16 Ways To Say Goodbye To Being Single

Instead of being excited to jump into a relationship, we should all take a minute to know what it means.

Ah, the single life. There is so much to hate about it – the peen pictures, the awkward dates, the dating apps, the hooking up with your ex by accident. (Like, I swear it was totally by accident, okay?) But, there is also so much to love about the single life and unfortunately, we don’t always embrace being single as much as we should. Sometimes, we’re all too happy to jump into another relationship and we don’t realize how much we’re giving away by no longer being single.

When you’re single, you have all the freedom in the world to do anything and everything you want. If you want to jump on a plane and fly to Paris, you totally can. I mean, you totally can if you have the money for the trip. There are also some less expensive things to love about being single, like cocktails with your girlfriends or being able to do that weird beauty routine without feeling embarrassed. Seriously, if you’ve ever lived with a man and done a sheet mask, you’ve likely been made fun of. What is it that guys don't understand about face masks? They are necessary, guys!

Instead of being excited to jump into a relationship, we should all take a minute to know what it means. We should all take a minute to say goodbye to single. So, whether you’re someone who jumps from relationship to relationship or you’re someone who hasn't been single for a while and is about to embark in a relationship, do one (or all!) of these 16 things to say goodbye to the single life. You never know, you may never be single again. No, seriously, you really may never be single again.

16 Buy Those Really Expensive Shoes


Jumping into a new relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be sharing expenses right away or ever. You may never share expenses or have joint account. You may also split everything 50/50 or whatever way works best for you as a couple. However, it is nice to treat yourself to something nice before you may feel guilty about it, especially since feeling guilty about buying something very expensive for yourself can happen when you’re in a relationship. Why drop $500 on Manolo Blahnik shoes when you could buy a new amazing rug for your shared apartment or surprise your boo with a trip to Austin, Texas? That's how the mind in a relationship works. When you're single, you're just thinking about how good those shoes will look on your feet.

If you want a luxury item, the time is now. Before you know it, you’ll be someone’s wife or someone’s mother and you’ll feel bad about buying yourself that really nice, luxury item.

15 Invest In A Side-Project


On the topic of money, you could buy yourself really expensive shoes or you could make your money work for you and invest it. Investing money is for those big Wall Street guys, you may be thinking. But, you’re wrong. Investing money is for anyone and everyone and the earlier you start investing, the better. There are even applications you can download that will help you invest your money wisely, like Acorns. (Check it out! It's amazing!)

If you’re not in a position to invest because of credit card debt or student loan debt, get your finances in order. There is nothing that will make you feel like more of a badass woman than having your money in order. Even just doing your taxes yourself can make you feel amazing.

Get in control of your messy money before inviting someone else into your life.

14 Go To The Movies Alone


Have you ever gone to the movies alone? If you have, you’re a rare exception. Many people don’t go to the movie alone because it’s more of a social event. Going to the movie means maybe grabbing dinner before or cocktails after. It means splitting snacks and a soda. It means discussing the film in depth afterwards. It means whispering a funny joke to your movie companion. It’s a social event, and so we don’t usually go to films alone. But, going to a film alone is so freeing. You don’t have to be on someone else’s time and you don’t have to compromise when it comes to what film you’re going to see.

Since having a boyfriend means having a go-to movie partner, you should enjoy the pleasure of sitting in a movie theater alone, like having the entire bag of popcorn to yourself! Yaas. And, hey, you may get to know yourself a bit more. When you see a movie alone, you have just your opinion about the film. You can dwell on how the film made you feel before talking to others about it.

13 Have A Fling

Alright, so if you’re in a relationship that’s getting serious, probably don’t go off and have a fling. If the guy you’re getting serious with is going to be upset by a fling or think this fling is cheating, totally skip this one. However, if your relationship isn’t exclusive or if you’re totally single, have a fling, girl! Get flung! Fling, fly, flung! Do it all!

Some people don’t really enjoy hooking up with a stranger, but it can be an incredibly freeing feeling. Your inhibitions may be lower since you’re not planning on pursuing a relationship with this guy. I mean, especially if you're sleeping with a virtual stranger. Sometimes that kind of stranger sex can be the most freeing and you can get to know yourself a little bit better. By opening up to a new partner, you may even find a new trick you’ll like.

Plus, your next boyfriend could be your husband, which means he may be the last guy you’ll ever sleep with. Sow those oats!

12 Treat Yourself To A Nice Dinner Alone


Earlier in this list, I suggested you go to the movies alone. While some of you may have gone to the movies alone, it’s less likely that some of you have gone to dinner alone. Because, who goes to dinner alone? Going to dinner is a social event that usually involves girlfriends and bottles of wine. But, going to dinner alone can be extremely luxurious.

