16 WWE Stars Who Are Total Softies Behind The Scenes (+4 Who Aren’t)

At times we can get so caught up in the gimmicks of certain wrestlers that we actually believe they’re that way outside of the ring as well. Little do fans know that when the cameras stop rolling, these larger than life Superstars are just normal folks like us—just with really busy schedules.

In the world of pro wrestling, we have heels and babyfaces. The heels are the villains while the babyfaces are the heroes that we cheer for. In wrestling, some of the heels actually make us believe that they might really be that way in real life.

Take Alexa Bliss: she’s one of the best villains and she claims that she taps into things that annoy her to create her excellent heel persona. Fans might be fooled, but Bliss, along with so many others, is the complete opposite backstage. She's an absolute softie and her peers genuinely seem to like her.

On the flip side, there are also wrestlers who aren’t softies. These four don’t have the squeakiest clean reputations, whether it's behind the scenes with their peers or when meeting the fans outside of the ring.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 16 WWE stars who are actually total softies behind the scenes and four who aren’t. Let’s get started!

20 Softie – Stephanie McMahon

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On-screen, Stephanie McMahon turned into one of the greatest villains. Prior to her WWE debut, Stephanie was a shy and quiet figure behind the scenes. However, that all changed on camera. Stephanie played her role to perfection for years and that still holds true today.

That can lead fans to believe that she’s the same backstage, but the opposite holds true. Stephanie is an absolute sweetheart and she’s always willing to listen to any problems the wrestlers might be having. And that’s unlike a lot of the other upper executives working for the company. Stephanie is also a gem when it comes to partnering with charitable organizations.

19 Softie - Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens plays his heel role to perfection. He’s one of the top bad guys in the industry—though that might be changing with a rumored turn in the near future.

Behind the scenes, however, KO is a total softie and that’s especially true in his family life. Kevin is a loving husband and a proud father of two. Owens' wife typically posts pictures of Kevin and his kids, and as evidenced by some of the photos, Kevin is willing to do whatever it takes to make his family happy even if that means wearing a silly Mickey Mouse cap. Out of the ring, he’s a different human.

18 Softie - Alexa Bliss

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Like a lot of the others, we only know Alexa Bliss as a villain on-screen playing the role of an arrogant heel. Though away from the ring, Alexa is actually quite shy and a lovable human being. When she’s off the road, Bliss likes to take it easy, spending time at home with her pet pig and dogs while catching up on some Netflix.

So how does she fool us and play her role so perfectly? Bliss admits that she takes aspects of people that annoy her in everyday life and uses those in developing her character. Most WWE fans can agree this formula is working to perfection.

17 Softie - Carmella

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Carmella’s character definitely isn’t afraid to speak her mind when on-screen. Believe or not, that wasn’t the case when she first joined the WWE. NXT officials worried about Carmella early on, claiming that she lacked enough personality. Clearly, Carmella took that message to heart, as some might say she shows too much personality nowadays.

Out of the ring, Carmella admits that she isn’t the loud mouth that we see on television. The former Women’s Champion admitted on the Lilian Garcia Podcast that she’s actually quite shy and usually keeps to herself behind the scenes.

16 Softie - Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte is another lovable sweetheart backstage. In the ring, she loves to flaunt her genetic superiority and talent inside of the squared circle. Though out of the ring, Charlotte isn’t anywhere near as turned up. She keeps a quiet demeanor and surprisingly enough, like Carmella, she is actually quite shy.

Another great thing about Charlotte behind the scenes is the fact that she takes part in lots of charitable causes set up by WWE. This just goes to show that she’s always willing to help out and that the WWE loves the way she connects with others outside of the ring. Charlotte always comes across as genuine in her real-life candid interviews.

15 Not A Softie - Brock Lesnar

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For WWE fans, this one might have been the most obvious on the entire list. Brock Lesnar is very similar to his on-screen character. Backstage, he really doesn’t talk to many of his fellow WWE employees. As stated on the Stone Cold podcast, Brock simply clocks in and clocks out like any regular job.

