16 Ways The New Moon Will Affect Your Love Life This October

You may think you don’t have much of a relationship with the moon. You just look up at the sky every once in a while and admire the beautiful moon and that’s as far as your relationship with the moon goes. Well, I have some news for you: The moon affects your life a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I mean, we all already know the moon affects the tides and weather. So, what’s to say the moon can’t affect us if we’re about 60% water? RIGHT?

If you believe in horoscopes, then you already believe in the power of the moon, since much of your horoscope comes from the position of the planets, the moon, and the sun. The moon is especially powerful in October. During this month, we’ll experience both a full moon and a new moon. The full moon will happen on the 5th, which will illuminate certain information in your life and also possibly bring about the end of something. The new moon, which will happen on the 19th, is a completely different beast. New moons are all about new beginnings and resetting your mind or body. Not only will these moons affect you and your relationships, but you can also take advantage of these moons. Yes, you can make these moons work for you. Isn’t nature cool?

Below are 16 major ways the full moon on the 5th and the new moon on the 19th will affect your love life. Happy October, y’all!


The Effects Of The Full Moon On October 5th:

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16 The Full Moon Is A Time For Conclusions

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The moon has a total of different eight phases. Phase #1 is the new moon, in which the illuminated side of the moon is facing away from Earth. This means the moon is not visible to us. Phases #2 - #4 show the moon gradually more illuminated, creating the crescent shape we all associate with the moon. Phase #5 is the full moon, during which the moon’s illuminated side is facing Earth. Phase #5 marks a moment of climax and conclusion. It is a climax in that the previous phases had built to this full moon, but it's also a conclusion in that it marks the beginning of the descent, slowly fading back into a new moon.

What does all this mean? Well, it means that the new moon represents both seeing the result of something you've worked towards and seeing the end of something. It's the culmination of things finally coming together, either for the better or the worse. During a full moon, you'll see all the pieces of a puzzle come together in your relationship, at work, or in a friendship.

15 Breakups Are More Likely During A Full Moon

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The full moon represents a peak - the highest point - because it’s the most illuminated you’re going to see the moon. After this, the moon with gradually dim until the new moon.

For quite a few reasons, breakups are more likely during the full moon and the phases of the moon coming after it. It’s a time in which issues in the relationship may feel illuminated. You'll suddenly realize something about your partner you hadn't before. You’ll also feel that this is the best or the most - the peak, if you will - you’ll ever get from the relationship and it isn’t enough. If it's not you, you should prepare yourself for your significant other to possibly feeling this way towards you, as there’s really no telling who will initiate the breakup.

Whatever the case, breakups are much more likely during a full moon when issues are illuminated, things feel as good as they may ever feel, and endings are imminent.

14 But Also, Hookups Are More Likely During This Time

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Full moons are not all bad news, ladies. I know it seems all doom and gloom with the breakup talk, but there’s also the possibility of a hookup during the full moon. Yes, the full moon is hookup time! You see, the culmination of something doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In this case, it could mean the end of the flirting phase.

Since the new moon tends to be a time of illumination, crushes or feelings may be revealed in this time. You’ll realize that your male co-worker has actually been flirting with you this whole time. You’ll realize that the one bartender who never charges you for a drink actually charges everyone else. You’ll realize your male best friend has had feelings for you this whole time. Likewise, if you’re harboring a crush, the object of your affection may realize it during a full moon.

A full moon could be the end of flirting and the end of one version of your relationship. See? Endings can be good! Endings can be hookups!

13 The Full Moon Is In The Sign Of Aries, So Watch Out!

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The full moon occurs in the sign of the Aries, so watch out!

The Aries is not known as the sweet sign. No way, honey. The Aries is generally a positive sign, marked by its optimism, enthusiasm, and confidence. However, this fire sign is also marked by its aggression, impatience, a short-temper, and impulsiveness. When the full moon occurs in the sign of the Aries, it can bring out these traits in other signs, meaning you.

You may find yourself more aggressive and confident than usual. You’ll finally go after whatever – or who! – you want. Get it, girl! Though, you must also be aware that other signs will be more aggressive, short-tempered, and impulsive than usual. While you may finally want to confront an issue, it may be met with anger and heated conversation. It may be best to sit on this full moon energy until tensions are down a bit.

It’s great that you’re feel more fiery, but so is everyone else. Things can get too heated too quickly during this time of the month.

