16 Ways To Score During Cuffing Season

Do you want to share these long, frigid months with someone new?

To all the single ladies: Are you ready for cuffing season? The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting chillier — cuffing season is here. Cuffing season is during the fall and winter months when people are more indoors than outdoors due to the cold weather. Because the time is spent more indoors, people want a partner to cozy up to while roasting marshmallows by the fireplace, binging on Netflix while sipping on Pumpkin Spice Latte, and anything else that is better to do together than alone. Also, holidays are coming! You know your family is going to ask a lot of questions: “You came alone again?” “Are you seeing anyone? I know someone…” You get the drift.

First things first, you must leave the house. It’s cold, and you want to stay inside with hot chocolate and keep your pajamas on, but you'll never meet anyone that way. You can meet someone at the bookstore, coffee shops, a bar, and anywhere really. You should attend more events with your friends when there’s parties and such. Overall, you just have to be out.

Do you already have someone in mind you want to cuff (no pun intended)? Do you want to share these long, frigid months with someone new? Take a look at the list below for ways to score during cuffing season.


16 Lean In To Close The Gap Between You And Him


When you’re in a conversation with him, you should lean in to close the gap between you and him. It shows that you’re engaged in everything he has to say. It makes him feel special, and he won’t be able to focus on anyone but you when you're that close to him. Leaning in is the best tactic when you’re at a bar or a party where the music can get a bit loud. You can use it to your advantage. Because you can’t really hear him and he can’t hear you, it’s only natural for you to lean towards him. When you lean in, he’s likely to lean in, too. You’ll be facing each other up-close, maintaining eye contact, and breathing each other in. You’ll be in his bubble.

15 Go Out With A Small Group Of Friends But Leave The Men At Home


It’s best to leave the men at home when you go out, and you’re hoping to find someone for the cuffing season. You want men to approach you, and not run the other way because they think one of your male friends is your boyfriend or someone you’re currently seeing. There’s no doubt there’ll be long hugs, arms linked, and other affections between you and your male friends. It will definitely send the wrong message to the men who might want to approach you. It’s also best to go out with one or two of your girlfriends. Men will be intimidated to walk up to you if you’re surrounded by a large group. He’ll think your friends will judge him and make fun of him. Sometimes you need to move away from the crowd to give him the opportunity to talk to you.

14 Draw Attention To Your Body With Small Movements


In order to draw attention to your body, you don’t need to make dramatic movements. You can brush your fingers through your hair, and he’ll take a good look at your face. When you sweep all of your hair to one side, he’s likely to look at your neck and your collarbone. When you tuck a piece of your hair behind your ear slowly, he’ll stare at your ear and your hand. When you tilt your head back, he’ll notice your curves. When you cross your legs, he’ll look at your legs. There are so many subtle things you can do to make him look wherever you want him to look. We do these small movements and men can’t get enough of them. It’s interesting.

13 Flash Your Beautiful Smile And Laugh A Lot


A smile gives off a friendly and welcoming vibe. Some men have a hard time approaching a woman they find attractive. They don’t want to come off as a creep, and most importantly, they’re afraid of rejection. Everyone is, so it’s not a surprise. It’s actually easier for him to approach you when you smile at him. Wouldn’t you think so? No one wants to make a move on someone who looks standoffish. Make sure you flash him your beautiful smile when you make eye contact with him. Smile with your eyes, so he knows it’s genuine. When he sees that you’re laughing with your friends, it’ll make him more comfortable, too. He’ll want to walk up to you because you seem like a nice person. Remember, a smile goes a long way.

12 Lock Eyes With Him For A Few Seconds


It’s important for him to know that you’re looking his way, so you probably need to lock eyes with him a couple of times. When his eyes meet yours, keep it there for a few seconds before you look away and smile shyly. Then, do it again. Your eyes can say a lot. Flirt with your eyes. Flutter your lashes. When you lock eyes with him again, talk with your friend while smiling at him. It looks like you're telling her that you find him cute. He wants to approach you, but he wants to be sure that that’s what you’d want him to do. He’s just waiting for the green light from you. Don’t stare at him longer than necessary though. It’s creepy, and it might throw him off.

11 Bite Your Lower Lip When You Glance Away


We all know that men have a thing for women who bite their lower lip. It’s a huge turn on for them. It's an indication of desire when you bite your lips, so it's no wonder why men love it so much. They think you did it because you want them real bad, and maybe you do. Because the focus is on the mouth, if you want to draw his attention to your lips, then this is the best way to do it. When you talk to him, you should bite your lower lip when you glance away. It will definitely be intense. If a man catches you biting your lower lip while looking at him, then you know he knows you want him. It’s pretty obvious.

10 Wear A Dress That Flaunts Your Body


You don’t have to wear a dress that leaves little to the imagination to get attention unless you want to. You’ll attract the guys all right, but definitely the ones who are after one thing, and we all know what that is. You can still dress modestly and flaunt your body. When you reveal too much skin, it might look like you’re trying too hard. Either way, a dress that gives you confidence is perfect. You got the curves? Let him know. You got great legs? Show them off. You want to show a bit of your cleavage? Go for it. Some men like it when girls show their feminine side. When you flaunt your assets in a dress that shows enough but leaves some room for mystery, then you bet you will get his attention.

