17 Actresses Men Find Unattractive

Many women strive to be Hollywood thin in order to attract men — or women — as potential suitors. When women look for fitspiration, the ladies of Hollywood are often among the magazine clippings and pins on Pinterest that get referenced. Celebrities with slim frames get idolized, especially when they are frequently the response to the question: “Who is your celebrity crush?” People in Hollywood train hard, eat restricted diets and dress to impress. Not only is size a factor in attracting people in Hollywood, but it is also what can make or break an actress in terms of getting a role.

No matter how hard some celebrities try — and no matter how skinny they are — they cannot change some of their more unpleasant features. This proves there are always exceptions to every rule. Not every skinny woman in Hollywood is on every list of top celebrity crushes. In fact, many of the celebs that we hear about the most in the media are found to be unattractive by a lot of men. Why are some of these ladies an exception to this skinny Hollywood hottie list? This may finally prove that weight is not the issue, but other features — both physical and emotional — can be.

17 Avril Lavigne - Hey, Hey! You, You! You'll Never Be My Girlfriend

Avril Lavigne is a little Complicated. When she first hit the music scene, this tiny-framed Canadian was an angry teen. She wore dark eye makeup and men’s clothing in her music videos and to in-person appearances. She dressed to impress herself — feeling most comfortable in skater clothes.

Avril did not conform to Hollywood norms for most of her career, keeping her skin pale, hair with chunky streaks, and gothic makeup. Through the years, she has gotten slightly more girly — losing the dark eye makeup and trading it for something a little more shimmery.

Her men’s clothes turned into skirts and skinny jeans while blonde hair got a little blonder, although she has put green in it in between. Her rockstar image seems to throw men off, writing her off as just some punk that wears too much make up.

16 Donatella Versace - Lookin' Like The Off Brand

Donatella Versace took over the Versace fashion label after her brother’s murder. While Versace is a lavish and expensive brand, Donatella’s appearance does not reflect that in the eyes of men. She often wears her high-end clothing designs on her petite but strong frame.

However, years of alleged drug use and smoking have aged her — although it appears she may be using plastic surgery to counteract those affects. Donatella has a wide mouth and narrow, sleepy eyes. She also has a nose that does not fit her face well.

Her forehead doesn’t offer much expression, although the area around her mouth is starting to reflect her age. Her platinum blonde hair and tiny frame have been considered deceitful once men see her face. Although she is philanthropic and powerful, men cannot seem to get over her redone face.

15 Miley Cyrus - Good Golly Miss Miley

Miley Cyrus has had quite the life at 24-years old. She has been a television star, a movie star and a singer. Getting her start on the Disney Channel set Miley up to fail. Some men still see her as Hannah Montana and consider her to be a child — making it creepy to be attracted to her.

To try to break out of this image, Miley chopped all of her hair off and started doing a mixture of drugs while wearing minimal clothing. Men thought this look was a too masculine with her hair in a pixie cut and her completely different attitude.

Miley has calmed down over the past year or so and has grown out her hair and started dressing better. Men are intimidated by her presence, given she has no censors and is a full-blown feminist. Most dudes cannot get the images of Miley’s past out of their heads to see the woman that she is today.

14 Kristen Stewart - Bedtime For Bella

Kristen Stewart came to fame with the Twilight series, playing the human who eventually turned vampire, Bella Swan. Kristen had been a pretty girl that hated the spotlight and acted incredibly awkward in interviews.

After a few years’ worth of controversy, Kristen chopped off her hair and died it blonde. Although she has the same slim body, men did and still do find her unattractive. The lack of hair for a while seemed to do it for most men, although it has grown out to a bob’s length since.

Her personality is defensive and dry, which is unsettling to most people. Kristen’s very serious look and lack of real personality have led men to say that they would rather date the vampire she plays on-screen. Kristen is now dating women, which is a factor that should not decrease the level of attraction — but it is for some men — as they no longer feel they have a chance with her.

13 Maggie Gyllenhaal - Looks Too Much Like Her Brother

Maggie Gyllenhaal is an actress known best for her role in The Dark Knight. Many people do not initially realize that she is the sister of Hollywood stud Jake Gyllenhaal. Maggie is reminiscent of a pixie with a tiny frame, delicate features and bright eyes.

