16 WWE Divas Who Live Off The Grid

The life of a WWE Superstar is a hectic one. In the world of pro sports, teams usually travel together after a game and all live in the same area. The same goes for actors and actresses when they work on a film; they generally stay in the same location. However, for WWE stars, this is not the case.

When the show is done with, each star must travel to the next location on their own without a tour bus or anything like that. Wrestlers typically rent cars to get from the airport to the hotel to the arena to the next destination.

As far as home life goes, this also tends to vary. For the most part, lots of WWE stars live in the Florida area—WWE has its Performance Center in the Orlando area. Other wrestlers also love to call Los Angeles their home.

However, there are also a select few that decided to reside completely off the map. In this article, we’ll highlight these current and former WWE stars. Some chose to isolate themselves due to privacy concerns while others decided to move with the intent of starting a family away from chaotic areas like LA or Florida.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 16 WWE Divas that live off the grid. Let’s get started!

16 Sable – Saskatchewan, Canada

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Sable joined the WWE right before the wrestling boom. She became a focal point during the most popular time in wrestling, the Monday Night Wars. During the Attitude Era, Sable led the company and she was often one of the biggest reasons for Raw’s rating increase.

She left the company for good in 2004 and went on to marry Brock Lesnar. We haven’t heard much from Sable since. She now lives a private life very far away from the likes of Florida and California, areas in which most wrestlers reside in. Sable lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her two boys. This is far from the norm and really off the grid.

15 Trish Stratus – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The current revolution that is taking place now actually started a long time ago with the likes of Trish Stratus. She put women’s wrestling on the map with great matches against powerhouses like Lita.

She called it good on wrestling, however, and entered the Hall Of Fame a couple of years back. Since then, Trish is living a quiet life off the road back home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Trish has two children and is married to her high school sweetheart. She’s enjoying motherhood away from the spotlight; nonetheless, a WWE return isn’t out of the question, especially with the Women’s Tag Titles recently debuting on WWE programming.

14 Stephanie McMahon – Weston, Connecticut

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Stephanie entered the business in the ‘90s. She was later transferred onto the on-screen product. The decision worked out for the best as McMahon excelled as a great villain for many years.

Out of the ring, Stephanie remains just as busy taking care of three daughters. She does so away from the limelight in a small town in Weston, Connecticut with a population of just over 10,000. McMahon lives alongside Triple H in a gated community. The estate looks completely off the grid, surrounded by a forest and massive driveway with no other homes near the residence.

13 Lana – Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville may not be considered off-grid to most people, but it is for a WWE Superstar. Normally, wrestlers either reside in Florida next to the Performance Center or out in Los Angeles, California.

But Lana and Rusev decided to settle down in Nashville. They once lived in Florida when joining the company. However, once their days as newbies came to an end and they started enjoying success, both decided to move to the Nashville, Tennessee area. They might be living off the grid, but they do make lots of appearances out in public, like attending several Nashville Predators NHL games. They drive in style to the games with a fancy Maserati, too.

12 Renee Young – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Renee Young was spotted by the WWE during her time on The Score, hosting a WWE-related program chatting about the business with other wrestling personalities. Young has completely thrived since transitioning, becoming the first-ever full-time female broadcasting voice over on RAW.

Outside of the ring, she lives a tame lifestyle alongside husband Dean Ambrose. The couple loves their privacy, so much so that most fans didn’t even know the couple got married as they decided to keep things on the down low. When the two are off the road, they enjoy each other’s company out in Vegas, a place most wrestlers do not reside in.

11 Nikki Bella – La Jolla, San Diego

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2018 was a crazy year for Nikki Bella. The Total Bellas star went from being months away to marrying John Cena to becoming a single girl again with the wedding getting called off completely.

Bella quickly moved out of Cena’s Tampa home once the breakup took place. According to TMZ, she went off the grid away from the Florida area looking at homes in San Diego, California, the same place she grew up in. She briefly stayed with sister Brie before making the transition a permanent one. With warm weather and beautiful views, Nikki definitely chose a good place to call home.

10 Brie Bella – Seattle, Washington

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Brie Bella also recently moved like her sister. As evidenced by Total Bellas, both Daniel Bryan and Brie moved from their Phoenix home to the Seattle, Washington area, a part of town Daniel Bryan is very familiar with. The couple was emotional leaving their Phoenix home but they appear to be just as cozy these days with Birdie in the Seattle, Washington area.

Seattle is a heartwarming place for Daniel in particular. Not only did he win the WWE Championship in the location but he also announced his retirement in the same place years later. Seattle means a lot to both Brie and Bryan.