12 This Full Moon Is A Time For The Self + Other

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While the full moon occurs in Aries, the sun is still shining on Libra. These are two signs that are vastly different. As pointed out in the previous item, Aries is a fire sign full of passion, enthusiasm, and aggression. The Libra is, uh, not. The Libra is an air sign known to be social, fair, and gentle. The Libra is a sign that avoids confrontation at all costs, as they don’t want to fight with anyone ever.

With the full moon and Aries and the sun shining on Libra, these two very different signs will be illuminated, thus bringing out these qualities in you. As the Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and obsessed with being #1, the Aries is a sign of the self. It's all about self-interest The Libra, on the other hand, is a sign of others.

During this full moon, you'll find yourself battling between what’s best for yourself and what’s best for the group. Try to find a balance in this, as compromise is key in this situation. Being totally self-sacrificing or totally selfish will led to consequences down the line.

11 Get Ready For Emotional Revelations During The Full Moon

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Emotional revelations, y’all! With the full moon illuminated, it shines its light onto some new information you may not have known. This may be good news or some bad news. Has your boyfriend been spending all his time with his new co-worker? Does he talk about ALL THE TIME? Yeah, well you could suddenly find something that links it all together and reveals his major crush on her. Maybe you’ll realize your bae has been cheating with his ex-girlfriend. Maybe you’ll realize your bae has been hiding an engagement ring. Like I said, it can be good news or bad news.

Either way, during the full moon, you have a light bulb moment in which everything will suddenly make sense. Get ready for it, because there’s no way of telling if it’s good news or bad news. Though, it’s always better to at least be in the know, even if it’s bad news.

10 Be Emotionally Prepared For The Ending Of Something

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Since the full moon represents an ending of some sort, emotionally prepare yourself for this. Endings can be difficult to swallow, especially if it's the end of a relationship. While it can be hard to see when you're in the middle of your emotions, it's always important to remember that cutting a negative, toxic relationship isn’t really losing anything. In fact, you’re just gaining space that can be filled by a positive relationship.

Of course, you may still need a moment to grieve your relationship. If that’s the case, take some time for self-care during the full moon. Do a new face mask, take a bubble bath, or watch The Notebook and cry. Whatever your version of relaxing is, do it. Since it’s still Libra season, do it with a friend. Being social will be important during this part of the month and during this particular full moon.

9 Full Moons Can Also Be A Time Of Fertilization


In many cultures, the moon is seen as a sign of femininity and fertility. Yes, I said a sign of fertility. So, if you're trying to conceive, having a bang session during the full moon could be a way to get the stars to help you out in that department. Though, if you’re not ready for all that baby making business, just be aware that full moons can be a sign of fertility. And yes, your body will be fertile when it’s actually fertile, but I also wouldn’t tempt the stars if I were you.

That said, it can also be a particularly lusty time of the month too. The full moon can make you extra turned on by your man. Meow, girl.

Since the full moon can also be a time of endings of sorts and you may be feeling lusty, you may be consider a relationship with someone to the next level. In this case, it would be the end of all the heavy make out sessions and the beginning of some heavy bedroom sessions. Again, meow.

The Effects Of The New Moon On October 19th:

8 The New Moon Is A Time For Starting Over

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Okay, let's talk about the glorious new moon now.

The new moon happens on the 19th. This is the stage of the moon during which the illuminated side is facing away from Earth, making the moon seemingly invisible. While the full moon is a time for endings, the new moon is a time for, you guessed it, beginnings. New moon = start something new. Makes sense, right?

Though, this doesn’t always have to mean starting something completely new. It can simply mean you’re starting something over or resetting something. If you and your boyfriend have gotten into a huge fight, this could be a moment in which you decide to scrap all the resentment and move on together. If you’ve maybe had a lull in your relationship, this new moon could be the start of a new exciting time in your relationship.

Just remember that new beginning come in all shapes and sizes, just as all endings do.

7 The New Moon Is Also A Time For Breaking Old Habits

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Because the new moon is a time of resetting, it can be about breaking bad habits rather than starting new things.

In terms of yourself, you can use this time to take up running, try out that hot yoga class, or actually make it to that spin class. If you’re always late, mentally concentrate on being on time. Whatever your flaw or shortcoming is, try to break it with the new moon.

We all also have shortcomings and flaws in our relationships, so the new moon can be a time in which you address those as well. Are you short-tempered? Do you have a bad habit of scrolling through his text messages when he’s not looking? Are you passive aggressive? Address what it is you’d like to work on and make those changes to yourself.

The new moon can also be a time to break bad habits of the relationship. If you’ve gotten into a funk of staying in an watching too much TV, make an effort to go out on the town.