However, when men get a good look at her, all they can see is her brother. They share many similar features, especially their eyes and nose. This throws men off and makes them think more of Donnie Darko than Rachel from their favorite Batman movie.

Not being able to get her masculine brother out of their heads, men write Maggie off as being masculine or peculiar looking. This mother of two is a devoted wife to a man that thinks she looks different enough from her brother — considering he was her brother’s best friend. To each their own!

12 Courtney Love - Not So Lovely After All

Courtney Love — although skinny — has been a train wreck since the 90’s. She was married to Kurt Cobain — the lead singer of Nirvana — and was a part of the “Heroin Chic” fashion trend. She has also been performing for years as the lead singer of Hole and several other acts.

Through the years, she has been open about having substance abuse issues and the crimes she has committed. Courtney has been arrested a countless number of times. She does not keep up too much with her appearance, which can be written off as a part of her rockstar devil-may-care attitude and drug use. She is a bit of a handful, which intimidates most men. Years of drug abuse take a toll on the body of the user and that has clearly happened with Love.

11 Bai Ling - It's Nothin' But A Bae Thing

Bai Ling is a Chinese-American actress that is known for her roles in Red Corner and The Crow. She is incredibly petite in stature, although she has a round face with larger features. She has an athletic muscle tone to her body, which men say looks masculine when you put the whole package together.

Bai Ling has had a few issues with the media, such as getting arrested for shoplifting at an airport and claiming to not be from earth. Prior to becoming an actress, she experienced quite a bit of sexual abuse while living in Tibet.

Potentially a result of her traumatic past, she also ended up on the television series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for an addiction to alcohol. When combining her troubled past with her masculine features, men get turned off from this actress.

10 Tilda Swinton - Close Encounters Of The Swinton Kind

Tilda Swinton is an international actress known for films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Doctor Strange, and the Chronicles of Narnia series. At almost sixty-years old, Tilda’s body is in shape. Her frame is thin, though she dresses in a masculine way and often opts for pant suits instead of dresses.

Men seem to be turned off by a few things with Tilda. Most dudes seem to think that her hair blends in with her skin tone too much, making her look unhealthy. Her hair is often kept short — sometimes shaved in most places — contributing to her masculinity.

Other men have noted that her eyebrows are virtually nonexistent and make it look like there is too much space between her eyes and her hairline. Her look is allegedly too intense for most men, and looks a little too out there.

9 Uma Thurman - At Least She Can Dance

The song “Uma Thurman” is not all that this fit actress is known for. She has been in several movies including Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Dangerous Liaisons. Thurman has stayed in shape since she generally has a lot of action within her films. While she was considered one of the hottest women of the 2000’s, public opinions and styles have changed.

Thurman wears very minimal or natural makeup. She likes to opt for light tones instead of a smoky eye. Her nose is the most prominent feature that she has, known for being off shape and on the larger side.

Although she wears very glamorous dresses, the lack of makeup throws men off, making them think she does not care about herself or how she looks. While this former model continues to rock the red carpet, men think she should start wearing a little more makeup to appear more youthful and hip.

8 Renee Zellweger - Not Much To Write In Her Diary

Renee Zellweger has starred in movies varying from Jerry Maguire to Bridget Jones’s Diary. Her roles have never been based on her drop-dead beauty — usually relying on her mediocre overall appearance — as it made the roles feel more real.

Zellweger recently changed her entire appearance, causing her to lose her signature cherub cheeks and squished eyes for a much slimmer look overall. She also grew her hair out dramatically. While the media was stunned by this change and praised her looks, men have remained perplexed.

It appears as though she must have had a lot of plastic surgery, which men are turning up their noses on. Men believe that Zellweger now looks too unnatural compared to how she looked for most of her career. While her new body is very slim and she is very high-fashion, some say the plastic surgery highlights her age in a negative way.

7 Tori Spelling - 9021 No

Tori Spelling gained attention from Hollywood and from people worldwide through her role as Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210 in the nineties. Since then, Spelling has remained in the spotlight by making appearances in some movies and television shows while writing books in her spare time. She also had a reality show that she starred in with her entire family.

While her body is slender, men have said some cruel things about her. Some men have been so nasty as to say she looks like one of the Wayans brothers in White Chicks. This cruel insult refers to her pale face and hair with a masculine jaw and face structure. Men are turned off by her large lips and odd shaped and spaced eyes. These harsh critics have not put a stop to Tori’s success yet, as she continues to churn out movies and books.