9 Maryse – Austin, Texas

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Maryse entered the WWE through the Diva Search pipeline. She instantly connected with the crowd and earned a deal with the company. A decade later, she is still with the WWE, however, she’s off camera at the moment raising Monroe Sky Mizanin.

She used to live out in Los Angeles with The Miz. However, when she announced her pregnancy, the couple mutually decided that it was best to move in a more private community. Miz campaigned for his hometown of Cleveland but ultimately the couple settled on Austin, Texas. The decision was a wise one as the home resembles a castle with plenty of land and privacy.

8 Beth Phoenix – Ashville, North Carolina

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Originally from Elmira, New York, Beth carved out quite the professional pedestal as a multi-time WWE Women’s Champion. She became the youngest Hall Of Fame member just a couple of years back. These days, she continues on with the WWE, appearing at the commentary booth sporadically.

Out of the ring, she’s a proud mother of two daughters alongside former WWE star and Hall Of Famer, Edge. The two chose to live life off the grid moving to a small town in North Carolina, Asheville. Still only 38, we can expect to see a lot more of Beth on WWE programming, especially with the boom in the women’s division.

7 Stacy Keibler – Atlanta, Georgia

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From Baltimore, Maryland, Keibler made a name for herself with World Championship Wrestling. When the company went under, Stacy was one of the few that joined the WWE and actually lasted with the company. She went on to gain stardom with Dancing with the Stars and later earned attention for dating George Clooney.

These days, Keibler lives a quiet life off the grid. She married Jared Pobre in 2014 and the couple started a family recently. She visits the Los Angeles, California area frequently, but she’s living out of Atlanta, Georgia these days.

6 Mickie James – Richmond, Virginia

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What a wild ride it has been for Mickie James. She gained popularity back in the early 2000s with the WWE. Once she was released, lots of fans didn’t think she would ever return given the circumstances of the departure. However, she was welcomed back with NXT in 2016 and remains on board as one of the best veterans on either of the rosters.

Outside of the ring, things are just as good. Mickie’s living with her husband Nick Aldis and the couple has a child. They live a quiet life in Mickie’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

5 Maria Kanellis – Ottawa, Illinois

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Maria Kanellis entered the WWE world through the Diva Search reality series. She won the entire show and became a big-time fan favorite in the process. She had a lengthy run with the company but in 2010, she was future endeavored.

She completely resurfaced her value on the independent scene alongside husband Mike Bennett. These days, the couple sporadically appear on WWE television with rumors swirling that they want out of the company. Instead of spending time on the road with the company, most of their time is spent off the grid in Illinois.

4 Rosa Mendes – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Rosa spent a decade with the WWE. However, most fans would agree that she made more of an impact on WWE’s reality series Total Divas than inside of the squared circle. To Rosa’s credit, although she did retire from the WWE she was planning on making a return but this time around, as a polished in-ring worker. Unfortunately, that plan was derailed once she sustained untimely damage to her knee.

She’s recovering off the grid in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A big reason for Rosa calling it quits was so she can enjoy the family life alongside her partner and daughter.

3 AJ Lee- Chicago, Illinois

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At the time of her prime WWE run, AJ was atop the division and nobody came close. Once Punk left the WWE on bad terms, the writing was on the wall and AJ also left shortly after.

She grew up in New Jersey but today, Lee calls Chicago her home. Husband CM Punk is from the area. Since her WWE release, AJ continues to live a quiet life off the grid with no signs of making a WWE return. She’s enjoying life away from the squared circle as a writer while also taking part in various charitable causes, as evidenced by her IG account.

2 Bayley – Austin, Texas

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Bayley grew to superstardom in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. When she was young, Bayley always envisioned making it in the WWE. Clearly, she’s living the dream these days as the inaugural Tag Team Champion alongside partner Sasha Banks.

Outside of the ring, Bayley doesn’t live a flashy lifestyle. She likes doing simple things like watching some TV or enjoying a video game. She lives a private life away from the spotlight in Austin, Texas. She previously lived in Florida during her NXT run but perhaps she acknowledged that it was time to move once she joined the main roster.

1 Michelle McCool – Austin, Texas

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Michelle McCool had one of the more underrated wrestling trajectories. She was a part of the women’s division during a forgettable time. However, take nothing away from McCool; she thrived in the position as a great villain and fantastic worker inside of the squared circle.

She decided to retire at a younger age years ago. In fact, McCool is yet to hit her 40s. A big reason for the retirement was the thought of living a private life with The Undertaker while starting a family. That thought turned into reality as she’s now living off the grid as a happy mother and wife.

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