He isn’t the friendliest backstage, but he is willing to stop and take a picture with a fan, which is a big-time plus. Although he doesn’t look too thrilled in a lot of the candid photos, we at least give Brock credit for obliging to take the photos, even if it’s at a gym while he’s trying to train.

14 Softie - Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey completely changed the women’s division when she signed a deal with WWE. She could have held her head high backstage given her star power. However, Rousey took a different route and she chose to be humble with her peers. It is said that Rousey is quite the sweetheart and that she’s always seeking advice from her other co-workers–now that’s a refreshing attitude.

The same holds true for Rousey and the WWE fans. Rousey always seems so grateful to get all the cheers. She also takes her time to embrace the WWE Universe when making her way to the ring. Although Ronda seems to have a rough exterior thanks to her UFC days, she is a genuine and kind-hearted human when the cameras aren’t rolling.

13 Softie - Batista

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Finally, Batista is back with the WWE. After a successful stint in Hollywood, The Animal finally decided to take some time off away from the Hollywood sets and return to the squared circle. But his time outside showed us a different side of him.

He’s back in the role of a villain, though out of the ring, Batista is the exact opposite. Many refer to the former WWE Champion as a lovable teddy bear behind the scenes. Despite all his success in the ring and all his accomplishments in Hollywood, Batista still keeps a level head–something that isn’t always the case with former WWE stars.

12 Softies - The Bellas

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When the Bellas made their WWE debuts, not much was expected of them early on. They didn’t have the greatest skills and they were both portrayed as characters more than actual wrestlers.

The two would change the label entirely shortly after. Nikki became one of the top Divas Champions of all-time. Not only that, but at one point Nikki was also regarded as the locker room leader for the female division–that just goes to show how well liked and respected she was behind the scenes. Out of the locker room, both Nikki and Brie are also great with the fans–WWE uses them a lot for PR scenarios because of their easygoing personalities.

11 Softie - Big Show

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Big Show is the furthest thing from a softie, at least in terms of his mammoth exterior. Show is over seven feet tall and he typically throws around his opponents—at least, he did back in the day. However, backstage things are quite different. Show is a lovable guy who is very easygoing. This wasn’t always the case—Big Show was labeled as difficult to work with during his earlier days.

At age 47, he spends most of his time mentoring the youth nowadays. Big Show is just as easygoing with the fans–today he does a lot of PR work for the WWE out of the ring.

10 Not A Softie - Randy Orton

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Some might argue that Randy Orton should be on the opposite side of the list nowadays. After all, Randy is a family man and is married to Kimberly Kessler. The two have a daughter, along with three boys from Kessler’s previous marriage. The Viper definitely has his hands full out the ring and he’s changed for the better because of it.

We can’t deny the facts, however; Orton wasn’t always the easiest to deal with behind the scenes. In many instances, Orton could have lost his job due to his backstage behavior, but perhaps because of his closeness to management, he was let off with several warnings.

9 Softie - Triple H

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Like Randy Orton, the opposite was true for Triple H back in the day. He was known as a guy who would do whatever it takes to make his way to the top of the industry.

The same isn’t true nowadays and in fact, it is the exact opposite. Hunter is a total softie with his three daughters. Triple H is also regarded as a father figure to the rest of the WWE talent, especially those that are with the developmental brand of NXT. Slowly but surely, Triple H is turning into one of the most respected men in the wrestling business.

8 Softie - Braun Strowman

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Like the Big Show earlier in the article, Strowman definitely doesn’t have the look of a softie. This is the same guy that was eating over 10,000 calories a day during his strongman days prior to the WWE.