6 Let Go Of That Toxic F-Boy (Boy, Bye!)

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Speaking of getting rid of the toxicity in your life, it’s time to get rid of that F-boy.

If you’re with someone who you know is no good for you, use the new moon as a time to separate yourself from that relationship. I know it can be hard. F-boys are always hard to say no to. That’s why they’re f-boys. They’re usually attractive, charming, and sexy. That’s why we continue to hookup with them, right? (Girl, don't get me started!) You may not end this toxic relationship with your f-boy because you like him too much. Maybe it's because you think he'll change. Or maybe it's because you don't believe you deserve better. Hey, you DO deserve better!

Use the new moon as a way to evoke your power over the f-boys in your life. New moon, no f-boys.

5 The New Moon Can Symbolize A New Journey

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The full moon is usually about getting to the peak of something, like finally hooking up with that guy you've been flirting with or finally ending that relationship. On the other hand, the new moon is all about the beginning of something. It can be about a new guy you’re interested in, which is the most magical thing of all in the fall. Um, haunted houses with a new crush? YES, PLEASE.

However, this new journey is not limited to just a new guy. A new moon can bring about a new phase in the relationship. It may be talk about a new phase, like moving in together, an engagement, or adopting a dog together.

This is also a great time to spice up a dull relationship. If things have felt too comfortable, think about embarking on a new journey during the new moon. Ask your partner to take cooking classes with you or try a new kinky position with you. Whatever the case, you can harness the power of the new moon to bring back like into your relationship.

4 Starting A New Relationship Is Recommended Under A New Moon

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Starting a new relationship can be difficult. It needs to be the right guy, at the right time, and the right spot. So many different things need to come together to make a new relationship actually work. That said, having the power of the stars on your side can only help if you're trying to start up a relationship with someone new.

If you are trying to evoke the power of stars to help get a relationship off the ground, the best time to being a new relationship is under a new moon. Guys, it's easy to remember. New moon = new relationship.

If there's someone in your life who you'd like to be dating, try to make it official or express your interest to make it official during a new moon. It’s during this time that people are all more enthusiastic about starting a new journey or new phase of their life.

3 You Can Also Use The New Moon To Focus On Yourself

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The full moon and the new moon can affect your relationships, but they can also affect your relationship with yourself. And hey, Carrie Bradshaw once said your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship of all. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw delivered that little nugget of wisdom and don't you forget it.

Instead of focusing on a relationship during the new moon, it's sometimes best to focus on yourself during this time. Use the new moon to take a bath and reconnect with yourself. Spend a weekend by yourself, doing only things you want to do. If you’ve never been out to dinner by yourself or to the movies by yourself, now is the time to bravely do these things alone. And I do mean bravely. How often is it that you see people eating alone or watching a movie alone? It’s rare and they always seem like people who have all the confidence. Well, be that person! Connect with yourself.

2 During The New Moon, Try Setting Intentions For The First Time

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If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve likely heard the phrase ‘set an intention,’ as many teachers will say it before a class. Setting an intention basically means asking the universe for something. It’s opening yourself up to the universe and asking for that comfort in your own skin, that peace of mind, that job promotion, or that endless energy. It can be as specific or as general as you’d like. Your intention could literally be to own that Chanel bag you’ve had your eyes on for forever. I mean, that’s a materialistic intention, but there’s not really rules about what intentions are off limits.

When the new moon comes, it’s the best time to set an intention into the universe, as it’s a clean slate. Whether it’s a purse, promotion, or peace, you should sit down and meditate for thirty minutes during the new moon. This will allow the universe to open up to you in ways you’ve never known.

1 Scorpio Season Is Coming, Ladies

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The new moon is on the 19th and Scorpio season starts on October 23rd, so they are very close to one another. You could even see this new moon as the early beginning to Scorpio season.

And what exactly is Scorpio season? Well, the sign of the Scorpio is known as the most passionate, most secretive sign. Scorpios are ruled by their passions. They’re the type of people who will move across the country for a relationship. They’re the type of people who elope. Scorpios also play things close to the vest. They are secretive and private. This mixture of sensuality and secrecy can make for an explosive time. Basically, if you’re going to have an affair, you’re most likely going to have it during Scorpio season. You may find yourself posting hot Snapchats all to get the attention of that one guy who follows you.

Be aware that the new moon will be followed by feelings on passion and privacy. Don’t go down the wrong path just because it’s Scorpio season. Reset yourself during the new moon and be your best self during Scorpio season.

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