Whenever people dine alone, they look chic AF. I mean, this is a person who is so comfortable with himself or herself that they can go to a restaurant and enjoy dining alone. Of course, you can bring some things to make you were more comfortable, like work, a good book, or schoolwork. You know, so you have something to do while dining alone.

Take a moment to enjoy your food alone and you may end up finding that you have a new relationship with eating. If you’re too shy to try this, you could instead go somewhere more low-key, like a diner, a lunch at Panera Bread, or a café. You could also cook yourself an elaborate meal just for yourself to enjoy. Either way, just make sure to connect with your taste buds.

11 Read A Novel In The Park


Getting in a relationship with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re suddenly going to stop reading. But, it may cut back on your reading time. Imagine the time you have to read - it’s generally before bed or during a lazy afternoon, right? When you’re in a relationship, the time before bed or during a lazy afternoon may be filled with cuddling, sex or watching a television show with your new man. Before getting into a relationship, really indulge in a good book. Spend an afternoon at the park or at the beach, simply enjoying reading in the sun. Or, if your absolute favorite place to read if your living room sofa, crawl up and burn through a new novel there.

Since reading is one of the most solitary hobbies, pick up one good book and really connect with yourself.

10 Have A Girls Night


When you’re in a relationship, a girls night becomes much, much more precious and rare. When you’re single, basically every night is a girls, whether it be watching The Bachelor on Monday together, getting happy hour on Wednesday together, or getting after it on a Saturday night. It’s a girls night kind of life. When you’re in a relationship, you start watching television - yes, even The Bachelor - and grabbing happy hour with your man. Sure, you may make an effort to still have your girls nights, but there will be less and less than there used to be.

Before getting into a relationship, indulge in your girls night. Have as many girls nights are you possibly can because this is something you will truly, truly miss when you’re in a relationship. I mean, nothing is better than laughing with your girlfriends and this is something that, unfortunately, you experience less of when you're in a relationship.

9 Actually, Have A Girls Weekend

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If you have the time and money, turn your girls night into a full-blown girls weekend, because what’s better than a girls weekend?

When you’re in a relationship, almost all of your vacations will be taken with your significant other, because that’s just what couples do. Plus, you may feel a tiny bit guilty taking a girls trip when you’re in a relationship, especially if he doesn’t take vacations with his guy friends. Then, the whole vacation scale will be off. There’s also the whole thing of going to a new destination without your man. I mean, you’re not going to go on a Eurotrip with your girlfriends when you’re in a relationship with a man. No way, you do that with your boyfriend because it's a big, new experience.

So, take a moment while you’re single to have a girls trip with your besties. It’ll probably be a trip that you’ll talk about for years and years to come.

8 Have A No-Makeup Day


Not wearing makeup is the best. You may be one of those girls who rarely wears makeup, and that’s cool. This one may not apply to you. But, if you’re someone who feels more like yourself with makeup on, you may want to have some glorious non-makeup days before getting into a relationship. Because, here’s the thing – when you first get into a relationship, you try to be perfect. Like, so, so perfect, the most perfect ever. This may result in you wearing makeup all the time. Hey, if you don’t feel comfortable going makeup-free with your new dude for a bit, that’s fine and totally normal. Some of us (hi) may do the wake up and makeup routine, in which we put on makeup in the morning and pretend that's just naturally how we look. This stage doesn't last forever. But, when you're first trying to win someone over, the amount of effort you put into your looks can be exhausting.

All that being said, you should take a non-makeup day to yourself, both for you and your skin. That skin needs to breathe, girl.

7 Binge-Watch A Show By Yourself


Binge-watching a show is something couples do together. It just is. It’s basically a Sunday activity for many couples. Your boyfriend is going to want to binge-watch something like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, or Master of None. But, sometimes, us gals like to binge-watch other things like Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy or Sex and the City. We sometimes like to indulge in very emotional shows, while guys, for whatever reason, do see the fun in crying for six episodes of Grey’s Anatomy straight. Does anyone else get dehydrated watching that show, or is it just me?

Since guys appreciate different kinds of shows, but maybe get your fill of emotional dramas before hopping into another relationship. This way, you’ll scratch that itch and not need episodes and episodes of McDreamy, which your new dude probably won’t enjoy as much as you.

Plus, there’s something luxurious about lounging around and enjoying a show by yourself. It’s just you, Carrie Bradshaw and one long Sunday afternoon.

