16 Women That Make Straight Girls Question Their Sexuality

Confident, sexy women are everywhere. In the world of celebrities, there’s a great diversity that represents how women everywhere can have different styles and different lives while still remaining attractive and happy. If you’re a woman who’s always had an eye for certain women or felt that perhaps you might be attracted to other women, but never explored the possibility, these sexy celebrity women may just get you thinking about who you’re attracted to, or at the very least, appreciate the diversity of women everywhere. From actresses who’ve appeared in romances, comedies, and super hero films, to musicians, models, and reality television stars, these women are gorgeous, have fantastic personalities and prove that a hot body and a runway worth face are simply a bonus to the awesome personality and talent hat these women each possess. Some of these women are gay themselves, others are straight, and some prefer to avoid classifying their sexuality to a set standard. Like everyone else, these celebrities take their love lives as seriously as the rest of us, and have the added pressure of having their every move watched by the world. Still, they’r able to stay true to themselves, allowing them to blossom in their relationships and their self confidence. Many of these sexy celebrities are single, some are married and all of them are sexy. Whether you think girly girls are the most attractive, you’re into a more androgynous look or you’re someone who doesn’t like to use labels and likes every look, these celebs are sure to make you smile.

16 Margot Robbie

Australian actress Margot Robbie is on top of her game. Working with Hollywood heavy hitters like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf on Wallstreet and Will Smith in Focus, Robbie is no stranger to hanging with Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. Most recently, at the San Diego Comic Con, Robbie’s latest film, Suicide Squad, made waves as the film’s teaser trailer was revealed. In the film, Robbie plays Harley Quinn, a popular comic book character known for her evil ways. In addition to her impressive acting choices, Robbie is rocking the classic hollywood look. Her light blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones and an ability to rock a red lip with ease make Margot irresistible.

15 Mia Kirshner

Mia is best known for her role as Jenny on the hit Showtime drama The L Word. On the show, Mia’s character Jenny Schecter was always unpredictable. Her love life was often challenged by her confusion over her sexuality, first only dating men, then dating both women and men. Jenny’s own confusion over her sexuality is something many women can relate to. Mia’s character made plenty of bad choices, but feeling confused over her sexuality and testing the waters is something many people can relate to when learning about their own sexuality. Other roles Mia has played include Isobel Flemming in The Vampire Diaries and Christy Bennett in The Surrogacy Trap. Mia’s long dark hair, soft blue eyes, fair skin and model-like appearance give her an almost untouchable quality that most any woman can appreciate. Mia’s physical beauty is attractive because she radiates confidence, not because she confines herself to a societal gender norm. Whether she’s on screen or off, Kirshner will keep your attention.

14 Emilia Clarke

Mother of Dragons. Strong hearted and bold, Emilia Clarke is a worldwide name thanks to her breakout role as Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO adaptation Game of Thrones, which is based on author George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. In addition to her role as Daenerys, Clarke recently played Sarah Connor in the recent Terminator Genisys. Clarke is attractive because her acting skills are solid. She's able to take on any role put in front of her, and tends to choose roles that involve strong, independent women. Emilia also has beautiful physical qualities as well, her blue eyes are piercing and her full lips are awe inspiring. With her exotic beauty and attraction to strong characters, Emilia is a woman that would make most any girl feel sexy.

13 Ruby Rose

Thanks to her recent casting as Stella on the Netflix hit show Orange is the New Black, Ruby Rose seems to be everywhere these days. What makes this Aussie native so attractive to just about everyone? Her confidence. Ruby has a tough girl look with a heartwarming smile and a killer sense of style. With a wealth of talents including a love for music, Ruby Rose is versatile. With sleeve tattoos, an edgy pixie haircut and those smoldering looks, Ruby is a woman who’s confidence blossoms in front of the camera. Her bold and confident style can disarm the most resistant of hearts, not to mention her gorgeous Australian accent.

12 Blake Lively

Blake Lively is like the girlfriend everyone fantasizes of having, both as a friend and a partner. Blake has a funny, vibrant and infectious personality that is hard to ignore. Former The former Gossip Girl actress is versatile in her acting roles, taking on comic book based action films in Green Lantern and a heartwarming drama in the recent release, The Age of Adaline. Blake’s beauty has an old world feel that makes it easy to feel relaxed and secure while watching her on screen, while her ability to transform herself to fit a character role she’s emphatic and has a knack for understanding others. Who doesn’t want someone who not only listens to them, but can understand what you’re saying? Blake’s affinity for her health and happiness may also inspire you to take better care of yourself, which makes you and your partners feel sexy.

11 Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is an actress that has an insatiable appeal. Best known for her roles in films like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the hit TV series adaptation of the young adult novels The Vampire Diaries, Nina is an actress that is well rounded and takes on fun acting gigs. As noted on her website, Nina was born in Bulgaria. Nina’s traveling throughout her young life give her a worldly appeal, she’s seen various places and experienced differences in cultures. This brunette beauty stays connected with her fans on her Instagram feed, showing images of her life having fun and being silly with those closest to her. Nina’s ability to balance her work and personal life, combined with her a-list beauty makes her a knockout.

