16 Women Reveal Their Wild Labour Experiences

For most of us, the miracle of childbirth is a super scary thought. As we all know, it can be a pretty painful experience. There’s so much going on, and it can be challenging. There are also tons of complications that could arise. It’s a wonder that so many women choose to go through it—and multiple times at that!

Some of us are able to handle videos of birth or the stories we hear. We just may not want to experience it firsthand. To be honest, we aren’t quite sure how women manage to pull through. The pain is enough to scare us away! Thinking about pregnancy, labor and childbirth is a decent form of birth control for more than a few of us.

Childbirth can go perfectly normal, and everything can be fine. These are the ideal scenarios. Even in those normal situations, labor is uncomfortable and pretty painful. Medications can only do so much. Regardless of whether or not the pregnancy goes as planned, the delivery or recovery may be complicated.

Some of these confessions are coming from totally average pregnancies and deliveries. Nonetheless, they are still a challenge, as we can imagine. No matter how smoothly things may be going, childbirth is terrifying. These are the scariest confessions from women when they were in labor!

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16 The Long Pre-Term Labor

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Pre-term labor symptoms can be confusing. This has a lot to do with the fact that some of the signs can overlap with everyday pregnancy symptoms. Oftentimes, women—or their friends, family or partner—will talk themselves out of calling the doctor or visiting the hospital. They simply want to avoid making a big deal out of nothing.

This woman is experiencing a case of uncomfortable pre-term labor. She waited a whole four days in labor before heading to the hospital to get her symptoms checked out. After sitting in the hospital for nearly three weeks, she is just ready to get out. Not to mention, she’s uncomfortable and in pain. Obviously, this isn’t a great situation, which is why she says that it sucks. Most of us will agree that we want to avoid being in this situation as much as possible!

15 When It’s An Adoption Situation

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Adoptions can be beautiful experiences. It’s the selfless act where someone gives up their child to give someone else the chance to become a parent. These situations are especially amazing when families have fought long and hard to have a baby and simply cannot.

Unfortunately, the woman who is carrying the baby has feelings about the situation, too, and those are sometimes neglected. There is so much emphasis on the new family and the new baby that the birth family doesn’t have an opportunity to voice their thoughts.

This woman is struggling with the thought of giving her baby away, even though it’s what she agreed to. Labor can show women just how real things are. This is especially true in this girl’s case. We totally understand why she would feel so confused.

14 When It Becomes An Emergency C-Section

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With every pregnancy, there is a chance for complications. No matter how healthy a mother is before and during pregnancy, she can be met with some kind of difficulty as she gives birth. There have been medical advancements over the years to help weaken the effects of complications, but sometimes things become too serious to risk it.

We’ve seen it in movies where the mom is giving birth and quickly gets whisked away to the operating room. This happens when complications arise. Sometimes, it’s because the mother goes into distress and isn’t in a safe situation. There are plenty of situations where emergency C-sections need to be performed, but they are all traumatic. This mom has every reason to be upset that she had to have one. Her plans were completely ruined, which can unfortunately be expected.

13 This Baby Is Going To Rip Me Apart

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Like this woman, we’ve all heard about how painful contractions are. In reality, we don’t really know until we have actually been in that situation. It’s impossible to describe the feeling. Just know that it’s not a good one. This girl describes them perfectly by explaining how much worse they are than we are told.

In addition to contractions being painful, they are uncomfortable. They also seem to get worse and worse as they progress. On the bright side, there are medications that can help to ease the pain. Not everyone chooses to take advantage of them though, depending on their personal needs and opinions.

We feel especially bad for this mama-to-be, as she’s waiting on her husband who isn’t with her yet. She just wants her support system to be there to calm her down.

12 When The Nurses Aren’t So Nice

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While this confession is a little bit hard to believe, it could have happened. Regardless of if it’s true or not, there are going to be some not-so-nice doctors and nurses on staff. Sometimes, they don’t let women listen to their bodies. Other times, they just act like they don’t want to be there.

Whatever the case is, this confession shows us just how bad things could be. It’s terrifying to imagine, so we don’t recommend doing that. We just feel bad for this mama, and we’re glad it was her third instead of her first.

We think that nurses should have to give birth before trying to tell women how to do it. Yes, they have been through years of medical school, and they probably have the best intentions—it just doesn’t always come off like that.

11 The Waiting Game

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This lady can tell that she’s getting close. She just isn’t quite close enough for things to officially start moving along. She’s still on the line, but we know she’s ready to get this baby out. If she could actually go into labor, that would be ideal for everyone involved.

Knowing that she is about to give birth later that day would be helpful. Instead, she’s been playing the waiting game while trying to guess when this pain will finally be put to an end.

Beyond just being in pain and running low on sleep, she’s been stuck in the hospital. This isn’t really a place that anyone would choose to be locked up in—especially while trying to manage labor pains. We hope that her baby came pretty soon after she sent out this confession! Prodromal labor is the pits!

10 When Your Diet Suddenly Consists Of Ice

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One of the most widespread issues that women battle throughout labor is not being able to eat. Luckily, there are legitimate medical concerns when it comes to eating during labor, so it isn’t all just a hoax. Unfortunately, this leaves women doing very strenuous work with very little energy. Between the lack of food, lack of sleep, and pain overall, it’s just a tough gig.

In the hospital—while a woman is in labor—she will usually be given a cup of ice chips. This is her meal until she finally has the baby and can be guaranteed to keep her food down. To make things worse, her labor lasted longer than a day. This means that she only ate ice chips for over 24 hours. Sounds pretty scary to us!