6 Enjoy A Cocktail At A Trendy Bar


We should all be okay with being alone before hoping into another relationship. And, being alone may mean having a drink by yourself at the end of the day. So, you should do that and do that at a cool bar. This is not to say you have to go to the coolest bar on a Saturday night, when it will be loud and people will be elbowing you. Instead, grab a cocktail on a Sunday or Monday, a night when there will be many less people there.

We're thinking, grab a martini at a steakhouse. It’s classic and chic. Hey, if you feel shy about this situation, be comforted by the fact that the martini will make you feel much better after a few sips. If you're still feeling shy about it, be comforted by how chic you must look to other people. You're a cool, put-together girl who is having a drink by herself at a bar. You are #goals.

5 Take A Long Bath


For whatever reason, guys don’t really understand bathes. They just don’t. They don't get that bathes are sometimes a beautiful and necessary way that we stay sane. That 30-minute soak in bubbles, or bath oil, or with a bath bomb may be the most perfect 30 minutes of your day. What is there not to understand about that, dudes? So, since guys don't get it, indulge in a perfect bath before jumping into a relationship, because his inability to understand your need for a bath may make it a tiny bit less enjoyable.

On that note, indulge in all your beauty practices before jumping into a relationship – like your favorite face mask, whitening your teeth, a hot oil mask for your hair. Whatever you love doing for yourself, do it because he won’t understand the importance of these small but necessary indulgences.

4 Watch Your Favorite Romantic Comedy


Guys don't understand bathes and they also don't understand romantic comedies. Why, OH WHY don’t guys enjoy romantic comedies?

Okay, so romantic comedies may be corny and mostly made for women, but there is something so magical about two hours of comedy in which the two people end up together in the end. I mean, don’t we all want to live in a world where the people who belong together end up together? Since guys don’t really feel like watching your favorite Kate Hudson or Anne Hathaway romantic comedy, indulge in your favorite romantic comedy before hopping into a relationship.

Plus, watching a romantic comedy can sometimes be an experience that makes you know what you want in a relationship. I mean, none of us are going to actually end up with a Ryan Gosling, but watching two people end up together on the big screen can sometimes get us more in touch with who we want to end up with in life.

3 Pick Up A New Hobby


When you’re in a relationship, you’re less likely to pick up a new hobby. In fact, you’re less likely to make any major changes to your personality because why would you? You have someone who loves you so much just the way you are, why change? When you’re single or in-between relationships, you’re more likely to be open to change and new experiences, so change and indulge in new experiences.

You don’t even have to be good at your hobby, you just have to try it. So, take a yoga class, a hot yoga class, a Pilates class. Take a cooking class. Take a class about wine. Try a dance class. Who cares if you’re not any good? And, hey, you may find your new talent or direction in life. Staying open to new opportunities and roads in life is how you stay young and you stay growing as a human being. This is your solo time to take up a new hobby and you should really indulge in that.

2 Say Goodbye To Your Booty Calls


Booty calls…they are an interesting topic. Because, a booty call isn’t usually someone we could see ourselves dating, but they also aren’t someone we hate. You’ve been intimate with this person, but you also don’t want to run off into the sunset with him. Ugh, it's a weird mixture of feelings.

Even if you think you completely don’t have feelings for your booty calls, think of saying goodbye to them. At least just think about goodbye to these guys who have been there for you during those cold and lonely nights. If you want to have one last night together, great. Have fun. YOLO, girl! If not, a simple ‘Hey, I’m getting into a relationship and so we can’t have that sexy, sexy relationship anymore’ text works just fine.

Just, y’know, say goodbye in one way or another, especially because it’s always weird when a booty call texts you to hook up and you’re like, ‘Uh, can’t. I’m married now.’ Trust me, it's an awkward moment all-round.

1 Delete Those Dating Apps


Like booty calls, dating apps can be the worst and the best. We’ve all been there – getting the creepy message or the peen pictures. Like, no. Don’t just send peen picture. No one wants your peen pictures and we will definitely show all our girlfriends your peen picture. But, dating apps can also be great for your self-esteem. I mean, you can get hit on from the comfort of your couch while rewatching Friends for the 84th time. So, there's perks that may outweigh the peen pictures.

It may feel sad to say goodbye to your dating apps because of the boost in self-esteem, but delete those dating apps. Keeping them can just create trouble in paradise. In fact, even if you don’t see a relationship in your immediate future, delete your dating apps now anyway. Try meeting someone face-to-face. It’s much, much better. Trust us.

Saying goodbye to being single is something you should definitely do before it's gone. We don’t always think about when jumping into a relationship because the thrill of the new relationship is clouding our judgment. But, being single can have so many perks that we simply don’t notice. So, take a single moment to yourself. You deserve a moment of self-love before getting into a relationship.

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