He caught on quickly with the company despite his limited experience. A lot of his success also has to do with his demeanor backstage. Strowman is a quick learner who is always willing to improve. He also has an infectious character and is the type of dude that loves to make his peers laugh behind the scenes. That was evidenced by his days in NXT when he put on a hilarious Christmas outfit.

7 Softie - The Miz

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When The Miz joined the WWE back in 2004, it definitely wasn’t a smooth transition for the A-Lister. He was labeled as a reality show guy and he rubbed some of the veterans the wrong way. Things got so bad that Miz was actually kicked out of the WWE locker room–he was forced to change in the bathroom for an extended period of time, away from his peers.

Miz would eventually gain everyone’s respect letting his actions do the talking. Today, he is one of the most respected wrestlers backstage and one of the locker room leaders. Miz is also great with the fans and the company uses him a lot for meet and greets and PR appearances.

6 Softie - Roman Reigns

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Roman’s rise to the top wasn’t the easiest. Fans turned on him due to the fact that he was labeled as "the chosen one" by Vince McMahon.

Those behind the scenes didn’t agree with the boos. A lot of that was because they knew Roman as simply Joe behind the scenes. The real-life Roman is such a cool dude and one of the most likable guys behind the scenes. Roman is currently viewed as the locker room leader since John Cena left the company. Now that Roman’s back on RAW, you can expect his role at the top of the locker room to continue. And oh, he’s also a total softie around his daughter and wife!

5 Not A Softie - Baron Corbin

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Baron Corbin is another wrestler that did really well for himself considering the fact that he entered the business with nothing but a background in pro sports. He’s now on the main roster as one of the upper card villains. In addition, it is also believed that he isn’t the easiest to handle backstage, according to rumors that Corbin at times comes across as arrogant.

In truth, that might be changing. Given his recent candid interviews out of character, Baron seems like a really cool dude and someone we’d love to grab a beer with. Maybe added experience has changed the RAW star.

4 Softie - Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt bounced around several gimmicks before finally striking gold with his chill Bray Wyatt gimmick. Some even labeled Wyatt as the next Undertaker at one point. Everything from his entrance to his look just gives us the chills.

Out of the ring, he’s a different dude entirely. Wyatt is actually great with fans, especially the younger ones. Wyatt has several photos with fans at candid places as the guy rarely turns down a photo. He also has a funny backstage picture alongside Stephanie McMahon and Renee Young. Not to mention another cool picture with The Undertaker following their WrestleMania clash.

3 Softie - Finn Balor

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Finn Balor is without a doubt one of the biggest softies behind the scenes. Not only is he down to earth with his fellow colleagues but the same holds true with the way that he treats fans. A WWE fan that met Balor on the subway was surprised to see just how nice Finn was in real-life. Balor was talkative with the fan, speaking to him the entire ride.

He even remembered the fan's name when saying bye to him and getting off the subway. Because of Balor’s genuine personality, he gave the fan a memory that they’ll never forget.

2 Softie - The Undertaker

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This one might be the biggest surprise on the list. The Undertaker, perhaps the most chilling wrestler of all-time, is a total softie behind the scenes.

He was, for the longest time, the locker room leader. Whenever anyone had a problem, they would confront The Undertaker about it. He always gave the best advice and the reason wrestlers love him is the fact that he's always a straight shooter. Undertaker is just as great with the fans never turning down a pic. In truth, Undertaker might have the most candid fan pics out of any of the other wrestlers.

1 Not A Softie - Vince McMahon

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The boss of the WWE can either be a total softie or the exact opposite. Yes, Vince does have his favorites and those that he becomes a total softie around—like Shawn Michaels, for example. However, for the most part, the opposite holds true.

Vince rarely interacts with the other talent prior to the show unless it’s about something major. McMahon also isn’t afraid to rip a wrestler if something goes wrong. Just ask the likes of Kevin Owens and several other WWE stars! The boss isn’t too friendly when things don’t go his way. To his credit though, he is genuine in the rare times that he meets the fans.

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