9 Light Touches Will Do The Trick


No man can resist a woman’s touch. When you’re laughing at his joke, you should lightly touch his arm. You should brush against his fingers when he passes you a drink or a napkin. When you’re sitting down next to him, allow your knees to touch his. When you make light touches like that, it will definitely give him a tingly feeling. When you have to use the ladies room or go back to a friend for a bit, you should subtly brush up against his body. Make it seem like you’re trying to squeeze between him and another person. You’ll be so close to him that he can feel your body on his and smell you. You shouldn’t be too aggressive with your touches because you’ll make him uncomfortable.

8 Ask Questions To Show You're Interested


You should maintain eye contact with him and really listen to him when he talks. Tell him that you’re fascinated by him, and laugh a lot with him, too. It’s nice to exchange funny stories, and sometimes it’s hard not to say something you want to say, but it’s best that you don’t talk too much about yourself. He might think you only talk to him because you needed a listener. Ask him questions about his hobbies instead. It shows that you want to know more about him. Don’t ask him personal questions like, “Have you ever cheated on anyone before?” Preferably, “When’s the last time you had a long-term relationship?” Also, don’t lie just to have more things in common with him. Your lies will eventually catch up with you…

7 Walk With Confidence And Strut Your Stuff


Walk around the place like no one’s business. A man loves a woman with confidence, so why not? Posture is everything. You know the “bend and snap” from Legally Blonde? It’s like that, but with walking. Arch your back with your chest out, let your arms swing synchronized to your hip moving side to side, and look ahead. If you stare at your heels, you’ll likely trip and fall, and it doesn’t look good anyways. If you can, maybe even fling your hair back, and put on your best smile. Walking with confidence not only makes you look good, but you’ll feel sexy, too. He’ll definitely notice you, and he'll want to get to know you. Also, you’re dressed up for a night out, and you know you look hot. Strut your stuff, girl!

6 Ever So Gently Remove Dust From His Shirt Or Fix His Tie


So you're hanging out with him, and you see dust or hair on his shirt, and you let him know (even if there's nothing on it). You tell him, “Oh, you’ve got something on your shirt.” He’ll try to look for it and take it off, but he probably can’t see it. You offer to help take it off of him. Pretend like his neck tie is slightly crooked. Tilt your head sideways to help him fix the tie but eventually you’ll straighten it up for him. When you try to adjust anything of his, you should look him in the eye and give him a smile. Compliment him that he looks great after it’s all fixed. Doesn’t it already seem like you guys are a couple?

5 Compliment Him Like, "I like the way you dress"


If you found him attractive because of his looks or the way he dressed, then tell him. Tell him he’s good-looking. Tell him he’s got a great style. It’s charismatic when you tell him the truth, and men love compliments just as much as we do. If you see that he’s got a fit body, then ask him if he works out because he looks great. Maybe you’ll make him blush. Some men are humble when it comes to their physique, and some are awkward when someone compliments them. But it’s always nice to say something good to someone. It’s a good start to interact with him, and he already sees that you’re friendly and sweet. He’ll also praise you with compliments, and you’re both happy.

4 Sit Next To The Guy You Might Want To Cuff


What should you do when you walk into a place, and you spot a cutie? You should sit next to him. Ask him, “Is this seat taken?” After you sit down, make sure that you don’t cross your arms or your legs, because you’ll look disinterested in talking to anyone. It’s important to stay away from your phone, too. What’s great about sitting next to a guy you’re attracted to is that it makes it so much easier for you or him to start up a conversation. He might ask you simple questions, and if not, you can start off with, “Sorry, but do you come here often? I’m not sure what drink to get. Any suggestions?” It’s likely that the conversation will go off on a tangent and into something more exciting.

3 Whisper Something In His Ear To Make It More Personal


When you whisper something in his ear, it's pretty intimate. Your lips are so close to his ear. He can feel and hear you breathing. You should also put your hand gently on his shoulder while you do it. It doesn’t matter what you tell him. A simple, “Yes,” will still do the trick. The whispering makes everything you say personal and a secret only you two know. If you were talking about something, and you didn’t want anyone to hear what you wanted to say, then you'd whisper into his ear. It’ll make him feel like you can trust him, and he’ll like that. After you’ve been talking for a while, and he feels comfortable with you, you should whisper, “You want to go somewhere quiet and talk more?” to get some alone time.

2 Drop Hints That You're Single So He Knows You're Available


It’s important to drop hints that you’re single, so he knows you’re available. You can tell it to him straight if you want. It’s cuffing season. He already knows that a lot of single women are looking to be in a relationship. You can ask him if he’s seeing anyone and naturally, he’ll ask you the same question. Otherwise, you should hint that it’s the best time of the year to cuddle with someone during the cold season. It’s pretty obvious that you’re on the lookout for a partner and not for a one-time thing. Once you know that he's single, too, and he knows what you want, and he still wants to get to know you, then that’s great. No one's wasting time here because he’s aware of what you want.

1 Make The First Move - Buy Him A Drink


Why should a guy always make the first move? If you’re attracted to someone, go after him. Guys actually don’t mind being picked up, and surely there are some who might even look forward to that day. They’ll be flattered, and it’s attractive when a woman goes after what she wants. He’ll be even more turned on by your confidence. You can start off with a casual, “Hi,” and then, “Can I get you a drink?” You can make him ask you out on a date, but you put the idea there first. You wanted to watch this movie for a while, but none of your friends are down to watch it. Maybe he’ll ask if you want to watch it with him instead. You got this!

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