9 The Tearing Tragedies

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Though a delivery going wrong and turning into an emergency C-section is one traumatic complication, there are plenty of other ways for labor and delivery to go downhill fast. This one is especially scary because it has lasting effects. One of those effects happens to be pain, which isn’t really anyone’s favorite thing.

This woman ended up with a second-degree tear during her delivery, which just sounds painful anyway. Of course, we can’t just stitch her up and let her be on her way. This pain has to linger for a while and make everything a challenge. This new mom’s biggest complaint was using the bathroom while dealing with the aftermath of a tear. Imagine going through that while recovering in general and taking care of a newborn baby!

8 Tackling Transition

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The transition phase of labor is one of the worst. It occurs just before the new mom begins pushing. There’s just so much going on at this time, as we can see from the confession. It’s a normal part of giving birth, though!

This girl is spot-on though. At some point, we’ve got to let go of our expectations. We need to drop our dignity and just realize that the childbirth experience cannot be perfect. This particular woman experiences some pretty gross stuff during her transition phase into pushing.

It’s unfortunate, and it isn’t a great feeling. On the bright side, doctors and nurses have seen it all before. It’s not a big deal to them at all. It can be scary, though, especially if other people are in the room.

7 When Your Partner Doesn’t Feel Your Pain

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While some women do have to go to the hospital solo, a lot of them end up taking a partner with them. This may be anyone from a husband to a best friend. No matter who this partner is, they are expected to be there for emotional support. It may be an unspoken rule, but they will figure it out pretty quickly.

That is, unless they happen to be this guy. He happened to sleep through much of his wife’s laboring. We aren’t sure why he was doing this because he should have been there to hold her hand or feed her more ice chips. To make things worse, he went on to complain that his neck was hurting. Deliver a baby, and then tell us how that neck pain is! Men!

6 The Pain That Leaves You Scarred For Life

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This confession is a little bit of an exaggeration, but we can definitely see where she’s coming from. It may be a stretch to compare a painful labor and delivery to a condition that soldiers get from fighting in war zones. It makes sense, to an extent.

Regardless of whether she used the right context or not, her difficult labor had a long-lasting effect on her. It’s pretty sad, and we wish it wasn’t so hard for her to deal with. We aren’t sure if she actually wants another baby or not, but it looks like she won’t be having one anytime soon. It’s important to remember that one hard delivery doesn’t result in an endless number of hard ones to follow. The fears and memories are still very real, though!

5 When The Support System Can’t Handle It

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We already talked about the support system not actually helping out. That guy was being selfish and lazy, in our opinion. This girl isn’t at fault for not being able to handle watching her sister-in-law give birth. She might just have a low pain tolerance or have a hard time seeing others in pain. No matter what the actual reason was, we are hopeful that this sister-in-law has backup support!

It’s definitely not ideal to have family members and friends leave during labor because it can be distracting and make the expectant mother feel alone. Sometimes though—like in this situation—it’s unavoidable. We have no reason to doubt that this girl walked out of the room at some point. As labor progressed, she had to have needed a breather.

4 When You Don’t Know If It’s For Real

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All throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy, moms are questioning whether or not they are in labor. First-time moms are especially confused because they have no experience with being in labor. There are a variety of signs—as mentioned in the confession—which makes it a challenge to identify which ones are actually labor.

This poor gal has the worst pains and nausea, too. She would call it labor, but she’s worried that she will end up being wrong. It would be embarrassing to be sent home from the hospital. Imagine if she called all of her friends and family to let them know that is was baby time and then it actually ended up not being labor. False alarms happen way more often than we would like to admit. It’s scary to not know if you’re actually in labor yet!

3 The Seemingly Uncontrollable Fluid Loss

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Due to the situation of giving birth, blood loss is going to happen. It’s important for doctors and nurses to monitor this. This allows them to catch any abnormal circumstances and resolve them before anything becomes too serious.

While we should totally trust the professionals to take action when they need to, there’s always a chance that they will make the wrong move. If a woman is already emotional and under a lot of stress, she’s bound to become even more worried about her blood loss. This can be a concern no matter how good the doc is!

As much as we hate to say it, the bleeding doesn’t come to a close when the delivery is complete. It lasts for a little while after the baby has been delivered, too. Again, it’s normal, even though it’s terrifying!

2 The Back Labor

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As if normal labor pains aren’t bad enough, our backs have to suffer as well. There’s no getting away from the pain apparently! Many women experience back pain throughout pregnancy. It doesn’t end there because it also continues as women begin labor.

Sadly, this woman just had to be in terrible pain for a few days before she ended up at the hospital and received an answer. She most likely wanted to get everything checked out and make sure she was still healthy. Luckily, she’s getting herself closer and closer to the delivery of her baby and the relief from her back pain!

Another upside to her hitting the hospital is that they could give her medicine to help with the pain. Previously, she had to do without those medications and the support of the medical staff.

1 Heartbreaking Circumstances

Via: Whisper

When tragedy strikes, we are often left to pick up the pieces. In this confession, a mother is admitting her fears. She has previously lost a baby, and she’s just so scared that it will happen again. This is a normal reaction, but it’s pretty unfortunate.

While plenty of mothers go into the delivery room filled with anxiety, this one is a little bit different. Her prior experience in the hospital was absolutely not a good one. It has scarred her for life, and she has to live with it.

This is scary because miscarriages and stillbirths affect a lot of individuals. Fortunately—due to her previous difficulties—the doctors and nurses likely worked extra hard to keep this woman and her baby safe. That’s the most important thing in this situation!

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