beneath the grimy surface of a screen there would be a layer of rust? While you might be thinking this person should have stopped licking as soon as they cut their tongue, keep in mind they were probably trying to get in a quick lick to begin with. How badly they were injured will remain a mystery but if there was a deep enough cut to cause bleeding, they probably had to treat it with something. If they don't have their tetanus shot, it's possible the cut could turn into something much worse than a small tear in the tissue. Let's hope for their sake no infection or tetanus affected them!

8 You Deserve It


When you dine and dash you may think you're being edgy, but more often than not, your poor waiter or waitress is forced to foot the bill. Don't be that person. You might feel a rush and think it's a victimless crime, but it really isn't. You're just coming off as the biggest jerk in the world and it's very much illegal as you are now a thief. When this person had to return to the scene of their crime to retrieve their phone, those cops were probably mad that they wasted time that could have been spent arresting serious criminals and you'd better believe those restaurant managers and other employees were ready to beat the crap out of OP. If they got in trouble, the fault is entirely their own.

7 Did You At Least Try To Censor It?


There are some stories that should remain private. How you experience your first deeply intimate moment is one of them. Did this person HAVE to share EVERYTHING? As in every minute detail? They were certainly expected to. Hopefully OP decided to stretch the truth a little and elaborate in some, less private, moments while glossing over the heart of the matter. The reality is no one is playing it safe if they choose "Truth." When you're with friends - especially best friends - it's pretty much a guarantee that they'll choose the worst dares for you to complete and will dig deep when it comes to Truth. It's sort of like a punishment for picking the lesser of two evils, so anyone who doesn't let the group dare them to do something crazy will have to instead share something crazy.

6 Dang, Nature! You Scary!


Anyone who has ever had a cat, has ever had a friend or family member who owns a cat, or who has ever seen an angry cat on TV/YouTube/whatever can tell you cats aren't always the nicest animals. In fact, they're one of the most unpredictable somewhat domesticated animals you'll ever encounter. One minute they're purring and rubbing against your leg, the next moment they're hissing and clawing at you. The thing about a feral cat is they don't like people at all. They don't approach humans and they're extremely wary of anyone attempting to approach them. OP's big mistake was cornering the cat. This frightened the animal, which then allowed its fight or flight response to take over and you'd better believe feral animals will turn to fight. OP's face is all the evidence you need.

5 Sorry To Say They Wouldn't Have Wound Up With You Anyway


You never know when it's safe to release a left-cheek-sneak, but if you're in a public place it is wise to head for the nearest bathroom just to be safe. This person obviously thought a quick little toot was going to emerge but was instead greeted by everyone's worst nightmare. Admitting the story in front of your crush could end in two ways - they'll laugh with everyone else and move on, or they'll be mortified and won't want to be associated with you. Why anyone would think it's so bad is beyond us, but this person was obviously unable to move past it. Sorry, OP. The relationship was doomed to fail from the start. If they can't handle a little bodily functions going on, then they definitely can't handle you.

4 They Aren't Really Your Friends


Friends will dare you to stand on the roof. Best friends will suddenly grab or very slightly push you - not enough to knock you over, but certainly enough to give you the fright of your life. The person who actually shoved OP over the edge falls into the enemy category. That person was more of a bully than anything and it was really messed up. We don't know how many stories the house was but that doesn't really matter. If someone is acting like a jerk, they're acting like a jerk. While OP may have had a chance to truly face and work toward overcoming their fear of heights, that opportunity has passed. There's no way they'll risk standing on a roof again - especially if that jerkwad is around.

3 Sad For You, Hilarious For Us


We all remember our first kiss. It is very much a defining moment in our lives. Even if we aren't romantically involved with the person anymore, the magic of the moment remains a beautiful memory forever. Meanwhile, this poor girl has to deal with the fact that her first kiss was with someone's teeth, not their lips. To make matters worse, he was laughing at her. While this was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, it didn't really result in any real damage, leaving us free to laugh about it without guilt. They likely laughed it off and tried again, this time with success. She may not have had her dream kiss the first time around, but we can all hope she got it on the second go.

2 What The What Now?


Aren't friends great? They're always there for us when we're down and support us when we're up. They're also reliable jerks when it comes to dares. They want to be entertained and when playing Truth or Dare, every person is at the same level of risk. This guy was unlucky enough to choose dare while ladies' clothing was available. Imagine how embarrassing it is to dress up like a sex worker, then how much worse it is to have to literally walk up to a vehicle to play along. What started out as a hilarious joke likely ended with a trip to the police station. Imagine trying to explain to your significant other why you need bail money, or even just trying to explain to the cops that it was all just a prank. At least these guys (probably) learned their lesson.

1 Was It Worth It?


It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right? Well, this girl learned the hard way that even if she's playing Truth or Dare, cheating is cheating and her man was having none of it. Normally, when dared to do something intimate with another person, people in relationships laugh it off and insist they receive a different dare, or they outright say no. This girl thought a friendly game included making out with other people and, since it is just a game, it was like a free pass to do as she pleased. Nope! While some guys might be okay with it, she should have known her significant other wouldn't be. Usually when you date someone, you know them well enough to understand what they wouldn't appreciate in a relationship. Either she didn't care about his feelings or she made the worst mistake of her life.

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