16 WWE Divas That Use A Fake Hometown (& 4 Men That Do The Same)

Back in the '90s, what changed wrestling forever was the WWE deciding to add an aspect of realism to the product. Gone were the days of tacky and fake gimmicks and in were the days of reality-based characters that fans could relate to.

WWE still uses this recipe today. The realism aspect is enhanced even further thanks to social media and all of WWE’s reality television shows like WWE 24 and Total Divas.

However, WWE still likes to keep certain things under wraps. Like for example, rivals aren’t allowed to travel together as it just hurts the realness aspect of the show. In addition, WWE might lie about someone's origins because of a wrestler’s character on the show.

In this article, we’ll take a look at such examples. But in some cases, it is a real head-scratcher as to why the company doesn’t actually use their real hometown. In addition to the Divas, we’ll also take a look at some of the most popular male WWE stars and how their apparent billed hometown on WWE TV really isn’t true.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 16 WWE Divas that use a fake hometown and 4 of the men that do the same. Let’s get started!

20 Diva: Lana – Moscow, Russia

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Lana did, in fact, spend a couple of years with her family back in Latvia. However, she was born in Gainesville, Florida; don’t let that accent fool you. It is all part of the show folks. As evidenced by her appearance on the reality show Total Divas, Lana doesn’t have an accent.

Outside of the ring, she goes by C.J. Perry. The WWE Diva did a lot of dance work prior to her wrestling moves. She even took part in music videos and acting. It all changed for Lana when she joined WWE and formed a relationship with Rusev. The two instantly hit it off as foreign heels. Lana was so believable in her role that some still think she’s actually from Russia.

19 Diva: Nikki Bella - Scottsdale, Arizona

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When Nikki makes her way to the ring, the announcers claim that she’s from Scottsdale. In truth, she did grow up on a farm in Arizona. However, she was born in San Diego, California, ironically the same place she currently calls home. Nonetheless, we don’t expect the WWE to change her "official" origin story.

Nikki went to school in both Scottsdale and San Diego. She split her earlier days in Arizona and completed college over in California. At a young age, Bella was a gifted soccer player. Her athletic skills worked out when she signed a WWE deal, joining the FCW developmental brand of the time.

18 Diva: Nia Jax – San Diego, California

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Surprisingly, WWE claims that Nia’s hometown is San Diego. However, she was born in Sydney, Australia and later raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Despite her interesting past, WWE chooses to ignore this, instead referencing San Diego as her hometown, another place she spent a lot of time in during her youth prior to her WWE days.

She signed with the WWE in 2014 and despite zero experience, she caught on very quickly. A big advantage for Nia is her look, as her theme song indicates, “she’s not like most girls.” For that reason, she was heavily pushed by the company despite being so "green."

17 Diva: Sasha Banks – Boston, Massachusetts

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Banks did a lot of moving around at a young age. She wasn’t born in Boston, though she would finally settle down in the area. Banks actually was born in Fairfield, California and she would also spend a bit of time with her mother and brother in Minnesota.

For Banks, wrestling was always the plan–she started in the business way back in her teen years wrestling for the independent promotion Chaotic Wrestling. Despite being undersized, Banks oozed with charisma and she was a natural in the ring. That caught the WWE’s attention and she would go on to become an NXT legend with WWE’s developmental brand.

16 Diva: Carmella – Staten Island

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Carmella’s gimmick actually relies heavily on the fact that she’s from Staten Island. She made her debut as a hairdresser out of all the gimmicks. She would later turn into the fan favorite manager of both Enzo and Cass.

WWE always chose to stick by Staten Island as her hometown given how important it is to her character. However, Carmella’s actually from the Massachusetts area, both born and raised. Prior to the WWE, Carmella spent time with both the LA Lakers and New England Patriots working with the cheerleading squads. It all changed for the former Women’s Champion when she signed a deal with WWE in 2013.

15 Male Wrestler: The Rock – Miami, Florida

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He’s arguably the most popular WWE star of all-time. Longtime WWE fans will remember the ring announcer stating many times over the years that The Rock is from Miami, Florida. That is not the case, believe or not.