6 Whitney Cummings - Whitney Shortcomings

Funny girl Whitney Cummings is the writer behind some of Hollywood’s funniest shows. She also continues to be a stand-up comedienne. Cummings has a very small waistline, which was frequently referenced on Chelsea Lately.

Men do not find this funny lady attractive. Her blunt, crude sense of humor is a turn-off for some men, as Cummings leaves no stone unturned when it comes to comedy. Over the years, Cummings’ face has become a little more plastic.

Men claim that she may have had a little too much Botox. Her large cheeks leave a hollow indent right under her cheekbones, which can give off a skeletal look. Her face often looks flat, which contributes to the skeletal look even more. There is not much movement in her face when she laughs or smiles either — taking away any realness that men could see in her.

5 Gwyneth Paltrow - An Open Marriage Couldn't Save Her

Gwyneth Paltrow “consciously uncoupled” from Coldplay lead singer, Chris Martin, a few years ago. Paltrow had starred in several movies throughout her time in Hollywood, including Shakespeare In Love and Shallow Hal.

Paltrow is an overall average looking celebrity with nothing extraordinary about her face. Her body is in the best shape it has ever been, but men are not thrown off by her physical appearance. Since Paltrow’s founding of Goop, men have been confused about what to think about Paltrow.

She has often focused on female empowerment and has taken a natural approach to health — talking more about vaginal steaming than anything else. She also has published a few cookbooks that encourage unusual eating habits. Men are turned off by her anti-men attitude and her new approach to life — believing she thinks she is superior to men and is entirely too earthy.

4 Sandra Oh - Oh, No!

Sandra Oh has appealed to hearts all over the world through her role in the hit television series Grey’s Anatomy. This Canadian actress is a skinny mini! However, her face is long, but round at the cheeks — giving off the illusion that she should be bigger than she is.

Men see this and consider her to be disproportionate. Despite her gorgeous hair and beautiful, almond eyes, men do not flock to her. Sandra often wears minimal makeup except for a vibrantly colored lip.

As seen with some of the other actresses on this list, having the right amount of makeup can determine how men see an actress. Oh is also starting to show signs of aging via wrinkles in her face. Men are taking note and are looking for the next best thing.

3 Helena Bonham Carter - One Spooky Bride

Helena Bonham Carter is one of Hollywood’s spookiest actresses. Once in a serious relationship with Tim Burton, Helena has played a role in many of his movies and was notably the death eater Bellatrix in the Harry Potter series.

She has been in major motion pictures since the 1980’s. Helena has a petite physique, but her acting makes up for her small stature. With her bizarre roles comes extreme hair, makeup, and costuming — usually making her look dark, gloomy or dead.

Without all of the makeup, Helena can look a little mousey to men. She sometimes appears to have beady eyes which make her look nervous. Her defined chin often appears masculine to men, although it is on such a small face. Bonham Carter also often wears extravagant outfits that can just be too much for the average man.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker - Stop Horsin' Around

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her role as Carrie in Sex and the City. Her character is often associated with being skinny, glamorous and who every woman wants to be. While women strive to be her, men cannot seem to find the appeal behind SJP.

Her long face is what throws most men — with many referring to it as a horse’s face. After several searches, we have found that men think of women with horse faces as long or narrow faced, large mouthed, large-toothed women.

Her long mane of hair may also be a contributing factor. While women may see her face as long and thin, and her hair as #hairgoals and something they wish they had, men tend to see it as a naaaay on their list.

1 Glenn Close - Close, But No Cigar

Glenn Close has been working in Hollywood for over half of her life. She has starred in movies varying from Hamlet to 101 Dalmatians. Now in her seventies, Close is in fantastic shape. Mena are turning their cheeks on this, though. Guys are looking for Hollywood’s newest and shiniest actresses — not the ones that have been around for decades.

Age is a huge part in why so many men find this wonderful actress unattractive. Close also keeps a short haircut, which many men associate with masculinity and therefore find unattractive. Glenn has also recently started letting her hair go gray instead of coloring it to be blonde — taking away the appearance of youth that she maintained for so long. Close is embracing who she is. In Hollywood today, women cannot be too overdone or too natural; they have to be right in the middle to be found desirable.

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