10 Harmony Boucher


If androgyny is your thing, look no further than model Harmony Boucher. Harmony pulls off her gender defying style with grace and confidence. Her style will make you want to slip into something you’re not only comfortable in, but that makes you feel attractive as well. Throwing society’s opinions on beauty to the wind, Harmony is true to her own sense of style. This UK based model also loves music, which she discussed in an interview with MTV as this years New York Fashion Week was getting under way. In the interview, Boucher credits her love of music in helping her to be a better model. Her ability to strut down the runway and feel confident in any outfit she pleases while still being able to dance to her favorite song makes Harmony Boucher a nothing but fun and sexy.

9 Amber Heard

Actress Amber Heard is a southern beauty. With her long blonde hair and sultry stare, Amber stands out from the crowd. Having preformed roles in films like Friday Night Lights, Pineapple Express, Zombieland, and Magic Mike XXL, Amber knows how to diversify herself. Amber has been a long time supporter of humanitarian and charity organizations. As the website Looking Into The Stars notes, Amber has aligned with various groups, including: Amnesty International, GLAAD, and Habitat for Humanity. While Heard did marry Johnny Depp earlier this year, she has been vocal in the past about her own sexuality (i.e. coming out in front of a large audience at a GLADD event), and emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with her own sexuality rather than holding herself to strict labels. Amber’s shining personality and emphasis on acceptance of everyone add to her physical beauty, making her hard to resist.

8 Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is the definition of a blonde bombshell model. Her slender frame and long blonde hair give her a classic model look, yet her more modest upbringing gives her a down-to-earth feel. Candice notes on her website that she grew up on a farm in South Africa before being discovered by a talent agent, which allowed her to travel the world and eventually land a gig with none other than Victoria’s Secret. Being a model, Candice isn’t afraid to get in your face with her sexy body. Whether she’s shooting for a clothing line or magazine, Candice has a look that will captivate you as soon as you look at her.

7 TIla Tequila

An online sensation from the early 2000s to a reality show veteran, Tila Tequila is a tiny woman with a big heart and an even bigger personality. Despite her vibrant personality, Tila hasn’t always had an easy time finding love. In 2007, we saw Tila take a stab at finding Mr. (or Ms?) Right on her show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, which aired on MTV. This single season show showed Tila putting her heart on the line for both men and women who shared the house, bold putting her bisexuality out for the world to see in a time when LGBT relationships still weren’t as well accepted as they are today. When you want a bit of a wild girl with a flare for dolling up for a night out, Tila is your girl.

6 Cara Delevingne

London native Cara Delevingne is like a cross between Kate Moss and Emma Watson. This young model has the ability to look both sexy and relatable on camera. Her long hair, slender build and fun loving personality make Cara one to watch. Appearing in shoots for fashion giants like Vogue magazine, Cara is making a name for herself despite only being in her early twenties. On her social media accounts, Cara shares her life with her fans, often showing off her fun and laid back personality. When looking for a woman with a classic beauty and a modern edge, Cara’s the one to beat.

5 Kim Kardashian

As one of the Kardashian sisters, it was likely that Kim would have been in the spotlight no matter what sort of life she chose to live, but Kim is not the type of woman to sit around and wait for things to happen. This socialite likes to be in control and knows how to use her skills to her advantage. With a body confidence and curves that anyone would want, Kim is ultra sexy. As a mother to her young daughter, North West, it’s clear that Kim is devoted and loves her family above all else. What’s more attractive than a woman who’s got her priorities straight and makes the best out of life?

4 Beyonce

From a young age, it was clear that Beyonce Knowles was going somewhere in life. With her impressive range as a singer, dance moves and overall awesome stage presence, Beyonce is an amazing performer. Whether she’s on stage or off, Beyonce’s winning smile and kind personally are infectious. Confident in her body, embracing her curves, staying healthy, and keeping up her appearance, all while being a mom, Beyonce proves that even the busiest of women can make time to take care of themselves and find confidence in their body. Beautiful, confident, and talented, few women are as sexy as Beyonce.

3 Aubrey O’Day

With soulful pop vocals, a sweet nature, and a fierce modeling career, Aubrey O’Day is a performer we can’t take our eyes off of. Working as both a solo singer under her own name, and as a bandmate, Aubrey has made the musical rounds. As the LA Times recently reported, Aubrey and her former bandmate Shannon Bex have formed a new girl group duo called DumbBlonde. With her raw talent for singing and preforming, her ability to bounce back from a band breakup, and her modeling talents, Aubrey O’Day is a multitalented blonde powerhouse that keeps us coming back for more.

2 Kristanna Loken


Kristanna Loken has worked as an actress in some of the hottest Hollywood films, including Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines and has worked on whirlwind television shows like Showtime’s The L Word and Painkiller Jane. Loken isn’t your everyday blonde beauty. She’s open about her sexuality, coming out in an interview in Curve magazine where Loken discussed the pros and cons of dating both men and women. Loken’s refreshing and honest take on her sexuality makes her even more attractive than her talents and looks alone. If anyone can inspire you to kick ass and be yourself, Kristanna is the woman to do it.

1 Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood has grown up on the screen. From her early days of acting when she took on bold and haunting roles like Tracy Freeland in Thirteen, to transitioning to a more fantasy feel while on the show True Blood and blowing us away with her singing abilities in the film Across the Universe, Evan Rachel Wood has it all. With having been married and had a child with former husband Jamie Bell, and having a brief relationship with popular L Word star Katherine Moennig (who played Shane), Evan Rachel Wood announced to her fans she is in fact bisexual in an August 2012 Tweet. Awesome actress, mama, and talented singer Evan Rachel Wood is everything you could want in a woman.

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