Dwayne was born in Hayward, California. Like some of the others on the list, he bounced around lots of places during his younger days, including Hawaii and even New Zealand. During his teen days, the family finally settled in Miami, and The Rock became a popular football star with the university team. Though ultimately, he had a greater calling— pro wrestling—and would later become a world-renowned actor, too.

14 Diva: Toni Storm – Gold Coast, Australia

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For those that aren’t aware, Toni Storm is a rising star in the wrestling business currently working with the developmental brand NXT UK. She’s a great talent and one that has a promising future.

When she makes her way to the ring, she is introduced as hailing from Gold Coast, Australia. However, true wrestling fans know that’s a little misleading. The 23-year-old is actually from Auckland, New Zealand, though she would move to the Gold Coast at a younger age when her parents split up. It was while she was living in the Gold Coast that she came across the WWE–and, as they say, the rest is history.

13 Diva: Lita – Sanford, North Carolina

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Due to the fact that she gained fame with the Hardy Boyz, it was only fitting that Lita was also announced as being from North Carolina. However, that was for show purposes—Lita is really Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She also spent time in the Georgia area prior to her WWE fame.

Lita got started over in Mexico. She also briefly joined ECW. The WWE Hall of Famer helped to revolutionize the women’s division with her high flying arsenal of moves that hadn't been seen before that time. Age 43, she still appears sporadically on WWE television, mostly as a panelist for the pre-show.

12 Diva: Zelina Vega – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Aligning with Andrade Almas, WWE labels Vega as being from Mexico. However, that is untrue. Vega currently resides in Tampa, Florida and she grew up in Queens, New York City. Her WWE hometown is basically all for show purposes, similar to Lita and Carmella, who we featured earlier in the article.

Vega got her start early on, entering the independent circuit at the age of 17. It took her a while but she finally made it to NXT in 2017 as the manager of Almas. Most can agree, Almas received a huge boost once he was paired with Vega. The duo is currently working their craft over on SmackDown Live.

11 Diva: Brie Bella – Scottsdale, Arizona

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As mentioned earlier in the article with sister Nikki, although the twins grew up in Scottsdale, they weren't born in the area. Like sister Nikki, Brie is from San Diego. She currently calls Seattle, Washington her home, moving to the area alongside husband Daniel Bryan and daughter Birdie.

For the time being, Brie is off WWE television. She’s currently involved with the hit reality show Total Bellas along with various side projects including her wine and clothing company. It remains to be seen when she’ll make her WWE return. She definitely has her hands full at the moment.

10 Male Wrestler: Chris Jericho – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Life seems to be pretty good for Chris Jericho nowadays. He recently bought a new home in Odessa with a worth of $3.255 million. Recently signing a deal with AEW, he’s definitely enjoying the rewards of that new deal.

Fans will always associate Jericho with Canada, seeing as though he grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Though what fans might forget is that he’s actually from Manhasset, New York. When Jericho was born, his father was playing in the NHL with the Rangers. Though once he called it a day in that profession, the family moved back to Winnipeg, the place Chris spent the majority of his youth in.

9 Diva: Lacey Evans – Parris Island, South Carolina

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Lacey Evans had quite the journey to the WWE. She had a tough upbringing and she would even serve as a US Marine prior to her WWE days. In 2014, she completely changed paths, entering the wrestling business and earning her stripes with smaller promotions out of Georgia. She inked an NXT deal in 2016 and she’s now on the WWE’s main roster–according to backstage murmurings, the boss has high hopes for Evans moving forward.

For character purposes, she’s billed from Parris Island, South Carolina. However, the real-life Lacey Evans—real name Macey Evans—is from Georgia.

8 Diva: Tamina Snuka – The Pacific Islands

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Again, this one is done strictly for character purposes, especially given the legacy of Tamina's late father Jimmy Snuka, who was billed from the Fiji Islands back in his day.

Tamina is actually from Vancouver, Washington. When she’s out of the ring, the veteran 41-year-old is a proud mother of two. She got her start in the business back in 2010 and almost a decade later, Tamina remains onboard with the WWE. Given the fact that she’s getting up there in terms of age, her time with the company might be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

7 Diva: Candice LeRae – Anaheim, California

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Prior to her pro wrestling fame, LeRae made her way through the wrestling circuit over in Canada. According to Last Word on Pro Wrestling, Candice isn’t from the US but instead, she was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Even during her WWE debut at the Mae Young Classic, she was promoted by the company as being from the United States. When she makes her way to the ring, she is billed as being from Anaheim, California. Some publications state that she’s from Riverside, California but given prior facts, that isn’t true.

Fans can expect to see the 33 year old on the main roster in the upcoming months, a decision that is long overdue.

6 Diva: Alunda Blayze – Citrus Country, Florida

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From her patriotic gear to her swagger, Blayze was as US-made as you can get during her earlier days with the company. Though surprisingly, she wasn’t even born in the US; the WWE Hall of Famer is actually from Milan, Italy. She moved to the US at a young age, however.

She had quite an interesting beginning in wrestling, starting off on the independent circuit working matches for $5. She caught huge success with WWE, though she lost a bit of steam when she was shipped off to WCW. When she left the wrestling business Madusa enhanced her name as a monster truck driver–now that’s pretty darn cool.

5 Male Wrestler: Kane – Parts Unknown

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Kane has to be the biggest surprise on the list. He was announced to be from Parts Unknown during his WWE days, of course, that was all because of the gimmick. He grew up in Missouri and would spend lots of time in Tennessee once he joined the WWE. Nowadays, he’s the mayor of Knox Country, Tennessee. But what if we told you that Kane isn’t even from the US?

Kane is actually from Spain. His father was stationed in Spain with the Air Force when he was born. Even the hardcore WWE fan forgets about this.

4 Diva: Eve Torres – Denver, Colorado

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Although she is now retired from the squared circle, Torres made quite the impact as a multiple time Divas Champion. She retired young, opting to start a family. She also has a killer self-defense course nowadays. Her current focus is empowering women around the world–an admirable venture from the former WWE star.

During her day in the ring, she was billed from Denver. She did grow up in Colorado; however, she was born in Boston and would later attend university out in California. Nowadays, she’s living the Cali life as a Los Angeles resident.

3 Diva: Ruby Riott – Lafayette, Indiana

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Out of the ring, Riott resides in South Bend, Indiana. With the WWE, she is billed from Lafayette, Indiana. Though again this is misleading, Ruby is really from Edwardsburg, Michigan.

She seems new to WWE fans and she’s still in her 20s. However, Riott has the experience of a veteran starting in the business way back in 2010. It took a while to get to the WWE, competing for promotions like Shine, Chikara, and World Wonder Ring Stardom prior. Once she signed with the WWE and joined NXT, it became evident rather quickly that she was much more experienced. Thus, she was called up to the main roster very quickly.

2 Diva: Sonya Deville – Los Angeles, California

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Age 25, Deville broke into the WWE via the Tough Enough pipeline. Now, she didn’t win the show, but she went on to find more success than those who took home the grand prize. Heck, both winners of that Tough Enough season are no longer with the WWE while both Deville and Rose didn’t win but are now earning main roster salaries.

The much-improved WWE star was born and raised in New Jersey, though she is billed to be from Los Angeles, California. When she’s off the road and relaxing at home, Deville can be found in Orlando, Florida.

1 Male Wrestler: Shawn Michaels – San Antonio, Texas

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Perhaps the greatest in-ring talent to ever lace the boots, Shawn Michaels inspired an entire generation of wrestlers. Ask anyone in the locker room who inspired them the most and in all likelihood, the name that’s going to come up is HBK, Shawn Michaels.

For years and years, HBK made his way to the ring as being billed from San Antonio, Texas. Although he did grow up in the area, Shawn is actually from Chandler, Arizona. He lived in the area briefly and he would even move to England at one point. The family finally settled in San Antonio, though.

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